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    I looked up in one of my factory service manuals to see what GM diagnostics said about parasitic drain:

    Take the reserve capacity of the battery, divide by 4, and the drain should not exceed that number of milliamperes.

    For my 03 leSabre, 115 minutes divided by 4 = 29. So 29 milliamperes is the expected maximum.

    This applies to H-body GMs from their Helminc.com factory service manual.

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    Hi, I was reading the posts about the Michigan lady's battery draining. I am having the same problem. I have to drive my car every day or the battery is drained. And it is a new(er) battery. I've had it tested and it is good, the alternator is good. Earlier I had to remove the fuse for the load leveler, but then my son replaced the computer module on the car and reconnected the fuse to the load leveler. When the battery started dying (it's cold here now - 17 degrees), the first thing we did was remove the fuse. Also, if one door is not closed, the battery will die overnight. The next thing, we removed the trunk light. I have not tried letting the car sit for a day and night lately to see if the load leveler or trunk light was the problem, but would like to know what types of things drain batteries. Thanks. CJ
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    I learned in discussions that some of the earlier 92-99 H-bodies have a connection for the load-leveler pump that bypasses the shutdown for battery protection and bypasses the OFF in the ignition switch.

    If the rear struts and associated tubes are seeping air, the lowering level activates the pump to pump it back up. When you remove the fuse for that circuit, does the car level lower over hours when there is no pumping back up the pressure to restore height?

    Also, the BCM (blower control module) for the blower motor on the systems with automatic temp control can fail in a mode where the blower motor stays on even with the ignition key OFF. Other failures are to quit working or give erratic speed controls. So be alert for that also.

    The interior lights should be controlled by a module, body control?, that turns off the lights after about 10 minutes. Do all Park Aves for 1994 have that feature? Or is yours a Custom model that didn't have that in the package or the options?

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    I took my car in on December 30, 2010. I received it back 6 days later and it was not working right. I took it back before I drove home with it and they kept it another 2 days and said everything was working fine. I drove it one day and it started to do the same thing - driving itself, revving the engine whether in drive or parked, speedometer stopped working, would have my foot on the brake pedal and you could feel it wanting to go. I had never had this problem before until after I got it back from this new repair shop I took it to. I called them and they came and got it the next morning and I have not had the car back and they tell us now it is in need of a computer and so he is searching for a used one to save me money, but it is going on the 4th week since I took my car into this shop. I have never had such problems getting my car fixed, I am questioning if this is even what is wrong with it. I took it in originally because it would die on me before I would get out of the yard at home and/or die at an intersection while waiting for the light to turn red and then it would act as if it wanted to cut out when I would drive it to town. They replaced the spark plug wires and they looked like they needed replacing, as well as the ignition coil and said it was fixed, but there was still a code that kept coming up that they could find nothing for the cause of that code and told me it was nothing to worry about it was still driveable. Well, it was not driveable and my brother-in-law said that there should never be a code left - something is still wrong with it. I wanted to take it somewhere else, but my father insisted it needed to be returned to this place for them to make it right. My life is in limbo because I have no idea how much it is going to cost me when I do finally get the call to come pick it up. I wish I had taken it somewhere else now. Has anyone ever experienced this problem and are they finally onto the right thing about the computer being replaced or could it be something else? They did not tell me the code it was still showing them. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you! Lori
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  • bluechi286bluechi286 Member Posts: 2
    My fiancé just bought a 1990 Buick either Electra Park Ave. or a Park Ave. (we're not entirely sure). The problem that we are having seems to be fuel regulation issues. The car drives really rough, especially when you are stopped or changing gears. When changing gears you have to be pressing on the gas as well as the brake so that the car doesn't stall. We were told, by the previous owner, that all it needed was a MAP sensor. But every autoparts store we go to tells us that the car doesn't require one. Any ideas on what's wrong with the car?
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    Did the person suggest MAF sensor? Those gave troubles at times. Tap on it while the engine is running with a screwdriver handle and if the vibration causes a bobble in the engine, yours may be faulty. Try removing the connector and starting the motor to see if that helps the idle.

    Replace with a Delco brand. Off market MAFs have given lots of troubles. They can be cleaned with sprays if they are just dirty. Do not touch the wires inside them that the air cools to measure air flow.

    You could need to clean the EGR which might not be closing all the way. It affects the air flow and balance if it doesn't stall the motor.

    How is the fuel pressure from the fuel pump in the tank?

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    Your going to think I'm crazy but, have you checked the coolant level. I've been fighting the problem with my 90 P/A stalling at intersections for 2 years. I changed the coolant sensor because it seemed to act worse in different temperatures. Now I'm noticing the heat coming and going so I decided to dump in some coolant and sure enough it took 3 quarts and still isn't full. The coolant sensor is on top of the engine probably at the highest point in the cooling system. A great place for an air pocket.
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    We have a 1995 PA that the auto theft system keeps going off for no reason. We bought it used, so we do not have the owners manual on how to deactivate it. We would hit the horn until it went off, but now the horn is stuck and won't go off. Does anyone have an idea of what the dealer is going to charge to fix this as our mechanic said it's more involved than being able to just cut a wire, since we don't care about having a theft system anyway.
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    I'm having the same problem.. with a presidential edition 96 buick park ave.... whatever that means..... I see that no one has answered this question.. it seems that no where on the internet can anyone get a real solution to this problem. What's the dang hold up??

    With my car, I replaced the lift actuator for the trunk and afterwards the int. lights will not go off like they're supposed to. After the 10 min. limit they go off but when I shut the door, click lock on the key fob, and put the car in drive.... they stay on. When you unlock on the key fob it's supposed to turn on all the lights outside for a brief time... only the regular headlights come on (not the parking lights) and they only stay on for a few seconds.. inside there's a panel above my mirror on the roof that has several labels for each light that it monitors... my tail lights one is lit up yet both of my tail lights work fine. The slide controls that deal with the twilight and brightness/int constant on... are all set to normal positions.. but this stuff is still having issues. Can ANYONE please answer this?
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    1994 buick park avenue fully loaded.

    okay, my buick started off fine, then about 6 months ago, the battery just started draining. sometimes, it would take a couple of days, but since the battery's got warn down, it now takes a few hour to go dead. i replaced the battery 2 times.(big waste of money lol) the car will start, but it needs to receive a jump to do so. it will run with the battery unplugged, so its not the alternator. the vats system acts up to. like sometimes it will take me 10-20 minutes to start it cause of that. when i try to start it when its dying, it makes a strange very fast clicking sound in the relays. and the ac turns on when it wont start aswell. when it does start, everything is fine except for the light indicator(the thingy that tells u when a bulb is out). the 8 red lights on it blink fast. i checked all the bulbs, they are all fine. someone told me that the computer under the dash could be bad, but i pulled that, and everything was fine. i even started it without the entire computer hooked up, and it made no difference to anything. my buick sat for a few months, due to lack of money. but i have the money now, and i really want to get this thing running correctly. any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advanced.
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    the rear strut line broke, which is what i thought was causing the drain, but it didnt make any difference. its been unplugged for months. the blower motor i have heard on after i turned the car off, but not very often. and the throttle has slight instability when i first turn it on(slight revving, plus kicking when i put it in drive). if this is the problem, how could i go about repairing it?
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    I would take it by your local auto store, most of them will get their Actron Scan tool and scan it for you for free, they will let you know whatever code it has stored.

    As for your stall problem..
    I take it you are over 100k miles?
    If so have you ever had your fuel filter changed?
    I'd do that, and then have all 6 of those fuel injectors swapped for some re-manufactured ones.
    That or have a shop flush them professionally for you, I'm betting you will notice a big difference after getting this done.
    I say this because I had a similar stall problem for years, and I found out I had two bad injectors, my car was at 134k when it finally died due to the fuel injectors.

    As for the car wanting to go on its own, I read about that somewhere, I believe it may have to do with the Idle Air Control Sensor, the Throttle Position Sensor, or maybe it was the Mass Airflow Sensor.
    The IAC & MAF can be easily cleaned off if they are a bit carbon fouled.
    Just throwing some ideas out there, I am no mechanic, so maybe somebody else out there knows how to better help you.
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    They had to mean the MAF Sensor as imidazol97 mentioned.
    That will be attached to the throttle body, and should be easy to remove, it should have 2-3 screws.
    It can be cleaned with MAF Cleaner available at any auto part store, just DO NOT touch the little metal elements you will see once you remove it, or damage them in any way.

    I'd also consider having the EGR cleaned, as imidazol had another good suggestion, I have a 96' Park Ave and had some rough idle issue for a long time, I found out my MAF was a little dirty, my EGR was occasionally sticking open due to so much carbon build up.
    I also had a Idle Air Control Valve that was carbon fouled, so you may want to have it cleaned as well.
    Here is a pic of what it looks like.

    Last, but not least, if the car has over 100k miles on it, consider having the fuel injectors flushed, if not swapped out for 6 re-manufactured ones, you should be able to get 6 of them for 160.00-180.00.
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    Hi guys, I have a gorgeous diamond white 2000 Ultra with all options, and about 115K on the clock, and its great, but several weeks ago it lost the #3 fuel injector and set that code, so into the shop it went. They replaced the injector and also fixed a small oil leak they found by replacing the intake manifold, and S.C.gasket, they also did a coolant flush.

    Now the problem started, on the way home from the shop, and the car running great, it set the code PO-401. My tester reads that as "EGR insufficient flow" (This is a first). So back it went to the repair and smog shop. After 3 weeks in the shop, they say its operating fine, including the EGR system, but the computer will reset the PO-401 ever time its driven. GM has no computer flash (re-programing ?) for this code.
    Everything in the EGR system was replaced, some items twice, plus all lines cleaned. Even the intake manifold was removed again to make sure the new gaskets were not at fault.
    It has never had a PO-401 code before.
    Any ideas? I live in Calif and must find a solution.
    Thanks Mike.
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    some ideas:

    check for leaks in the exhaust system

    check for clogged inlet or outlet ports TO the EGR.


    Check for the following conditions:

    Vacuum restriction to the MAP sensor. A restriction to the MAP sensor can cause the EGR flow test to fail due to insufficient MAP changes being monitored during the test. Check for objects blocking the vacuum to the MAP sensor. Also check for kinked or pinched MAP sensor vacuum hoses (if equipped.)

    Poor connection at PCM or EGR Valve. Inspect harness connectors for backed out terminals, improper mating, broken locks, improperly formed or damaged terminals, and poor terminal to wire connection.

    Damaged harness. Inspect the wiring harness for damage. If the harness appears to be OK, observe the actual EGR position display on the scan tool while moving connectors and wiring harnesses related to the EGR valve. A change in the display will indicate the location of the malfunction.
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    I think I found the right window channel rubber for my 98' park ave. passenger side but want to know how to change it out first so it will work right( I had a tec.. at collision specialists install one on driver side related to a collision) but I got laid off recently and need to do it myself. The window that was fixed used to jump out and raise with trouble till this was done. That's all that was changed on that door.
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    I have the same car. You just need to find a mechanic that knows how to do it. It is not worth fixing to him, because it will probably cost what the car is worth. I would fix it for my mother.

    Anyways, if you ever want to sell the car in the future please email me.


    my email is [email protected]
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    I do know that this info will help you because I have the same problem. Well hope you can save some money.

    Here we go. Before, buying the body control module, you should check these six things.
    1) check to see if wires come together in the harness
    2) check camshaft sensor wires
    3) check crankshaft sensor wires (2 and 3 check to see if wires come together in harness)and change and or retape wiring. Insulation wears out and they touch. Follow the wires from the cam and the crank and make sure they are not touching.
    4)Check to see in you have a blown amp
    5) Check fuel injection wires and make sure there not touching nothing
    6) Finally, check on the 1194 Buick recall for the (starter).

    The check engine lite would come on for all these problems, especially if its the wiring....sometimes the blank rapidly and then sometimes one or two lights stay lit.

    Hope this help everyone out. Pay it forward and let me know the outcome.
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  • alan95alan95 Member Posts: 2
    This car has 45000 miles on it Ran good for many years but 2 years ago it quit running replaced computer then replaced cam sensor ran ok but quit again diagnosed it again said crank sensor replaced but quit again now it says crank and cam sensor need to be replaced.
    Please help
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    When I shut off my 96 park ave the climate control continues to stay on. The AC and heat can be turned off but the exterior temperature display stays there, and the light indicating that the climate control is off stays on also. Now it is draining my battery. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  • supermicrsupermicr Member Posts: 3
    99 BPA, Heat or Air is only coming thru the Vent. Little or no air flow thru the defrost or floor. Last time i had it in for this they said the door was stuck and they used something to nudge it and it worked.
    What opening or where is the door located that controls the air flow from the vent to the defrost or floor?
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    99 PA HVAC

    #52 is the actuator for the air door that switches flow from defrost to dash to floor.
    #51 may also be an actuator for driver or passenger. Your car has dual air controls, I assume...

    The actuators have white parts that show after you take off the hush plastic panel under the dash. By turning on the Key and operating the controls, you should see movement if the actuator is moving.

    Check connectors for poor contacts by reseating them.

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  • danray74danray74 Member Posts: 2
    How difficult is it to change the water pump?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
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    Book says 4.7 hours

    The only snag I see here is how to support the engine if you don't have the special tool---you'll have to figure out a way to do that safely.

    Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    Remove the bolts from the A/C compressor splash shield.
    Remove the splash shield.
    Drain the coolant.
    Remove the supercharger drive belt.
    Remove the drive belt.
    Remove the coil pack. Position the coil pack out of the way.
    Remove the supercharger belt tensioner.
    Install the engine support fixture J 28467A
    Remove the engine mount.
    Remove the power steering pump.
    Remove the engine mount bracket.
    Remove the idler pulley.

    Remove the water pump pulley.
    Remove the water pump.
    Clean all of the gasket mating surfaces.

    Using a new gasket, install the water pump on the engine.
    Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

    Install the water pump bolts.
    Tighten the bolts (1) to 15 Nm (11 ft. lbs.).
    Tighten the bolts (2) to 30 Nm (22 ft. lbs.).

    Install the water pump pulley. Tighten the bolts to 13 Nm (115 inch lbs.).
    Install the idler pulley.
    Install the engine mount bracket.
    Install the power steering pump.
    Install the engine mount.
    Remove the engine support fixture.
    Install the supercharger belt tensioner.
    Install the coil pack.
    Install the drive belt.
    Install the supercharger drive belt.
    Refill the coolant.
    Install the A/C compressor splash shield.
    Connect the negative battery cable.
    Check for coolant leaks.
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    hello I was wondering what the problem was I have the same problem please help
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    Our car is hesitating during shifting and when accelerating has a bogged down feel. The RPM gauge floats up and down during this. The check engine soon light is also on. My husband stopped by an auto store and they scanned it and said it gave a general catalytic converter code. Anyone have any more specific ideas on what it could be? Or does it sound like the catalytic converter needs to be replaced? Letting off the gas pedal and easing it back down was helping, however, the problem has escalated over time. Thanks!
  • buickowner3buickowner3 Member Posts: 2
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    After a normal use of the car I pull into my garage and turnied off the ignition. I noticed that the radio went off before I opeined the door which was very unusual. When I tried to open the trunk with the remote it wouldn't open and when I went back and opened the car door I noticed the overhead security lights didn't come on. I realized then that I had a total power loss. I went into the house to think about things and a few minutes later I went out to figure out what was wrong. Much to my surprise the car started on the first try and all appeared normal. The failure acted like some sort of ciruit protection interruped power and when things cooled off power was restored.

    Concerned about the possibilty of something that might start a fire I moved the car of the garage and looked under the hood for loose conections and everything seemed normal. I put the car back into the garage. When I drove the car a few hours later I noticed a once per second clicking sound from the drivers side underdash which lasted for several minutes. I have heard this sound occasionally over the years but have never had a power failure assoicated with it.

    After reading several posts about problems envolving the auto headlight control I know that when I enter the garage my auto headlights come on. Although I didn't specifically notice at the time my headlights probably came on when had the power failure and I think they came on later when I heard the clicking sound.

    What is the likely cause of this momentary failure and what can I do to avoid it and the concern that the next power might not be restored?.
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    2000 Park Avenue with 186,000 miles. A week ago, while driving on the interstate, it quit and I coasted to a stop. Repair shop replaced the battery and tightened the cables. They checked the alternator and it was fine. Ran fine for several days after, but I did not have it on the interstate. Several days ago, while driving to work on the interstate, it quit again, like first time. I coasted to a stop. Had it towed to the same repair shop. Shop could not get it to stay running, but finally pushed it in. Now, car will start and stays running for an hour. Shop can't duplicate the problem, even when they take it on the interstate. Fuel pump pressure is good and computer is not showing any codes that would indicate problems with the oxygen mixture.
    Other known problems are: struts and shocks need replacing, front wheel bearings need replacing, engine mounts look to need replacing, ABS light remains lit(has for several years...no braking issues), fuel gauge sensor in fuel tank is going bad and indicates wrong fuel gauge readings. The shop does not believe any of these items is related to the car quitting. Shop had a GM Master Mechanic check it out and he said it was fine and not sure why it would quit like that.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • bowfanbowfan Member Posts: 55
    Hello bowecho7

    Most likely a crank position sensor. (CKP) Y2k models seem to have the largest problem with this part failure, according to what I've read.

    It's a pretty common problem, not sure why a GM MM wouldn't have known.

    It's about a $30 part at your local autoparts store + labor. I've known some mechanics to install for $50, but that is probably below normal rate.

    I agree none of the other issues you listed would be the culprit.

    Unfortunately the problem shows up intermittantly, but will get worse over time until it won't restart right away, it may pause for 15 mins.

    In the past I just put the car in neutral (very carefully :surprise: ) , restarted the car, and dropped it back into drive. Probably not as safe as pulling over and stopping, but if there isn't anywhere to pull over, it is an option that works.

    I'm 99.94% sure that will fix it and you will go back to being comfortable in relying on it.
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    Did you ever fix this problem with the air conditioner?PLMK
  • gardenwandersgardenwanders Member Posts: 2
    1998 Buick Park Avenue

    Our A/C is delivering cold air on the driver's side and hot, hot air on the passenger side. The floor fan is very hot air, too. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    My 92 PA is missing at 50 MPH. It runs good until then unless you accelerate hard. New coils and ignition module. Any else seen this? If so what was the fix. Thanks for your input.
  • 1davidc1davidc Member Posts: 2
    Forgot to add this. I have replaced the fuel filter and the air filter on this with no change. Next I intend to change the plugs and wires.
  • jseilerjseiler Member Posts: 1
    Start with the plugs. Put in AC Delco platinums, gapped properly (I had a 91,95 (3 of them),and a 96, all gapped to 0.060"). Put a very little Never Seize on the threads before putting in the new plugs. Take it for drive, try to go up a bridge or something with a decent incline to see if it misfires or bucks, AND the same conditions you experienced previously with the problem. If that doesn't solve the problem, put in a new set of AC Delco ignition wires, Lifetime Warranty, Amazon has the best prices. Put them in VERY carefully, one at a time, replacing the wire you just took out with the same length new wire. Put a very little di-electric silicon grease into the boot on the spark plug end using a Q-Tip. Test drive again. A half a pound of fifties says your problem is solved. If not, we'll dig further. Please keep us posted. Regards, Joe
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    My 99 park avenue just started blowing cold air on the driver's side, but will still blow hot on the passenger side. This occurs in auto mode, heat mode, with the passenger climate set to hot or cold or off.
    For the past 2 years I have heard something in the dash that sounds like a door trying to open or close, almost like the noise a blood pressure cup makes when pumping up, but everything in the climate control has worked just fine until this past week.
    So, I think an actuator is stuck or broken based on what I can find on various websites. Where is this so called actuator? I know it's under the dash somewhere, but can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,971
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    Take off the plastic cover under the dash, a few screws. Look up and watch the actuator #52 in this diagram. It will have white parts that show up and should rotate as you change the temperature with the key ON and change the settings on the dash controls. I am guessing you'll find it's not working smoothly and rotating its full range. You might even be able to manually help it move to the heat position. Actuators are held on by one or two screws and easily replaceable.

    HVAC box diagram

    Page of parts numbers corresponding to diagram

    Good luck and let me know what you find.

    The earlier actuators on the leSabres before 2000 had a white plastic gear inside that cracks. Then the gear slips on the hub it's a press fit on. The hub doesn't move the arm that moves the blend door or other doors. I repaired mine with superglue to hold the gear on the hub. I placed the split in the gear so it wouldn't meet the small driving gear during the 200 deg. range of motion controlled by a nub on the hub shaft on the outside of the box.

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • 2collies2collies Member Posts: 13
    Thank you sir. I printed the diagram and will have to wait until Saturday morning to get it apart. I'll let you know after that.
  • 2collies2collies Member Posts: 13
    O.K., I found three actuators under the dash. The one on the passenger's side is the one that has been making lots of noice all along, number 23 in the diagram. Then if I'm right, number 51 moves the doors to control the air to the floor, vents, defrost, this one is working fine. It must be the number 52 like you said, but I didn't take it out yet until I could figure out if this is causing the problem. The replacement is $110 for the driver's side and $155 for the passenger's side.
  • 2collies2collies Member Posts: 13
    I got number 52 out tonight and manually changed the temp on the driver's side, now I have heat again on both sides. I ordered one today, but for now I have the ability to change it so tomorrow morning at 4:30 it won't be so cold.
    Thanks again,
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,971
    Thanks for letting us know that it worked.

    Are you able to move the blend door after the actuator is off and have the blend door stay at the heat you pick even when the blower fan puts pressure on it? Or do you have to fasten it with a rubber band or string or something to hold it against the air pressure?

    2014 Malibu 2LT, 2015 Cruze 2LT,

  • 2collies2collies Member Posts: 13
    I thought that I had it set to be on heat all the time without the actuator on there, but driving in this morning it was blowing cold air again. I guess it's because of what you pointed out above. The new actuator should be here tomorrow, the dealer had it for $286 in stock, $86 at Dorman.
    I should have it on Saturday morning, and I'll let you know.
    Thanks again,
  • 2collies2collies Member Posts: 13
    This thing's got me stumped. I put the new actuator on last night, car was off, HVAC off. Bolted it on, connected it and started the car. When I turned on the heat and changed the temp, the exact same thing is happening. I looked under the dash and the actuator isn't moving at all. Is there a way to check if the part is bad, or maybe the temperature sensor on the driver's side is bad.
    Any ideas?
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    I have read all the problem swith the opening mechanism on the PA doors. My right rear door would not open (from the outside or inside) so I took off the door panel to check the entire open / close / lock mechanism. I was able to open the door by giggling the linkage leading to the lock actuator, door latch and child door lock parts. When I inspected everything was in tack; the linkage was all hooked up and I couldn't see any broken parts. In fact, I also took it to my dealer with the door panel off and had two of their mechanics inspect everything...both said everything looked OK. I put the door back together and it worked for a few hours; opened, closed, locked, etc. All of sudden it again wouldn't open, from the outside or inside. I don't want to just start replacing parts - the outside door handle is fine. I've been told it could be the lock actuator, the latch or the child safety lock. Any help would be appreciated as I prefer not to just replace parts randomly. Thank you!
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    After reading a number of posts, this is how I fixed the climate control on the driver's side in my 99 park avenue:
    Disconnect negative battery terminal for 5 minutes
    Reconnect and turn ignition on, the HVAC should set to 75
    turn off climate control and wait 5 minutes
    When I started the car, I was back in business.
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    I understand that engine RPM is limited to 4000 in park/neutral. However, RPM on my car is also limited in drive. If I do max acceleration, RPM stops and holds at 4000 in 2nd gear. I must let up on accelerator in order to shift to 3rd. Dealer suggested a new catalytic converter, which was installed today. This helped somewhat with power getting to 4000, but did not eliminate the 4000 limit. What to do next?
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