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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    I have heard the if the oil is say 10W30 there's not a big gap between the 10 and the 30, but if you use a 5W30 ow you have this bigger gap between the 5 and the 30 gap then oil manufactures have to use more viscosity index improvers in the oil in which takes more from the lubrication properties of the oil, so is this a myth or a fact? on the pathfinders, they recommend a 5W30 or 10W30 has anyone used the 5W30 and have gotten over 180,000 miles of use without any engine problems?
  • When I turn the key it slow starts. It chugs along then fires up most of the time after 7 -10 seconds. Sometimes I have to turn the key off and wait a few seconds, then try again and it fires right up. If I try to start it up by turning the key to the accessories on position and wait 10 seconds it fires right up every time. Anybody have any ideas?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    My girlfriend has a similar issue with her Mini Cooper. I was told that waiting for a few seconds allows the fuel system to pressurize.
  • I have a 2001 LE Pathfinder that just turned 200K. I must say it runs like the day I brought it. Does anyone know if it is easy to replace the instrument lights and if so can LED lights be used? I would like it brighter. Also, is it hard to replace the fuel filter and cabin air filter? Thanks in advance.
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    does anyone have any luck with replacing the MAF on a pathfinder with the one from a maxima? According to the link alot of people have but would hate to suggest it to a family memeber and have it not work and end up costing us more. 500 dollars for a pathfinder MAF and around 120 for a maxima one? Also it would have to pass Smog. why do cars have to be so......... UHHHH
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    "you probably spent over $150.00 on parts and research ,so now your $250.00 shy of taking it to a Nissan repair shop, I have been in some situations like you and many others ,some you win and some you loose . but when it comes to sensors or diagnostic equipment needed to resolve the real problem bite the bullet.
    I once had a stalling and low power problem with my engine , after a full tune up and parts, it didnt cure it, Nissan found out it was a speed sensor ON THE TRANSMISSION OF ALL PLACES there you go
  • my 05 pathfinder heater cools down at idle? I checked the coolant level, it was about a pint low however I found that I have a pressure cap on my overflow reservoir and a basic cap on my radiator. Could not having a pressure cap on my radiator be causing my heater to cool down at idle?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    could some one have mixed the caps ,I dont think so because they are different sizes, however if you didnt have a pressure cap on the radiator it would expand and blow something like a hose unless this cap is just sitting there and not tight and lets some of the pressure out, it has to go somewhere usually back into the overflow tank and that tank has no pressure in it. the heater only gets cool for 2 reasons,1 not enough water mix in the radiator ,,,,2 clogged heater core. better get the right caps and filler up but put a little stop leak like bars stop leak then fill the Radiator run it hot , let it cool ,add more water mix .
  • g22g22 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Pathy, that HAD the same problem,, you most likely have a one or two seals that are worn out on the drive shaft,, mine were replaced and 90% of the vibration is gone. You will not be leaking any fluid,, but if you got more that 40K miles, I would have it check,, the seals are cheap the labor is what is going to bite a bit.. Good luck
  • Hi, Just wondering when is the right time for a 2006 pathfinder tune up. Mine has a 79000 miles and has no problems. I bought it when it was about 77000 miles and doesn't know the previous owner's maintenance records. And, how much do they usually charge for it? thanks!
  • saknjmomsaknjmom Posts: 26
    I'm pretty sure my '08 is a lemon. Nonetheless, wondering if anyone is having similar problems.
    From day one, I noticed "quirky" problems that I wasn't sure were problems. Mostly a light would be on (4wd, or VDC)) Then, I had the issue with the "pause" at 30 mph which was fixed with a service bulletin posted here.
    So, more odd things were happening, the red key light flashing for keyless ignition while I was driving, then the battery went dead within 10 minutes of turning off the car. (I parked, sat in car waiting to pick someone up, tried to start/dead).
    So, the whole time the service guys are not listening to me, finally they took it in and they had it for 17 days!! It seemed like they fixed it, the receipt was sketchy as to what they actually did.
    Now, I'm having same issues...battery dying for no reason, keyless entry and ignition working intermittently, 4wd light on when car is in 2wd, the outside temp starts at below zero and "rolls" up to the current temp, Once, the keyless ignition wouldnt work, I put the key in and the ignition still wouldn't turn over (car was parked on flat surface and wheels were straight) I finally got out of the car, locked it, re entered and the keyless ignition worked.
    Several other things fixed within the first week...the back hatch didn't self rise on its own, the car could be turned off when in D, after 2 months, the stitching on my seat was completely coming off.
    I've had 5 pathfinders before this one. Now, this particular one has been the biggest POS and I may not buy another next year when my lease is up.
    Anyone having these types of problems?
  • I just purchased a used 1992 Nissan Pathfinder about three weeks ago. The previous owner took immaculate care of it with regular 3000 mile oil changes and garaged it's whole life. Needless to say, it is in GREAT condition. It runs great and I have fallen in love with it. However... after driving it around for two weeks it developed a squeak in what sounds like the drivers side front shock area. It squeaks when you go over bumps in the road and when you apply the breaks. It is more of an up and down squeak not a break related squeak. I have looked all over up in that area and can't find the source, any ideas or help in this area would be appreciated. Also would like to find out how to replace my rear window washer pump. Won't spray washer fluid on my rear window. Any help from anybody is greatly appreciated. Thanks.....
  • lachukylachuky Posts: 2
    Hi all, recently the starter went on my 93 pathfinder took a dump on me and I know I can fix it myself but I don't want to start until I know whether or not I need to remove other parts to lift it out. Anyone who has spent time under a car knows the surprises one can get when trying to do a simple part swap. If anyone can help it would be great.

  • lachukylachuky Posts: 2
    If you do find out how to replace the rear window washer fluid pump can you let me know as well. Its such a pain not to have it working.

  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,983
    1997 Pathfinder with 94k on it.

    For about 2 years, the Sevice Engine Soon light has been coming and going. Car runs smooth and never seems to be running differently whether the light is on or not. It's made it thorugh 2 inspections without throwing a code. I've replaced the fuel and air filter and cleaned the throttle body and the light still comes on every now and then. When it comes on, it will usually stay on solid for a few days and then turn off for a few days.

    Any ideas?
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Your engine computer is detecting something, but only intermittently. When it does not detect the problem after a certain number of "drive cycles", it will turn the light off until it detects the problem (or another problem) again. The only way to determine what the problem(s) is to download the fault codes (which will be stored in the engine computer) with a OBD (On Board Diagnostics) scanner. You can buy an inexpensive scanner, or alternatively Auto Zone will use their scanner and read you out the code(s) for free. It's easy, you (or they) just plug the scanner into the OBD port on your truck...on a '97 PF it's under the dashboard if I recall correctly. Let us know what you find out.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    replacing a battery 2003 pathfinder, I just bought a new battery , and If I install the new battery will I loose my remote key FOB settings and my radio stations presets or anything else ?
  • Your squeak in the driver side strut area sounds like the Upper Insulator needs replaced. I had the same problem with my '02 Pathy where it would squeak over bumps. I took the whole strut assembly apart on the driver side to see that the Upper Insulator (the triangle-shaped part that actually mounts to the vehicle frame under the hood) had all of the rubber eaten out of it. I went to Nissan and bought a new one for around $50. Problem solved, Hope this helps
  • Did you ever get an answer on this or find out what was wrong? My car is kind of doing the same thing. I have a 1996 Honda Accord. Thanks.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    what is the best site to go to for recalls on any make car ,and I mean a no frills ,maybe or what if , yes a good real no BS recall site ,Thanks out there
  • dsieverdsiever Posts: 5
    Hi nhutchinson,

    Just curious if the replacing of your IPDM corrected your issue? Did the problem re-cur? We have an 05 Pathfndr and it is doing exactly the same thing. It will begin sputtering almost like an elecrical fault is the cause-and during the sputtering session, the service engine light rapidly flashes on and off--I simply turn off the ignition key and restart the endine and that seems to "reset" this issue until next time--which could be in 5 minutes of 5 hrs. Please respond. Thanks.
  • My particular issue ended up being a bad alternator. I replaced the alternator and haven't had any problems since. None of the local dealers or parts stores stocked one ($185.00) So I ended up scavenging one from a wrecking yard for $25.00;
    I saved the old one in hopes of getting it rebuilt by a local alternator/starter shop. Haven't needed to yet though. Good Luck!
  • can somebody tell me where i can put the timing on my pathfinder 1993 or where i can find the points
  • stinkstink Posts: 3
    I have the exact same problem in a 1997 SE pathfinder. It also bucks now and then and the radio and everything does when it does it. did anyone resolve this issue? not sure how to navigate this strangely set up forum...
  • cpbqcpbq Posts: 1
    Same problem with my 2001 and cannot find anything to replace it without calling Nissan directly and paying $$$$$. Have some paint bubbling underneath gas cover which needs fixing also.
  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,983
    The power antenna on my 97 LE stopped working yesterday. It will start to go up but then stop without making it. It's stopping at different points. One time it will make it an inch, another time it will go 6. I WD-40ed it up and checked the surface to insure that there wasn't any damage. I can pull it all the way up with my hand.

    Anyone have this happen? Is there a fuse I can pull to leave it in the up position?
  • Okay I love my pathfinder, but when it rains it poors. Im having several issues and to start: Im getting ready to have my incle replace my spark plugs cuz im at almost 150,000 miles, but everywere i read there should be a set of tools, and my car does not have them and i called around and people thought i was crazy asking for them!! Anyone know where I can get them???? Im also replacing the ac hose-low- is anyone else having issues with it leaking?? Any suggestions on how to fix my cd player, its broke and clicking and wont give me back my cds and I went to put in after market and thats not possible unless I pay an extra 200 to re-wire as my car has a bose system. Also I replaced the MAF, and both my cats. Whats next??? Is there any class actions out there for all these issues?? The more I read the more I see that everyone is having these issues, especially super slow windows. Thank you so much for your help.
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