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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • For those of you curious about the outcome of my leaky sunroof in car washes.......guess what? After 2 weeks now, I'm still waiting on a response myself. Will let you know when I hear, but I'm getting a bit disgruntled waiting.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    I took my 1999 Maxima GXE ( 39600 miles ) to the dealer yesterday since the SES light came on. The fault code was P1320. The dealer said that all the 6 ignition coils have to be replaced. I have a Diamond plan ( top of the line ) extended warranty from Warranty Gold. They asked the dealer to perform some additional tests after which it was found that 3 of the 6 coils produced less current ( is that the correct terminology? ) than the other 3. WG said they were still within the permissible limits and refused the change of coils. My car shudders at traffic light stops but otherwise seems to be almost OK ( not full power though ).

    I finally authorized the dealer to change all the coils for $670 including taxes. The dealer agreed to waive all labor charges but charge me only for the parts IF I buy all 6 coils from him. If I had changed only the 3 coils, he said he would have to charge me nearly $600 including the diagnosis fee and other labor charges.

    I am really mad because:

    1. Nissan puts LOUSY ignition coils on an otherwise wonderful car. Even though so many customers have faced problems with the coils there has not been a recall yet, only a TSB.

    2. Extended warranty contract just purchased for $1330 from Warranty Gold is useless when it comes to coil issues.

    3. Why should I change all 6 coils when only 3 are performing less than optimally?
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Just an FYI - I just got a price from Courtesy Nissan for coils on a 2000 Maxima. $54 each plus shipping. Thats $324 in parts. I am considering changing mine...have to find out how hard it is. I have to believe they just plug in. Any one know?
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hi eblum,
             Thanks for your posting regarding the ignition coil prices. Does the 2000 Maxima use the same type of coil as the 1999 Maxima? Are you getting original ( OEM ) Nissan parts? I saw a price of $54 in even for my 1999 Maxima but then those are used parts. My dealer's quote had the following prices:

    3 units of 22448-31U11 for $318.00
    3 units of 22448-31U16 for $305.25

    for a total of $623.25 before taxes.

    Am I getting ripped off by my dealer in Colorado Springs? Do you have the phone number for Courtesy Nissan? I want to check prices of the above parts from him.

    Thanks once again for all yor help! I really appreciate it.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559

    You can enter part numbers and get price quotes directly.

  • Well, my service advisor called me late yesterday, said he spoke with a Nissan technician at the factory and said the fix was to adjust the glass.

    So it has been done now, but I will take it thru a car wash later today to see if it truly is fixed. The service manager claims that it is.

    I'll let you know.
  • anymore. It's fixed! They adjusted the glass. I drove it thru a car showers! no leaks!

  • jcw915jcw915 Posts: 31
    Can you fax me a copy of ur work order? Nissan consumer affairs keeps on telling me it's normal for a sunroof to leak at carwashes and the dealer gives me bs statements saying that I shouldn't go through carwashes period. I keep on insisting that the glass is off by a few millimeters but noooooooo, the stupid dealer says that it's normal.
    send me an email:

  • They didn't give me anything. When ever I have had warranty work done, they didn't give me any paper work. I'm sorry for that. How about their phone number and the Service Manager's name, would that help?
  • All warranty work and recall items that I have had fixed, I have received a copy of what they did. Odd they didn't give you that.

    Boy am I happy to have a working CD player again in my Max!! When mine crapped out, I had to wait 3 weeks for a new unit to come in. Brand-spankin-new CD player now!! YAY ME!!!

  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    The coils are easy to do yourself, especially the front 3. Log on to and start searching on coils in the 5th Gen Forum, you'll find tons of info. There's a guy on there who goes by the name of DaveB and he can hook you up with brand new OEM coils for $240. He's a parts guy at a Nissan dealer. He's rock solid. That's all 6 for $240. If you have zero mechanical skills, call around and find a friend with some skills. Or find an independent shop that'll slap em in for .5-1hr labor.

  • g00chg00ch Posts: 10
    I just took in my 00 SE for a 'check engine soon' light, and they stated a return code of '3-way catalyst' which points to the catalytic convertor. I have almost 58K on it. Do catalytic convertors have an expected lifespan? They want over 900 for parts and labor to fix, which I politely declined for now. Any suggestions? They quoted around 700 for the part itself, which I found unbelievable! Should I look aftermarket, or is dealer replacement ideal? any suggestions?

  • I've had 3 warranty jobs on different vehicles - each time they didn't give us anything but the keys.

    Anytime, we have to pay for anything, of course, they give us the detailed receipt. But on warranty, there is no receipt for them to give us.

    Sorry. But I am happy that it's fixed, paper work or not.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Always demand paperwork for resale and trade-in purposes. Don't leave the dealership until you get it, even if you have to have them type it up in front of you and sign it in blood.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,319
    based on past experience (with a Mercury), the converter is covered under the emission warranty. So, not remembering exactly the mileage limit, I think it should be covered by that, or at least the 5/60 powertrain. No way a CC whould crap out in 3 years, but them babies are expensive. You can ignore it, at least until your next emissions inspection.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • g00chg00ch Posts: 10
    If a CC shouldn't crap out in 3 years (3 years 3 months to be exact) then maybe there is some other problem in the car that is causing the accelerated failure (O2 sensor, etc). But if it was a sensor, you would think the code would have appeared in the computer when they checked it. I will have to double check on the warranty limits on the car, but you would think the dealer would point out if my car was still within range.
  • If I ever need a copy of anything, it's in their computer. However, I have NEVER needed or been asked for any kind of repair receipt for any car I have ever owned. If I PAID for work, I get a paid receipt, not that I hang on to it for very long. But, like I said, I can always ask for whatever I may need from my dealer. I am in a fairly small town, there is only one Nissan dealership, they are super people, we have purchased 6 vehicles from them, they know us, and I trust that they would print out whatever we requested.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Yes, double check the warranty. The CC is related to emissions control and should have a fairly long warranty. If in fact it is under warranty, let the dealer know that it must fix it free of charge; dealers don't usually volunteer info because they are in the business of making money. Otherwise, contact Nissan North America's corporate headquarters. There should be a toll free number. I had the CC replaced when I had the Oldsmobile.
  • g00chg00ch Posts: 10
    Thanks guys... I in fact looked at the warranty information and the CC is covered by the 'Long Term Federal Emissions Warranty'. Something like 9 years/86,000 (I don't know the exact numbers, but it is more than what I am current at now). I will be calling the dealer tomorrow and talk to the service manager and let him know of my findings and schedule the repair work. This information is much to the relief of myself and my wife.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Every time I've had warranty work of any kind done on my Maxima's, I've been asked to sign a "repair work order" which includes all of the parts numbers, costs, and labor hours and costs and diagnosis.

    (It looks identical to the repair work orders/receipts I sign when I'm paying for the work.)

    Consequently, I have a complete mechanical history for all of my Nissan in paper (and they also have the information available up on their web site.)

    I was told that the dealer has to turn this information in to get reimbursed by Nissan for parts and labor invested in performing the warranty work.

    I naturally thought that this in essence meant the warranty work was done basically at no cost to the dealer (other than the lost cash flow).

    Anybody out there from inside a dealership who can confirm/correct this information?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    "I was told that the dealer has to turn this information in to get reimbursed by Nissan for parts and labor invested in performing the warranty work."
    They do.

    "I naturally thought that this in essence meant the warranty work was done basically at no cost to the dealer (other than the lost cash flow)."
    Yes, they're reimbursed but at a lower rate than their Retail labour prices/repair times.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Thanks for the tip on the coils! I really appreciate it! My car has been knocking since I bought may help fix it. What do you think?

    Also, I have heard of so many dealers trying to make people pay for parts that are covered by the gov't emissions warranty. Again, dealers are pathetic. If we know its covered, they know and just try to rip us of. Do you hear that abtseller?

    g00ch, let us know what the dealer says when you tell him that it is covered. It would be interesting to find out how many people they charge for things like this then turn around to Nissan and charge them cause it is covered. I smell a scam.....
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    If you're using premium gas then it's highly likely the cause of your pinging is the coils. This is such a widely known problem amongst Maxima enthusiasts that I'd say it's 90% that it'll fix yer prob. Check out the .org, you'll be amazed on both the info you can find and the knowledge of the guys on that board. They're a bunch of performance nuts that are diehard Maxima drivers. Much more members than on this site, although I like this one too ;-)
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    One more thing, I forgot how many miles are on your Max, but if you're replacing the coils you should replace the spark plugs as well. They're cheap enough and guys on the .org are saying they're seeing much better performance by changing the plugs every 40K miles, even though you're not supposed to have to change them for like 60K or 100K.
  • g00chg00ch Posts: 10
    I found this interesting... I called up the service manager this morning and stated the long-term warranty coverage of the CC. First thing he says is that he was unaware of it and that he thought it was only covered by the 3/36 warranty. He put me on hold, then came back saying that he reentered the VIN to double check the information in the computer. I guess their system is setup to state if a work item is covered by warranty or not. So now I have to go to the dealer and show him my warranty booklet. He will make a copy of the findings and let Nissan know so he can get approval for the warranty work.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I get angry when dealers don't know that kind of stuff. It is not a Nissan specific thing. All cars have their emissions components covered by that warranty.

    It blows my mind that not knowing about the product one sells or services happens all of the time....
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I think you are being a bit generous when you make excuses for the dealers in saying that they don't know what they sell or service. IMO, I believe they know what they sell and what are covered by warranty. Unfortunately, as noted by other members of the Board, some dealers are unscrupulous and try to rip off customers by charging them warranteed services and parts and billing Nissan for the work and parts. This is called "double dipping". It takes all kind . . . and I am sure there has to be a few honest dealers or mechanics out there.
  • My 2002 Grey Max was recently scratched up in a parking lot...I was hoping someone could recommend a quality product that they might have used to make things look good as new...
  • Just recently purchased a 2003 SE Maxima and currently have around 13k. Since the purchase of this vehicle at 9k, most of the times when turning at low speeds, there is a cluck / click noise from the front area of the vehicle. Have brought it back to the dealer numerous times and was told everything looks ok. They acknowledge there is a noise but mentioned we cannot just start to change parts without knowing what it is? I was told everything looks ok, but the sound is driving me nuts.
    Could it be anything to do with the CV joint?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • rljanrljan Posts: 2
    I have a '94 Maxima that the hood struts are leaking and basically useless. I purchased after market lifts that I plan to install. Has anyone done this? Do you have any hints,tricks, warnings or suggestions for me?
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