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Chrysler 300M



  • I picked up my new '01 300M, and soon noticed a smell like burnt oil coming through the HVAC. My dealer says it's stickers on the exhaust and should go away after a thousand miles. Anyone else experience this?
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    They have built date stickers on the exhaust parts and all the body panels. I would peel them off, they will burn off in a week, but I didn't want the smell that long. You would think that this is part of the dealer prep.(at least it should be)
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100

    I had that burnt smell on my new '99 300M. It went away in about a week.

  • Never had that. Maybe I just didn't notice.
  • This weekend I went on a trip to the other side of Fl. The west coast side, by Fort Myers. First time driving down Aligator ally(I75). I must say this road was made for fast cars. Imagine a road where it's nothing but straight road for 100 miles. No hills, only a few curves, no traffic, no cops, just the road. This is what Aligator ally is. What a road. The 300M came alive, & bit some mustangs, & the slammed hona civic. Sure they kept up untill 115, but at 120, & beyond they were no match :)
    The 300M is a very stable car at those speeds.

    Note-I don't condone driving at those speeds unless you have a note form the shrink, & own a 300M :)
  • Well I just had to try out the top end on the way home from work Friday. It was fun until the speed limiter kicked in :( Sure had a lot more power to spare when it shut down. And of course all I could think about was why oh why didn't I get the php model?

  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Out here in the west, we have a lot roads like that, I5 goes for about 500 miles with about 2 turns. I10 and I8 are almost as good (only 300 miles with no turns) I do agree that this car was made for the autobaun. Can you say zoom, zoom?
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Glad you're back Dude, we've missed you and yer 'brudders' at the Wednesday evening chats.

    Thanks for asking about the club. We are still scrambling to get the new web site ready for launch. DrPixel is coding his little heart out to get us ready. We have officially incorporated as a non-profit organization and have adopted the assumed name of 'Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club.' We've elected officers and have just a few loose ends to tie up before we're ready to go. So keep yer ear to the ground, we'll be there soon. I'll be doing a mass e-mailing to introduce the club as soon as we're ready.

    Don't forget the new domain name That takes you to the old site right now, but the URL will be the same for the new site.

    See ya' on Wednesday evening. Would you like to conjure up a theme for this weeks chat??
  • As you know, I am replcing my Dunlop tires, with something other then dunlops. Beacuse of the traveling I do, I need a all season tire. Problem is I need a 245-45-18 tire. I have been unable to locate one. The closest I can find is a 255-45-18. Now, I really like Michelins. So I test fitted one on the 18 rim, & mounted it on the front of my 300M. The problesm is clearence at the tie rod end. I cannot get anything bigger then a flat ruler between the tire, & tie rod end. With the stock, or the other dunlop size, there is much more clearence then that. Do you guys who have 255's have the same clearence? I fitted it on the back, & it fits fine. I also turned the wheel side to side, & it doesn't appear to rub anywhere. The rims I have are car specific. Back spacing, bolt pattern, are the same as stock. But, I don't know if bumps will affect this.
    Thanks for the help.
  • Sorry you ever started this mod, I'll bet! Hey, didn't Chrysler show some car mag editors a modified 300M with dual exhausts and 18" wheels? I think it may have been in Motor Trend last year. You could get on the MT website, maybe find the name of the DC rep and email him for tire info. Kind of a long shot, but maybe worth a try.
    Regards, Silver
  • Everything is fine if I use a 245-45-18. The problems is finding a All season tire in that size. If I can't find one, so be it, but that's what i'm looking for. The motor trend car has 18's but with 245-45-18 high performance tires.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,141
    what if the road isn't straight for 300 miles?

    Some boards light up with discussions of the PCH (California highway 1), or Sonora Pass (once again in CA), or Mt. Evans (CO), or the Sea to Sky highway (British Columbia), or any number of other places in which actual handling is the issue, not straight-line speed, or the ability to run above the speed limit without pieces falling off.

    Thought your board was falling off a bit in numbers of posts per day. . .
  • why not run the stock 17" tires in the winter and then run the 245-45-18 performance tires the rest of the year--solves all your problems

  • racefan9racefan9 Posts: 120
    pinhead: the focus pocus is getting more action than we are...i've been told that it's a quality over quanity methodology :~)

    easy: fuzzywuzzy is looking for an all season tire, but south FL only has one season, i think he's looking for wet traction...

    fuzzy: glad no armadillos crossed your path on the way to 152mph!!! you have a shrink, that's what you get for hanging out in Boca :))))

    jedi: why didn't you get the php??? aaaaahhhhh!!!
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    fuzzy - there are cops there and I have seen them stop people (in one case there was a van pulled over with its former occupants lying on the ground face down with their hands behind their heads). Be careful next time.
  • I had been waiting close to 3 months to sell my Jeep and get the M. My local dealer did not have a PHP in the color I wanted, they thought they might be able to dealer trade with another dealer, if not they would have to buy it out right which would have affected the price I had negotiated. Oh and the fact that I cannot wait for anything, got to have it right now! Honestly I don't know how comfortable a PHP equiped M would have been every day on my 180 mile round trip commute. The bay area freeways are not the smoothest.

  • Now I didn't say I was speeding that much the whole trip, Only 15 miles. I set the cruise at 87, the rest of the way. Cops? I saw 2 cars. 1 going, & maybe the same one coming home. I did see someone get pulled over, however my V1 saw that for at least a mile.

    Pinhead- What car do you drive?
  • tictac3tictac3 Posts: 78
    I'll contact my 5* today. Can't wait to hear his answer.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    straights are fun, but my eyes light up when the road goes into the twisty bits (which amazingly, there ARE twisty bits in Northeast Kansas). Triple digits are fun, but the 300M is even more fun at double digit speeds in curves. Pacific Coast Highway? Bring it on.
  • Are you going to trade your silver beauty in on a 300 Hemi C if/when they are produced?
  • I found something else that will fit in a 300M in a pinch.

    I was suprised!

    A 6 foot ladder! Not using the trunk. Inside the cabin. Getting it out was easy to.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    I've had plenty of fun in my M (with PHP) on the mountain curves above Denver, and on the straightaways down to Santa Fe. Both types of driving are a blast in this car -- we don't have to choose, we have it all!

    If you live someplace where the roads never bend, take a road trip to the mountains, the Pacific coast, or some other twisty byway, and experience just how competent the 300M is on the curves.

    So, pinhead, are you a freeheeler?
  • racefan9racefan9 Posts: 120
    naw, you??? i think my next car will be a grand am, or oldsmobile alero...he he i'm waiting on the next generation Ram, that will me my next new one, then i may get a used prowler, to fill up the third bay on the garage i'm building this spring, i'm going to have a pit so i can change oil and wire up neon lights, have to get all this done before some woman comes along and does her thing, you know what i mean :~)
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Actually it was Fuzzy's tire situation, not mine. The Pilots suit me just fine on my painted 17" wheels.
    Regards, Silver
  • My heater works and I have taken it to the dealer. Within minutes all the windows in my car are fogged up. I have the defrost on and can feel the heat but the front window will defrost only a little bit, with it on high. I have a 1994 LHS. Can anyone help me with this problem.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    Sorry - can't help. From what I've read, window fogging was a problem on early LH cars. I haven't had any problem with my 99 300M windows fogging and they've had a workout this winter.
  • illini4illini4 Posts: 140
    If you have the heater in the recirculate mode, that will cause fogging. Also, make sure your A/C compressor is on during defrost and the A/C is cooling. 94s are notorious for leaking A/C evaporators. If the evaporator is leaking, there is an extended warranty that provides free replacement if under 70,000 mi.
  • Yeah, I'll get either the 300 Hemi C or Crossfire, whichever they choose to make. I'm only 30, but it's never too early to get a good start on my mid-life crisis!! I like the idea of a Prowler. Trouble for me is that in Birmingham, it might as well be a Lamborghini Diablo. Not many exotics here, so anything like that sticks out like a sore thumb (read: keying canidate, insurance claim for stolen car, etc.). There are about 7 prowlers here and I would love to be eighth! It's a beautiful car. Have you seen the Chrysler Howler? It's a prowler with a pickup-type bed on it. You could kill two birds with one stone. You are right on the money with your ideas about building the pit now! Trust me...RIGHT ON!! Get everything like that you want done beforehand and life will be much easier!!!
  • Let's see, 250+HP and torque, 17" wheels with low profile tires standard, an available PHP, An aggressive look, tight handling standard, and a 240 watt 9 speaker stereo standard with a 360 watt 11 speaker 4 disc changer system optional. Conservative? Hardly. HEY ALL YOU AFTERMARKET COMPANIES OUT THERE, BRING ON THE MODS!!!!! CHRYSLER, BRING ON THE MODS!!!
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