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Toyota Tacoma: Problems & Solutions



  • ronc2ronc2 Posts: 8
    Has anyone experienced a creaking noise coming from the clutch pedal? I called Toyota and they said it was the first time they heard of it. Any ideas?
  • macnewfmacnewf Posts: 9
    Thanks for the info but isnt the access cab only available able in the off road package and not the sport package. That is what I was told at my dealer here in Canada anyways.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "Thanks for the info but isnt the access cab only available able in the off road package and not the sport package. That is what I was told at my dealer here in Canada anyways. "

    That may be a Canadian thing. Here in the states, the AC is most definitely available in either TRD package, with or without tow.

    While my AC TRD OR/tow truck was in the pipeline, an AC TRD Sport in my color arrived. I panned it due to the low profile tires and some other minor details, as I actually tow, carry things, and go off-road. The taller sidewalls are better on rocks, beach sand, and with loads. Even the TRD Off-Road package tires are on the low profile side for a truck. I would have preferred a 75+ series or a truck (ex: 31x10.5R15) sized tire, even with a smaller wheel.
  • catpatrolcatpatrol Posts: 1
    Hello all!
    I've got a 1996 Toyota Tacoma, extra cab. Recently, the drivers seat belt stopped latching. I want to change out the seatbelt, but the anchor is in a hard area to reach. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Am I going to have to remove the drivers seat in order to access the seatbelt mount?
  • bigernbigern Posts: 1
    My wifes 2001 Tacoma, 5spd, 4x4, v6 has 58K miles on it and has been acting up lately. It is difficult to start (which I know to be somewhat typical for Tacomas) but will sometimes die when seeking idle, then it is very difficult to start. She can manually rev the engine once started then it runs good. Ocasionally it will stall out when decelerating and coming to a stop. The stalling typically occurs after warm-up.

    -There is no check engine light before or after stall.
    -I've cleaned all the suspect sensors & parts.
    -I replaced the fuel filter about a year ago.
    -I've run seafoam treatment through gas & intake.
    -It is an extreemly well maintained vehicle.

    This started within 6-8 months of moving to S. California. We drove from South Carolina and the Taco performed flawlesly under tow. I wonder if the additives Cali puts in the fuel is causing this. I'm not sure if this is typical for Tacomas. Because of the cost of fuel in Cali, she also has been running 87, and buying it where it is cheapest. We used to only run 89.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • blutacoblutaco Posts: 3
    Yup, the same thing happened to me. In an attempt not to double post, you can check out #3828 in the Tacoma 2005+ forum. In short, the dealer wants to replace the back window, but I'm leery because I'm not convinced the adhesive has changed and it won't happen again. I'm weighing the option of the having the dealer do it under principle or saving the time and just gluing the thing on myself and move on with my life.
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    I thought my clutch pedal was creaking also, and after many attempts to rid of the noise at the dealer, I found it to actually be the seat pan!!! So the dealer pulled out my seat and lubed it up, and no more noise!! When you push the clutch in your leg actually pushes the seat down, hence the creaking, at least in mine that was it!
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    Has anyone else with a 6 speed have any problems with popping out of 3rd or 4th gear? Mine has happened 5 times now in the last month! It's going in to the dealer this week, so i guess i'll see what happens. :cry:
  • l5504l5504 Posts: 8
    Hi. I've got the same problem. I had the fuel filter changed, fuel injection and throttlebody cleaned. I tried a fuel additives as well. No luck. I'm going to look into changing the TBS (Thorttle Position Sensor) to see if that works. If it does I'll let you know. If you come accross the solution please let me know....Thanks and good luck. P.S. Is the Fuel Position Sensor and Throttlebody Position Sensor the same thing?
  • gotp8ntgotp8nt Posts: 2
    I have changed every single one of those things, most recently being the throttle position sensor. It still does the same thing, which means I spent about $100.00 for no other reason than to rule out the cause of a problem. The mechanic I use wants me to order new spark plug cables. I leave Italy in about 4 months, so I'm almost willing to wait until I get back to the States and take it to an actual AMERICAN Toyota dealership. If you come across what could be causing this, please let me know...thanks.
  • bradwmbradwm Posts: 1
    2003 Toyota Tacoma
    4 cyl. 2 wheel drive

    Squeak type noise as the tires turn - the more the tires turn the squeaking gets faster and lounder..

    At 30mph or so, when I tap the gas it squeaks, and when I let go I don't hear anything.

    Also, when the truck is parked and I rock it up and down it squeaks.

    Dealership said - "Noise was coming from U-Joints and they regreased U-Joints." The problem is still there though.

    Any feedback is very much appreciated.
    thank you
  • dmensdmens Posts: 1
    hi, I have a 04 tacoma pre-runner crew cab. Since I bought the truck I have been experiencing a chirping sound coming from the front left side of my truck. The dealer has looked it over but could not find anything wrong. I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same problem. Its very annoying and it almost seems like something could be loose. Appreciate any comments. Thanks
  • l5504l5504 Posts: 8
    Hey! I'm sure you've read this allready but just in case....Check out message # 599 from smgillies. He say's to check out the MAF (Mass Air Flow Meter). Be carefull. They run about $300.00 clams. The spark plug cables? Yeah, I'd wait. But it can't hurt to test them though. Good luck...... Later....
  • sdoyle1sdoyle1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 4x4 Tacoma Double Cab with 65K miles. Vibration when braking prompted me to get the brakes replaced by a local shop (not Toyota dealership). A test drive determined that the vibration was coming from the rear. they ended up replacing the drums and shoes... the vibration is reduced but definitely not gone. The problem is barely noticeable at slower speeds but is fairly prominent at highway speeds.

    I would love to hear from anyone who may have had this problem before.
  • l5504l5504 Posts: 8
    Hey yironkel! You still around? Did you check the MAF sensor for that hesitation problem? And if so what were the results? I have a 2000 Tacoma V6. Thanks.....
  • partsman1partsman1 Posts: 1
    Hello I own a 1999 Tacoma, Great Truck Never Had a problem , Then the trans started to make a noise like a throw out bearing but when you push in the clutch it would go away, Took it in to toyota for its oil change 35,779 miles . They said its your throw out bearing and your not covered under warranty,yes i have but it is not covered,so i have the thing changed $750.00, Same noise, to make a long story short i had two companies go to look at the trans which was torn down on the bench, both said that its bad metal shavings in it and thrust bearing is bad. Toyota said no But we will fix it for you for $4,735.00 or we could put it back together the way it is for $1,168.00 i had a tow truck pick it up and bought new trans for $1,990.00 and paid a mechanic $300.00 to put it back together at His shop. I wrote a letter to toyota Asking how a trans can go out @ 35,000 miles still have original tires . Oh toyota did not charge me the $581.00 to take it apart nice guys yea?
  • l5504l5504 Posts: 8
    At around 68k mi. the engine started running at lower RPMs and at idle a little rough. With your foot into it it seems to run fine. And this only seems to happen after running at highway speed for a length of time. Revving the motor while checking out the idle is when I noticed the hesitation problem. I'm pretty sure it started before then. I turned off the truck and then fired it back up and it ran fine. But the hesitation was still pressant. I had the fuel filter changed and the Throttlebody and injectors cleaned. This cleared up the rough idle/running problem for about 1800 mi. But not the hesitation. Once before the service and once after I ran the tank down to less than 1/4 and fueled back up. After this is when the rough idle/running problem started. And both times after fueling I jumped on the freeway for at least an hour. There's no check engine lights and the shop techs got no code from the computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks......
  • jimmerjimmer Posts: 9
    FYI: Talked with the dealer today, they told me toyota has 10 trannys in stock in Toronto!!! Apparently toyota has a problem with the trannys (why would they stock 10?) !! They even have a new part #! So ya I'm getting a new tranny At 18000kms!!!They still haven't figured out why the 4LO only works when it wants too! I've had a new transfer case, actuator, and tried synthetic oil! As their commercial says" we've put everything we learned over the years into this truck" (or something like that). I'd have to say BS!!! This truck is no comparison to my 96!!!! :sick:
  • sgttoddsgttodd Posts: 4
    I'll just add myself to the growing list of people who are experiencing a similar problem and can't quite pinpoint it.
    Last year I had a problem with the tacoma at idle wanting to cut out. The engine light would come on for awhile and then turn off. I called the dealership and they said they couldn't diagnos it unless the light was on. So I got fed up because the light was never on when I felt like going to the dealership. I eventually changed the air filter (second air filter with about 40,000 miles on the engine) and the light never came back on and the idle problem went away until last week.
    This time the problem started with a little bit of a rough idle and got progressively worse over the next couple of days until I no longer felt safe driving it. The truck would stall out at idle if I didn't keep on the gas, and while driving the truck it would buck throughout the rpm band. With 50,000ish miles on it now I changed the air filter again, didn't work. Cleaned the MAF sensor which seemed to take care of 80% of the problem but still flutters at idle. I bought a fuel filter but am hessitant about changing that until a last resort. I'm hoping that it was just a bad tank of gas since some of these farout gas stations in Alaska don't go through fuel to quickly. Hopefully someone figures out what causes this type of problem.
  • hartmhartm Posts: 2
    Could someone please respond with proper torque for spark plugs? Can not find service manual on this vehicle.
  • Yeah, mine was an 04 Access cab. I just went through the regular arbitration. It took about 45 days, but I finally got a new truck. I had a witness statement, all of Toyota Service Bulletins or TSB's with me showing that it is a bigger problem than Toyota is admitting. I got an 05, which is good I suppose, but I liked the 04 better.
  • tacoguytacoguy Posts: 12
    The following is the final message I will be sending to Toyota Motor Co. I replaced the dealers name with DEALER and X'ed out names:
    I’m writing you today to tell you about my 2005 Tacoma “ownership experience”.

    I purchased an impulse red 2005 Tacoma 4x4 double cab with SR5 package in February from DEALER Toyota, X Haven, PA. The first day I drove it, I noticed a paint chip on the gas cap cover. I pointed this out to Donny X, a salesmen at DEALER Toyota. Every day after that, I continued to see more chips in the paint, all over my truck. Most of the chips are concentrated at the bottoms of the doors and box where the “chip guard” is. The only panel on my truck without chips is the tailgate. All panels have chips in the paint - the hood, up the doors, “A” pillars, box, even the roof. I continued to call the dealership regarding this situation. The DEALER Toyota Service Manager at the time, Ted X, requested that I stop by the dealership to show him the paint chipping. However, when I got there I found out that he left early, so I asked Phil Y (salesman who sold me the truck) to take a look and he said it was something that should be taken care of. The next week Ted X asked me to take my truck to X Body and Fender (the shop that performs all body work on DEALER Toyota’s vehicles), for an estimate to repair the paint chips. Coincidentally, there was another ‘05 Tacoma (blue in color) there for an estimate for the same chipping problem. The paint shop determined that there was a manufacturing issue in either the paint, clear coat or application. Using the information in the owner’s manual I contacted Toyota (1-800-331-xxxx) to discuss my paint defect and got absolutely no satisfaction. I was referred back to the dealer; Toyota claimed this was no fault of theirs. I opened case number xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    The dealer’s official solution was, “we’ll pay to have it repainted once, if you get chips after that, you’re on your own.” “We’ll sell you running boards at our cost to help protect this from happening again.” At this point I started wondering why I should have to repaint a 2-month old truck. I just wanted my money back. In fact, I stated this to the Toyota representative on the 800 number as well as several people at DEALER Toyota, including the General Manager, Dan AH. Mr. AH was not in the least concerned with my problems, in fact he presented himself in a manner unbecoming the title of General Manager of a car dealership. Ted X wanted the paint shop to strip down the chipped areas to the level of the chip, build it up, roughen the clear coat, paint then spray clear OVER the existing paint with the apparent issues. The paint shop in return, would not guarantee that their work would hold up because they were being asked to paint over what they felt was a flawed factory paint finish.

    Ted asked me to make an appointment to have the truck painted and said he just needed to get a final approval from the District Manager, Brian DB (Toyota corporate). Shortly after this, Ted was let go from the dealership. I was then placed in contact with Phil X, the new Service Manager, who stated that Brian was now only willing to pay for a small fraction of the estimated cost of having the truck painted. The estimate was for approximately $4,300. (You read that right - $4,300 to repair a two-month old vehicle!) The paint shop was told Toyota would only pay $700 toward the repairs! District Manager Brian DB then said he wanted to see the truck prior to committing to pay any of the repair cost. Two months had gone by since I purchased this truck and Phil X informed me that, although Brian wanted to see my truck before authorizing to pay for the repairs, Brian was not planning to be at DEALER until the end of May, which was an additional three weeks. I dropped the truck off at DEALER Toyota on the Saturday before Brian was scheduled to be there to look at the truck. Brian did not show up that Monday. On Tuesday Brian showed up, inspected the truck and requested that I take the truck to another body shop to get another estimate because he felt that the first estimate was too high. Remember – DEALER Toyota recommended X Body & Fender because they are they best in our area and DEALER sends all of their body work to them. Having heard that I needed to get another estimate, I called from work to speak with Brian DB about the situation and he refused to get on the phone and speak with me.

    I believe that Ted X (former Service Manager at DEALER Toyota) was trying to do the right thing regarding my truck’s paint chipping problem and that may be one of the reasons was let go. The personnel at the dealership who knew of my problems but did nothing to help should be ashamed of themselves. Brian DB, the District Manager, who gave me the run-around is most negligent. A person in his position needs to be a decent human being willing to help the customer and DO THE RIGHT THING. Brian DB and Toyota should be held accountable for selling problem vehicles, then turning their back on the customer. When I purchased this truck (for approximately $27,000), I thought I was getting a quality vehicle, from a respectable dealership, built by a manufacturer who’s name I could trust and one that would stand behind their product. I was wrong on all counts. All I got was a source of daily stress and aggravation over a $27,000 problem with no help from Toyota or the dealership.

    This was my second Toyota truck. I do not “off-road” with this vehicle (and, after reading all of the internet forums and seeing how many other new Toyota Tacoma owners are also experiencing the same excessive paint chipping that I did, I feel sorry for anyone who “off-roads” with their vehicle). I drive on paved roads to and from work; mostly on the Interstate. I owned my first Toyota truck for just about 11 years. It had over 200,000 miles on it and the paint, after 11 years, was not as chipped as my brand new Tacoma was. This is truly sad. After all, I was so impressed with my prior truck, I didn’t even think twice about owning another Toyota truck.

    I want you to know that my family will never own another Toyota product. In addition, I have been sharing my true “Toyota ownership experience” of paint chipping problems and the disgraceful way Toyota did nothing to rectify the situation, with anyone who will listen - friends, family, co-workers, internet forums, etc.

    I am pleased to inform you that I no longer own my Toyota Tacoma. (Sorry, no one will be receiving service income from me, either). My family and I are enjoying the superior ride, comfort, safety, quality, features and trouble-free experience of our 2006 HONDA Ridgeline. The publications (notably Car & Driver and Consumer Reports) that rated Ridgeline and Tacoma head to head were correct in choosing Ridgeline as the better pickup. This vehicle raises the bar and adds a whole new class to the pickup truck!
  • toytrucktoytruck Posts: 67
    Got the results from my arbitration hearing on the paint chipping. Denied for lack of "credible" evidence. That included the independent paint experts report saying it was a manufacturer's defect.
  • I have a 05' Toyota 2.7, 4x2., 5 speed.

    My Question is the cold Idle is 2100rpm.
    And take awhile to come down. Is it hurting the clutch to start out at this rpm. It usually takes 12-1600rpm to start out. This little engine doesn't have the power to start out on a
    hill. so It take a few more rpms to get it up the hill maybe? 1800. Will this hurt any thing?
  • qamanqaman Posts: 2
    My 04 Tacoma made a squeak type noise when I turned into a driveway. The noise (which was also in the left front on my truck) could be duplicated by opening the passenger door and having someone move the truck up and down. The problem turned out to be in the area where the four nuts that hold the front bumper on. The painted surfaces between the square frame and the bumper caused the squeaking noise. I put a light coat of grease on the surfaces and the noise went away. I had to remove many small bolts underneath the bumper to get access to the four nuts and the whole job took less than an hour. Good luck!
  • pasvortopasvorto Posts: 8
    Yesterday I noticed a squeeling sound from the engine compartment. I took it to my local dealer this morning. As I thought, the it was the power steering unit. They quoted my almost $700(!!!) to replace and flush. I called the local auto parts store. They can get me replacement unit for $200. Question this difficult for a shade tree kind of guy? What about the flushing? How necessary is that? The truck is a 2001 Tacoma with the 4 cylinder. It only has 44,000 miles on it. I will have to say I am very disappointed that the PS unit went out this early. :-(
  • tacoguytacoguy Posts: 12
    toytruck and others!!!,
    Sorry to hear that the arbitration did not go in your favor. Not surprising though. Something you may wish to pursue; I contacted a popular lemon law lawyers office in PA and they thought I had a super case to win. I didn't want to be tied up looking at my piece of crap Tacoma for the next 6 months or so for the case to come up so as I said in my previous post I launched the turd and purchased a Honda Ridgeline. It appears as though there are several suits which could be an option to file in addition to the lemon law There is a "new model vehicle disclosure act" that this falls under as well. If this route is taken, Toyota has to pay for court costs and your lawyer fees. :lemon: It doesn't cost you a cent win or lose and what ever he wins for you, you get! Something to consider. BEST OF LUCK!
  • tpc2tpc2 Posts: 1
    I have exactly 200 miles on my new d-cab TRD sport package, long bed. When my son and I first got it, he mentioned that it sounds like a go-cart because of the fluttering sound; I too thought that when my salesman sent it out to get it filled up that it was accidently filled with regular. I did test drive a similar truck on Sunday (yesterday) from another dealer here in San Diego. I heard the fluttering, but it was not as loud as mine. When my tank is nearing the empty mark, I will put in premium from Mobil or Chevron and see what happens. It is an annoying sound, and this should not happen with a V-6; it is more bothersome knowing that it is there and Toyota has not investigated this further for the $25,000 + that this truck costs - I'll wirte back to let others know what happened with new fuel and/or to let others know what the service departments say here in San Diego.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    "It is an annoying sound, and this should not happen with a V-6; it is more bothersome knowing that it is there and Toyota has not investigated this further for the $25,000 + that this truck costs"

    I'm not worried about it. The truck has stainless steel headers, NOT cast manifolds. Headers flat out sound different than cast exhaust manifolds. With good ear plugs in place, you can often hear the same fluttering sound on many other header equipped vehicles and motorcycles. You'll need the earplugs because the overall volume of the cycle or header-equipped car will make the fluttering impossible to hear without them. Typically, header-equipped vehicles will not have the silencing provided by the rest of the truck's exhaust system.

    Every gearhead that's been under my hood has remarked at the cool exhaust Toyota put on these trucks. Headers usually "scavenge" the cylinders better. This means they help to draw the exhaust out of the cylinder. Headers can also be better tuned for more balanced back pressure to each cylinder, but are usually more costly to manufacture than cast exhaust manifolds.

    The presence of such an exhaust setup demonstrates that Toyota DID investigate things properly, and even may have spent some extra bucks to do it right. Have you ever heard of a tuner removing a header to install a manifold? ;)

    If you don't like the sound, maybe you can install some Dynamat, or some other sound insulation under the front carpet.
  • macnewfmacnewf Posts: 9
    I have just about had it with Toyota and their 2005 Tacoma. I own a 05 access cab with the offroad package in speedway blue and ever since I first noticed the problem back in march I have had nothing but headaches with this vehicle. It was my first new vehicle and I chose Toyota because of its reputation and dependibility. However since I have first began talking to service managers, customer service, Toyota body shop personal etc I have gotten nothing but a dead end. I have contacted several dealerships about ths problem and one dealership tells me that their is a problem with the truck and that Toyota has told him to tell all his customers to wait 4 to 6 weeks so that Toyota can find a fix for the problem. However I then go to a different dealership and they tell me that they have heard nothing about any problem with the Tacoma and that its just mother nature. Furthermore I talked to a 3rd dealership and they tell me that its a maufacturing defect and that Toyota had the truck re tested and they told him that they would authorize all repairs hands down. So once again I call the Customer service line and they tell me that all they can do is listen to their service managers. As someone stated before in this forum, Toyota is right now handling it on a truck to truck basis. I just wish that I could get a straight answer out of Toyota themselves. This has been my first Toyota purchase and let me assure you as soon as I can get out of this lease I am gone and Toyota has lost this customer and many others for good. I think that we should all somehow get a petition or something like together and send it to Toyota and maybe then as a group we could get some satisfaction.
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