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VW Touareg SUV



  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Yes, just about perfect...

    If it was offered on a 7 passenger version, and the price was kept to the current 6 cylinder gas; I’d be there signing a check.

    My pessimistic side tells me that this scenario wouldn't happened for many more years, and the price will be significantly higher.
  • ypshanypshan Posts: 103
    The Consumer Reports mentioned that there is no cup holders for the back passengers. Is it true? Is that a problem for family with kids?
  • Consumer Report is not very accurate in their assessments. My recent vehicle was listed for several years (during the entire time I owned it) not to have shoulder belts for the rear middle seat. Every time I looked into my vehicle, I found those shoulder belts to be there, and I don't believe that they were put in just for me! My Touareg has cupholders inside the rear seat arm rest, depending on the vehicle version, they either pop out, or the padding has to be lifted up.

    I found that Consumer Report is not a real good authority on automobile testing, they look more for the emotional things, and praise them as long as they are in a Japanese brand vehicle. I found them to diss the identical feature in a US made car that they praised in a Japanese made one (and I subscribe to Consumer Reports since more than 20 years).
  • Their auto ratings are great and relevant ... if you're a century old, never drive over 30 MPH, don't care about handling or style, and still think we're at war with the Germans! ;)

    I use their ratings when shopping for toasters (they won't let you try before you buy) but car reviews are (how to say politely) "not their forte"!
  • do any of you guys know when the touareg extended is going to come out? maybe while there at it they could add the 4.2 335 horse like the audi's, lol.
  • snooksnook Posts: 3
    I am considering the new 2005 V6 Touareg and will occasionally be towing my boat on a trailer with brakes. Total weight is about 4,000lbs.

    I was wondering if anyone on the board is currently towing a similar situation and how the experience has been? Any problems?

    All thoughts are welcome on this topic even if you do not tow your comments are appreciated.

  • snooksnook Posts: 3
    It would be great to see what people are actually getting for average gas milage in their Touaregs...

    Post if you have a V8 or V6 and what kind of milage you average
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I have 12k miles on a V6. I drive city and freeways around Denver, including the mountains. Over the first 10k my MFI indicated an average 18.3mpg. I've checked the accuracy of the MFI on a few tanks and it seems about right. Over the last 2k, I've averaged 17.9, which is probably because I have been doing a little less highway driving lately. I'm not disappointed with the mileage; this is a heavy unit. Using mid-grade or regular gas drops the mileage a little. It doesn't run quite as smoothly on regular, so I pony up for premium.

    I'm interested in how the V8's are doing. I wanted one, but, at 20k miles a year, I wasn't sure I wanted to feed it.
  • I'm a newcomer to the board so I was looking for your expert advice. I was looking to purchase a new 2005 V8 Touareg. I really like the car, but there are always those comments about how VWs have a lot of problems. Anyone have thoughts? Are you happy with yours or would you have gone to a different car had you another chance? Thx.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Love my Touareg. Be prepared to have a few problems. There are at least 6 "programs" to fix stuff on my V6 2004, two of which were mailed recalls. One major fix is a new transfer case, which is yet to be installed (my choice), while I wait for other parts, so that all can be fixed on one visit. I'm not thrilled that the driveline will be taken apart on my car, but we'll see how they do. At least I won't be the first one at the dealership to have this done.

    I am waiting for parts to fix a broken center console. Sounds like terminal backorder. They replaced a cracked wood trim piece on the door and screwed up the aluminum surround doing it. I'm now waiting for that part. The CD player puked and that was replaced out of dealer stock, with no further problems. The front brake rotors sure look like they are wearing down after only 12k miles. The pads have lots of meat left. I'll have them look at that when I bring the car in for the transfer case.

    The bright side is that the dealer has a much better, more helpful attitude lately. Although they do not do loaner cars, they always ask if they can rent me one when I leave the car. I think VW maybe got the message that people that can afford $40-70k cars and trucks don't like to be messed with. We also have family and friends with similar incomes that buy lots of cars.

    There is nothing on the road like it, except for the Cayenne, and it is a joy to drive. Cayennes are starting to sprout in my neighborhood, and I see alot of Touaregs on the road. I figure I saved at least $10k over a similarly equipped Cayenne and about $3-4k over a 2005 Touareg. It looks like they loaded the 2005 price for incentives like they gave the last couple of months of 2004's.
  • Is anyone having trouble with the printing rubbing off interior buttons (i.e. navigation unit). I purchased in april and the dealer is trying to tell me that is normal wear and tear?
  • I had this problem with my touareg. The dealer told me the computer goes off and then comes back on usually when the car is on an decline (off ramp). VW fix was to update computer software done at dealership.
  • I am looking for a (good fitting) seat cover for the back seat of my Touareg (I have a dog and don't want the leather scratched). Has anyone had any luck with the Neoprene type? I am wonder how well it fits. If so, where did you buy it from?
  • I haven't seen too many seat covers for the t-reg yet. But why dont you fold down the rear seats, so your dogs cant scratch the leather, and if you want to you could remove the headrests so they dont scratch those as well.
  • I tried this on another board with no luck, so I thought I'd try here! I replaced all 4 of my tires last week. Initially, I received the dreaded "defective wheel onboard" prompt for one wheel, and the other three read the pressure ok. I decided to see if it was just a problem in reading the one wheel, so I initiated the store function. The "learning tire pressure" prompt came on, and that's it. All 4 wheels read "ok" on the MFI, but also show 0 pressure. The "learning" prompt will come on, but of course there is nothing to learn, since all of the wheels read 0. It would seem as though the computer needs to be reset, but who knows. Has anyone experienced this? My other thought is that maybe there are special valve stems that the tire place chucked.
  • ahkahk Posts: 3
    What is the factory holdback % for 2005 Touareg V6? - I am hearing it is 3% of MSRP.

    also what is the floorplan fee for 2005 Touareg V6?

    These two will be very helpful in negotiating with a dealership.

    I need this information ASAP!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I don't know about floorplanning money, but VW's holdback is 2% of the Base MSRP.


    Steve, Host
  • Has anyone tried dust shields on there T-reg.
    Kleen Wheels has vented shields and they say it won,t effect the cars warranty.
  • has any of you guys seen the VW Touareg W12 Sport at the Paris auto show? That thing is amazing!!! I hope they could bring that to the U.S.....But later in Automiblie mag, they said the Sport pacage will be available here, just without the W-12, But everything else.....if there is any touareg sport model in consideration of the u.s. market...Bring it...don't delay like the new gti and the r32!!!
  • They're there. Probably didn't bother opening the armrest. My 12 year old HATES them b/c you have to open the armrest compartment to use them, leaving everything she's stuffed in there exposed to fly around the back seat if I decide to drive in sport mode. : )

    Seriously, though, they're there, just not very good.
  • I'm fairly aggressive and use sport mode frequently. We are getting about 14 mpg during commuting into D.C. (1/2 hwy, 1/2 city). V6. I drive about 95% of the time, my wife the other 5%. Based on comments from others, 14 is pretty good!

    When we go up to NY, we get about 17 mpg at about 80 mph (did I admit that????) and a fairly loaded car.
  • Yeah, this thing is unreal. Makes me wish I had $100k to drop on a car.

    Unfortunately, I read that they're making 550 only and that 330 of them are going to Saudi royalty and the balance to top customers only.
  • 2004 was limited to 7,000 lbs. I only know this b/c they had an add w/ the Airstream trailer (you know the one w/ the Beetle trying to pull it first) and had to pull it b/c that model Airstream was 7700 lbs. Not sure about 2005.
  • I plead ignorance: what's brake dust? My wheels start to get really black quickly after a car wash (w/in a week). Is that b/c of brake dust? Can you give me a link to what you're talking about? It would save me a 1/2 hour a week of wheel washing!

  • Brake dust is from your brake pads . German cars have softer brake pads. Go to
  • Does anyone know how to reset the tire pressure monitor? I get the "ok" for all 4 tires, but no pressure reading (0.0). I have tried taking the fuse out, but this doesn't seem to help. I did this when the car was cold, to get the base reading, but while the system says "learning", the readings still come up 0.0. The dealer's only answer was to take the fuse out, so they don't seem to know either. Any ideas or help would be appreciated......this has been going on for weeks, with no fix in sight.
  • i recently test drove a t-reg V-8, when the car was in D, when it would downshift from 2nd to 1st, it would make a clunk sound and a motion of a harsh downshift, but when in S mode, i wouldnt get that harsh downshift. has any other owner noticed this?
  • I am so glad that Edmunds didn't just give their 2005 SUV of the Year award to the LR3. Every car magazine seems to think they can only award their tropheys to NEW or REDESIGNED vehicles for the year. Since the only choices this year for new or newly designed vehicles are the LR3, Ford Freestyle, Escape Hybrid, or H2-SUT, the LR3 has won all their awards....pity.
  • I get that harsh downshift in both D and Sport modes. The dealer shakes his head and say they can't duplicte the problem.
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