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Nissan 350Z



  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    And something about Nissan that really irks me (off topic):

  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    How is it stronger?
  • dohc32vdohc32v Posts: 60
    Well it was a right hand drive model, straight from Japan, but it was also considered a production model, so it was representative of the breed. First impression, very positive, damn nice looking ride. They wouldn't open the back hatch or the hood, maybe things weren't all sorted out yet, I don't know. Representative advised the 350Z will be in Dealers Show rooms by August and a convertible will be put into production six months later and be avaiable about February 2003. He went on to say there are currently no plans for a Turbo model nor a 2+2 model. He didn't discount them, but merely indicated Nissan has their hands full now producing the various model options they will currently be offering.
    Overall, I was very impressed with the exterior design. The interior design, I was a little put off with the three round instrument pods hung on the steering column, otherwise the over all package was extremely nice. I still regret it is a V-6, but if it is priced in the mid 20's it will be a smashing market success IMO. It definately is an enthusiasts car and a sweet looking offering at that.
  • at that base price any gripes I have can be overlooked. I am as good as on the waiting list.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I was about to call the dealer and ask about the wait list. But a topless Z would be even sweeter.
  • First the new Altima, then the G35 and the 350Z, and then they temp the hell out of us with a monster Skyline GT-R (R35). Nissan is coming back with a vengance.

    Can't wait!

  • I'm baffled by that comment. The Z's powered by the award winnging bulletproof VQ engine. You really can't do much better, short of getting a BMW inline 6.

    If this is a 4 v. 6 thing, forget it. There's no comparing a wheezing gerbil powered 4 to the amazing torque of a 6. Especially a Nissan 6. Yummy.
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    I love it! You can't understand why he loves V8's and hates 6s but it's OK for you to love 6s and dislike 4s.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Yeah, pretty funny. The irony didn't escape me either, :-)

  • ...He was a V8 fan. I assumed by the name he was a 4 banger person. You tend to see more honda-types extolling the virtues of 4 cylinder engines than people pushing for V8s in cars.

    A V8 in a Z? Seems a tad heavy. Could work I guess.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    dohc 32... 32 valves.. most likely a V8.. that would have been a better assumption :)

    Yeah.. I can see the Z with four cylinder now.. it would be called the 240 SX :)
  • Is a darn nice car with the turbos Nissan tacks on in Japan. If they had a 250 HP 240/Silvia here, it'd probably be popular too. But alas they only released the basic 4 version.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    but they priced that car way too high for a four cylinder as well... even though it was in the same price range as the other sporty coupes.... weird... it was a nice car before Nissan messed it up in the last iteration here.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    Nissan has always said that their performace target for the new Z is the Boxster S. What they didn't say was that they were going to do it for half the price! At $26,269, it is exactly half the price of a stripped Boxster S (which only has 250HP). So the marketing message is: "More performace, more horsepower, but for half the price". I'm sold.

    At this price, every man, woman, and child (of legal driving age) in the developed world will own one! Wow, Nissan wasn't bluffing!!
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    I'll believe it when I see it. Nissan had a tough time keeping prices down for the prices sports coupes. It would be great if they can price it low though. I doubt that everyone would want this car even if it is in the low 20s. I'd rather get a RX-8 for the same price... who knows!
  • qin2qin2 Posts: 26
    "I'll believe it when I see it".

    Well then go to Nissan's website and 'see it'.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    do you understand? I am talking about actual price... PRICE... get it? when they produce it then they can finalize the PRICE.... get it ????
  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    I think he meant you can go to Nissan's website and see the price.
  • So you're claiming Nissan will suddenly bump up the price by a few grand before production starts? Talk about a marketing snafu that would make the Miata HP and Mustang HP lies look tiny in comparison.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    What remains to be seen is the integrity of the Nissan dealer network re: gouging.
  • I believe the dealers are going to be the weakest link.
  • The price is set, they're already taking orders.
    Price gouging may occure at some dealerships in the first months. However, this isn't a very limited production car like most models that get gouged. They're going to make something like 5000 cars a month(maybe it was 10,000 can't remember exactly).
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    I don't consider dealer mark-ups to be an integrity issue, merely capitalism doing its thing. I'm tempted to stop by my local Nissan dealer to see how they are handling this.
  • I believe the capitolism thing too, but my problem with it is a personal problem.

    If Nissan says this car is worth 27,000 dollars, I am not going to pay more than that. I will pay that amount or less than that amount, but I am not going to pay more than the manufacturer thinks it is worth. I don't buy cars based on hype. That would be like paying 100 bucks to see a movie first. I wouldn't do it. Some may do it, but I wont, because I can see it later for less money, and still get the same experience. The only thing to show for your extra money is braggine rights: that way you can say" I saw/drove it first.
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    I agree absolutely. I would never pay more than MSRP either but if the dealers can soak the people who feel the need to be special for the few months that they have something new and different, I see no reason to blame the dealer.
    Frankly, this car sounds too good to be true and I tend to be very cautious with things that seem too good to be true. And even though Nissan has a pretty good record, I'd want to wait a year or two in case there are bugs to work out.
    Finally, I'm disappointed that they don't have a version without all the gadgets but with the performance improvements. I was assuming that's what the "Track" version would be. I mean really, climate control in the track version.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    And why is it that you have to get the high-priced Touring model just to get leather? Why can't we just get leather as a separate option without all that other stuff that the touring model comes with? I mean I'd be willing to pay up to $1,000 over the base car's price just for the leather seats and nothing else. BTW, I think the orange leather seats in most of the production model pictures look awesome!
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    As someone forced to step down from the S2000 down to the Prelude solely because of dealer gauging (at the time) it's a bit of a sore subject. Hopefully as someone else said, this will be a relatively high volume car.

    I will be skeptical of the Nissan dealer network though. I've been to one just once, and it was the worst dealer I've ever been to. I spoke with two different salesmen and both combined to push me out of the dealership without even looking at a car. More arrogant than the BMW guys, more disheartening than the Honda guys, and more clueless than the Ford guys. Obviously that was just one particularly bad dealer, but I do hope the dealership experience is befitting of what will be a $30k++ car once you figure in taxes. One thing I strongly believe is that if the car hasn't earned the reputation yet, then it's up to the dealership to substitute in that area. I can put up with Honda salesguys because I can trust the product at this point (and to a degree I could brush off the awful BMW dealer experience because of the superior product) but Nissan doesn't have that reputation preceding the new 350Z, at least not yet.
  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    "Nissan doesn't have that reputation preceding the new 350Z"

    1990 The 300ZXTT is named the Motor Trend "Import Car of the Year." Motor Trend also names it "One of the Top Ten Performance Cars." Automobile Magazine honors the 300ZX/300ZXTT as its "Design of the Year" and names the 300ZXTT to its "All Stars" list. Road & Track names the 300ZXTT "One of Ten Best Cars in the World." Car and Driver names the 300ZXTT "One of the Ten Best Cars."

    American Z-car sales reach the one million sales mark in the 1990 model year - making it the all-time best selling sports car.

    1991 The 300ZX Twin Turbo is name to Car and Driver's "Ten Best" list, and is once again one of Automobile Magazine's "All-Stars."

    1992 For the third straight year, Car and Driver names the 300ZX Twin Turbo one of its "Ten Best," and Automobile Magazine names it to its "All-Stars" list.

    1993 For the fourth straight year, the 300ZX Twin Turbo is named a Car and Driver "Ten Best," and one of Automobile Magazine's "All-Stars."

    1994 For the fifth straight year, the 300ZX Twin Turbo is named to the "Ten Best" and "All Stars" lists by Car and Driver and Automobile Magazine respectively.

    1995 Marks the 25th Anniversary of the Z. It also brings another award from Car and Driver, as the publication names the 300ZX Twin Turbo to its "Ten Best" list for the sixth straight year.
  • ligartligart Posts: 109
    Enthusiast Model = Base +
    xenon headlamps
    cruise control
    limited slip differential
    aluminum pedals
    day/night rearview mirror
    lighted vanity mirrors

    Performance Model = Enthusiast Model +
    tire pressure monitor
    18" wheels

    Touring Model = Performance Model +
    bose stereo
    leather seats
    power seats
    heated seats & mirrors

    Track Model = Performance Model +
    front & rear spoilers
    18" lightweight wheels
    brembo brakes
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