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Corvettes and all things about them



  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,561
    Hopefully in 8/9 years the process has gotten better!!?? This was ordered in 2000. First off, I wanted a 2000 metallic blue "Nassau Blue" hard top. I was placed on the waiting list. I was told we missed the order cut off for the 2000 model year. Next, the dealer really didn't know the 2001 offerings (specifically alpha/ numeric codes to order the 2001 hard top) and the ones in the inner GM order chain didn't either. To make a long story short, it was a seemingly longer wait than what I had envisioned. Since this order was being placed NOT from a so called "high volume" Corvette dealer, which tends to get its so called Corvette quotas, the salesman had to pull some strings up and down the internal GM pecking order (seamless to us the consumer of course) which nontheless affects/effects, who, what, why, how and when, etc.), At times it felt we were PUSHING strings! :( Also at the time, most dealers charged MSRP/plus. So because in our minds, I had wanted the so called hard top, the salesman and dealership worked on giving me close to the 2000 hard top prices for the 2001 so called "hard top" which we now know as the 2001 Z06. Another was there was no order code for NO sound system! There was the other anomoly; the factory called the salesman to extend to me (since I had expressed it) the option to paint my ordered Speedway White, hard top now "Z06" (I had wanted hardtop and they decided to radically soup up the hard top version), the metallic Nassau Blue! They stated 2 GM execs had wanted metallic Nassau Blue and they would be willing to accomodate my "non standard" color choice. Naturally I thought he was playing a practical joke, but nonetheless gave me half a day to decide. So I understand through the Corvette community there are documented 2 (nonstandard color choice) 2001 Corvettes painted Nassau Blue from the factory! :) I kept the Speedway White choice. I probably should have gotten another one painted Nassau Blue, but oh well.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Interesting about Boardwalk, I know another forum where they
    post but don't seem to be competitive with other 'National'
    dealers. I ordered my first Vette from a dealer in San
    Leandro and the salesman took my $1k down and then since I
    had put in a 60 day, confirm build or refund, he called to
    admit that the sales manager was using all their allocation
    to fill the show room. I wasn't getting a slot. That's
    when I found Ken F. at Fichtner Chevy in Laurel, MT. One
    email set the discount, another set the order details and
    returned the build slot in his allocation list. This was
    summer of 2001 and I got an August build 2002 in Electron
    Blue. As I remember I then called just to make sure the
    phone number worked and sent off my $1k check. I got notified
    of a build date in early Sept., arrived at the dealer in mid
    month and flew up late in the month to pick up the car.

    Saved an extra grand over what I'd been promised by the local
    dealer, but not delivered, and about 2k over what was avail.
    if I took what was sitting on lots, wrong colors and options
    I didn't want. The trip got me a couple days in Yellowstone
    with the wife which was one reason she ordered one a couple
    years later. Same drill except she got the last of the '04s
    at $12k off or $39k out the door with $2k more in options
    than my '02 and sticker about $2k higher due to price increases.

    I'm very happy with Fichtner!

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I track my C5, quite alot actually, it's been to about 100
    track days in 4 1/2 years of it's 6 year life. It isn't an
    inexpensive car to track but with a little thought and just
    learning the ropes about driving on race tracks it can be
    done reasonably. I used to think the $200/$300 entry fees
    were a big deal until I learned how quickly I would use up
    tires, brake pads and rotors. That's not to mention the
    work to bleed brake fluid and the mods to keep it cool when
    you start to pick up speed. I have several grand into the

    From some folks I've talked to the electronics in the C6
    seem to be a little more finiky than the C5, don't know for
    sure. Then with 18/19 wheels the tires are less available
    and lots more expensive than the 17/18 sets I run on the C5.
    I'm guessing the rotors and pads would be about equal.

    I think if I were to replace my current coupe I would love
    to find a C5 Z06 with a telescoping steering wheel, they
    didn't come in the Z, even as an option, that had been a
    show car for some non performance owner. It's amazing how
    many Corvettes sit in garages and just go to shows on weekends.
    I even know a guy who had never washed his C5 in 6 years, it
    had never been washed, or out in wet weather. Amazing!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    I bought my GMPP through them - last week, in fact.
    Thanks for posting...
    - Ray
    Doing Yosemite this Fall w/Daughter - but without my 'Vette ( sigh )
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Hi Everyone,

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  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I was just wondering,is the painted top on the C6 that much harder to remove and store than the glass top? Thanks
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    Everything sounds reasonable except the limit on production.
    If it sells, they will make more.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142

    The Corvette Wave is still alive and the word seems to get
    out there somehow to new owners.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Too bad they didn't use twin turbos. That's a natural set up for a big V8.

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  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,820
    I was reading an update on the upcoming Corvette SS in, I believe, Automobile magazine. They stated (probably not in these exact words, I don't have the mag with me) that "the SS is the last hurrah for the C6 before the introduction of the mid-engined C7". Is this a known fact? Speculation? Pure fantasy? I would like to hear. If this is solid, or at least semi-solid, is there any speculation on when it will arrive or what it will be packing?

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Well that will change the character of the entire car.

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  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Personally I'm guessing that if you did a search on mid-engine
    Corvette you would find that prediction started some time
    in the 50's, ok maybe just before 1963. I'm not holding my

    What I can't figure out is who is qualified to drive what we
    have today? I have learned so much going on track for four
    years that I can't believe how little I knew when I started.
    My C5 coupe is 3250#s with 350HP or about 295rwhp. That is
    right about 10#s/hp. AS you dip below that threshold the
    cars get crazy fast, and even things above that can get most
    drivers into trouble. The gas crisis and smog rules, along
    with insurance costs, cut off the last HP wars, don't know
    what it will be this time around, but it will happen. Hope
    I have in the garage what I want when it happens.

    BTW, just before they cut back before, they were underrating
    engines. Well, saw a dyno of the new 430HP 2008 and it was
    370rwhp, which isn't a normal correction factor, they are
    underrating again, it seems ...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    You can verify your concern by looking in Hemmings Motor News at the large number of Vipers that are advertised "with damage". Most of these supercars are well beyond the average drivers' capabilities. Fortunately, most of these drivers also have the good sense to recognize their limitations and drive accordingly.

    I'd like to bone up on cornering techniques before dealing with a 400+ HP mid-engine Corvette. Mid engine cars can snap-spin so fast you wouldn't believe!

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  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    Sorry to interrupt the thread about mid-engine super cars.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find a cargo cover for the C6 coupe. I don't see it on nor on I know they were produced for the C5 coupe. My salesperson can't one either.

    Any suggestions ?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    does anyone here drive their vette more than 15k miles per year? do C6 tires last more than 15k?!
    i'm very interested in how livable is the C6... 15k miles per year sounds like a minimum to me, not a maximum!
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    I am at 12,000 miles right now on my 2007 – and about 8.5 months of driving.
    That means I’ll likely hit what I typically have each year for the past 5 – 18K +/-.
    At 12,000 miles, I’d guess my tires have another 12K – or more.
    My Coupe is NOT a Z51.
    The tires included with that option package ( by all reports ) wear MUCH more quickly.

    Anyway – my Corvette is my Daily Driver & my only vehicle.
    I find it quite livable – in commuting, “grocery getting”, and long trips.

    I doubt I drive mine the most miles per year.
    - Ray
    Some will call me crazy, but . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Corvette owners are pretty good about using their cars on a daily basis (because they CAN). So, too, Porsche owners, who rack up very high miles. But interestingly, you will rarely see a high miles Ferrari or Viper (understandably). Also interesting to me is that Ferraris and Vipers are severely punished in value for higher miles, but not Vettes or Porsches.

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  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    I actually do expect that I will be "severely punished" for the miles I drive. At 2.5 years ( I bought a GMPP to 60 months & 60,000 miles ) I expect to have well over 40,000 miles on mine - and take a significant 'whack' for that.
    (( sigh ))

    A friend locally with a 2006 Corvette has just ** UNDER ** 2,000 miles on his...

    Yet - I am really enjoying the miles.
    And this is just what it costs...
    - Ray
    Many (s)miles....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Yes but you are getting a great deal of use for your $$$ and your car is still worth something at 60K...a Ferrari with 60,000 miles is essentially a parts car...basically sale-proof.

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  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I started out in 2001 trying to keep miles off my C5. First
    I drove the old DD, an econobox but couldn't stand more than
    a year of that and about 8k saved. Then I bought a very low
    miles C4, 1995 auto and it wasn't bad, just not as good as
    the C5 so I sold it after 10k miles and a year. Good deal,
    only cost me the sales tax and a couple hundred since it was
    still low miles when I sold it. But the C5 is just too much
    fun not to drive and I'm up to 68k with the car going on six
    years old in 2 months. Now I'm doing about 15k/year and
    that is with no commute.

    As to tires, my wife's C5 has original run flats still on
    at 24k miles. They are due for a change before winter.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Be prepared for a shock on cost to replace the run-flats.

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  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    Check with discount tire, I just bought new Kumho run flat tires that had the same rating as goodyear for more than half the price and so far they are great.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Oh that's great to hear that there is an alternative to the dealer...but you had to recalibrate the pressure monitoring system, mounting etc?---still not cheap I bet.

    Pity the Saturn Sky owner---$450 a tire at my local tire shop.

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  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,955
    TireRack occasionally has sales \ specials.
    The rears ( non-Z51 ) are currently just under $250...

    Rear: 285/35ZR19 RunFlat
    Serv. Desc: (90Y)
    Load Rating: LL
    UTQG: 300 AA A Price: $240.00 (each) Special
    Estimated Availability: In Stock
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    not too bad...but then you have to find a good place that can mount them without damaging the bead or the sensors.

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  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i switched to the firestone run flats--quiet and no tire hop--sofrter sidewalls.

    price at firestone dealer was comperitive with tire rack

    just have to find a tire dealer that has run flat equipment
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,561
    That is a whole lot of increased incremental costs and technology; just because a driver doesn't want to check the tires once a month!!???

    I a reminded how glad I am the 2001 Z06 does NOT have these. I would have changed both the second I needed new tires.
  • brit7brit7 Posts: 4
    Hope no one minds me posting this question here...

    I live in England and will be on holiday with my wife in California for two weeks in September.

    We've always wanted to do 'proper' American road trip so will be spending a few days driving from LA up to San Francisco along Highway 1 so we've hired a Corvette Convertible from Hertz (seemed to be the only hire company who stocks them and lets you do a one way hire) for this part of our trip.

    I want to make sure we can enjoy the drive with the hood down, but I know that reduces the trunk space to 5 cu ft. Could someone tell me what the actual dimensions are (length, width, height) and whether the stowed hood reduces the width or height compared to when its up?

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Actually since we have 2 C5s, tire cost is not really a any
    shock. However, since I have my stock wheels in the garage
    with a set of EMT Michelin's they may just end up on the
    wife's car. I have been running a set of Z06 wheels with
    Kumho non-run-flats for most of the last two years. I've
    had 3 nails/screws and not one has left me stuck. Since I
    check pressures all the time, due to track driving, I caught
    each and made it to the America's Tire shop without incident.
    Pure luck, I know. At about $800 per set the Kumho non-RF
    is a great alternative with much more traction.

    As to tire sensors, not much issue, the local Am's Tire knows
    the drill and has yet to be a problem. My biggest issue is
    that my tires sitting in the back of garage still read out
    in the car and I don't lose the reading unless I get more
    than about 20 minutes away from home.
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