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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi everyone,

    Just an FYI that I bought a 2013 Touring Elite last week for $41,500 OTD in Northern Virginia. I had to bargain hard for that, and I think the dealer may well regret having agreed to it, but that's the price I ended up paying.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Wow! They actually honored that deal? Please post the details and let us know the dealer. Thanks!
  • bhukbhuk Posts: 1
    that is a very good price, can you please send me too those info to yesterday i was chatting with one of the honda dealer in atlanta and he give 27,000 for LX before any tax and tittle.

    i am currently looking for 2013 EX can any one suggest a good price to which i need to stick to
    any help and tips is appreciated.
  • Today I bought a 2012 Touring for $35,000 before $698 dealer fee, sales tax, title. The lowest ePrice I received was $35,400 on a Touring.

    Several dealers try to get you to pay top dollar on the "dealer installed" protection package (cargo plastic lining, moonroof deflector, special nuts for tires, pinstripe, etc.). They lure you in with a low eprice and then ask an additional $2k for the protection package which they say you cannot remove. In my case, I offered $500, they accepted, then there was a mistake with the VIN so we were negotiating on the wrong car, after much complaining the sales manager gave me a good deal on the correct 2012 Touring because of this mistake.
  • hkaghkag Posts: 2
    Can u please email me the dealer info?
  • Hi all,

    We've wanted to buy an Odyssey Touring Elite for awhile and are thinking about doing it before the end of the year. Are there any expected incentives or other reasons why we should delay the purchase?

    Dealer is offering it for $39,960 + TTL (about 10% more in San Francisco).

    I haven't bought a car in over 10 years so apologies if I'm leaving anything out or otherwise making a mistake.

  • I just spoke to a dealer in Pittsburgh about pricing on a 2012 Touring Elite and he told me that invoice was $41,500 and I wasn't interested in buying one from him (p.s. it was the Service Manager, not the salesman).
    I think you have a GREAT deal if you do not have to pay the 10% surcharge. I'd buy it.
    We purchased a 2012 Touring Elite and it is the BEST vehicle we have ever owned.
    Only one problem/tip.
    The Battery in ours was an AC Delco and 550 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). It went dead repeatedly and, if you read the blogs, a big BIG problem with the batteries going dead.
    What the Service Manager told me is that in order to maximize fuel mileage, Honda runs the idle apparently lower, thus lower output, and the low CCA and if you are running the power doors, or lights or rear decklid, the battery can go dead very fast.
    We think, THINK, we have found a solution. Go to Walmart and buy their 750CCA MaxLife I think its called ($84.97). It is labeled the 24FV if I remember and has the positive pole (red) on the left side. ...where you want/need it.
    Since we did this (two days ago) we were packing the car for a trip to our daughter's on Long Island on Thursday night, had the doors open/close tons of time, the rear/hatch lid up and down about 10 times and the battery has been GREAT.
    It appears/APPEARS that this MAY be the solution, a larger CCA of 750 vs. 550.
    That is the ONLY problem we have had and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our van, especially the blind spot sensors.
    One final recommendation. I'd strongly, strongly recommend you consider purchasing WeatherTech floor and cargo liners. We had them in our 2008 Toyota Van and they were wonderful and have them in our 2012 Elite.
    Also, while at it, here's some other recommendations. On our 2008 Toyota, we had tons of road rock dings on the front. Our solution cost $249.99 BUT it is the BEST solution I know of and is used on virtually ALL aircraft. It is made by 3m and is 8mm clear plastic film and covers the entire front of the car as well as the rear view mirrors. The item # is: 320989531765
    and is from Search EBAY as: Honda Odyssey 2013 2012 2011 2010 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Kit
    Also, I'd strongly recommend you considering purchasing:
    2011-2013 Honda Odyssey Splash Guards Genuine OEM Honda (Touring) (Fits: 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite) on EBay. The cost is $62.99 and stops rock dings against your fenders/doors. Note, these are ONLY for the Elite.
    Also, we have found that the Odyssey rain deflectors are wonderful. The best price we found is at: for $59.95.
    Finally, we also purchased two additional things.
    1st; Introtech sun shade. $39.95. 4 1/2 star reviews.
    2nd. Moon roof rain/wind deflector. $99.95.

    OMG, almost forgot. VIP. Unless you can get the dealer to install as part of the purchase, the van does NOT come equipped with either a roof rack or body protection moldings. For us, these were critical.
    If you don't want someone else's doors dinging yours, you may want to get these.
    They are $134.99 less 15% and FREE shipping.
    Also, equally important, a roof rack system. The dealers want $635 plus tax to install them. I can't remember where I purchased our rails and cross bars but if you want to know, we looked everywhere for the best price and it was about $200 or so, complete and my son in law installed them.
    Here's two places to look but email me if you are interested and I'll check my PayPal account where I bought them.

    The Touring Elite is a real head turner. It is the, THE best vehicle we have EVER owned.
    Hope that helps.
  • thank you very much!
  • Hi

    I got an out the door price quote in San Francisco for a 2013 Touring of $41,536.78

    How does that sound? I'm thinking of just going the Touring and not the Elite. I don't know how much my kids will care about the bigger TV screen.
  • Well, of course, your choice however.
    Several aspects of our Touring Elite that you may wish to consider.
    We find the two MOST useful aspects of the TE are;
    1. Blind spot vehicle alerts. We use these every, EVERY time we drive. After having owned the car for about a month, it is the MOST useful feature we have. We would never again buy any car without them.
    2. Parking sensore, front and read. All I can say is that until you have them, we had no idea as to how worthwhile they are.

    Now, we are grandparents and the grandchildren rarely ride in the TE however, we have two boys (out of 14 grandchildren) who their mom and dad drove them somewhere and they watched a DVD and now, they don't want to watch the DVD in their Chrysler T&C. 'We want grandma's car'.
    Further, although you cannot play two different DVD's on the rear screen at the same time (at least we think you can't but hey), you can play a video game from a console that allows you to 'split screen' the DVD and it is a huge DVD/media screen.

    One final thought. Our van now has about 4,500 miles on it (yes, we are on the road a lot with it) and, we went to Europe on a trip for two weeks and our son in law told us when we got back that the battery repeatedly was going dead and he had to jump start is. We drove it home, 585 miles to NC and the problem continued. My wife was so concerned about the van going dead on her somewhere that she actually told me....'sell the van, I can't take the uncertainty'.
    By chance, I spoke to the Service Manager at Bob Barbour Honda in Greenville, NC, (David) who told me that he thought that the reason for this was two things.
    1st, apparently the alternator output is only 12.5 volts at idle and it takes 12 volts to run the vehicle. Further, David advised, because of Honda's desire to keep gas mileage as high as possible, they have kept the idle output voltage low, which is why the dealers tell owners to 'drive the car further'.
    To say that this is p*ssing the Soccer Mom's off is an understatement. Read the Odyssey forums and you'll see that hundreds if not thousands of owners have exactly the same problem and,
    2nd. I took the TE to two different places, my own 'shop' where I have a very good relationship with the owner and to Walmart. At my 'local guy' I had him run a stress test on the battery and when he took off the input air intake (it covers the battery) he took one look at the battery and said, 'there's the problem. I said, 'what problem' and he replied. AC Delco battery. Its a crummy battery and it only has 500 or 550 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). He said, with all of your electrical load (power doors/rear hatch) etc., this battery is too low CCA, even though the battery 'checked out'.
    I then took the TE to Walmart and had them run the same test with their test equipment, with similar results and the tech there said to me, the read out says, 'low battery, charge needed' and he proceeded to say, look, I can't tell but it might be a bad cell.
    Well, we were driving back up to Long Island in two days and I wasn't about to get stranded so the day before I went up on and purchased the highest rated battery 'booster' (1750 CCA) I could find. $124.88). I told the Walmart Tech, I want the EverStart 24 FV (it has the positive/red lead on the left side, vs. the FN on the right if I remember correctly). The battery is made by Johnson Controls and is rated for 750 cca vs the 500 or 550 on the AC Delco.
    Results, today is the 18th and we installed it on the 13th and so far, it has not gone dead once.
    My recommendation to you is that no matter what Odyssey you buy, read the blogs BEFORE on the Honda Odyssey forums and read how Honda will NOT do anything about this 'dead battery' situation, that the Battery Management System (BMS) will only tell you that you need to 'charge it more' and that the BMS in NO WAY protects you from having a dead battery.
    Honda Odyssey buyers are NOT happy (see for yourself and read the problems that MotorTrend had with their Odyssey's BMS. _elite_update_6/
    or the Honda BMS 'software fix' that does not appear to have 'fixed ' the problem PLUS, the recall is NOT for any 2012 or 2013...only 2011's.
    Good luck. With the new batter we now have the BEST vehicle we have ever owned.
    Also, my previous posts lists some aftermarket items you may be interested in.
    Dr. Lawson
  • Hi All, First time buying a new car. Need your advice please.

    In the market for 2013 Odyssey EX-L. Just received a quote for $35,965 (sticker) from a dealer in NJ. What do you think?
  • Hello, MSRP IS 36055, I work for a Honda dealer in KY. That's suggested retail. There is def room for you to save and dealership to make a profit. Just do your homework and research. If you want to be fair, offer 2-3 percent over invoice. I would accept that kind of deal! Fair for me, dealership and Customer. If you have any additional questions, let me know!
  • bluspiderbluspider Posts: 9
    edited December 2012
    thanks eenyieb, let me see what I can do.

    Usually what is the ideal OTD price? I hear prices around 32500. Does any one have any tips to get the price to this level?
  • Bought the Touring

    $37,251, less $500 for taking the financing package. OTD was $40,400 roughly with California/San Francisco taxes of nearly 10%.

    I had several dealers tell me they would lose money on this price and that they wouldn't match or beat it. ">
  • Got a quote on 2012 Odyssey EXL for $32000 OTD with free top rails and cross bars. I'm in MA.
  • Thanks Dharmakaya. The dealers here won't give me OTD price over email or phone. They wanted me to schedule a dealership visit to give me the final price. How did you get the quote.
  • Try to e'mail dealers as more as possible, and mention the quote you saw overhere. Usually you can get better deals at suburban dealers. Google is your best friend for searching them.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    Hi, I've gone through several pages of this forum and trying to get a good idea of what 2013 EXL w/no Res, and EXL w/ Res's are going for. Most people have mentioned price on 2012's.
    -- Is 31,700 (includes destination only) a good price for 2013 EXL with No Res?

    -- Additionally, can someone reply with whats the best price they've seen on this forum for EXL WITH RES.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    One more question, I'm getting conflicting info from dealers on whether there is 0.9 financing on 2013 Ody's. Does anyone know the truth on this question ?
  • bbj77bbj77 Posts: 8
    I purchased a 2013 last week and was told the lowest rate was 2.99. That was with a 797 credit score so I don't know if he was lying. They said the 0.9 was for 2012s. It doesn't matter to me anyway because the only reason I financed with them was for the extra $500 military discount which required it. I plan on refinancing for a much lower rate I secured in a few days with my bank before the first payment is due.
  • I got a quote of $37,000 for 2013 Odyssey EX-L RES in celestial blue/truffle. This is the OTD price. It includes accesories of Honda Remote start and Roof rails + cross rails.

    Working backwards with the assumption that accesories cost $1000 and NJ taxes and fees. I think the price of the minivan was $33,036(including destination).

    I think this is a good deal. What do you guys think?
  • Just purchased a 2013 EX-L w/RES from Criswell Honda, MD today for $31,563 + fees/TTL. MSRP was $36,750. Fees included: destination fee of $830, dealer processing fee of $200, MD title/tags of $344, and 6% tax. Price was about $2000 under invoice and local dealers wouldn't touch it. Opted to go with a lease and ended up with a $450 payment with $2500 down (all fees/taxes rolled in). Lease was based on 54% residual and .00165. Salesman was great but finance guy could use some work.

    Think I got a decent deal.
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    I'm getting that price for 2013 EXL w/ NO RES here in if you were able to get a 2013 EXL with RES for 31,563 +ttl, that is a pretty good deal imo.
  • odyssey2013odyssey2013 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    I'm looking to buy 2013 Odyssey EX-L this week. Here are two quotes.

    Vehicle Price: $33,797
    OTD: $36,211


    EX + custom leather $1,998
    Vehicle Price: $29,997

    Vehicle Price: $33,490
    OTD: $33,490 + TTL

    What do you guys think?
    Anyone seen the best price for 2013 EX-L in Austin, TX?
  • In the market for an Odyssey, got a quote from one of the dealers for a EX-L with navigation $3400 +destination/TTL

    Is there more room here?
  • Update...quote OTD on a black 2013 EX-L with NAV plus fog lights... $37,813
  • I like the EX + custom leather option. Would you share the name of the dealer who offered you this option.

    BTW ... the best drive out price I've received so far is from First Texas ... for $36,200.

    Still receiving emails from around a 200 mile radius of Austin, TX ... best so far is $35,792 from Gillman.

    All above prices are for EXL (no RES/NAV).
  • Hi,

    I'm looking to purchase a 2013 Odyssey Touring. Anyone recently purchase in the surrounding NY tri-state area? Can you provide me your best OTD price and any dealer you recommend? Thank you.
  • Dharmakaya,

    I am in MA and am looking to buy a EXL as well. Can you please post the dealer name or PM the details to me?

    Thanks in advance.
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