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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • joemc2joemc2 Posts: 8
    Just picked up the 2010 C300 4 Matic w/heated seats/bluetooth/IPOD jack

    $487 mth
    15,000 MPY

    Dealer rolled all costs except 1st payment into lease price. They also made my last payment on my Acura.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited April 2010
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  • thavornthavorn Posts: 20
    edited April 2010
    What should I expect to pay for a 24,555 mile? Asking for $24988. Want to go for a test drive and drive home if reasonable price. Any helps are very much appreciated.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    You can see how much cars alike are selling here: Certified Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz locally or nationwide, so you know the market, just wait a few seconds until it loads in real time. Of course, these prices are still negotiable, but it will give you an idea...
    Certified MBZ comes automatically with an extended warranty and generally completely reconditioned and in excellent condition...
  • kayatxkayatx Posts: 13
    That is one hell of a good deal.. or was...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    Mercedes-Benz residuals just dropped today - which is bad news for leasing.

    Although MB Financial lowered some rates too, still - a lot of models leases have worsen. But the good news is: all previous C-Class specials are extended till June 1st.

    The BIGGEST savings in May comparing to April are on CLS550, ML Hybrid and R-class. You can see all of the Mercedes-Benz financial specials here: May, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Finance and Lease Specials and see the breakdown of what changed in May from April.
  • ChooooChoooo Posts: 1
    Good for you! I have a 2006 C230 and wore out the rear tires in 11K miles. I asked the dealer where I bought the car if they had put the cheapest tires they could find on the car. He said that it was common for the tires with 17 in. rims to wear out in 10K to 12K miles. What a bummer! :mad:
  • njbenznjbenz Posts: 2
    Hey guys, the guy at the dealer said his deal is better than the promotion out right now...let me know what u think.
    c300, 4matic, sport, w/premium 1 package

    down: 5000
    miles: 12,000
    $399/month for 36 months.
    the msrp is 40,970.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    Ok guys, based on my sources, 2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class will not change at all, except very few details:
    Sport sedans will get standard LED daytime running lights; models without bi-xenon headlights receive black headlamp inlays - so headlights will look a little nicer. All models will get new headlight control switch and relocated ESP controls.
    Also, C63 AMG will have available P31 Package, which will boost 30 more Horsepower and it comes with red calipers for brakes.">link title
    If Dollar will continue to get stronger vs Euro, I don't think pricing of 2011 models will increase either. But I still think you can get better deal on 2010 model, before 2011 arrive: especially if you want to purchase and finance.
    There is a rumor that C-Class will introduce convertible model in mid-year. By the way, they already released E-Class convertible a few days ago. The car looks awesome!!! You can see E-Class convertible specs and photo gallery here: 2011 Mercedes-Benz Changes Specs and Media
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Thanks for the info. A C350 is on my short list when my current lease expires.
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    edited May 2010
    C300-Sport, Bought the car because Dealer told me it is $2438 below invoice. But Edmunds and show different invoice prices. I am very confused, and worry of paying too much. Helpppppp !.!.!
    - Edmund Invoice: $34,826
    - Invoice : $35,426
    - Dealer Invoice Price is: $35,326

    MSRP $37,380
    Selling Price: $32,888 +TL
    Transmission: 7-Speed Automatic w/Touch Shift - $1386
    iPod Integration Kit (In Glovebox) - $349
    Burl Walnut Wood Trim - $298
    Steel Gray Metallic - $720
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,730
    When you price it on Edmunds, make sure you price it with options and go to the last page... That's where Edmunds adds in the destination charge..

    My guess is that is where the difference lies...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    Edmunds doesn't know what the exact invoice price is. And my guess is that you overlooked the part on the first page concerning advertising fees, or IRG charges as MB calls it. Please see:

    The invoice price does not include any fees that may be charged by the manufacturer to dealers in a particular area of the country, such as local advertising fees, dealer association fees, or docking and storage fees. does not track or provide such local fees.

    In many parts of the country MB charges dealers a $500 adv. fee on the invoice. This is a real charge included on the invoice, and the dealer pays this to MB. Therefore, you pay it.

    Sounds like you've already bought the car. Enjoy it. You did well.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    The correct Invoice is: $35,425!
    You can calculate Invoice amount of any Mercedes-Benz based on MSRP here: Mercedes-Benz Invoice calculator, just enter "0" in the Gas Guzzler tax, because C-Class does not have it.
    This calculator includes all the fees and charges, all you need to know is MSRP.
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    Thanks Guys,

    Knowing the invoice price. I feel a lot better now.

    I was worry and concern because the trigger with little negotiation.

    Thanks Again.
  • xmasdudexmasdude Posts: 2

    I am planning on buying a new C300. At this time, the car I am looking for is (Iridium Silver + Wood trim + AMG wheel + multimedia package + manual xmission)

    Realized that few dealers in the south bay area have C300 in stock with manual xmission. Got the following quote from one of the dealers for a car that came closest to what I am looking for:

    2010 C300 (manual xmission) with Iridium Silver + P1 pkg + Multimedia pkg + 18" AMG wheels + Wood trim for 41.5K.

    Ran the above specs on edmunds and got
    Total with Options MSRP=$41,485 Invoice=$38,643 TMV=$38,959

    What would be a good deal on the above car? Wanted to know how far I could negotiate down from the dealer (internet quoted) sticker price of 41.5K.

  • lee206lee206 Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 C300 sports (red) w/ premium 1 and unversal media pkg. It has a little over 21000 miles. How much do you think the listing price should be? I want to sell it to a private party since I can get a little more than what I'd get from a dealer. I was wondering if anyone can help me with the listing price. How much would you pay for the car?
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    First question you need to ask yourself: is this car paid off? Or you are still financing or leasing it. Because if the car is not fully paid-off - it means you don't have title/pink slip on your hands. Still possible, but a lot more difficult if you want to get top dollars, plus you may have inequity - owe more than it worth.
  • lee206lee206 Posts: 2
    I have about $19,000 of loan left. I just want to list my car at a reasonable price. The KBB says the private party value is around $28,500 but it seems a little high to list at that price.
  • ckungckung Posts: 66
    Which dealer u went? thanks
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    West Covina, CA
    Penske MB
    Send me an email ( if you want the salesman's name
  • gap4jasongap4jason Posts: 54
    edited May 2010
    Hi all -

    I'm trying to find if there was a forum to share my recent experience with Keyes European (Van Nuys, Calfiornia). I figured the forum title is also about "buying experience" so here it goes.

    I was in the market for a 2010 C300 and started communicating with them via email last week. I was up front and honest about my recent credit situation. I was a Tier 1 rated customer with excellent credit, up until I had to give up one of my properties in March 2010, which led to a decline in my credit score. When they ran my credit, acc. to them, MBZ financial won't finance it due to my recent short sale activity with my property (I was not surprised). I was okay with that. The back-up plan was to have my mom either get the car on my behalf or co-sign with me. Just a little bit of a background, my mom has been legally living with us for over 10 years now. She is authorized to drive any one of my cars, and is a part of our auto insurance. Anyway, they ran her credit, and as expected, she was approved ( credit score over 800). After 2 days of emailing and phone calls, we settled on a deal, the C300 sport will be under my mom's name. We picked it up from Keyes European on Wednesday, my mom signed the papers, the whole contract was under her name, my name excluded.

    The next morning, Thursday, I got a phone call from Keyes stating that I have to return the car, that MBZ financial put 2 and 2 together, that I am involved in the vehicle....well - DUH !!! I'm sorry...the dealer knew that all along!!! They were dealing with ME the whole time, my mom was there just to sign, and have her name be used for "credit purposes". In any case, I am so upset because from the get go, I told the dealer my situation, I did not hide anything, I did not make anything up. My mom was approved fair and square, and now, they want the car back.

    It is now 5 days since we picked up the car. I still have it in my garage, have not driven it in over 3 days. I don't want to get attached to it. I haven't even played around with the gadgets. I am ready to return it. At this time, when I spoke to the salesman today, he said, they are "fighting" for me to keep the car. The dealership once again reviewed my my credit history, and aside from the recent short sale activity, records show that I have a very clean credit record, everything else is or was paid on time. So they're going to try and use that as angle to keep my car. The dealer has made contact with me for 3-4 days now, either asking me to return the car, or telling me they're still working things out. They have asked me not to drive it around so as not to accrue more miles. I have around 150 miles right now after 2 days of driving.

    I'm not really sure who to blame here. I don't know how the dealer could allow us to drive off that car last Wednesday - my mom was obviously approved. And please, I am sure that this is NOT the first time that a "relative" has stepped in to purchase or lease something for someone else. Why NOT my mom? She clearly lives with us, on top it all, she has an excellent credit rating (over 800). It just didn't make sense.

    I want the car sooo badly, and returning this to Keyes and getting a C300 sport from another MBZ dealership is not the solution since the whole transaction will end up at MBZ financial. My mom and I are pre-approved to co-sign at Lexus, and I am also approved at BMW.

    Sorry for venting.
  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8
    This exact same thing happened to my boyfriend. Stop answering the phone for keys. They are playing a dirty trick on you. They scare you into thinking you have to turn the car back in and then say they worked out a deal and have you pay more monthly. You don't have to!!!! Just ignore the phone calls. After 10 days they have no rights anymore. So ignore the threats for five more days (10 days from the time you signed the contract) and you are free to drive your car at the price you guys agreed too. When this happened to my boyfriend, a friend of his who used to be a dealer told him to ignore them, that it was a trick. Well my boyfriend took his friends advice and not only did he get to keep the car at the price they agreed to, but because Keys kept attempting to bully him (for about a month they left messages saying he would have to pay $150 more, than $100 more, down to $11 more) they didn't turn the car into audi financial (it was an audi not mercedes) in time and keys had to pay my boyfriends second month (he paid the first in the deposit.). So whatever you do, stop picking up the phone. After 10 days, you are free (if you read your contract in full you will find that 10 day clause). Good luck! Congrats on your car!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    MBF declined your application, because they call this type of transaction: "Straw purchase". By the way, straw purchase is not illegal unless it involves fire arms, alcohol or mortgage, so you did not break any law:

    "A straw purchase is not illegal per se in most cases, except as noted above. For example, someone may purchase an automobile for another who, due to poor credit, cannot purchase it themselves. The purchase is not illegal; however most financial institutions (ie Banks) have very strict policies regarding this unscrupulous practice; if the other party defaults on payment, the original purchaser would be liable for the debt even if s/he could not collect the debt and/or repossess the car from the other party."

    However, MBF enforce it by their own policy. If dealership wouldn't be able to get you financed, they would need to find means to get the vehicle back.

    You have a couple other options. First, you can try to get loan from different institution(bank). Second: you can try to add yourself to the MBF loan on credit application, and place your mom on the first line as a primary buyer, because she has better credit. This way loan is going on both names and they will use credit of your mom to get you top tier - so it's completely legal.

    Personally, I can tell you, that Keys European finance department is completely immature and they obviously don't know what they are doing, based on your story. Good finance manager needs to know what he's doing, besides stroking keyboard...
  • gap4jasongap4jason Posts: 54
    rach4 -'re absolutely right - there is a stipulation somewhere on the contract about the 10 days. The 10th day will be this coming Friday. I did tell my salesman that if they think "working this out" will mean I will agree to a higher selling price or higher payment etc.....then the answer is NO. It's just sad that I've had this car 5 days now, and I've not "played" with it for the past 3 days. Stay tuned!

  • gap4jasongap4jason Posts: 54
    storm10 -

    Thanks for clarifying the "legal" term. I called a friend of mine from a Honda dealership and mentioned "straw purchase". But I, just like you, believe that if there was anyone to blame, its Keyes. They're the ones who let the deal go through. They should've known better.

    This is how much they knew that the car was for me. While it was my mom who was doing the "signing" of the contract, when it came down to monthly payments, they allowed me to use my personal checking account so it will be taken out of my account. They allowed me to use my personal credit card to pay the downpayment. My mom had to leave immediately after the transaction, and drove off with my brother, and Keyes gave me the whole briefing about the new car, and saw me drive off with the car - not my mom.

    During my conversation with my sales man today, he said he is going to try and get me approved, along with my mom so both our names are on the title. Again, I told him that I have no qualms in returning the car. I just need to know. I can easily go and get a BMW now or a Lexus, since we're approved on both. Those dealers are calling me since it's end of month, and here I am just waiting for the result over at Keyes.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my situation.

  • jfnotaryjfnotary Posts: 4
    storm10 and rach4

    On Memorial Day, I got another phone call from the dealer asking me for a copy of the short sale offer. I happen to have a PDF so I fwd'd it to them via email. The sales man kept reiterating that they are fighting for me to keep the car based on the fact that I had a stellar credit record prior to the short sale.

    He called back and asked me to go back to the dealership (along with my mom) as they had a "couple of questions". My issue with that was I'm at least 45 minutes away plus it was a holiday, so I didn't want to "waste" another time going there. This whole thing was not any of my doing, and it feels like I'm the one who's getting inconvenienced. Why couldn't they ask the "couple of questions" by phone? I was ready to return the car. After the call, I decided, just so I can get it over and done with, I went back to the dealership with my mom later that afternoon.

    We walked in, met the salesman, we were seated in his office, and within 2-3 minutes, he came back and said everything is now okay....they are keeping the contract the way it is (which is under my mom's name), so basically, we can drive off with the car. Huh??? So there it is, the car is in our possession. After all that came down to the dealer over-riding MB Financial's decision.
  • rach4rach4 Posts: 8

    The whole thing seems suspicious to me. I think the fact that you were ready to turn the car back in and said you had other offers is what did it. Congratulations on your car!!!!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    They probably made some kind of a deal with MBF, so they close their eyes... Bottom line- the car is yours, so congratulation!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 188
    MB Financial just came up with Summer Specials. All C-Class specials are extended until August 2nd, except C300 4 Matic Sport model. This model still has lease special, but payment is $30 more than it was in May. You can see all the specials in details here: Mercedes-Benz Finance and Lease Specials. Also, you can see the breakdown of what changed from May to June in positive or negative direction.
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