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Honda Odyssey 1999 - 2004



  • I just finished reading the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article from post 2289. The author writes that the Odyssey he/she drove had a great list of features, such as "a third seat, power everything, sunroof, terrific stereo and air. And of course, it had the ever-popular navigation system. "


    I know they are available through the aftermarket, but could it be possible that the sunroof referred to is a factory option that will appear on the 2002? My wife is bummed that the GG 2001 we have on order does not come with a moonroof, so if it is an option for '02 then we might hold out.

    Then again the author also said that the truck comes with a "terrific stereo," which doesn't sound like the Ody either...
  • maulanamaulana Posts: 55
    I was wondering if any one here has experience driving an Odyssey in snow. We live in Upstate New York (enough said.)

    I would usually buy a vehicle with AWD, but hate to settle for inferior quality (Dodge Grand Caravan AWD) or to pay HUGE money (Acura MDX).

    Does any one here have an experience they can share with us about driving the Odyssey through snowy weather and how it handles?

  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    rockycow: 42psi? I don't know what the max pressure on the Firestones are, but the Michelin Symmetry's have a average maximum of 35psi which is where I keep my tires at.

    maulana: My experience with a 2000 EX (traction control & Michelin Symmetry) pretty good. It does surprisingly well on some of the slippery stuff. Don't expect miracles. The Symmetry is siped pretty well to handle snow. The tires make a difference. You can buy a set of winter tires like Blizzaks if you are really concern.
  • rockycowrockycow Posts: 114
    my Ody had Firestones and I cant remember the max pressure, but the MX4's from Michelin have a max of 44 lbs cold. I think the stones were the same.
  • delehantymdelehantym Posts: 1
    I have been monitoring this site closely for the last 6 months, but have not posted until now. I was on a waiting list for a LX since December at our local Rochester Minnesota Honda dealership, and got nowhere. Even paying MSRP they couldn't come up with a van for half a year, and it looked like the wait would be at least another 3 months.

    From a post here I heard about VossHonda in Dayton Ohio, I called and got a very promt and courteous reply from salesman Keith Bricker (800/597-8677). His dealership was willing to offer the LX at $500 under MSRP: $700 if we financed through them. He told me initially he would likely have the van in in under a month. In fact, he swapped with another local dealer for the color we wanted, and had it in a week. I found a $250 flight to Dayton. Keith Bricker picked me up at the airport, brought me to the dealership, and after a careful review (using the posted checklist) I was on my way in 2 hours. The van gave the appearance of having been carefully looked over before I got there. It had 14 miles on the odometer--6 from the factory and 8 from the test drive they do to check it out. The 600 mile drive home to Rochester Minnesota was actually fun, with the new van and a day off (and no kids in back).

    So far everything is great. I got about 26 MPG with the cruise set at 65-70, but also including stop and go traffic for 1 1/2 hours through Chicago. No problems with any of the troublesome things that have been posted, except it does seem to drift a bit to the right--I'll watch that and get it to the dealership if it continues.

    I highly recommend the dealership. I only added a few option from the basic LX--block heater (I'm in Minnesota) $129 installed; and mud flaps (I live off a gravel road) $109 installed. I asked for the 7/100 extended warranty, and they didn't blink at offering it to me for $875 when I told them that was available from dealers identified at this site. All in all a very good experience, and a great van, with all sorts of common sense details a former Ford Taurus owner like me is amazed about.
  • bdkras2bdkras2 Posts: 1
    Have a (refundable) deposit down on an '01 LX that's due in a couple of weeks ($200 below MSRP). Originally wanted GG but needed the vehicle sooner so put my name on a white one. Really don't need/want all the EX extras so decided to save the approx. $1,500 and get the LX (adding CD, roof rack, keyless entry). Just saw a white LX the other day and now I'm having second thoughts because I don't really like how the black door handles and body molding look. The color-matched handles/molding make the vehicle look much better, especially on the white since the black contrasts so much. But, I don't think it's worth the $1,500 extra to go for the EX just for that. Besides, I'd have to wait another month or more and I need the van sooner. So, anyone have any thoughts/ideas/experience with getting the handles/molding painted to match?? Does the EX white handles/molding fit the LX (I'd guess so)? Maybe the service department could install the EX door handles and body molding on the LX? Or would I be better off going to a body/paint shop and having them painted to match? (by the way, I don't really mind how the black mirrors look). Wish I didn't care about it...I keep telling myself it is a minivan afterall...and my wife will be driving it anyway! But for that kind of money, I'd feel better if I really liked the look...
    Am I crazy for caring? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Maybe you should think about getting a dark green LX instead of white. I've had an Ody on order for 6 weeks now, so I've been noticing them on the road. I can spot an LX from a mile away EXCEPT if it's in the dark green. The color is so dark that the black door handles blend in, even close up.

    I agree that the body-colored handles are more attractive with most colors, but the green looks sharp with either type of handle.

    If youre going to stick with white, you might want to ask your dealer how much it will cost to replace the door handles with ones from the EX (I dont think it would be wise to paint the LX handles). It will probably cost enough to put you into an EX...
  • My personal feeling is, in the long run the black finish on the mirrors, door handles and door strips are better. Some dope banged their door into my LX a few weeks ago, and it contacted only the strip on the door. All it did was leave a scuff mark that was easily rubbed out with Armor All. If it were painted, I would guess it would have chipped, or at least scratched. I've also noticed on cars with painted door handles, the paint is very much scratched after a few years - from jewelry, fingernails, etc. The black finish won't show that nearly as much. And if you or the wife ever scrape the garage wall or door frame with the mirror, the black plastic will be much easier to buff out than a painted surface.
  • maulanamaulana Posts: 55
    thanks to everyone who wrote back about the performance of the Odyssey in snow.

    I was also wondering if anyone here has gotten the Video Entertainment system. 1600+ seems like a lot to spend, but then again I wonder if on long road trips it wouldn't be a lifesaver.

    I would love to hear from anyone with experience on this system.

  • chaffeurchaffeur Posts: 1
    Has anyone had trouble with the power door system? The buzzer that indicates a door is open when you engage the engine sometimes just starts in the middle of driving. I have to stop, open and close the driver side power door and then it stops. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few days. I have found that if I turn off the switch on the dash above the open/close controls (for remote operation), then the buzzer turns off. Other than that, I have had no problems with the power door system. I love it!
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    This is from the Prices Paid Forum:

    >>"The April 2001 issue of Consumer Reports shows that Odyssey reliability is just *average*."<<
    -Note that this is just their reliability projection, based only on the 1999 and 2000 models from surveys of its subscribers.

    >>"On page 82, they show that the 1999 is "worse than average!" And that the 2000 is just "average" in reliability. (Biggest faults being "Electrical," "Integrity," and "Hardware.""<<
    -In responses to emails from me and at least one other contributor here, CR indicated that the Power Sliding doors were the largest complaint. How large, and whether the complaints were listed in more than one category, I do not know.

    >>"Does anyone know how "serious" these reliability quirks are? (And since the 99, 00, and 01 are almost identically the same car, shouldn't we expect the same to be true in 01?)"<<
    -I believe there has been a recall (and other fixes) for the power sliding doors. Other than the recall, I don't know if there are any related improvements for 2001. Obviously, the LX won't have that issue. As for serious, you may note that Odyssey got top ratings for categories like Engine and Transmission. By far the most serious recurring problem I've seen on Odyssey forums is for a transmission replacement, usually related to loud "clunks" while shifting. While serious, these apparently are fairly rare, at least according to CR.

    >>"Lastly, all the minivan reliability ratings (of other manufacturers too) pale in comparison with the Sienna."<<
    -Take CR's reliability ratings with a grain of salt. The average problem rate (p12-13 April 2001) is only 0.2 problems per vehicle over the last 12 months. Whether you are 20% above or below that average, it won't make much real difference, at least for the first years. The Mazda MPV did almost as well as Sienna in its reliability projection.
  • mackey4mackey4 Posts: 4
    I purchased a silver 2001 EX on Saturday, May 19. I experienced a problem with the power door alarm the next day. Each time I put the van into reverse, the alarm would sound, even though the doors had closed normally (as far as I could tell by sight) and the dashboard door-open light had gone out. Like you, I used the switch to turn off power to the doors, which stopped the alarm. There was no problem the next time (the only time I have driven the van since).
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    There is several things that could cause this but in 2001 the most common has been the junction switch contacts.If it is a 2001 try taking an eraser and cleaning the contacts real good and see if that helps. If this doesn't work or if it is a 99 or 00, then go to a Honda dealer and ask them to do the latest SB repair for the problem. Good luck
  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    From the aerospace industry. It was found that an ordinary eraser would scrape the gold off the contacts ,causing them to corrode.

    Testing was conducted and using the right kind of eraser was found to be the solution. A plastic eraser was found to be the best. The best one was found to be "Staedtler Mars-Plastic" part number 526 50. Office Max or Office Depot may carry them. An art gum eraser also works, but not as good.
  • xfactorxfactor Posts: 78
    I have been evaluating several different replacement tires for a 99 HO.

    After looking at sites such as, the tire forum on Edmunds, and the CR website and each of the tire manufacturer websites I have come up with a short list of tires I am considering.

    I would note while all these sites provided good information it just appears that a lot of this stuff is subjective.

    With the above in mind I put together the following list and would ask for this groups experiences

    Goodyear Aquatread III - Rated AA for traction.
    Michelin Symmetry's - Is touted as quiet riding and having better snow traction.
    Michelin X-ones - Appears to be best all-round however, does not appear to be widely sold for Mini-vans.

    I would sacrafice some tread life for traction and a smooth ride.

    Just curious how this group feels about the list above or any other suggestions and what they would choose as replacement tires.

    Thanks for the help
  • jihleejihlee Posts: 9
    Does anyone have all three of their HomeLink Remote System buttons programmed? I could only program two of the three buttons. There is always one that it won't let me program. Is there anything special I have to do to program all three?
  • oclvframeoclvframe Posts: 121
    I replaced the firestones with X-ones and really like them...I also upped the size just a hair to 225/60/16. The ride is very quiet and very there is lots of traction.

    I got them from tirerack for about $103 each plus shipping.

    I have two of the buttons programmed and they work fine. You might want to re-set the system and start over...refer to the owners manual for how to do this.

  • "I would love to hear from anyone with experience on this system."

    I don't have first hand experience with it, but my boss had one put in his Odyssey. The first trip they took after putting it in he didn't even know the kids were watching it till he realized it was so quite. It lets you still listen to the radio/cd/cassette if you want to while they passengers use the wireless headphones to listen to it. So the kids were back their watching their movie while they listened to music.

  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    I put Michelin Symmetry's size 235/60-16 on my 99EX. The 235/60's are just slightly larger in circumference (rolling distance) than the stock 215/65's, whereas the 225/60's are quite a bit smaller than the stockers.

    They ride very well at 38psig cold in the front and 36 psig cold in the rear.

    The van still rides very well at 96,500 miles with not the first service call. I must have gotten a lemon. *:o))
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I have all 3 programed if you count the middle and right for the same garage door. At night it was easier to have both programed so I could find them easier. I had no problem programing them.
  • katmicalekatmicale Posts: 6
    I read this board religiously in Sept/Oct last year when we decided to buy a mini van. I always leaned toward the Ody, but wanted to check out all my options. We finally made the decision and had a hold on a 2001 GG LX that was due at the dealer end of Nov. ($1500 above MSRP). Then we got a call beginning of Nov. that they JUST got a 2000 canyon stone silver EX. Don't know where this brand new 2000 had been hiding! No premium. So, we snatched it up.
    We live in NY and took it for it's first big test... trip to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. LOVED IT! We drove through the night with our 1 and 3 year old strapped in the middle seats and me and hubby took turns sleeping in the back seat. Plenty of room in the back (without dropping back seat). And we even picked up a cheap Audiovox "Video in a Bag" to help the kids fall asleep. Great trip. Great van!
    Six months later I still love my Ody! It took alot to get in the mind set of becoming a "soccor mom" with a minivan...but I'm there!
    A few glitches with the power doors (the dealer is going to replace the latches). The driver side has buzzed a few times for no reason. And a few times the passenger door, when open, seems to have gone "dead" all of a sudden... but then was fine after a few button pushes.
    I also, on occasion, hear a clunk sort of under my feet just after starting the car. Gotta have them check that out... but I've heard other people mention it here too.
    I think this van is very comfortable and roomy. I also don't feel like I'm driving a bus (something I was pretty concerned about). I'd recommend this as "the mini van to buy" to anyone who asks.
    Well, just thought I'd give that update. This is the first time I've checked back here in quite a few months.
    To all you Ody owners... hope you enjoy yours as much as I do! HAPPY AND SAFE DRIVING!
  • dekaydekay Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if you can still order an LX- we have been told some different things. from you get what comes in to they are not producing LX's until September. Anyone out there know the real story?
  • elmobelmob Posts: 6
    When will the new 2002 model come to the market. Any site where I can check the new features of 2002 model (Enhancements). Is it worth waiting 2-3 months for the new model...Does Honda increase the price with new models...Thanks in advance...
  • Does anyone have more miles than mschafer's 96,500? He might be the first in the 100K club.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    probably in less than a month.

    Now I need to start calling around to see what it's going to cost me to have the timing belt replaced at 105k. Anyone in the Atlanta area who's happy with their dealer's service department? Gwinnett Place Honda NOT!
  • maxbustermaxbuster Posts: 13
    I have had limited but good experience with Curry's service dept.
  • cri30cri30 Posts: 4
    We ordered a 2002 last week. The first to do so at the dealer. 2001's first arrived late August-early September of 2000. There are three new colors for 2002. Redrock Pearl, Evergreen Pearl and a new shade of blue. See the following:

    Our dealer says they should have a color chart and other new specs on the '02 Ody any day now.

    Hopefully the rumors are true and the '02 EXL model will have factory leather and an entertainment system. Anyone out there that knows what these three colors look like, please respond.
  • phsmitsphsmits Posts: 4
    I read all the posts and never did see anyone mention anything on rubber roof slats. My old van had them to protect the finish. I just got my 01 EX and already ordered the cross bars from, but found nothing on the rubber roof slats. Seems Honda never completely finished their roof rack system?? They have the indentations for the slats just no slats!!(No crossbars either)

    Anyway, I went on a mission and found exactly what I was looking for (Search engine several attempts of figuring out the name (the slats). You can get a set of 4 self-adhesive strips in varying lengths for $29.95 plus $7 s/h UPS. I am definitely ordering!! Here is the web site:

    Great price for a much needed item!

  • billg7billg7 Posts: 342
    I noticed that also when I first saw the Odyssey. I told the dealer the roof really could use something to protect it. My station wagon had rubber strips on the top. The dealer said he could take it to another shop which had already done that for other customers.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And she and her husband got it after asking me about different minivans. We told her we love our 1999 GC SE with many comfort features but we would recommend Odyssey as first choice. Why? DC are a great buy if the rebates, incentives, etc. are in effect but the Odyssey is a much better buy at MSRP. Plus, you do not feel like you may get ripped off with an Odyssey as you know that no one else got a better deal.
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