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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ok, been talking to dealers all day...the lowest I can get on 2013 EX-L with truffle interior and NAV + fog lights is $36,907 OTD...can't seem to get any lower so that looks to be the deal...
  • It cost me 32,000 ( including all season mats and 3M coating) before taxes and license- black color. Hard to find 2012 model.. 2013 EXL ( w/o nav) was offered for 32,300 as well .. Decided to go with 2012 for navigation.. Do you think extended warranty is worth it for extra $1300 8 year 100k?
  • eddleddl Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I am getting $41k OTD for it including 10 years/100,000 miles extended warranty. Should I jump on this deal? I was not originally looking for this trim model but it seems like it is too good to pass. It's the color we want White diamond pearl with truffle. I failed to take a picture of the window sticker to remember all the details and perhaps any extra equipment installed in the minivan but I recall the MSRP being somewhere in the $46k.
  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    I would ask where do I sign. I paid 42 plus the warranty and tags for an elite in this color combo. Do it and dont look back.
  • Best drive-out quotes I have received for a base EX-L without RES or NAV or any other dealer installed options:
    - within 100 miles of Austin, TX is $35,042
    - in Austin,TX is $35,650

    Is that a good price? What do you think?
  • 0.9% is available for all Pilots (2012, 2013) and for 2012 Odysseys.

    It's on Honda's website.
  • Hi, I am planning on buying a 2013 EX-L/Nav. The OTD is $38,872 - breakdown below. I didn't negotiate yet, how much room do you think I have to negotiate. Also - they added something called the apperance fee - total rip off correct? Which one of these items can I negotiate on? Never done this before. Alternative was Toyota Sienna XLE with Nav for $38,033 OTD. I need to finalize this tomorrow, any help/info is appreciated. It seemed to me that they are charging too much for docs and is the plate fee necessary??? Thanks!

    Odyssey OTD
    33,591 Price
    810 Dest
    995 Apperance Fee (???)
    2,477.72 tax
    250 Plates
    350 Title
    399 Docs
    38,872 TOTAL
  • I feel there are bogus fees involved. I am in NJ too. I am looking for 2013 Ody EXL/RES.

    My best quote was for $37,000 including $1000 worth of accesories. Your quote seems too high. Try to negotiate the $995 apperance fee to $0, tell them you charge to appear at the dealer. :-) Also see if they can eat the $830.

    There are some legitimate fees, like NJ DMV wants you to register the vehicle for 4yrs. So, that alone comes to $336($84/yr). Title $60 for standard and $85 for one lien(loan). Some random tire tax is $15. So, NJ alone asks for $411 for each vehicle besides sales tax.

    very few dealers send quotes in NJ. Most want you go to the dealer to get a quote.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited December 2012
    Call DCH OLD BRIDGE... Internet dept they will give you a good price
    AUTOSPORT RT 22 n.j. is also a good dealership
    VIP honda is another
    Call on phone to secure your best deal speak only to the Internet sales Manager. Use this Formula to figure out and get your best price.

    Dealers invoice price
    Minus Dealer-holdback
    Minus any Incentives and Rebates

    Once you figure out the number call each dealer and let them know you will buy that moment for your calculated price.. Always buy the last 2 days of any month.. Thats how you will get the best possible price ..... Brian

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  • atx11atx11 Posts: 7
    Hey Brian,

    Where do you find the:
    Incentives and Rebates #'s

    We are ready to buy and I've used this method in the past with great success. However, I was always able to pick up the latest off these forums and really have seen them all over the board over the last two months.

    I appreciate your insight and help...I want to be ready to go first thing tomorrow.

    Thank you.
  • pkk5pkk5 Posts: 1
    I got a quote for $35,000 for out of the door for EX-L with RES (Celestial Blue). Wanted to know if this is a good deal in charlotte area in north carolina.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    You could find all the numbers like Invoice price,, Holdback and incentives right here on Edmunds. also you could find on kellys blue book{ } aol auto, msn auto. Honda"s dealer hold back is 2% of total msrp. So if your van is $34,000 with options that means the dealer gets back $680 dollars from the manufactorer for just selling you that car. Now add the dealers Doc fee's, dealer add on accessories like pin striping, door edge ,nitro in the tires etc and lets say you purchase the car at 500 above dealers invoice that dealership made a nice buck. You should always start your negotiation price below dealers invoice price on every car you buy or lease and work up from that number trying not to go above invoice price. Any questions just give a yell. Read my prior post on how to buy by phone and you will pick up a few tips on getting the best price... good luck ..........brian

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • atx11atx11 Posts: 7
    Thanks, Brian. We are looking to purchase today in Texas we are central so going to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin is not out of the question for us. We are looking at an EXL or EXLw/Nav (if price is right). I bought the New Car Consumer Reports and it just showed invoice and didn't ever reference the potential Honda Financing ($500).

    I've done the internet route the last few weeks and it really has been painful as most don't want to provide #'s. I've done the phone thing in the past but have always had a firm number to go with. Now I'm trying to come up with an vehicle and an OTD price to go forth with.

    I searched for your buy by phone message but can't seem to locate it. I did get the information on the buyers orders you left in the Accord forum... Great Information! In addition you seem to have good information on dealerships.

    Any suggestions on Texas pricing and good dealerships?

    Your help is much appreciated. Reviewing the threads I know you are a good ambassador for this site!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited December 2012
    I got good feed back on this dealer that i listed first. Call all of them by phone and make your best deal. i"m not familiar with Oddessey pricing. Looks like there is no incentives right now.. Start at 1000 below dealers invoice tell all dealers if they meet your price you will buy that moment... and secure with a refundable credit card deposit. Speak only to every dealers Internet Manager to avoid i dont know if we could do that price. Your conversation should be no more than 5 mins with each dealer. Your only talks are about price with your make and model nothing else Price, price, price... SO that being said its.......... Meet my price .........If not give me your closet price to my price then tell dealer you are moving on... every dealer that says no tell them call you if he has a change of heart . Go down the line call about 20 dealerships and i'm sure you will find a great price. Most likely you will recall one of the previous dealerships with there price... Remember doc fee's are negotiable try to get them removed or reduced. always ask every dealership what there doc fee's are and any other OTD fee's besides your States taxes . I use a big pad so i miss nothing on pricing from dealer to dealer.

    Freeman dallas
    Frank Kent............Irving
    David Mcdavid........Arliington
    Kent Adams...........Dallas

    any other help give a yell

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • atx11atx11 Posts: 7
    Thanks, Brian!

    Let the games begin!
  • eddleddl Posts: 2
    OK, finally got the car. Purchase price was $38164. OTD was $41298.98 Diamond white pearl with truffle just as we wanted, made no compromises there! :) Included 10 year 100k mile powertrain warranty. Time to accessorize it!
  • What is the price you got for the 2013 Odyssey EXL in WA(Seattle)?

    No RES, No Nav.

    The lowest quote I got is 31700, is that a good price? Thanks.
  • mikasa0112mikasa0112 Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    Hi All,

    Made my puchase on the 2013 Touring Elite yesterday for $39,900 (including destination). Also negotiated 10% discount on the added accessories. Thank everyone on this forum for their OTD price as it help with the negotiation as it helped to know how much people were being charged by different dealers.
  • We bought a 2013 Ody EXL (no RES/NAV) on 12/29.

    Houston area - Shawn Rahimi @ Honda of Spring quoted $34,400. We drove for 3+ hours to Spring, TX and bought the car from him. I highly recommend him as he kept his word and was very cheerful and professional even on a very busy day.

    Here's the split:
    Invoice (incl. dest. fee) = $32,053 (TMV is $33,856 / Truecar target price is $33,634)
    Doc. Fee = $125
    Inv. Tax = $87
    Gov. Fees = $125
    Sales Tax = $2003
    OTD ~ $34,400

    Here is my experience (in case you are interested). All prices are OTD.

    I live in Austin, TX and we sent for quotes locally and from San Antonio, Dallas metro and Houston metro.

    Austin, TX - First Texas had a no haggle price of $36,200 (they don't get the no haggle concept), Howdy Honda never bothered to reply and Ken Shipp at Round Rock Honda quoted $35,650. So Ken was the only one even willing to deal in Austin.

    San Antonio, TX - Tony Sanchez at Fernandez Honda quoted $35,000.

    Dallas area - They wanted to me come test drive and talk to them :-)

    WARNING: Don't take quotes from Naina Nanjua @ Honda Cars of Katy (Houston suburbs) too seriously. They are super low but when you go there she will hand you over to "her manager", Ben Gazi. He is the salesman you DON'T want to do business with. He tried restarting the negotiation process from scratch saying Naina's quote doesn't mean anything since she is just a consultant. This comes after driving 3+ hours to their dealership. We walked out immediately.
  • Bought a 2013 EX-L with NAV and fog lights for OTD $36,900 - 1000 for a really old '98 civic (trade in) in upstate NY. Really please with Rensselaer Honda...good people. So walked out with the car for $35,900.
  • bbj77bbj77 Posts: 8
    For those looking in Texas, I purchased from Benson Honda in San Antonio a week or two ago. 2013 Touring with the roof rails crossbars and trailer package added on. I live in southwest Texas so after looking at Laredo, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Houston, Benson in San Antonio was where we went. I was going to buy from McDavid Honda in Houston as they were the best price overall but 3 hours longer drive than San Antonio who was within $200. I did all my negotiation and contact over email to each dealership. I emailed every dealer in the cities I listed and the best price and easiest ones to work with were Benson in San Antonio, Gillman in San Antonio and McDavid in Houston. A lot of the other dealers gave me the run around, would not be upfront over email about dealer add ons and out the door price, or refused to go lower on their price. I'll pass on the salesman I worked with if anyone is interested. Good luck!
  • mugenex6mugenex6 Chicago ILPosts: 33
    Hey Mndriver, are you talking about CRV EXL or Odyssey EXL? Your subject line says CRV-EXL.
  • I'm in the market for exl, the best quote we got so far is $31778+ttl. Will be going in tomorrow to finalize the purchase, and try to get some accessories thrown in. Is this a good price?
  • I'm in the market for a EX, best price I've been able to get is $28,200. That doesn't really seem that great but maybe I'm expecting too much. Dealers in the area (NJ) only seem to have 2013s. Should I go for that deal?
  • Best quote on 2013 EXL (no RES/NAV is $35,340 in Wash DC Metro area. this seems high? what is a good price for this car? How do I locate TMV for a vehicle? Your feedback is much appreciated. FamilyCar2013
  • Nice deal.

    Thanks in part to this board, we just closed on a 2012 Touring Elite for 40500 OTD. In looking at other boards people have mentioned using Bob Leab of Hyannis Honda to get HondCare coverage (we didn't get ours thrown in and the dealership initial price offer for the service was way off the mark).

    Does anyone have advice or pricing on whether hondacare is worth it (I am unfamiliar with the idea of a Honda breaking down and needing expensive repair)?
  • bigtxbigtx Posts: 16
    The hondacare, in my opinion is a good value, on the exact same car you purchased I paid 1485 for zero deductible 8 yr. 120k mile hondacare. I got a quote from and then just showed it to the selling dealer who said no problem, they would match. You have 30 days if I recall to purchase it as a new car coverage. Since honda has stubbornly stuck to the 3/36 basic new car coverage I thought this was a no brainer especially with all the electronics on the elite. The hondacare program is inteneded to be the same coverage no matter where purchased but I prefer to have coverage from the dealer where the work will be done-if there is a question I think it is more likely to resolve in your favor
  • atx11atx11 Posts: 7
    Saccucci vs Hyannis - Just checked both and Hyannis dropped their's $25 making it $1245 for both (8yr/120k/$0 deductible) as long as it is purchased today. As a result, is one better than the other. Any positive or negative experiences you can share?

  • atx11atx11 Posts: 7
    I went with Saccucci, based on research seemed to be well established and the price was the same. Very pain free process...requested quote online and followed up with a phone call. Confirmation email sent within minutes.

    $1245 for 8yr/120k/$0 deductible - Honda Care Plan Code D-82
  • aak12aak12 Posts: 2
    Do they require finanicing for that price?
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