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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • msomamsoma Posts: 1
    My 99.5 PF died!! The transfer case now has a hole in the side of it. Never been off road, only 30K miles, has been maintained religously. All started the other day, 1st time this season using 4wd...wasn't pretty. I think the noise woke the neighbors. Took it to Nissan, they told me it looked like it was drained....huh? Nissan doesn't want to warranty it...Huh? Took it to 2 other mechanics and a transmission specialist. Looks like the 'chain'(?) inside broke and caused the hole in the TC. On my way tomorrow to ANOTHER Nissan Service Center. Anyone had any problems with this? Any advice?

  • Saw discussion of filters earlier in this forum, and was wondering if anyone is using a Fram replacement? Fram does not list a filter for the 01 PF on their site. I usually do all of my own changes, but while out shopping I noticed that my wife was just under 3k, so being the sport that I am I went to a Jiffy Lube only to be told that they have been having trouble with a filter spec from Nissan and that they couldn't do the change.
  • I seem to get this problem every 5-10k miles, depending on how much I leave my rear hatch open in dirty environments (e.g. ski resorts). Dealer recommended silicone lubricant, which worked the first time, but not the second, so the dealer had to take care of it at my 30k check-up.

    Duper and Kpt_Krunch, keep us updated because my hatch is starting to squeek again at 39k.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    Try silicone grease instead of spray. It is usually sold as "dielectric grease". It lasts much longer than the spray (I use the spray - LPS C01516 after washing in the winter on all door seals - to "chase away" any remaining water so I can open the doors an hour later ;-). It's a water based formula so it will not disolve the door seal glue (even approved for food processing plants).

    The grease form is applied by rubbing in on with your fingers.
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76
    Thanks for the heads up on the grease pathstar, I'll try that next time.

    After reading that TSB, I cleaned and lubed (silicone spray) the dovetail striker and striker plate, and now my squeek is gone. Guess I skipped that step last time. Should be good for another 4-5k miles.
  • My '01 LE 'Beeps' occasionally while we are driving. The Service Manager told me that the system was telling me it was not programmed properly, although everything appeared to be functioning, alarm, doors locks etc., and could not be reprogrammed. The 'Problem' was traced to the Smart entrance module. This item was changed and the system reprogrammed. It still Beeps at me. Any suggestions? Another possible connection is that the vehicle will arbitrarily lock itself when the keys are in the ignition, and as I live in desolate southern Saskatchewan I do not relish the thought of having to relieve myself when it is minus 40 degrees and finding myself locked out. I have had another key cut.
  • My 2002 PathfinderLE was towed back to the dealer last night.The stop light fuse blew and the shift lock would not release.I replaced the fuse. The shift lock released but the fuse blew for a second time!I managed to scrounge a 3rd fuse and was able to drive my AWD LE on to the back of a flatbed!(Not that you would but you could)It is now Satutday morning and they can't look at it until Monday.The 1994 Sentra XE I traded(gave away)never once left me stranded.
    Has anyone else had this experience?I'm guessing it has something to do with tow hitch,that I don't need.The first 750 miles were great.
  • 02pfse02pfse Posts: 1
    Please help me, the owner's manual for my 02 SE does not explain this very well:

    1. I would like to display CD text. To change the indicated text, the manual says, "push the TUNE button (up) after pushing the PTY button." A. That's not working. B. Does that mean I'm supposed to be able to somehow enter the name of the Disc title or track title?

    2. I don't understand the point of the AUTOP button. What is the purpose of automatic presets?

    3. Same question as above, only for the PTY button. What is the purpose of the program type button? Why can't I program a radio station with a specific program type?

    Please help me if you can. I'm very new at this and I just picked up the car on Friday. Thank you.
  • smithmdsmithmd Posts: 167
    My '93 Altima did the same thing to me. There should be a "Shift Interlock Release" somewhere right around the shifter. It seems like I could use a key on my Altima (shove the key through the release slot and put the car in neutral, then start the car and drive normally...just don't use park until you're really sure). I haven't needed it on my '99.5 Pathfinder.

    Now that I think about it, my problem wasn't a fuse blowing, it was the actual brake light switch that turned on the brake lights...sometimes they worked, but sometimes they didn't.
  • The brake light fuse popping was caused by a chafed wire on the tow hitch wiring harness.The harness was replaced.While on the lift they noticed one of the rear shocks was leaking.The shock is on back order.The hatch glass was squeaking but thanks to the advice of the Town Hall it has been silenced.1500 miles and still going!
  • I've been noticing my 2001 Pathfinder LE is constantly making this electrical buzzing noise after I've driven it and parked it in the garage with the engine off. I called the local Nissan service department and was told "this is's the electric fuel pump making this noise". My question to you owners is, have any of you been experiencing this noise? My 99 Accord makes a simular noise, but only when the temperature is hot and driven for awhile. My PF make this buzzing noise near the gas tank hours after it's been driven. This noise use to only occur once in a great while, but it's now a every day occurance.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Although I haven't noticed it as much on my 2001 LE, I used to get it alot with my 99.5 LE. In my case it was NOT the fuel pump. It was actually pressure slowly escaping (by design) from the fuel tank via the fuel filler vent. Many PF owners noticed it and it was considered normal and safe. It was like a high pitched that the noise?
  • The best I can describe is the noise sort of sounds like when your inserting cd's...or ejecting them numerous times. I guess I won't worry about it to much, it's still under warranty with Nissan for another 2 years and a addtional 3 years with Geico Ins.
  • I just purchased my 1999 LE PF a week ago. The previous owner had no problems with it. It has 63000 miles on it and today the service engine soon light came on and stays on. I checked the gas cap and it's on securely. Just had it inspected yesterday and the cap was fine under their test of it. Does anyone know if this light can be reset? The owners manual says only that it could be an emmissions problem. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was the fix and how costly?
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, I have a 2001 PF & was wondering if any one else has had these problems:
    1) My brakes are pulsating like I need the rotors turned... with only 16000 miles on it.
    2) I've rotated my tires twice & both times I noticed a lot of tire wear on the outer edges of the fronts. I'm hoping I just need the camber adjusted or they're toe'd in too much. I just hope the dealership doesn't tell me they all do that.

    Also, something that surprised me... I was checking the transfer case fluid for the first time (15,000 mile maint.) & when I removed the fill plug fluid ran out until it dropped to that level. Dealership says they overfill them at the factory & it's nothing to worry about. Just let it drain to the fill plug. Thought you might want to know. Thanks...
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    Have the O2 sensors checked. I have a 2001 and
    had both rear changed at 10k. There is a federal
    emmisons warrenty it shouldn't cost anything. But
    there are not rear costly. You could change them your self.
  • Thanks for the reply. But can you tell me what are O2 sensors? Emmission I presume? How can I find out about the emmissions warrenty? Also, any links you may have to Nissan Pathfinder sites ie:Recals,Info, would be greatly appreciated. BTW- I disconnected the battery and the service light remained off but returned after approx. 500 miles. I would replace these sensors myself if I new where they were located. Thanks
  • I have a 2001 LE with approximately 24,000km(14,400 miles)on the clock. Recently, while traveling on snow covered roads in auto mode at 100 km per hour (60mph), I noticed a very small vibration through the steering wheel. It disappeared when I switched back into 2 wheel drive or slowed down to 50 km or less. Has anyone else expirienced this condition? I have not noticed it before.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    The owners manual explains the warrenty. The O2
    sensors are on the exhaust manifold and/or aft
    the cat-converter. The '01 PF like mine has
    4 O2 sensors. They are not difficult to change
    just need a special socket because the wire must
    be protective.
  • mpg5mpg5 Posts: 68
    what is the best way to address rear chrome bumper rusting through from inside and same problem with step bars? can they still be purchased new or do i need to search junkyards and hope to find clean parts? i'm assuming second hand junkyard parts are going to be rusting as well.thanks for your help.
  • bobp8bobp8 Posts: 1
    I am unable to find a repair manual for my 98 PF. The closest I have found is for a 95 Frontier. Anybody have suggestions? Also, looking for aftermarket/performance disc brakes. My fronts keep warping too, besides easy use.
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    i just changed oil and filter on new 02 pathy. i use fram ph7317 same as i used on 95 mamima. maxima is still working great after 7 years, even though all the bad talk about fram.
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76

    what bad talk about fram?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Lots of people have been hammering Fram. I have used Frams forever, and never had and problems. I also use the ph7317, but according to Fram it won't fit all '01 Pathfinders (which is why in some of their in store catalogs there is no filter listed for the application). Apparently some 01s have an alternator bracket which is in interference with the ph7317.
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76
    what specifically have they been saying about frams? is there any evidence to support this, or is this just a chevy vs. ford thing? no offense, alwaysfords.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    People have been discussing their at home measurements of filter area, filter pore sizes, etc, for both air and oil filters. Most of the at home scientists have jumped on Fram for having sub par products. Like I said, I've always used them and never had a problem. I'm sure this is the same experience anybody who has regularly changed their filters has had, regardless of brand.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    I have used the Fram PH7317 for the past 30K miles on our 2001 Pathy. So far have had no troubles. I did notice both on Fram's web site and in store catalogs that a filter is not was not listed as of the last oil change, 3 weeks ago. Not sure why except for the possibilities listed above by alwaysford.
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76
    Thanks alwaysfords - has anyone posted pictures with an actual comparison?

    Maybe I'll get around to doing my own comparison next time I change my oil. Eh, who am I kidding ...
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    People have offered to post the pics, but I don't recall what board all the discussion happened on. I'm with you Brian - if I ever get to the point where I not only have time to change the oil, but to also cut the filter apart and inspect it I'll be a happy person.
  • brian60brian60 Posts: 76
    Found a page that does a nice comparison of a Nissan vs. Fram filter comparison ...

    While the Nissan filter has higher quality components, I'm not convinced that it would filter oil any better than the Fram, which is the only thing that really matters.

    Then again, with Nissan filters at $5 a pop, maybe it's a moot point ...

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