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Mazda Protegé



  • djmax813djmax813 Posts: 30
    I finally had a chance to take my 01 Pro Es out on a long drive. Went to to Poconos with wife and infant son. It was a good chance to see how it felt on long haul (3hrs). To my suprise it was very comfortable. Also got to open it up on the hiway. Got to near 90 mph for a short burst. No problems there. AC worked extremely well as did the stereo. I only have 2200 miles on the car but i am very impressed so far. Also avg. 28 mpg. I suppose that will get better as the car gets more broken in. Hope everyone has good experiences too!
  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    The 0.0% APR is for 48 months and is offered on the 2001 Protege sedans only (not Protege5 or MP3). This special finance rate is in lieu of the rebate, not in combination. It just started this month. I do not know how long it will last.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The dealer checked the car from front to back and everything in between, and no problems. Guess the car is just haunted or something then. Can't wait to see how many more times my 4.5 month old car decides not to start. I looked at a Hyundai Elantra GT today, and it was really nice. My ES better behave, or else...
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    I have an AT in the LX 2.0, but that jerking was similar to your's. I went around a corner, probably in second, onto an On-ramp leading slightly down hill onto an expressway. At about38mph to 40mph I first accelerated then let up on the throttle a little -- that's when it jerked the engine. May have been at the shift point from 3rd to 4th.

    I'll try the same route tomorrow and see what happens.

    If you think the Protegé is the only car with probems, or it doesn't drive the way you think it should, read some of the other car posts.

    I was surprised that the Lexus LS 430 (and older models) have problems and those cars cost $67K now. One that bugs their owners is "throttle tip-in".

    Or how about the service tech who filled up the gas tank on a new Rolls Royce, started the engine and the car blew up! That was $118,000 up in smoke. Nothing is perfect, especially cars. Lexus is still in persuit of perfection and so is RR. ;)

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    Protege_fan, go to an art supply store, if they still exist in your area, and buy a small watercolor paint brush. Preferably one that comes to a point when you moisten the bristles. Dip only the tip into the retouch paint bottle.

    Then paint slowly from the center of the chip outward to the body paint. Let it set up, add more later, etc. etc. until the layers are about the height of the rest of the paint. Do NOT overlap the edges around the chip hole.

    Don't make a blob. It's better to leave it lower than to apply too much and have a bump.

  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Thanks for the advice Fowler. But, when I look at the chip I can see where the rock struck the paint but did not "chip" it down to the sheet metal. Instead there is a whitish scratch mark (I'm assuming that the rock just scratched the clear coat). Anyway, you're saying that I should not put any paint there? Let me know! I want to fill in this chip ASAP, but I want to do it right! Thanks

  • theparallaxtheparallax Posts: 361
    ...showing the striking similarity between the new Subaru WRX and the Mazda MP3:
  • yooper53yooper53 Posts: 286
    Went out to the car next a.m. to disconnect battery and decided to get the mail first. I fired it up and as I was backing out it started playing and ejected when I pressed eject ??? Anyway I marked your much appreciated replies in my msg center in case it recurs.Thanks.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    If someone else already posted this link earlier, my apologies. I found it this morning. These guys are tough but fair reviewers ... it pays to read the whole thing because the summary puts it all in perspective.

    BTW, make sure you click on the interior movie and turn on your speakers! It's a laugh!


  • momgraymomgray Posts: 18
    Now to get my husband to test drive it and fall in love. I'm hoping that if he really likes it, we can get the s-plan pricing and the 0.0/48 month financing and be within our budget. If all this happens I'll be back with the good news!

    Now my new question - has anyone succesfully put in a booster car seat and an infant car seat (you know the big bulky ones that are rear facing) in the back seat? That's one of the things we're bringing to the dealer to check out (it looked possible, but better to check it out first...) I seem to remember a way early post (maybe previous board?) about this, but wasn't sure it was for the 2001....

    TIA, looking forward to that family test drive on Saturday.

  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    I found that reveiw last night, and you are right, his parting shots sums everything up pretty well. This is one of my favorite places for reviews as Mr. Bowdon does a good job of telling it like it is (at least in his eyes). BTW, he is also very responsive to e-mails if you ever have any questions about a review.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    We have a 2000 Protege ES, and while it doesn't have the new LATCH system your Protege has, the back seat is still the same size. We have an Evenflo "My Way Position Right" rear-facing child seat in the Protege for our 7-week-old. I had to move the front passenger seat up about half-way not as much for the seat itself but for the swing-arm carrying handle that must be swung down forward of the seat for travel.

    That's OK with my wife for now, because she still likes to ride in the back seat beside Sean when we all go places together in the Protege.

    Eventually, when the seat becomes a forward-facing seat, we can put the front passenger seat wherever we like.

    Remember to read your owner's manual so you do the installation correctly!

  • momgraymomgray Posts: 18
    I imagine that we'll put the booster behind the driver (so either short me or tall husband can drive) and the infant behind the passenger (where either noone or short me will be). Yes, center is ideal, but I'm not sure that we can do side for booster and center for infant and still be able to drive the car even if it does fit!

    If everything fits and everyone likes it, our next debate will be LX w/lots of extras (moonroof etc) or LX 2.0 with just auto & LX comfort pkg for a/c ....I'm thinking standard LX with extras since the primary use will be commuting in Chicago traffic at 15 mph most days & not too much zoom zoom use.

    Thanks again and again, your reply really helped.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    If you can afford the slight increase in price of the ES over the LX, you won't be sorry. The ES has many features you pay extra for on the LX as standard equipment, and the extra engine size isn't just for "zoom zooming" -- a larger engine can be more reliable in the long run, not to mention help when it comes to highway passing, on-ramps, etc.

    My first thought for our child seat was the center position -- but the center lap belt attachment points are too close together. Mazda may have solved that problem when it introduced the new LATCH system for baby seats with the 2001 model. I'd recommend taking your seat (or its base, in my case) to the dealer and trying the fit.

  • nematodenematode Posts: 448
    Best: 33mpg. No AC, cruise, all highway. Can anyone beat that with the 2.0 auto ES?

    Worst: 24mpg. Did you see Fast and Furious? Just kidding...It was mostly highway but AC was on all the time, 4 people, and I was doing 70-80mph.

    Overall: 27mpg. 80% highway commute. Thats pretty good considering my wifes Outback Ltd. get 22mpg driven the same way.
  • momgraymomgray Posts: 18
    and that's the stupid godzilla bar on the back.

    I just really hate them.

    I know, I know, it's a small thing - but I wish it were optional.

    I'll number crunch on the ES and see how it fits with our budget, though, to keep my options open.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    Or you could do what I did and ask if they can exchange the trunk lid with another car of the same color. The dealer had installed a spoiler on my car, but I told them I didn't want it. Of course, it wasn't standard equipment then, but I am sure somebody else getting an LX or DX wouldn't mind getting a spoiler.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I like the style of the rear spoiler on the ES. I think it finishes the back end off rather nicely. It also helps when backing up in tight spaces, because you know almost exactly where the back ends. And also, the 3rd brake light is an LED type with the spoiler, which is quicker to illuminate and easier to see from further away. Not to mention LEDs should last the life of the car.
  • protegenicprotegenic Posts: 199
    Good point about the safety benefits, but I guess it really is subjective.

    OK, my wife and I are looking at a new family sedan to replace the minivan. We had a discussion a few weeks back here on this subject, and I was leaning toward the V6 Accord. I see on Edmunds TMV that I can get a Millenia P for about the same price. While I realize the Accord is a great car (and probably the safer purchase), I just have a problem driving around a car that everybody else has. What do you folks think?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The Millenia P is a fancy 626 but built in Japan. If it's in the same price range, go for it...but I'm biased.

  • jstandeferjstandefer Posts: 805
    The Millenia has less interior room than the Protege, so I would not recommend it as a family car. Plus, with the Millenia's extra weight, the only engine I would even consider would be the 210hp 2.3L Miller-Cycle in the Millenia S. The 2.5L and automatic transmission in the Millenia P is the same used in the 626 LX-V6/ES-V6.

    If I were you, I would take a look at the 626. You should easily be able to pick up a 626 ES-V6 for well under $22k fully loaded. Here's a pricing example on the 626:

    2001 Mazda 626 ES-V6 ($22,935)
    - 2.5L DOHC V6
    - Leather & Wood Trim
    - Power Driver's Seat
    - Bose Audio System with CD & Cassette
    - Power Moonroof
    - Anti-theft System w/ Keyless Entry & Engine Immobilizer
    - Power Everything
    - Cruise Control
    - 16" Alloy Wheels
    - 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
    * Automatic Transmission ($800)
    * 6-Disc In-Dash CD Changer ($225)
    * ABS, Side Airbag, Traction Control ($950)
    * Foglights ($250)
    > Destination Charge ($480)

    $25,640 MSRP + Options + Destination
    -$2,500 Factory Rebate
    -$1,378 Discount ($800 or 3.5% Profit)
    $21,762 Price After Discount and Rebate

    The 626 offers the most interior room and trunk space of any Mazda sedan. The 626 has 6.1 cubic feet of extra interior space and a trunk that's 1.2 cubic feet larger compared to the Millenia. Plus, the 626 gets better fuel mileage and has excellent crash test scores. As long as you stay away from the 4-cyl automatic models, the 626 is super reliable.

    There are a few specials running on the 626 right now. There's the $2,500 factory rebate OR there's a reduced rebate with special financing. If you get an LX or LX-V6 model, Mazda is giving you the luxury package for free. The luxury package adds the power moonroof, alloy wheels, power driver's seat, floor mats, heated mirrors, and an anti-theft system with engine immobilizer.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    OK, I thought you meant the rock chipped down to the base coat or metal. If it's just the clear coat that is a different story. Check it to see if the
    white mark is dust from the stone or light defracting through the chipped clear coat. It might come off if it is dust (limestone). On other cars, I have been able to rub off paint left by door scrapes, no ding in the metal.

    What I was saying about a small pointed brush, you want to fill the hole but not overlap the remaining paint. Overlaping the paint makes it thicker, a losing battle. The brush should be an artist's No."1" or a No."2". nothing larger.

    Maybe dealers have bottles of clear coat, ask if they do. Make sure it's that or paint.

  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    That really was music to your ears, when the CD started playing again. :D

  • yooper53yooper53 Posts: 286
    re:the was a pleasant surprise. I stored the other advice in msg center.
  • duntulmduntulm Posts: 4
    I was told the cause of the CD problem was physically pushing on the disk too much to get it to feed. same in your case? Regardless, problem solved!
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    ********by fowler***************
    At about38mph to 40mph I first accelerated then let up on the throttle a little -- that's when it jerked the engine. May have been at the shift point from 3rd to 4th.

    I'll try the same route tomorrow and see what happens.
    The protege is "maybe" the only car in the USA that has it's engine mounted on 3 rubber of them on the firewall...which ends up transmitting all the engine vibrations to the passenger cabin floor.

    So in case of sudden gear changes or sudden change in throttle, the rubber mounts provide an undamped engine motion.

    all other cars have Hydraulic mounts which are the best to absorb engine jerks.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Hey good advice about the clear coat...was wondering about that. Anyway, the rock did both; it went to the sheet metal, but also just damaged the clear coat. Sorry 'bout the confusion...but thanks for the advice! I was told to try using a toothpick to put the paint in. Probably not nearly as precise as a no. 1 or 2 paintbrush, but I'm gonna try the toothpick route first.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    When you say hydraulic mounts, exactly what do you mean?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I was driving again yesterday, and my radio stopped again. But this time, the car started back up after I turned it off. And, after about 20 mins., the radio came back on too. I was playing it almost all the way up (cruising @80 with sunroof/windows open). You all think maybe the radio is too powerful for the speakers, and is cutting off or something, like a fail-safe thing? Maybe that's it. I know I am getting fed up with this car though. I wish I would have kept the DX now. If I would have known I was going to have all this drama, I would have kept the DX or bought the Jetta instead of the Protege.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    I mean oil filled dampers, not solid rubber.
    you can see them in the Tribute or the Ford Focus.
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