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Mazda MPV



  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    You lucky guy! I'm green w/envy. I think 300hp is doable, assuming you can fuel it. I get 262 at the wheels in the sedan (about 306 at the crank) and that's with minimal effort (a few $$$ parts), with 2.3L and 1.0bar of positive pressure, so you can do it.

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Didn't I see Nadar driving a Corvair?
  • My MPV's birthday is coming up...1yr. old! And I was considering purchasing a combo system but was discouraged to discover that due to design there's not alot of room if one wished to place something between the front seats. Any ideas for under $400 out there? I scanned this topic until #1700 and hadn't really found anything relevent and the minivan entertainment topic dealt mostly with other models of minivans. Thanks for any suggestions.
  • I just purchased a 2001 MPV after considering
    the 2002 Toyota Sienna. I decided on the MPV
    because of its lower price and because I just
    simply liked it better than the Sienna. I
    haven't really found the lower horsepower of the
    MPV to be a problem. The Sienna didn't seem all
    that powerful either. My biggest decision Other
    than between buying the Sienna and the MPV was
    whether I should wait for the 2002 MPVs. In the
    end, I decided that a 2001 MPV LX from the
    dealer's lot was exactly what I wanted. So, I
    decided to take the $1500 incentive and buy the
    2001. It has the very attractive emerald green
    color and has the RSES, rear bumper step plate,
    roof rack, rear spoiler, dual A/C, 4-seasons
    pkg, and security pkg as options.

    Initial impressions:

    1. Lack of power is overemphasized by critics.
    So far, it seems to have enough acceleration
    for a van. (Wouldn't be enough for a vette,
    2. Rear seat is not particularly wide, but
    3. Sizewise, the MPV is just right for my
    garage. The Honda Odyssey would have barely
    fit at all. The Sienna would have fit, but
    walking around it would have been a little
    4. The MPV drives like a car. The Sienna drives
    more like a truck. I just got rid of a
    Rodeo. I wasn't looking for another truck.
    5. There is a slight brake clunk sound when
    lifting foot from brake pedal. Not
    particularly annoying, but noticeable.
    6. Speedometer seems to me to be reading high.
    If I drive 55, it seems like I'm creeping
    along, and cars are passing me right and left.
    7. Wish the front driver's seat had power
    adjustments, but not too big an issue.
    8. My kids like the lateral sliding captain's
    chair - a nifty idea.
    9. I wish the VCP for the RSES weren't mounted
    in the center of the floor when the rear
    seat is folded down. I think it is going to
    get bumped a lot with luggage if I don't
    remove it for trips. But, if I remove it for
    trips, what was the point in having it?
    10. Gear shift lever blocks the driver's view of
    two radio buttons in drive - a very minor
    11. Power windows at center seats are nice. I
    wonder why other vans don't have them?
    12. The standard sound system in the LX sounds
    astonishing good - much better than any
    that I have ever had in a car before. It is
    also great to have both a CD and cassette
    player built in.
    13. Overall, the MPV is a very comfortable and
    attractive minivan. It is easy to drive and
    handles well. I'm very surprised Mazda is
    not selling more of them.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Congrats, I hope you enjoy your new ride. Your review of the 2001 MPV was right on the money.

    Many happy and safe miles!

  • Hi,

    A dealer is offering a 2001 MPV LX with the following options:

    - 4 Seasons Pkg
    - Dual A/C
    - Touring Pkg
    - Roof Rack
    - Fog Lights
    - Bumper Step Plate

    The MSRP is $26,630. He is offering it $4000 below
    MSRP at $22,630. Is this a good price?

    Also, can anyone attest to the long term (>100k miles) reliability of recent Mazdas, especially the automatic transmissions?


  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    According to my fiddlings on Edmunds' TMV, that price is about $1,800 below invoice, nice! Edmund's puts the invoice at roughly $24.5k, if I'm correct. Does anyone know the current rebates on the MPV? Bottom line, I think that's a pretty good price at first look.

  • I looked over the WEB site to see what the
    hub-bub was all about regarding the AP news article that ranked the
    MPV minivan as one of the vehicles with the highest number of
    complaints. It appears that they might be lumping together all of
    the years since the vehicle's introduction. I saw a lot of stuff
    from the late 1980s and early 1990s. For recent years, they
    mentioned that the brake clunk sound that I noted in my last post
    had been the source of some complaints. However, since I did not
    read the book cited by the article, there is no way to really know
    what data the author used to base his judgements on.

    For people considering the MPV, forums like these at are
    more valuable than articles by researchers who might be very biased
    and report a slanted interpretation of some set of statistics.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Nader biased? say it isn't so!!!
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    The 2002 Ralph Nader...unbiased at any speed...

    This spring, at a lobbyist near you...

  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Where is that link for recalls? I just received a recall for my '01 CE; ...brake system does not meet stopping distance with partial failure...".
    Did I miss this earlier? (since I never look at the mail exceot for bills - I almost chunked this).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
  • I think this biased researcher hypothesis is a little bit on the paranoid side. Why would the researchers be biased against Mazda or the MPV? If it was anti-Japanese bias or anti-foreign car bias, there would be no reason to pick on Mazda over Toyota or Honda or Nissan. I can't think of anything reason consumer advocates in general or Ralph Nader in particular would be biased against Mazda. (Ford maybe, but then you'd expect the Windstar to get hit as bad).

    A more likely occurrence is a methodology that's applied fairly to all the cars, but unintentionally favors some cars over others. For example, it might hold past problems against a care, even if they are no longer relevant in the current model.

    I haven't seen this years book, but I think this is one of the studies that breaks down the score into several factors, assign weights, gives each car a score on each factor and adds them up. Though this is a very common methodology, in a lot of ways, it stinks. It assumes factors are independent and additive. Instead of one subjective judgment (e.g. I give this car a 9.5) you make one for each factor. Then you add a subjective weighting. Even in computed factors like mpg, cost and acceleration the relationship between the measurement and the points given is subjective (If we give 10 points for 0-60 in 5 seconds, what do we give for 12 seconds? 5? 2? 1?)
    So what you have is a large number of subjective decisions wrung through a formula, and somehow because you've assigned numbers - maybe even to two decimal places - your result is seen as being more objective.

    A good rule of thumb is to never attribute to ill will that which can easily be explained by incompetence.
  • otishotish Posts: 59
    We just made many a long distance trip in our MPV (over Christmas from Chicago to Austin, TX and back) and 3 weeks later from Chicago to Kansas with 2 kids. We just bought a new Video player from Target to use in the van that worked great. It is one of those bag ones that hangs by straps between the 2 front seats and the kids liked it. I was concerned because the screen seemed small (at 4.5 inches) but it was fine. We actually have another TV/VCR (9 inch) that works in the car too but it was just too bulky to really work (especially when you are travelling with lots of stuff anyway). So we bought this one for somewhere between 300-350 dollars at Target. I highly recommend it - easy to hook up, stays safely in place (important to me) and keeps the kids entertained.

    By the way, I can't believe they aren't making the 2002 in red - are they nuts? It is the best!
  • I was hoping to buy a red 2002. How can you have the sportscar of minivans and not offer it in red? Who ever heard of a "shimmering sand" sportscar?

    Oh well, I know I'm the one who's out of step with the times. Go to any Lexus, Mercedes, Acura or other luxury car dealer and you'll see the same boring (imho) colors. Personally, I think in ten years the next generation of car buyers is going to be going throught the used car lots and looking at these cars and saying "What were they thinking? All the possible colors and this is what they chose. Why didn't someone adjust their medication?" Of course, I'm probably wrong.

    I'm sure I can find a color I'll be happy with. Probably coastal blue or sage green. But for my next car after the MPV I hope to me looking at a MINI. Check out for their color choices. Chili Red, Electric Blue, Liquid yellow, Silk Green. Even the more staid colors like Dark Silver, Pure Silver, Pepper White, Velvet Red and Indi Blue are impressive.
  • Well, after much reading and asking and more reading, we bought a 2001 ES. The 2.5 has more than enough power for us. Love the ride and handling of the MPV. We have a '95 Villager now and it is basically night and day. Oh yes, love the moonroof. A partial open air motoring. The color is red and we didn't have a choice because the dealer only has one ES left on his lot and we wanted an ES. The retail was $36G(Canadian) and he sold it to us for $31.5G(Canadian). I think we got a good deal.

    Now, is there anything I should be looking for when we pick it up on Monday evening? Any help will be appreciated. Can't wait. Now, I know what the ZOOM, ZOOM feels like and it feels good.

    Thanks again.
  • lawleelawlee Posts: 11
    Does your Cdn$31.5K for the ES include sales tax or not ? Which province are you in ?

  • Congrats on your new red(!) ES. If the "power issue" is a non-starter with you, as it is with most of us, you're gonna love driving that thing around town.

    Happy Miles!

  • Lawlee: I lived in Calgary and the $31.5K excluding tax. The total and final price would be $33,705(Canadian). That includes the freight, air tax and admin. fee. If you do live in Calgary, email be at

    I'll let you more about where I got it.

    As for the power, I don't feel it being sluggish at all. We test drove two of them and love the power and the handling. Definetly looking forward to it on Monday evening.
  • I just installed the K&N air filter (part no. 33-2177-1)on my 2000 ES. I bought it at my local Autozone store, they had to order it for next day pickup, for $61.10. It came with detailed instructions and photographs of the engine compartment. Be aware that installing it requires it to be somewhat of an amateur mechanic requiring disassemble and reassemble of several hoses, clamps, etc. but I managed to do it in about 1 1/2 hours most of which was trying to identify connections to free up the filter housing. It fits just fine. I'll monitor my driving performance and mileage to see what the effect might be.

    The K&N website shows no filter for the MPV and does not even recognize the part no. I sent an email to the tech support people kidding them about my "ghost filter". Believe it or not, I received a reply that they have no filter for the MPV and I should return the filter I bought and install a paper filter!!! I replied that I was sorry that tech support does not understand K&Ns product line but if they look real hard they might find my filter.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I know this is a day late and all that, but here's a link that might help others out. I think the process took me about 10 minutes for the air filter.

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Congrats on your new purchase. I am sure you will be happy with it. The only minor flaws are:
    - no power lock control on the passenger side door
    -trans.shifter blocks out first 2 radio sets
    The MPV is a nice vehicle. We have 11k on our 01 LX without a problem. Good luck.
    BTW, we had a 94 Villager. I will say that although the MPV is nicer,the Villager had a few things which I wish we still had.
    -power third seat window controls.
    -yes, a power lock control on the passenger door.
    -power drivers seat
    -IMO, a smoother engine
    Mazda should have put the first three on the MPV.
  • Thanks for the insight, rutger3.

    We picked it up last night and I did noticed the shift lever blocking the radio buttons but haven't notice the power lock control on the pass. side yet. I drove it home last night instead of the wife. I will have more time tonight and I'll be in the garage with the manual and going over the MPV.

    I do agree that the MPV is nicer. It definetly has better brakes than the Merc. and better cornering ability as well. Like I said on my last post, I don't think that engine is under power at all. We took it to the highway and I was doing about 65 MPH and when accelerating to 65, it sure pull strong and I like to hear the sound of the engine revving. Makes me feel like I'm in some kind of really sporty car. Music to my ears. Oh yes, love the huge moonroof. That is one on the main reason we got an ES.

    Thanks again for your help.
  • The good news is that the K&N filter can be installed in about 2 minutes by merely removing the air filter clips and holding the housing open far enough open to slide the old cartridge out and the K&N in. It feels a little "forced" but it does work. The bad news is that the K&N appears to be a little overjealously promoted by the manufacturer. Mine (and only maybe) gives a little bit in the way of performance, but I don't notice a thing in the way of fuel economy. I've had it for nearly 10,000 miles so far. If I had it to do over, I'd save the money. I ordered mine through Autozone too.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I didn't really notice much of an improvement when I went to a K&N filter, but I've never really experienced any real hp gains with their filters before, unless you incorporate some sort of ram-air or cold-induction system at the same time, and then the improvement is minimal still. I think it produces as much more hp as the "Zoom Zoom" decal on the rear quarter window of MochaVan , but I noticed a slight improvement in mpg after the filter change. I do feel secure in the fact that the filter does a much better job at filtering contaminants out of the engine, so imo, it's money well spent at any rate.

  • Lets try to get TBoner's friend to devise a turbo kit for our MPV's (he said, pleasantly recalling the Saab 900T years b/k )!

  • I'm sure this has been discussed before but I was over at and getting some more info about extra keys, and the first line says that cut new transponder equipped key. I assumed that this key has some kind of "chip" built into it? Now, is this only available at the dealer? Or Wal-Mart or some hardware store has it as well?

    I do have the imobilizer in the MPV.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    AFAIK, the keys for the MPV are "dealer only," and you are correct, they are micro-chipped keys. I have never investigated if your local hardware store can physically cut the key for you once you get it, or if it's a special key that has to be cut by the dealer also. Then there is a programming procedure, as you've seen over on It's important to note that these keys come as matched PAIRS and you shouldn't try and buy just one... or so I've been told.

    Which reminds me, I've been meaning to get extra keys ordered for months now, I'd better call and get that done.

  • I guess I'll go to the dealer this weekend. Hey, that's perfect because now, I have a reason to drive the van. It is my wife who will be driving the van most of the time.

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