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Infiniti G35 Sedan 2006 and earlier



  • According to MSN Carpoint, the BMW 330i has 90.8 cubic ft. passenger volume. I suppose, if you add the trunk and passeger volume together, it would be close to 100 cubic ft. Seems small for the price.
  • Look for AWD to come to the G35 in early 2003.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Ever heard of the Ol' Infiniti J30? It was out from MY 1993 until MY 1997 I believe. It was rear wheel drive, and kind of sporty. It has a BMWish sounding exhaust. It was here wayyyy before the Lexus IS300 was.

    Infiniti actually started the entry level luxury and entry level sporty luxury idea, NOT Lexus. Back in 1996, when the I30 was released I believe, they had the first set of near luxury sedans: THe I30(FWD) and the J30(RWD)
  • havochavoc Posts: 27
    I am leasing a 2001 I30 and thinking of upgrading to this car.

    Talk about tempting! I love the exterior design. The interior design seems a bit less luxurious than I expected, but at least it's not IS300-barebones. I actually like the much maligned rear-end. Looks fresh, modern and different. Plus I hate when the license-plate clangs on my current I30 trunk when I close it. The G35 design will eliminate one of the pet-peeves of my current car. After this beauty comes out in March I'll make a decision to upgrade then or wait for the 6-speed to come out.
  • After meeting Dennis O'Brien who works for Thousand Oaks Infiniti at the L.A. Auto Show last week, I took the plunge today. The summers get up to 110 degrees up here so I have never liked leather. After much thought I ordered a brilliant silver with willow cloth interior. $500.00 refundable deposit (in writing) That means no fancy options like Xenon and the like but the base luxury is by no means a strippy in the first place. Dennis is very straight forward and up front. No discount off the MSRP of $27,100.00 but a written quote assuring there will be no dealer pack. Invoice on the base luxury is $24,832.00 + $545.00 shipping. The base luxury will fit my personality very well. Dennis also gave me the numbers on a premium/leather/xenon/wood/sun roof combination with an MSRP of $32,950.00 + $545.00 shipping. Invoice on that combination is $29,673.00 + $545.00 shipping. There is a very good possibility that my car will be here in mid March.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    Looks like you're the first one on this board to take the plunge! I see you're a man of action, not just words. Unfortunately, as much as I love this car, I also love driving a stick shift. So I'm going to have to refrain myself until the 6-speed comes out in the fall. I also want to see the coupe version in person when it comes out also in the fall before I buy. Since the coupe is a real possibility for me, I think it would be foolish for me to make a decision between the sedan and the coupe without seeing the actual coupe first.

    Anyway, let us know how you like the car once you take delivery in mid-March (only two short months!).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The J30 wasn't sporty in the way an IS300 is. And besides, they all are aiming at the 3 series, that is the real benchmark.

    Indeed it seems like they will tackle the sport segment with the G35, and the luxury segment with the next I35. The current I35 was trying to be both (I35T leaned towards sport).

    I think they'll make more people happy that way. It's working for Lexus.

  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    That's one less car on the road blinding me with their overly-bright headlights :-) Enjoy the wait!
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467

    Can you find out the invoice prices of all the options and accessories for the new G35? I would like to know how much the invoice is on a G35 Premium, Sunroof, Winter, Wood, Xenon. I really don't know which options I really would like if I get the G35. So I want to know all prices for everything IF you could get it for me.
    Thanks in advance

    Also, Congrats on your order. I am happy that you will be getting your new G35 soon!
  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    Nothing screams "cheese" more than a "luxury" car with simulated wood trim :-P

    I'm impressed that the G35 offers real wood trim.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Eh, if plood looks real, noone knows it's not wood. However, there are some hideously fake examples of plood.

  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    So, if your $30k+ car has really nice vinyl (oops, sorry BMW, I mean "leatherette") seats, you won't mind that either? ;-) I guess fake is fine, just don't pretend it's luxurious.

    And yeah, the plood in the Acura CL is hideous!
  • himomerhimomer Posts: 59
    I think the G35 and the I35 will each have their own niche similar to the 3series and 5 series. The exterior of the I35 is larger than the G35, which is a reason in its self for some people to opt for the I35, also the I35 is a more luxurious looking car inside and out. Some people have to have wood trim every where, and on the door pulls will not be enough for them in the G. Also, buying a base I35 gets a nicely equipped car for $29,300(msrp), and we all know there will be discounts, and the base G35 is $28,700. When you equip a G35 as close as possible to a base I35, the MSRP is $33,495----an I35 with the options of the 33,495 G35 is $33,875, but includes sport suspension to get VDC.

    Until I went to the BMW dealer, I thought the 5er was bigger than the 3, but I was very surprised to find out it was actually a little smaller interior wise. I asked my salesman why people buy the 5 over the 3 and he said most people buy the 5 for its standard features and exterior size, and don't even realize it is smaller than the 3, because the 3 looks smaller. We opted for a loaded Gray Green Metallic 330Ci convertible w/ Natural Brown leather interior(looks like a black interior, only the seats are brown---just beautiful) w/ real wood trim and 18" wheels, bi-xenons, navigation, Integrated phone(w/ a mic in the headliner and can dial on the navi screen) Nakamichi 6-disc changer and some other nice features. The MSRP was $55,645, but we were able to get it for $48,500 everything included. If a G35 convertible ever comes out, then it may replace my 330, but until then I will continue to enjoy it along with my 99 Oldsmobile Cutlass GLS (GREAT CAR!!!!)

    P.S. If the dealer does not have a pic of your desired car go to the cars website and cut and paste pics of the car so you can see what you are getting. My dealer didn't have any pics of the Gray green with the 18"ers so i had to use the next best option, MICROSOFT PAINT!
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    As regards interior room, not sure the overall EPA volume numbers matter all that much for most RWD cars. Due to the driveshaft tunnels running fore-aft thru the entire passenger compartment, most are really 4 seaters. Think the individual numbers for leg and knee room more important. Don't think any adult wants to sit too long in rear middle seat of any RWD car.

    The G35 is supposed to have about a 112 inch wheelbase. Rather long, so that should improve interior space. Within an inch or two of new Cadillac CTS.

    Owning both a '00 323iA and a '98 540iM, and having wife and two kids, have learned the BMW gets a bad rap for interior space. I'm 6'2" and both have sunroofs. We have no problem getting all 4 comfortably. This includes our luggage as well. The space-saving multi-link trunk hinges make all the difference compared to cars with supposedly bigger trunks but using the space-stealing gooseneck hinges. Trunk numbers meaningless until you know what hinges are used!

    himomer... Don't forget that the current E39 5 Series was introduced in 1996 as a MY 1997. The current E46 3 Series was introduced in 1998 as a MY 1999. Each generation has tended to be larger and with more interior room than the preceeding one. The next 5 Series platform should come out in 2003, likely as a MY 2004. It will likely have a longer wheelbase and more interior room.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    <<The exterior of the I35 is larger than the G35, which is a reason in its self for some people to opt for the I35, also the I35 is a more luxurious looking car inside and out.>>

    I haven't checked the actual exterior dimensions, but I was told by the Infiniti Rep at the auto show that the G35 is 4 inches longer than the I35. She adamantly stated that twice. So I believe her. Being that the G35 is 4 inches longer, I would assume that the G35 is a bit roomier. When I have time, I'll post the side by side interior/exterior comparisons between IS300, Passat, Audi 4, and 3 series (unless someone wants to volunteer for the data collection). I would bet that G35 is bigger, faster, and more bang for the buck than the competition. If the Altima V6 SE manual can do low six in 0-60, then I'm sure G35 auto can do high six in 0-60. Anything in the low 7 sec is fine with me.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Has anyone seen the G35 Sports Coupe at It has a sketch of the G35 coupe. It said to be sleeker, wider, and more powerful. Perhaps it will use the same engine as the new Z. I guess Infiniti is following the footsteps of BMW by charging more for the coupe. Uggh.

    Are you the same person that flew from Sacramento to LA to see the auto show. Are you also the person that cancelled the ES300 initial deposit? Man, you sure move fast! Congrats on your G35. (I'm a bit jealous. LOL). You'll have a fun drive from Thousand Oaks to Sacramento.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    According to the specs on the G35 spec sheet and in the I35 brochure, the G35 is 186.2 inches and the I35 is 193.7 inches in overall length. Therefore, the G35 is 7.5 inches SHORTER than the I35. The rep you spoke to was misinformed.

    The BMW 5-series is 188 inches in length, so you can think of the G35 as being about the same exterior size as the 5-series but with much more interior space.
  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    That is cheap cheap cheap...and 45 more hp then the lex IS300, 35 more then the BMW 330, rear wheel drive...omg I like this thing...probably the only japanese luxery car I would consider...
    only downside is the rear looks just like a toyota paseo, or nissan pulsar..
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Since I buy a car for what's underneath (inner beauty), The G35 looks beautiful. Here in San Diego, I see hoardes of Hondas with cut springs and added fiberglass gingerbread going "low and slow", slowing to go over a drainage swale in a mall parking lot that is 1" deep. I guess I'm supposed to admire these 20 mph wonders for their looks as I try to get around them in the right lane. Worse than SUVs and RVs in clogging up the roads.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Don't ya think we're jumping the gun an awful lot? One might think the G35 was the best car ever. But has anyone driven one? Anyone read a real review of an actual production model in automotive press? Has everyone forgotten you can NOT get it initially with a manual transmission? Unless and until there is a decent manual transmission option with a great sport package, I'd rather have a Nissan Altima 3.5SE 5-speed manual or Nissan Maxima SE 6-speed manual. RWD automatic-only performance sport sedan is an oxymoron.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Thanks for the confirmation. I knew going into the LA Auto Show that the G35 is equilavent to the 5 series in overall dimensions.

    I think the pricing is excellent for an entry level luxury sports sedan with a 3.5 liter engine that can produce 260hp and 260lb of torque. Say good bye to that juvenile looking, boy racer IS300!! Those kids will be looking at the rear of the G35. LOL
  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    If it were a sports car I would care if it had a auto and no manual, but since its a lux car I would rater have the auto...
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    It will be more performance than lux car. Next to the 540i6, M5 and M3, it will take the cake if you choose the Manual. (I'm assuming the G35 manual can beat the 330i's 6.4 seconds and .83g). If lux is what you want, go for the I35 and leave the good hardware for us. I plan to break my G35 in doing SCCA Solo2 in San Diego Stadium. That's the real testing ground.
  • Yes, that was me who flew to LA for the day to attend the car show. I know full well that the ES300 is a fantastic car but it just does not excite me. Who knows, one drive in the G35 might make me crawl back to the Lexus dealer whining for a good deal. Worst case scenario is getting my deposit back from the Infiniti dealer and another $100.00 plane ticket to get home. On the other hand, I really enjoyed seeing the G35 at the show. I have a funny feeling that I will be looking forward to my daily commute and smiling a whole lot more in a G35. This reminds me of when I first saw the 1990 300ZX. The first pictures I saw I said "I like that car!" The first time I saw one in person I said "Roll it out of the showroom, here's your check!" Never regreted buying it. I'm getting the same feelings with the G35.
  • himomerhimomer Posts: 59
    I haven't forgot that, and I'm ready for the new 5 series, which is suppose to differentiate from the 3 and 7 series styling. How do you like the new headlight treatment on the 3series sedan? Hopefully by the time the new 5 debuts I'll be ready to get a new car, but my 330 will be missed dearly if i trade-in. Maybe the 5 will be available in Gray Green w/ natural brown leather.
  • oxmeadoxmead Posts: 79
    I just saw the G35 at the show. I overheard several people refer to it as the Infiniti version of the Altima. The same thing hapened to the G20 when people kept calling it a dressed up Sentra. Infiniti fans know better.

    Back to the G35. Why wasn't this car called the J35. It's a lot bigger than I think a G should be. I like this car but not enough to get rid of my G20.(well, not just yet) You couldn't see the inside. The rep said they haven't finalized it yet. I did see in the trunk. The seat doesn't fold down but there is a small pass through. When it starts showing up at dealers I'll take a closer look. The Cadillac CTS is also getting a closer look.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I think J35 would have been a more fitting name than G35. Both are RWD sedans, and both are built on the Z car chassis of their day.

    I never did understand why Infiniti axed the J30. Where I lived at the time, they seemed to be selling quite well.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    himomer... I prefer black leather interiors. Go nicely with red, silver, and dark green exteriors. Guessing the next generation 5 Series will use the new 745i's V-8. It is a complete screamer. Adds gobs more power to an already powerful motor. (Filled my 540i 6-speed up today. 24.4 mpg doing mostly 74 mph.)
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I also think the Infiniti should have just called the car the J35. It sounds sexier and, to me the new G35 is nothing like the G20, yet a lot like the old J30.
  • rezo00rezo00 Posts: 103
    The J was between the I and the Q the G is below the
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