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Dodge Dakota



  • str021str021 Posts: 1
    Own a 92 Dakota,v6, ext. cab. Noticed roof dull after polishing, dealer fixed. Noticed paint on hood was 2 different colors. Dealer fixed. In 94, paint started peeling by left rear tail light. Dodge only agreed to fix a small area only. Now it's 6 years old with 50% of the paint gone and rust appearing on the roof where the first problem appeared. I wonder if anyone out there got any results and how successful where they. I noticed a few of the 96 Rams have small paint problems. Does Dodge have major paint problems or what???
  • mcmmlmmcmmlm Posts: 3
    Just ordered a 99 Dakota Club Cab SLT+ 4X2.
    23G-Quick Order Package
    ATK-Power Convenience Group
    BGK-4 Wheel Anti Lock
    LNJ-Fog Lamps
    GFD-Sliding Rear Window
    DDQ-5 Speed Manual
    DSA-Anti Spin Differential
    DMD-3.55 Rear gear
    NBN-Emissions For NJ
    The real question is, did I get riiiippppppppped off. I paid $18,911 before tax and tags.

    I am also interested in hearing from owners of '99 models. Are they the truck that people make them out to be?

    I ordered this over a Ford Ranger due to size and looks.
  • mcmmlmmcmmlm Posts: 3
    Is the V6 a no cost option with Quick Order package 23G. Three dealers said no, but I don't believe them.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    my ram is up on lease here in a month and i'm pondering getting a club cab v/8 dakota. does anyone here have any experience with the full-time 4x4 version that is available for 1999. i'm not sure if this was an option last year or not. thanks for any comments or suggestions ahead of time.
  • jayd2jayd2 Posts: 1
    Anyone know if 4-door version for Dodge Dakota coming out?
  • looking at a 93 Dakota Club Cab 4X4. Auto trany, 5.2L V8. 63000 miles... It's in great shape, the owner is a truck driver and only puts about 40-50 miles per week on it cause he's gone all week. It has hail damage on the hood and roof, which the insurance company is gonna fix. He's asking blue book value for it: $10500. Does anyone know of any problems I should be aware of that may be sneaking up on this truck? The brakes have been done all around and the emergency brake cable has been replaced... other than that the trany and engine seem sound. Your comments are welcomed... Thanks in advance.
  • grazkgrazk Posts: 18
    To MCMMLM regarding whether or not you got ripped.

    I was offered a 1999 Dakota Ext. Cab Sport

    5.2 liter V8 engine
    Anti-Spin Differential
    Air Conditioning
    Power Convenience
    Deluxe Convenience Group
    Fog Lamps
    3.55 axle
    Anti-Lock Brakes
    Heavy Duty Service Group
    Tow Package
    Tire & Handling Group
    Sliding Rear Window

    All of this for the low low price of $20,400. Plus there is a $500 rebate going on, so I CAN get this for $19,900, plus he's throwing in a bedliner.

    I might get this, but I'm also thinking about getting an R/T. Does anyone own one? Any complaints/pleasant surprises? Thinking about one with an extended cab and all the above options.
  • I ordered a '99 Dakota Sport on September 3rd. No truck yet. The salesman says all Dodge is rolling off the line right now is the SLT. Anyone have a clue as to whether this is true or he's blowing smoke?
  • Just got a call from the dealer, it appears as if Chyrsler did not have the anticipation needed to supply enough manual transmissions for the demand. The net, the 99 SLT 4X2 I ordered won't be built until the second or third week in December. Anyone out there having the same trouble.

    Should I opt for the auto? I hear that they are real troublesome.

    Need some advice.
  • Guess I just am, at the moment. Ordered my SLT 4X2 with manual transmission on Oct 1, and I just love my new truck! Got it last Thursday. Took 2 weeks to ship to CA, but it worked out best, as the $500 rebate ended up being $1500 (something about different rebates for different regions and options, whatever!) Now I have to decide whether to go with the 5-year/75,000 miles or the 7-year 100,000 miles warranty. I do drive just under 15,000 miles/year on every car I've ever owned. Any opinions?
  • I am looking to buy a used Dakota, ranger or S-10 in the 1992-1993 range. I like to Dakota better but it seems to be a bit more expensive. Is there any thing I need to watch out for in these older Dakotas?
  • This is my first venture into this sight.
    I ordered my 97 Dakota and took delivery in Feb 97. It is V6 3.9 extended cab shortbed 4x4 sport model. It is a great truck, but I am starting to get disappointed with it. I have had to have the radio replaced, the center console replaced twice (split bench seat). I have 38,000 miles on it and the tires are not wearing evenly and are scalloping (or pickling unevenly). My latest problem is that, driving between 60-70 mph the engine sounds really loud but the RPM's do not go up. I could feel and here vibration where my transfer case is. I noticed one night that I was leaking gear oil. I took to the dealer and they said I had a crack in my transfer case. They replace the transfer case but the truck is still leaking gear oil and sounds and runs horrible. I have never taken the truck off road, I usually drive it about 35 miles each way to work and then on weekends . I have scanned a lot of these posts and noticed people talking about tranny problems. Has anyone had this type of problem with their Dakota? my opinion is that this shouldn't happen with only 38,000 miles on the engine and the truck is not driven hard. I would be interested to hear any feedback. Thanks sorry so longwinded.
  • hello: am close to ordering a new 99' 4x4 extended cab, v8 (v6 seemed sluggish). i really
    like manual transmission, but have found NONE to test drive in a 4x4. ordering a manual 4x4 without having driven one does not appeal to me. Does anyone have a manual transmission 4x4? any problems? i am a little concerned about resale value on a manual transmission...any experiences/thoughts on that?

  • If you're worried about resale, definitely opt for the AT ... not to mention the tremendous convenience of never having to shift. The difference in gas mileage isn't terribly significant.
  • tdsriq: I just took delivery of my 99 v8 4x4 club cab with a manual(every option but auto and full time 4 wheel drive). I have always been the
    shift it myself type, and am very surprised at the overall shift quality of the transmission. The clutch isn't too heavy, and the throws are pretty short and tight for a truck. From reading through these posts, it seems like the majority of Dakota problems are due to auto transmissions, so I figured I would trade a little resale value for peace of mind. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to easily pull away from pretty much all other trucks (and most cars) in stop light drag races (if thats your thing). This truck is as quick as my Integra GS-R (Acura's small sports car) 0-60. Good luck!
  • tdsriq: By the way, my dealer ordered the truck for me (they don't carry too many manual v8s) and it arrived in under 4 weeks. I paid $500 over invoice (plus I got the $500 rebate). Don't let them sell it to you for any more than that...there are dealer incentives and a pretty big holdback on the truck.
  • dpeabody:
    thanks much for your response. am still indecisive about the purchase: it's a big financial commitment (well, for me), but a new kick-butt truck is something i've wanted for a long time. it sounds like you are pretty satisfied with your truck. i really appreciate your informative response!

  • but the dakota a kick-butt truck that's worth the money? it's a fine looking vehicle, but i am worried that it's reliability is sub-par. i just don't want to get burned...i'm used to driving vehicles that are low glitz, but extremely reliable...
  • I am looking at a '99 4x4 Club Cab and was wondering about the size of the back seats. I know it's difficult to fit adults in the back. Do the extra seats just end up being storage space?
  • grazkgrazk Posts: 18

    Just bought a 99 Dakota R/T, Extended Cab. Back space is cramped and I'm 5'7" (had to test it out to see whether I should torture my friends or not). It is also difficult getting into the back. If the people sitting in the back aren't very big (5'10" or larger), it should be ok for short trips if the front seat is moved as far forward as comfortably possible.

    I just use mine MOST of the time for storage space, but it does get used once in a while when I'm going out with friends. More leg room and space to tilt your seat back.

    I honestly could NOT do without an extended cab.
  • Does anyone have any performance data for the dakota r/t??
  • Can anyone recommend a good Dodge dealer/salesperson in the St. Louis area? I would also like to know if anyone has had any experiences purchasing a Dakota from one of these "invoice or less" dealers? Specifically, Melton Dodge and Mark Roberts Dodge in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
  • Summer 1998 issue of"Power Wagon & Sport Utilities" took a stock extended cab r/t to 15.37 at 89.26 mph. They got it down to 14.73 @ 91.59 mph varying tire pressure and removing the factory airbox. They suspect a .4 to .5 drop for a regular cab. May be time to trade off the 96 Ram.
  • Does anyone know the 0-60 performance of the R/T?
  • DmatDmat Posts: 43

    The thing that you have to think about is that the Dakota offers the MOST room in the rear. If you think that you need more you might want to consider a full size.

    Matt D
  • jlh2jlh2 Posts: 2
    RE: several inquiries concerning used Dakotas

    Here is my experience, for what it is worth.

    I bought a (then new) Dakota ext cab, 4WD, 6 cyl, with manual trans in 1993 and now have 64K miles. I take pretty good care of it. Oil change every 3K to 4K miles, mostly highway miles commuting to work, etc. Only major problem was the radiator, which cracked at the crimp between the plastic tank and the aluminum. Cost about $250 to replace it with a good (brass tank) radiator. I know the radiator shop owner and he said that he has had to replace many Dakota radiators for the same reason. Also, the release handle on the emer brake broke and fell apart (after the warranty expired). Now I reach down and pull the cable to release the brake. I have had a few electrical problems that have left me stranded (3 times). No transmission problems yet, as a few people mentioned. I love the extended cab. I would never purchase a truck without it.

    I am now looking for a new truck. I am considering the Ranger/Mazda, Toyota Tacoma, and the Dakota. I am suspicious of Ford, Toyota costs too much, and I am somewhat underwhelmed with the Dakota's reliability. Life is full of trade-offs!

    One consideration for me is being able to fit a Honda 4-wheeler in the bed and still shut the tailgate. I know I can do it in a Dakota. I am pretty sure I can do it in a Tacoma. But I'm not sure about the Ranger/Mazda. It's too close to call by measuring. It depends upon where the tires and racks hit on the truck. Anyone know the answer?
  • All I could find was a vague reference to an under 8.0 to 60 time from Chrysler press materials. Seems no magazine performed this test.

    Anybody have any reasons (other than towing) to keep a 1996 Ram 1500 (5.2L) instead of trading it for a Dakota R/T?
  • I remember seeing a review on TNN (Motor Trend..I believe) for the R/T model. They said 0-60 in 6.9 seconds. They also mentioned something to the effect of it's handling characteristics being comparable to a Mercedes (I can't recall which model of Mercedes).

    I know I've answered my own question (Question # 216). I was looking for verification on the numbers. It should be able to beat any truck on the road. As far as beating the new Mustangs with 260HP and the Camaro's and Trans-Am's with 305 or 320HP.......I don't think the R/T has a chance. I don't have anything against the R/T.....I'm considering buying one.

    Can anyone think of a reason why I would buy an R/T (5.9L V8) over the Regular Sport model with a 5.2L V8? Would the depreciation of the two be equal over time?

    I would appreciate any responses.
  • After I posted to this list a salesman from Albuquerque contacted me saying he will sell basically any Dodge for $99 over invoce. I haven't contacted him, but it appears to be professionally done. Here is the web site with the details:
    This could very easily save several thousand dollars and I imagine this is who I will be talking to when I decide to buy. If anyone has done this or has any more details I would be interested in hearing about them.

  • I would think there may be some extra value to an R/T since the 5.9L V8 is nearing the end of production. New V8s like the 4.7 that came out in the Grand Cherokee will replace the 5.2 and 5.9. I haven't heard any rumors on what that means for an R/T. I was able to drive a 5.2L Sport 5 speed regular cab. It was quick, but the dealer did not currently have an R/T in stock to compare it to.

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