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Land Rover Freelander



  • jpfkkjpfkk Posts: 43


    Unfortunately, I am a little disappointed in your response. Perhaps you can't say much in the way of details about your future plans--and that would certainly be understandable.

    I would think that if you work for Land Rover, you might find it a matter of customer service to, at the very least, provide some details. Frankly, I've been looking at purchasing either a Freelander or a Discovery but have not found the dealership I have visited or the Web site much help at all. For example, no phone number on the Web site to call for brochures and not great information about vehicle options are presented. I would have given up on Land Rover except for the fact that the company does have a great reputation--and my father drives a Discovery and has had good customer service in his dealings from Land Rover (unfortunately, his ever helpful dealer is on the other side of the country).

    Rather than provide a short answer, could you please consider addressing the following questions:

    Is the Edmunds report correct that the 3 door Land Rover is coming in 2003? If it is wrong, then can we assume that by saying "the 3 door is definitely coming to the US" you mean not until 2004? This obviously impacts my buying decision.

    Are there any published reports on Land Rover's plans for the Freelander for 2003? I am certainly not asking for any inside information, just looking to find out if Land Rover has made any public statements of their plans.

    Tincup47, this note is certainly not intended to be negative and I hope it does not come across that way. Quite frankly, I am simply doing research to make an informed decision about which small quality SUV I should be buying in the next six months. Openly, I haven't had this much difficulty doing research on other products, such as the Honda CRV, the Jeep Liberty and the Subaru Forrester.

    If there is anyone else on this message board who is also in the market for a small SUV and has any insight or suggestions, I would welcome them.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I'm sorry for the lack of info, but i am not here in any official capacity and am not in the marketing dept. I do know it will be coming, but have no definite time line. I have heard it's planned to be a 2003 model, but not what month the intro will be. Our website does have a page to request brochures, the link is

     There is no phone number because we are a very small company and do not have the resources to man a consumer line like that.
  • jpfkk - my local LR dealer has many brochures on Discos, Range Rovers & Freelanders. Might I suggest you stop by the dealership and pick a few up. If I'm not mistaken, the brochures at the dealer and the ones LRNA mails out are the same.

    When I was researching my purchase, I found this site (Edmund's) to be very helpful. Good luck.
  • mmeyekmmeyek Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had this problem with their Freelander: one of my keys simply stopped working - the chip died. Fortunately, the other key works fine but my concern is that the replacement key has been on order according to my dealer since April 11. They keep saying that this is highly unusual (to have a chip die) which is why it is taking so long. Otherwise I love the car, its just the nervous feeling that I'm going to be stranded every time I drive it. Anyone?
  • I have a new FL S model and have already brought it in once to resolve an annoying chirping sound that seems to be coming from the rear right wheel. The noise definitely happens with wheel rotation. They told me it was brake dust and cleaned them. But, 20 miles later...the noise was back.

    Another FL owner I ran into is having the same problem. She was told it was a design flaw with the calipers ans could not be fixed. I have not had the time to bring it back in yet, but will have to soon...the noise drives me nuts!

    Anyone else have this happen?
  • brandmarbrandmar Posts: 37
    There is a great website for Freelanders called You will find people with similar problems to yours. For some reason there doesn't seem to be many postings on this site.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    Tincup 47

    Since you're the "insider" here on this board, have you become aware of any improvements planned for the 2003 Freelander in the weeks that have passed since your last post? I was considering buying a 2002, but don't like several things I've seen and read, so I'm going to wait until the 2003s come out and see what's changed. Things such as incorporating that add-on "high mounted brake light" into the body above the rear window, where it ought to be. It was obviously stuck there as an afterthought just to pass federal regs. It's ugly, and gets in the way of one's rear vision. Any bumper changes, to prevent those astronomical repair bills? Any changes to the position of the regular brake lights, which would stop many rear end collisions? Any HP boost to the tepid engine? How about adding armrests to the front seats? Can you give us the email address of someone at Land Rover to whom we might address such concerns/comments? Thanks.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The only major change for 2003 is the addition of a 3 door version. The 3 door version is why the high mounted light is where it is, the rear roof section on the 3 door is removable. The high mounted light has been available in Europe for years, so it wasn't just added on for the US. The Freelander was and is designed primarily for the world market in England, not just the for the US. The engine is actually not that "tepid" in real world driving, the vehicle has had very few complaints from owners on that score. Most of the low speed crash test concerns are shared with every other vehicle that has an external rear mounted spare tire, and due to the fact that our vehicle is designed to be off-road worthy, I doubt if it moves to another location. The lighting is unique, but it has not been an issue in over 6 years of real world usage as having a high rate of rear end collisions, but I'd like to see it moved myself. A center Armrest should be available as soon as it is approved by engineering. Our marketing dept. is aware of the more pressing issues regarding making the Freelander more mainstream in the US, but does not want to lose it's unique English identity among the other mini-utes in the market. I doubt if there is a major redesign before the 04 model year and more likely 05 is when you see major changes. I'm afraid I do not have any contact info for the design team in England.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    Thanks, Tincup. Appreciate the comments. You've made me feel better about the 2002. We tend to get into the mode here in the U.S. that all vehicles must be tuned for our shores only. I was just reacting to points I picked up from reading the reviews on Edmunds and other car sites. I'm sure your marketing folks are reading them too, and will take them into consideration when tweaking the design.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    One more thing. Do you know when the 2003s will be available, and have you heard anything yet on pricing vs. the 2002? Most interested in the HSE. Thanks.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Sorry for the major spam attack, but this one kinda sounds like fun...

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  • jjo1jjo1 Posts: 1
    Only 4 months old freelander has a major engin problem. My car stopped three times last two weeks. Landrover local dealer tried to fix those problems, however still they do not know what is wrong with this engin or other possible problems!!! I think still they do not have experience with this new motor. I am so disappoint to this!! Please let me hear what i can do!
  • With only 400 miles on our 2002 Freelander, the vehicle overheated on a freeway sending coolant and steam all over the window. The dealer said it was a defective thermostat, changed it and the about a week later boom it happened again. Both times when the outside air temp hit 80.
    this time they say it was a fan unit. We are waiting for strike 3. Anyone have ideas Thanks
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There are no plans to bring Defenders in in 2004. Until there is a major redesign the Defender will not meet US safety standards. This is not due until at least 2006 at the earliest.
  • Does anyone know when the 2003 freelander is coming out?
    And what are the changes or improvements made to the 2003 freelander compared to the 2002 version?
    I saw the interior and the dash looks weird like its from the 80s. Any changes to that? And what about head space? Im a 6 feet tall guy...... people shorter than me say that they have a hard time with head space...... are they going to add seat adjustment?(why do they have to have a high center console anyway?)
    I heard that the freelander has alot of bugs, or many people that got a freelander had bugs....... Are they even going to try to debug the 2003 Freelander?
    I know they are going to totally revamp the Freelander in 2004, and I also heard that they aren't going to change anything for 2003 from a sales rep. so whats the deal?
  • I have owned a 2002 Freelander S for about six weeks in Anchorage, Alaska. I did quite a bit of research and test driving before I made my decision, including reviewing the posts on this message board. I thought other people considering the Freelander might be interested in my experiences.

    In short, I like the Freelander a great deal and believe it is the best choice in this market segment. The features to price ratio seems very good. Under $26K got me the S model with the cold weather package and Harman Kardon sound system. The engine is "peppy", the manu-matic transmission is very cool, and the vehicle has, so far, proven itself very capable off road. (When the Alaska winter sets in shortly will be the real test.) One unexpected bonus is how smoothly it drives on the highway. More than the other vehicles in this segment, the Freelander cruises along smoothly and fairly quietly. I don't really notice the speed until about 70+ mph. My fuel efficiency in mixed highway-traffic driving is about 17 mpg. Highway only will stretch it easily over 20 mpg. The 48 month warranty is also nice.

    Of course, it is not perfect. Many of its "flaws" relate to its nature as a small vehicle. It can be difficult to get in and out of, and persons over six feet tall should really think hard before they get a Freelander. The engine lacks low-end oomph, preferring to rev. The "sport" mode helps this quite a bit. The trunk is pretty small, even compared to other small SUV's. The dash cupholder looks cool, but is not very functional. I got coffee all over the place when I rounded a sharp turn. Now the mug goes in the bottle holders (which will hold almost anything). Some people find aspects of the Freelander "quirky." I agree, but think that these are fun attributes of owning a vehicle that is truly designed for a global market. I traveled to Central America in 2000 and saw Freelanders all over the place, and am glad I now own one.

    I bought this model over the CRV because of the Freelander's better 4wd system, the RAV-4 because of the RAV-4's anemic engine and "tinny" feel, and over the Liberty for the Freelander's better on-road handling (based on two prior vehicles, I also have a low opinion of the Jeep brand's reliability). Especially if Land Rover renews the 1.9% financing offer, I believe it is a difficult vehicle to beat.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hi Freelanderak - I lived up there for many years, and there's a few of your neighbors posting around the boards (surely you've seen Nanuq post about his Rover?).

    Are you going for studs over the winter or relying on new tires and the 4WD? Take it easy for the first couple of snowfalls. Everyone up there forgets how to drive in the white stuff over the summer and they might take a run for your new sheetmetal when the flakes fall. And look for a "wizard" cupholder at Wal-Mart for holding your Kaladi fix.

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  • Would like to do studs, but am saving my pennies for other toys to put on the Rover. My experience with studs is that they are nice, but they aren't necessary on a vehicle with good 4wd. They are, however, mandatory up here on anything less than AWD. ABS also seems help an awful lot.

    Yes, everyone up here forgets how to drive when the first real snow flies (just a few weeks from now). Will probably go in to work very late that day!

    Thanks for the tip on the cup holder. Probably the #1 thing Land Rover could fix on the Freelander is the center console. Needs an armrest and a secure place to hold one's java!
  • zeikerzeiker Posts: 1
    It is my understanding that the V6 used in the Freelander is in its first year (i.e. it was not used across the pond).

    Is this true? Has anyone experienced any major problems with the engine? I've seen a couple complaints posted, but see no real sign of a trend.

    Also, it is posted here that there is no major change planned for the 2003 5-door model, however, I have heard that Rover will migrate towards a proven Ford V6. Can anyone elaborate on this?

    Thanks much.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The V-6 used in the Freelander was introduced in that vehicle around the rest of the world in 2001, 2002 was it's second year of use in this application. Prior to this it was used for several years in the Rover 75 sedan. There have been hit and miss problems, like there are with any vehicle but nothing widespread.
  • Since LR redesigned their USA site, I have been unable to find how to email them. The contact link only shows a postal address. Does anyone know what happened to it? Thanks.
  • Hi all stateside, I read your messages with interest and as I live 3 miles from the Solihull fcatory thought I could enlighten you a little. I have also just handed back my Oct 2000 Freelander having done 40,000 trouble-free miles and am waiting for my next one to arrive!!

    The 2003 model has just gone into production this week but has hardly any differences. The 3-door version for the US you are now recieving is designated 2002.5 model year. 2004 sees a totally new vehicle, strongly expected to be similar to the Ford Maverick/Mazda Tribute which is selling dreadfully here and has been slated in all our car magazines. Trouble is, Ford take about 11 hours to build a Maverick against 17 hours for a Freelander.

    Many people here expect Ford to slowly kill Land Rover in favour of their own inferior branded cars.

    We have 3 engine options here: 1)1.8 liter petrol which is the most popular, 2)2.0 liter turbo diesel made by BMW which is most economical at 37mpg and still pretty quick with a modified engine management chip and 3) 2.5 liter V6 which we can't afford petrol for!! (remember we pay about $5 per gallon).

    The Freelander is 5 years old now but still the best selling SUV in europe, and the best riding on road, and best handling off-road. Reliability should not be a problem, it has been fine here - just remember to give it an occasional cup of earl gray tea and the odd cucumber sandwich....

    Production volumes this week are 1650 vehicles, down from 1950 last you are getting an exclusive, limited edition car, not a mass produced Japanese box.

    Feel free to ask questions, if I can't answer, my next door neighbour works in the development section at Land Rover and knows them inside out.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Smashing to have you aboard!

    Steve, Host
  • numuupnumuup Posts: 4
    A local dealership is asking $23,999 for a 2002 Freelander SE. Has 12,000 miles, black color, with upgrade Harmon sound system. Is this a reasonable asking price?
  • diegob1diegob1 Posts: 10
    I believe the model changes in the 2003 model (TD4) is just a complete black interior spec (here in South Africa we have already the 2002.5 model with white lights).
    Adrian24 can you tell us more of any technical updates ? I just ordered a TD4 and it's being made in UK as we speak. (I have traded in my model 2000 Freelander with 110 000 KM on the clock)
  • Numuup:

    Basically you are getting a car with 1 year's worth of miles for $24K. This car would sticker out new for over $29K with options. Sounds like a good (not great) deal. One warning. A less than a year old car on a dealer lot with 12K miles on it sounds like it may be a repo. Sometimes repo's are driven hard "and put away wet." Will the warranty remain in effect? If so, you may be getting an okay deal.

    Other thing to think about. Land Rover is offering special financing on a new Freelander. Of course this would not apply to the used vehicle. Don't know what your plans are or what rate you would qualify for on a used vehicle, but the special interest rate on a new vehicle may compensate for the difference in your payments on the used vehicle. If you qualify for the special rate, see what your payments would be on a new vehicle and maybe go that way.

    Good Luck!
  • Hi down there!!

    You might not be too suprised to learn that the 2003 is the same car as the 2002.5 except for:

    1) raised LR lettering for the bonnet/hood badge
    2) 64 litre fuel tanks for the 1.8/2.5 petrol version (NOT for the diesel)
    3) err....nope, that it!!

    I guess if you buy a 2002.5, all you need do is change the bonnet badging and you would never tell the difference!!

    2004 model will get the range rover headlights.

  • Thanks for the info ! That is what I suspected ! Having had a Freelander 2.0 TDI for 3 years and 110 000 km later, I feel that it would not be justified to spend a fortune to re-buy virtually the same vehicle ! The only problems I am experiencing with the TDI is drive train faults... (IRD replaced, Side shaft replaced, Backlash too severe) otherwise the car is fine ! Average consumption for the life is 11.8 Km/Lt. The engine is nice and loose now & is going like a dream ! The quality is dubious at best. I am looking to replace it with a jeep cherokee 2.5 diesel ltd. I will buy the new Freelander in 2 years time when it's revamped....
  • I just bought a 2002 Freelander over here in Georgia, USA. I really like it. Are there any things good or bad that I should know about the Freelander??? I have read only good things about it. Did you say that the new ones have a bigger fuel tank???
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