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Toyota Sequoia Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking to buy a Sequoia in Atlanta, GA area. did any buy one recently? I appreciate your help and please share your negotiation experience
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Sooner - Sounds like a nice truck and very nice price (Like the BLUE a LOT!). Not sure if its a great deal on SR5 as I only looked at Plat's. I really think the Sr5' Loaded up a bit in the 30's is a Super Value. I love my Platinum but admire the SR5's and Limited's I see on the road as well.

    Gotta love the Zero Percent - Can't beat it anywhere! I just wish Toyota would allow their premium brand (Lexus) offer this!!
  • I am also looking to get an SR5 soon.
    Can you please point to which Internet site offers $30,800 or better? I'd like to use this as a leverage. Thanks!
  • Responding to darthron, I went to Bob Howard Toyota in Edmond, OK. for the price quote. I got quotes from 3 other dealerships in the OKC area and just went with the best quote to do business with, I used a particular vehicle for the quotes so that I could get a reference, most dealerships offerred between 16% to 20% off the MSRP, those percentages are with the rebate.
  • I received an internet quote for a Limited 4wd in the Houston area with the following options:

    Code Description
    AL 20-Inch Alloy Wheels with P275/55
    - R20 Tires
    CK Cold Kit Includes: Windshield Wiper
    - Deicer, Headlamp Cleaner and Heavy Duty
    - Battery
    FE 50 State Emissions
    NV Touch Screen Navigation System with JBL
    - Premium 2-in-1 AM/FM/Four-CD with 14
    - Speakers with Back Up Camera
    PB Power Back Hatch/Door
    RF Rear Spoiler
    RL Daytime Running Lights (DRL) with On/Off
    - Feature
    SR Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof with Sun Shade
    - (Limited)
    WT Window Tint
    XM XM Satellite Radio Receiver Kit
    - Includes:
    - 6 Months Complimentary XM Service
    EI DVD Headrest Entertainment System
    - Includes:
    - Two Top Loading DVD Systems
    - Two Wireless Headphones
    - Security Covers
    - Video / Audio Input / Output Jacks

    Code Description
    D0 The Extra Mile Option Package D
    - Molded Dash Applique
    - Glass Break Sensor
    - Body Side Molding
    - Ball Mount
    - Carpet Mat Set
    - Carpeted Floor Mats, including
    - 3rd Row Carpet Mat and Cargo Mat
    - Color Keyed Door Edge Guards
    - Fabric Guard
    - First Aid Kit
    - Custom Tape Stripe
    - No Charge Extra Mile Benefits:
    - Roadside Assistance (3 yrs/36,000 miles)
    - The Extra Mile Service Rewards Program
    - (5 years / 60,000 miles)
    P4 Vehicle Shield Package
    - Lusterizing Sealant
    - Sound Shield
    - Sealant Cleaner
    - Rental Car Assistance

    MSRP with all options is $57,827.00
    Quote is for $52500. They said it was $600 over invoice and I would get the 0% for 60month financing.

    What do you think? What is a fair price?

    Thanks in advance!
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    The "GREAT DEAL" is 12K under MSRP - and 8+K under MSRP if you go with Zero Percent Financing (Zero for 60 months is worth 4K give or take...)

    Your deal looks HIGH. Keep shopping until you are in the 8K under for Zero or 11-12 for non.
  • Thanks xier. We really liked that Sequoia, but we didn't like the price so your reply really helps. The other quotes we got didn't match up with the color combo nor the options we were looking for. We felt those quotes were high as well anyway.

    Has anyone received a great deal in Texas or nearby for the 8k under MSRP plus the 0% interest?
  • tfinantfinan Posts: 13
    Check that MSRP versus Edmunds since those last two option packages appear to be dealer packages of debatable value vers'us official Toyota options that you can compare dealer to dealer. Therefore the 8/12K off MSRP" numbers are only relevant on the real Toyota MSRP. You could get that off on the car you've shown and still have overpaid.
  • Car Man,

    I am looking at a fully loaded 2008 Platinum that has been a demo for the region. I am in Southeast. It has approximately 10000 miles on it already. What price would be appropriate for me to negotiate for? The truck has the rear entertainment, cold weather package and tow package. Thank you in advance.

  • I do not think you can use the 12K under MSRP and 8K for zero percent for the "GREAT DEAL" for any range of the vehicle price, what I mean is that I do not believe you can use these numbers as constants, they have to be used as percentages. I believe a base model 2008 Sequoia w/5.7 L 2wd is around $35,750, if one was to take this philosophy, then the vehicle would sell for $23,750, that would mean the sell would be roughly $6,500 below invoice since invoice is probably around $30,250, even domestics are not going this low. I am not disagreeing that the "GREAT DEAL" is not 12K under MSRP but I think this number is applicable to higher end priced vehicle such as the Limted and Platinums because when you get down do it, these higher end models are not mechanically different than an SR5 but has a lot more electronics involved. Electronics and the technology and software development that goes into these electronic upgrades are probably not that costly to Toyota, developing and implementing a new engine design with a new chassis is where the cost of the vehicle comes from and I just don't belive that Toyota is going to undercut that much of the base invoice price of a 5.7L 2wd vehicle, they lose a lot less when they increase the price of an higher end vehicle and take 12K from the MSRP when in fact that high end vehicle is mechanically the same as a base model 5.7L SR5. If you stay with the 12K and lets say the highest end Platinum has a MSRP of $60,000, take 12K from that and you have $48,000, the percentage is 20% off from the MSRP, take that same percentage from the base model of $35,750 and you have a price of $28,600 with a difference of $7,150 from MSRP, that sound a lot more realistic than the $23,750 with the automatic 12K off the MSRP. As the vehicles MSRP increases, then the difference total will increase as such. I would look at percentages more than comparing all vehicles priced differently and setting constants for the whole range of priced vehicles.
  • Here is the offer I received for 2008 New SR5 2WD 5.7L from a FL dealer and is tempting to buy this today:

    BasePrice: $35,275
    Options added : $3,300
    Total MSRP : 38,575
    Dealer Selling price: $30,000
    Diff : $8,575
    %off on MSRP : 22.2%
    DriveOut: $32,500

    Please let me know if this is a good deal or not.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Sooner -- Good to point this out again (was writen about much earlier in the thread)

    12K off has been seen on both Plat's and Limited's - with out the zero financing and 8 to 10 K has been seen with the Zero. This was done all the way back in June and July... Today you are buying a 5 to 6 month OLDER truck so If I were buying today I'd insist on an even better deal.

    Unless you are looking for a base SR5 I'd seriously look for a Limited and get your 8 to 10K or 12K off. Not sure what supply looks like at this point but several months back Limited and SR5's were stocked at my dealers.
  • Is the $32,500 with 0% or is the $30,000 with 0% or are you not taking 0%, if its $30,000 with 0%, then its a good deal by my opinion.
  • I forgot to mention this in my previous post. This is CASH price and I am not talking loan from the dealer.

    Here is the offer I received for 2008 New SR5 2WD 5.7L from a FL dealer and is tempting to buy this today:

    BasePrice: $35,275
    Options added : $3,300
    Total MSRP : 38,575
    Dealer Selling price: $30,000
    Diff : $8,575
    %off on MSRP : 22.2%
    DriveOut: $32,500

    Please let me know if this is a good deal or not.
  • Since its a cash offer and 2008 is almost over, you might as well offer them 75% of the asking price or the MSRP so that is roughly ~$28,950. You could even argue that since its an SR5 with low options and since most Sequoia buyers are going to be looking for more options than the model you are looking at, of course this implies that this particular model will sit on the lot unless they take this offer,and that 25% of the MSRP is a very fair price, especially since there is not trade-in involved plus its a cash offer. I take it that the $2,500 is tax on the vehicle? I'm not sure how tags/title/tax works in Florida. I do think though that $30,000 is still a good offer, even if they do not take 25% off the MSRP.
  • I am looking for a Sequoia Limited in NYC area. I shopped two dealers in this area and they both quoted around $43K (Invoice - $3000 rebate) for a MSRP 50975 car. It seems like it is a little bit high from what I have seem here. Anybody can share their shopping experience in NYC area? or may be Long Island, NJ area.

    Thanks in advance.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Did you email the internet/fleet managers at dealers in your area to get best price quotes? On 50K msrp you should be closer to 40. Was that price with zero percent?
  • Hi Xier,

    The price is cash deal and the price I posted was with the $3000 rebate.

  • Is this a good deal in Cincy Ohio 4wd Limited Seq Nav Back Up Camera Rear Entertainmnet package.cold weather pck

    it would be the $48,811 plus fees of $275 minus the $3,000 customer cash.....a total out the door of $46, 086.

    If you use the special APR, $48,811 plus fees and 6.5% tax is $52,274.97 out the door. That price divided by 60 months at 0% is $871.25 a month.
  • Looking at a Black 2008 SR5 4WD Sequoia:
    Base: 38500
    Options: 5530
    Total MSRP: 44715.
    Invoice is: 39,300

    I live in MA and pay a 5% sales tax. I think the title fees are around $500.

    I can purchase the vehicle for $39,600 out the door. With the 3,000 rebate, I write a check for $36,600.

    Is this a good deal.

    I appreciate any feedback.
  • Well, take this deal as a reference point. I purchased a 2008 5.7L 2WD for $32,000 w/0%, would have been $29,000 with the 3K rebate, the MSRP was $38,304. Depending on yur options, the only difference I see is the one you are looking at ha 4WD. With the rebates, your looking at a diff of $7,600 (36600 - 29000), you may want to keep looking unless you just realy want that particular one.
  • jen3jen3 Posts: 2
    Hey all, new here and getting ready to pull the trigger on an '08 sequoia. I can't seem to get the deals I'm seeing here. Of course, what I'd like and what I can afford are 2 different things.

    I'd like a limited mostly because I want the back up camera and leather.

    I looked today at an SR5 with moonroof, cd changer, DRL, floor mats, running boards and spoiler.

    MSRP is $38,865, dealer invoice $34,802. I wanted to add leather (not sure if it's the same as if the car comes with it? quality and fit wise?), back up camera (small one in the rear view mirror) and DVD package bringing the total to $38,852. I didn't see anywhere where I was getting any 'deal'. I'd get the $3000 cash back because it works out better as I've got $31,000 cash down.

    Am I crazy or is this deal a no deal?
  • jen3jen3 Posts: 2
    I also got an internet offer for a ltd with everything I want and more for $37,237. This is after the $3000 cash back, the previous sr5 is $38,852 before the $3000 cash back so the ltd is about $1,300 more for much more truck. Definitely sounds like a better deal, but a good deal?
  • Not sure where you are located but they are really trying to move these out in the Northeast. With very little negotiation, I got 1K below invoice on a Platinum (before the $3K cash back). Due to the 0% financing it made more sense to take the 0% than the $3K cash back, but that depends on the overall finance amount.

    I think you can easily get below invoice at this time pretty much anywhere if you go to a couple of different dealers. Negotiate all numbers BEFORE the $3K cash back since that is not from the dealer but rather from Toyota.

    Good luck!
  • imeroimero Posts: 1

    what was the msrp on your platinum and what price did you get that ended up 1k below invoice?

  • mjsAZmjsAZ Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. We are looking to buy a Sequoia in the next 4 days. We have researched the SR5 and the Limited (both 2WD). I have gotten quotes for the SR5, with the lowest being 32,000 (options were moon roof, tow pkg, JBL stereo, DRL, cold pkg, running bds). The thing is, I am in the Phoenix area and from what I am hearing from 9 dealerships is that this is the only SR5 with the lowest price. Meaning, you can't even get a lower level SR5 at this point. I checked inventory levels and they appear to be telling the truth. That being said, I started reading the forum here about the great prices you all were getting off of the Limiteds. The whole 8-12K off of MSRP. Is this true? I am pricing out a Limited with the captain's chairs and no other options, and it appears to be MSRP of 45,970 and TMV 38,500 with the 3K discount. Is it really possible that someone would sell the Limited at 12K below that (33K)??? If so, it seems I should go for the Limited if I could get it for 33K. Thoughts?
  • Where did you see this SR5, as I am looking to purchase one ASAP too. Thanks.
  • buzzy8buzzy8 Posts: 31
    We are ready to buy and have narrowed it down from an Infiniti to a 2008 Limited Sequoia. Now it is down to dealing with the dealer. We only want to buy if we get the "deal of the century". We want the Limited with everything in it. We would like to pay $42,000 and would like a dealer extended warranty thrown in. Is this possible with todays market? Also, we would like the wood applique as well and wanted to know if it looks cheesy?
  • I live in the greater Chicago area. I have been making inquiries to various dealers on both the SR5 5.7L and the LTD 5.7L 4X4. I have been getting offers w/o negotiation of $41K on a 55k list LTD and 36K on a 45400 SR5. 25% off LTD/20% off SR5 respectfully. Each MSRP that the dealer sent me included some "other" items such as destination for $685, wheel locks for $81, etc. Just curious how much room there is? I expect they will low ball my 2004 LTD sequoia trade but not sure next step in negotiation. Thanks in advance.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    I would suggest sending out inquiries (RFQ's) to all of the internet managers in your area. This should net you some of your lowest if not lowest offers on the vehicle you are looking for. When I purchased my Platinum I was able to get three dealers quite low- with the one I eventually purchased from being the lowest and his first offer was his best. I would not waste my time going dealer to dealer. This board is good for getting information but as you have probably noticed its slowed quite a bit since folks are buying even less of these and any vehicles. Blanket your area with "Donkey Punch" requests, AKA RFQ's - and let the deals roll in.

    Good Luck.
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