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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Before you purchase or lease that new Benz, you may want to read about the recent nightmare experience of a young buyer. See Mercedes-Benz C-Class (Coupes & Hatchbacks), #1562.
  • sahar516sahar516 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2004 ML 350. Bril. Silver
    Comfort and Trim pkg, Nav pkg, Ent. Pkg, Sunroof, Heated Seats.. $39,895. I chose this over the 2005 at $40,205 because it doesn't have the FSS and NAv. It only had the Comfort..
  • jburschjbursch Posts: 11
    Looking to purchase a 2004 ML 350? I have heard of approximately $5,000 off MSRP. Any similar experiences? I am in Los Angeles. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, merc lovers! Im looking to buy a 05 ML350 with the Trim Pkg., rear seat pkg, and sunroof pkg. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, if ppl buy this car anymore. Its like this car is obsolete!
  • Hi all,

    I paid 46000 not including fees and taxes.

    Have options
    Special Edition, Entertainment PKG, Sunroof Package,

    Did I get a good deal?

    I asked for the Parktronic but the dealer said he couldn't installed it.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Maxwellhu, what was the MSRP on your ML500?

    My 2002 ML500 with parktronic, third seat, Nav, bi-xenons, 6 CD changer, was $52,xxx. I negotiated $1,500 off MSRP in Dec. 2001.

    The new restyled ML will come out next year as a 2006 model, probably in the summer.

    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • Hello,

    I have a dealer that wants me to buy this suv at $39,390, it has Special Edition 30 (because there is Special Edition 29),heated front seats, entertainment package, sunroof, nav system. This model is being discontinued and the 2006 is coming in April. What I would like to know is, does anyone know the money factor, residual lease numbers? It would be for 39mths/ 45k, 15 cents mile penalty, zero down. These prices are dealer cost (as per dealer).

    Pleae let me know soon. Respond to this message board. Thanks much.
  • Hello,

    I have a dealer that wants me to buy this suv at $39,390, it has Special Edition 30 (because there is Special Edition 29),heated front seats, entertainment package, sunroof, nav system. This model is being discontinued and the 2006 is coming in April. What I would like to know is, does anyone know the money factor, residual lease numbers? It would be for 39mths/ 45k, 15 cents mile penalty, zero down. These prices are dealer cost (as per dealer).

    Pleae let me know soon. Respond to this message board. Thanks much.
  • Hi. If anyone has the Mid-Atlantic Navigation CD (#8) for the 1998 ML, I would like to buy it (or a copy). I bought my 1998 ML320 used from Ferretti Motors in Huntingdon Valley, PA, three months ago. They promised me the correct CD for the navigation system and have been blowing me off every week . I called the local Mercedes Benz dealer (R&S Imports) last month and was told they had CD#8 for $150. Ferretti's General Manager, Mark Neiman, now tells me that the MB dealers no longer sell the individual CDs ... that they must buy the complete set for $1200. Ferretti will not buy a complete set to give me CD 8. Can anyone help? Please send an email to me at [email protected] if you can help. Thank you.
  • slick65slick65 Posts: 1
    have u checked EBay? have seen various areas for sale.
  • ammar249ammar249 Posts: 1
    i bought a 2005 Mercedes e320 4matic from ASC. You have to call the dealer and make an appointment or call your service advisor they will make reservations for your rental car at your request they can provide you with a mercedes. They have 4 or 5 mercedes sedans. there all c-class sedans only. But if you didn't buy your car from ASC you have to pay for your rental
  • sierrasonicsierrasonic Posts: 26
    MSRP 48825, Invoice Price $45959, Offered Price $44581 for 2006 ML350,

    Is this good price? Can somebody give me the more feedback about the vehicle. Is there any recalls? Thanks in Advance.
  • hanghang Posts: 4
    I am interested in the 2006 ML 350. Please tell me if this is a reasonable price.
    I forgot to ask about the invoice price. I will next time when I speak to the salesman.

    White/ash: $40,470 (includes the $720 destination)
    318 trim: $2,200
    324 Sunroof: $1,390
    Total: $44, 060
    Discount: $1,065
    Offered price: $42,995

    Is this a good price????????
  • It is not comparative what I got which is above your post.
  • Finally I got my ML350 on Saturday paying $44581/- with MSRP 48825.
  • newmownernewmowner Posts: 86
    Sierrasonic, you got a sweet deal on the ML350, that's some $4200 off the sticker. Did you have to negotiate really hard for that, or were there any contributing factors that allowed you to get that deal?

    I pick mine up Wednesday, I am getting $2750 off the sticker, and they are installing the chrome grill on for free (I did not get the Appearance package because I did not want Suede seats).

    Some other dealers are insisting on sticker or just below it.
  • We need to negotiate hard but with this sales person I didn't negotiate much. He came up with his own figure after I told him that the cost of the car which I found with different caluculations. so I agreed for that. I hope you will also get for the same price. Go to and get the vehicle value there with paying $12/- or you can go to and see the options rate there and add the total to the base car price $36,495. So based on that try to negotiate with the dealer.
  • newmownernewmowner Posts: 86
    i think i may be out of luck at this point since i signed the contract at the $2750 below. i wish i had found this site Saturday morning!!
  • Good luck. Keep post your experience on your New ML 350.
  • gm1120gm1120 Posts: 22
    Don't feel bad! At least you have a free chrome grill. I only got $2080 under MSRP.
    Congrats, Sierrasonic! You know, I did do the invoice pricing on and the dealer's invoice was higher than what Edmunds had. I saw it on their computer creen and it was the same price the another salesperson in the same dealer quoted me, what I didn't do was look through what the invoice had on it. That maybe what I did wrong. The only thing I really regret is not getting the memory seat options and my husband really wanted the 5 spoke rims but the salesperson said that would be hard to find without the appearance package, which I didn't want because of the suede seats.
  • Thank you gm1120. How do you feel with the vehicle so far? Any comments?
  • kcmoverkcmover Posts: 34
    Drove both a ML 500 and ML 350 on Saturday and was impressed on how they drive compared to a Infinity FX-45 and the Lexus 470 vehicle. I think the Mercedes is more of a vehicle then the other two cars. The Infinity is too radical in styling and the Lexus seems to be dated styling and features.

    What kind of deal on a purchase do you think one can make on the 2006 model.

    I would be trading a 2002 Caddy DTS, Loaded with everything but Sunroof. Value around 17,500 to 18,500 hopefully.

    I normally purchase but would do a lease if the terms and factors were right. Help me out on how MB Leasing might structure a lease.

    Can I do a 36 or 42 month lease, Will they allow me to buy it with 20,000 miles per year in the lease.

    I don't mind buying the vehicle outside my city area so I can travel to a dealer that is flexible in making a deal happen.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  • Where are you from? I got a good deal from Bay area, CA. You can see my posts on top and also visit where you will get useful information too.
  • hi sierrasonic, i can't believe the deal you are getting, wow.i never thought anyone would be willin to sell below their invoice. especially from the high-end vehicle sectors. Those salesmen think if you can afford a Mercedes, then you can afford the full price. So it was always been hard to bargain with them in the past for me. None of my buying experiences were pleasant. And i absolutely hate paying for more than what the vehicle actually worth.
    I live in the bay area also, the oakland MB salesman just contacted me saying that they are having a house competition or something and are willing to offer the deal of $500 above their invoice if i can make the purchase by 6/20. So i was wondering which salesman did you made the contact with? Also, the tax in the bay area is pretty high, i was even thinking about buying a vehicle from Oregon and drive it down, could save me over 5000 in tax and its only couple hours of drive.
  • garretgarret Posts: 1
    What dealer did you purchase from? Location - City, State, Phone #? I want to purchase a ML for my wife.


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,076
    No phone numbers, but dealership, city & state are fine. Let your fingers do the walking :)

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  • newmownernewmowner Posts: 86
    mymercedes, don't you pay tax in the state the vehicle is registered in? so driving to Oregon will do you no good if you don't register in Oregon. :surprise:
  • newmownernewmowner Posts: 86
    So I picked mine ML350 up last Wednesday. I love it. Got the Pewter with Black leather inserts. Memory seats are a must if you have multiple drivers. The seven spoke wheels are good looking, so don't feel you need upgraded wheels. Also, with bigger wheels, you get thinner tires, so ride quality is compromised. I am still getting used to alot of things, I had a Ford Explorer before this. Overall, the car is sweet. I am pretty critical though, so I do have a couple of minor comments that relate to the stereo. One is with respect to the stereo control on the steering wheel. While listening to the radio, why does the up and down button serve as a scan/seek button instead of scrolling through my presets? That is silly. Or am I not programming something right? Please advise if you know, thanks! Other comment is that the preset buttons (especially since I can't access them from the steering wheel) should be on the left side of the LCD screen, not the right side. I have to stretch across pretty far to access them. I did get the Entertainment Package, so listening to CDs will mitigate this, but I still think that could have been thought out more. Did anyone get the wheel lock bolts? I can't find a parts department that has them for the 2006, and I heard the bolts for the 2005 don't fit. Congrats to everyone on their purchases!
  • I got it from Pleasanton, CA.
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