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  • The dealer I am talking about is actually DCH in Paramus. DCH Old Bridge said they didn't have any plain EXL in stock when I called over the weekend and didn't really want to talk price unless I would take an RES version. Guess I'll give them another shot even though it seems like we might be getting the same price. Going to give NJ dealers a few more days to try and match Weymouth in Massachusetts, $30499 + $780 destination. Also much lower doc + title fees ($389) with that dealer; I wonder if this is a state thing? Anyone know what they should cost in NJ?

    How are you guys getting them to deal with you in real numbers? Everyone keeps giving me monthly prices which are a pain to compare. Should I not mention leasing?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I see a lot of posts regarding PA/NJ dealers, I thought I would share my latest offers. I plan on finalizing an order this Wednesday.

    Touring Elite

    Piazza Phl - 40,600 + 123 dest (dest incl)
    AutoSport - 39,907 + 780 dest + 259 doc
    Planet - 40,870 + 398 doc (dest incl) - getting kind of a slimy feeling from these guys
    DCH Academy - 40,658 + 780 dest + 249 doc

    Just based on professionalism & being forthcoming with numbers via eamil AutoSport and DCH Academy will likely be my 1st stops.

    Any opinions out there?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    In my opinion it is best to leave the finances out of the negotiation until last minute. I am not familiar with leasing though, and I know there some extra variables there. But I would think you would want to start with the lowest cost for the vehicle and then work the lease numbers from there.
  • I am getting $31,300 OTD for 2011 Honda Odyssey EX in NJ.
    Is this an ok price?
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    that is a great price, 31300 OTD, so is it around 29k selling price?
  • i think you are right - 29k including destination.
  • Thank you, pillowhead!

    Can you tell me from which dealer you got the quote?
  • We Live in Florida and have leather seats, always have had cars with leather seats, never had problems with the seats being too hot. Although, our windows are tinted pretty dark--maybe that seems to help. Check with your local laws on window tinting.

    You can also have an after-market engine start installed, keep the A/C in the on position, that's the only thing that Honda doesn't offer straight from the factory, an auto start. Our neighbors have the Chrysler town and country with engine start...and it's awesome.

    Good Luck
  • I don't know your tax rate, but if the van is about $29k, that is right at invoice, so a great deal. I'd buy one at that price, but the best I have found in the southeast is $1000 above, or $30k plus TTL. Congratulations.
  • Latest quote, 34640 OTD.
  • Not bad, what dealer?
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    i have two price for 2011 exl in phx area...

    rt honda 32998 plus ttl

    santan honda 33150 plus ttl

    earnhard honda 35500 plus...too much

    so it appears that 1000 over az....but you can go for 500 over invoice if u can start deal on email....

    i have good experience with rt honda and santan game playing...

  • montyamontya Posts: 14
    clermontfl...Thanks ! for you input... I haven't had any previous experience with leather seats, so did not know either way. I'll check the laws about tinting, however, with the Arizona sun, 95%+ of the vehicles have tinting.

    Let me see if I get lucky with the price on the 2010 EX-L that the dealer is offering (he is asking $34K, my last price is $33.5K) and I can know first hand :)
  • Looks like a good price. What dealer?
  • who did you work with at dch paramus honda? i'm looking to buy there...
  • My brother owns a 2010 EX-L and I was in the market to purchase a 2010. I test drove the 2011 EX-L last weekend and there was much less road noise. Interior is much better on the 2011. Don't really care about the body, Honda cut back on the exterior alot, like no body side mldgs., no roof racks, and mirrors are not painted. If you are willing to pay a bit more, I prefer the 2011 Honda Ody.
  • I am looking for an EX-L with RES. From my search, it appears that dealers in TX (I live in Austin) are still not willing to budge much. The best quote I have is from out of state at $33.6K (18 hours away). I'm obviously hoping to stay much closer to home, if possible. Any input is appreciated.
  • montyamontya Posts: 14
    Here are OTD prices from 4 dealers for 2011s EX-Ls. I can see that 2 dealers have quoted exactly the same price on EX-L & EX-L/RES.

    2011 Odyssey 2WD EX-L = $37,069 (Dealer 1)
    2011 Odyssey 2WD EX-L = $37,069 (Dealer 2)
    2011 Odyssey 2WD EX-L/RES = $38,497 (Dealer 1)
    2011 Odyssey 2WD EX-L/RES = $38,497 (Dealer 2)
    2011 Odyssey 2WD EX-L/RES = $38,690

    Let me know if anybody has better OTD prices...
  • vrmvrm Posts: 309
    edited November 2010
    Yes - Honda cut corners to boost their profit.

    On the 2011, the roof rack + rails is now a dealer accessory. This will cost you an additional $500 to $600 (installed).

    The best time to get this free or at a steep discount is during the price negotiation.
    Make the dealer pay for the roof rack. They have ample margin built into the Odyssey price.
  • Hi HP2009
    Try Tempe Honda. I just bought a 2010 EXL with Nav and Res and got the best price in town. San Tan was charging me full MSRP on a 2010 and they gave me the run around on price and hidden fees. They were not upfront about a lot of things.

    Tempe was great
    got a 2010 EXL WITH Nav and RES for 33,500 OTD
    good luck
  • Hi,
    I'm in the market to purchase a 2011 EX-L w/RES. Can anyone in Southern Cal. help?? I checked with several local dealers and the quoted me on MSRP only. Was wondering if anyone purchased one recently? What kind of deal you got? How much you paid? Where did you get it at?

  • Hi audreym,

    Have you bought the Odyssey from weymouth Honda yet or not? Or do you know if somebody has purchased from weymouth. This is great deal. And I believe nobody can even match to their price.

    Please update because it will be very helpful for me to take decision whether I should travel for 11 hours to save 3000 bucks or not.

  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I have gotten some pretty competitive bids from dealers within 100 miles of me, so I am taking the day off tomorrow to try to complete a deal.

    I am a little weary, their prices seem a little *too* good. I have friends in the area so a trip to Boston wouldn't be a total waste, but still would prefer to deal regionally if I can.

    I will post an update after I do my rounds in NJ tomorrow.
  • bogohobogoho Posts: 24
    edited November 2010
    Got my '10 exl for 28.5k+ttl. Pretty happy about it so far, as the features I really need are power doors, power hatch, backup camera, roof rack, home link, alloy. I may need to look up the noise issue you are talking about.

    I don't believe that this new-old-van will have more depreciation compared to a '11 EXL costing 32.5k+ttl (assuming you can buy at 500 above invoice). This is a $4,000 head start on day 0, not counting tax and extended warranty differences.

    With 4k in my pocket, I can choose to go through the suffering of not having the 2011 bragging rights, and drive my 2010 along with all the other soccer moms.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Has anyone run into this? AutoSport in NJ won't take a credit card for a deposit.

    He said that it is because of the processing fee, and the manager does not want to pay it for the sales department.

    I wanted to have the added piece of mind that if something goes wrong with my factory order that I would have the credit card company to remediate.

    is this a red flag, or standard procedure?
  • That sounds so shady I would run far, far away but I've never had to put a deposit before so I couldn't say. Are they giving you a great price?
  • Forum rules say not to post names of people or contact info. I sent them an email through their website and they sent back a pretty reasonable price. I don't imagine they'd give you anything different but if you really need, post a "throwaway" email address and I can send you the name. Strange, but I don't see a way to PM, maybe I'm being clueless?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 116,523
    How much did you want to put on the CC? Generally, dealers will have a $2K-$5K limit...

    For instance, the credit card fees on $15K could be as much as $450... That comes right off the dealer's profit.... not surprising they won't go for that..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • just bought a 2010 touring (w/ pro pack) last weekend. $34775 including destination, or $38400 OTD. Below are my experiences hopefully can be useful to someone

    * checked ~10 dealerships in so. ca and only found a couple of 2010 LX or EX-L model left. But many of them still have at least one 2010 touring in stock.

    * Riverside Metro always had the lowest quote in my area on any model I searched on, even though they have only 4 touring model available. One lady there quoted ~$34.4K in the follow up call, and that was the lowest I got for 2010 touring. But given their very negative reviews found online I ended up buying local instead of driving up there.

    * more about online reviews. Among the 4 SD Honda dealers I physically visited in one afternoon, 3 are rated at ~2 stars, and only DCH Lemon Grove is ~4 stars. However the DCH experience turned out to be the worst. The sale guy there were just too much on using their techniques of pressing, intimidating and ridiculing customers. He tried to get me sign some paper work and start applying finance even before talking about price, and acted like very offended when I stopped him. On the other hand the other 3 ~2 star dealers did not try to press me at all after I showed them I did my research. The managers did not like my offer and I just walked out quickly.

    * Fuller Honda called in the evening and finally we agreed on ~34.8K. I think it can be better if I keep looking around for another week or 2. But the color choices will be more and more limited and I really did like the experience with the sale rep at Fuller Honda (Roque, 619-955-9541).

    * There are probably more chances to have good price with Fuller and Riverside Metro given both still have quite a few 2010 touring in stock.
  • Forget the dealer, deposit should not be anymore then $500 and even if you buy the car at cost still they can take cc for deposit. BIG RED FLAG
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