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Acura MDX Maintenance and Repair



  • mjtianmjtian Posts: 48
    I didn't get one, 2 of my buddies did received new trannys [2001 CL-S, and 2002 CL] both had around 40-50miles on it. The 2001 CL-S actually had its tranny die on him in the middle of the road and they had to replace it, but since it had some to do with the recall and the warranty he got it for free. The 2002, he bought it used and the records also showed the car got a new tranny.
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    Bought my MDX back in Sept. First cold spell in Dec. and the tire monitor went on... front tires one morning, then the back tires the next morning. Filled the front tires up first day and the second day did the back tires. Noticed the caps were not tight when I took them off.

    I tightened them after filling the tires [I'm a VERY TIGHT freak - my wife can't open anything I tighten] and all has been fine since - including additional cold spells (live in northern suburbs of NYC). Conclusion: Air leaks out of the caps when it's cold??
  • wayneewaynee Posts: 16
    I don't think the caps are intended to provide a tire pressure leak-proof seal, but rather to prevent dirt and such from entering the valve stem. A more likely cause for the leakage is valve stem cores that are not tight - they can be tightened by a simple and inexpensive tool available at all auto supply stores.
  • robes1robes1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. It would be interesting to know the average heighth of a MDX owner... I bet the demographics lean towards the shorter leg person. i.e. women. That's maybe why despite abysmal reliability measurements for alternative choices in SUVs, guys may still choose a car that fits better.
  • sdao16sdao16 Posts: 2
    I have 2003 MDX with about 16000 miles, mostly driven during the weekend. My MDX tend to have some steering wheel vibration between 75-80 mph that comes and go. I have contact the dealership service and they are blaming on flat spot on the tires from not driving it often enought. Have anyone experience the same problem with their MDX?

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    It is designed in Japan, where the average height is shorter than 6'? At least I think so...however I hear the world height average is increasing due to better health and nutrition.

    A suggestion would be to take it to a body shop and have the seat moved back 2-3" on the tracks. It is possible and probably only $300ish. This would give you more overall legroom, not sure how this would effect the gas pedal position?
  • svk123svk123 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a used MDX from past few weeks. I test drove 3 of them... All 3 of them had very strong steering vibration when I go over 75 mph!! Mileage on them were between 40K - 50K. It looks like there is a known defect!!! Now I'm rethinking whether to go for used MDX or not!
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    No defect. My 2002 MDX is a luxury liner on the highway. No vibrations at all. The dealer you are shopping at may not balance tires well.
  • lisalevlisalev Posts: 5
    Acura is reopening my case now that several owners in Los Angeles have experienced similar problems after the heavy rains there. Its about time!
  • mdxmanmdxman Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 MDX w/Nav. I am 6ft tall, and about 280lbs. The dead petal position bothers me also, because I have to place my foot up above it, which damages the carpeting of the floor. I got around this by going to a dollar general store and purchasing a black rubber welcome mat, which I place the width of the floor under the gas peddle on the right all the way over to the left wall. Now I just place my foot well forward of the dead petal as though there was one there, and don't have to worry about damaging the carpet where the mats don't cover.
  • carpro1carpro1 Posts: 3

    I am having this problem since I bought this car few years ago and only happen when it is raining. I can feel the water (mist) hit on my faces, head, arms, hands, even legs and feet. It likes someone talk and spit on you. You don't feel water dripping down, and the car is not wet. Any ideas? The dealer replaced the windshield seal for me, but it is broken again, on the bottom close to the wipers. Please help and if you have experienced the same thing, please let me know.


  • My radio is flashing "code" when I press the power on. I just bought this car today and do not know where the code can be found. Would anyone know this? Do I have to call an Acura dealer or is it located somewhere on the vehicle?

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Don't have a MDX, but in the past they are usually in a card in the owner's manual. good luck
  • what year is your MDX?
  • darandalldarandall Posts: 57
    My 2001 MDX had the transmission problem between 20-30 mph. Acura dealer said I didn't have the problem for which the car was recalled, but said because I was such a good service customer they would replace the transmission, which they did. I'd push the dealer - I think my dealer figured out I would be very unhappy with a defective transmission! Good luck!
  • jbowman6jbowman6 Posts: 2
    My wife's 2002 MDX is currently on its' 3rd transmission with this one now causing us problems. The last one was replaced at 47,000 miles and the vehicle currently has 50,500 miles. To my surprise - - Acura will only honor the current transmission up to the 50,000 mile mark. I am only getting about 15,000 miles per transmission and am worried since I am now having problems with this tranny after 3,500 miles. Anyone have any suggestions? Acura Customer Service and Headquarters are unresponsive. I am considering the 'lemon law' when this one goes but don't know if it is possible with the mileage. Also curious how all of the websites rate the '01 and '02 MDX so highly. Everyone that I know that has an MDX has been through at least one tranny.
  • Just curious, what kind of transmission problem(s) have you had with your MDX?

  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    Yes...please tell us more jbowman6...your woes are very interesting...
  • jbowman6jbowman6 Posts: 2
    The first transmission would stop shifting gears during acceleration (i.e. would slip between all gears). The second transmission would 'grab' in second gear when decelerating and would almost throw you through the windshield if you weren't wearing your seatbelt (dealer even took vehicle from us and would not let us take it home stating that is was not only a severe risk to us but others on the highway). This 'second gear' problem was supposedly fixed with a recall and some sort of additional part permitting more transmission fluid to reach the plates shifting second gear. This is the same problem that I am experiencing now with the 3rd transmission - although only in the early stages of failure. Sort of funny how Acura is only giving me about 3500 miles on this one. It's a shame. Really like the vehicle. Probably cost me about $5,000 to have repaired.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    You have a very good case to get it replaced again under warranty. 50,500 miles with only 3500 on the new one? Did the dealer say they wouldn't honor it?

    If they do...get it replaced, take it a lexus dealer and trade it in on a RX330 or GX470. Not that the MDX is a bad vehicle, I love mine, but at this point I would switch if I were you.

    If not, call Acura HQ. Don't drive it much further as 58K miles is not right over 50K anymore. I think you have a good case to fight and win with them. Either way, dump the vehicle. I hear sawdust in a transmission will smooth over shifting/slipping issues long enough to dump it. You might need to find a local mechanic for that kind of fix.
  • erikgerikg Posts: 1
    Not so fast! My wife puts a lot of highway milage on her '02 MDX.....had the same valve replaced awhile back. Now at 70k we need a new transmission (Actually needed a new one at 50K but they probably wanted to get us away from the warrnaty period). It's had the same problem that everyone has been mentioning....reving at 25 to 30 mph.....not going into gear etc.. The car has had dealer service and synthetic fluids since it was bought and the car has seen mostly highway miles. It's my wife's car and she drives very conservatively. The dealer has the car now but want to soak us for $1000. I'll update if the dealer and Acura do the right thing and replace this bogus part on their dime.
  • wayneewaynee Posts: 16
    My 2002 has 46,000 miles with no transmission problems whatsoever. I took it in for the recall last year, the dealer said it was OK and just added the extra lubrication line.
  • saab2saab2 Posts: 6
    at 60,000, maybe February 05, we got a recall notice about the tranny in our 02 MDX. It had been behaving perfectly. The dealership said it was scorched inside and a definite hazard, advising us not to drive it. Since they were out of loaners they called Enterprise and fixed us up with a rental on their dime. Not wanting to pay $4000 for the transmission I inquired; their reply was since this was a safety recall it was on American Honda. Net cost to us zero.
    Overall this MDX has been very problematic for an Acura, but the dealership has obviously been great.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I have a 2003 with the Michelins and only have 12,000 miles. No vibrations whatsoever.
  • edhrybedhryb Posts: 7
    Can somebody clarify for me when you hear the noises? I recently purchased a 2005 MDX and hear the thud when reversing and braking (for example, out of my garage) but i assumed that was the gas tank noise issue. I have not heard any other unusual noises. When do you hear the gas tank noise?
  • elisophelisoph Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2001 MDX Touring with 49,000 miles. After reading about the frequent transmission problems, I am exploring buying an extended warranty.
    Here is what I found:

    - PrimusCare (a division of Ford) (4yrs/48K)for $1,400. The extended warranty is sold at the dealership where I bought the MDX
    - (5yrs/60K) for $1,700

    PrimusCare and 1Source requires repair done by an ASE certified shop.

    Acura also has the 7yrs/100K from the original pirchase date when sold new. In my case the remaining period/miles is 2yrs 8 months or 51,000 miles for $1,975

    Any experience with these warranties or any other recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Be careful and read the fine print. Extended warranties sound great, but when you go to get that transmission replaced they either make it so difficult to get coverage or flat out deny you. My "opinion"...put the $2000 grand in a separate bank account and only use it to fix the car, that way if nothing breaks, you still have the $2 grand...if something does go you most likely will be able to cover it...if not, you should have most of a repair cost. With an extended warranty their could be a deductable, other "not covered items" etc. You could end up paying $1500 for a warranty, and then $1000 when you need that new transmission, when maybe the whole cost would be $3000 anyway? Sure insurance and warranty's are nice, but if you don't use them you are out the $$$ and if you set aside your own cash you might be in a better place.
  • gmanzx3gmanzx3 Posts: 37
    Thanks for the advice sbcooke. I also just purchased a 2001 MDX Touring with 30k miles. I was thinking of purchasing the extended warranty also. I was leaning tword your way of thinking. Your reasoning helped my decision.

    edhryb: The noise you hear are the brake pads shifting in the caliper. I hear it too. It appears to be another common problem.
  • wenwen Posts: 42
    elisoph, you wrote:
    Acura also has the 7yrs/100K from the original purchase date when sold new. In my case the remaining period/miles is 2yrs 8 months or 51,000 miles for $1,975
    Something is wrong here, or perhaps I just misunderstand you. When I purchased my brand new 2000 Acura TL (in Sept. '99) I purchased the genuine Acura (Honda Motor Co.) 7 YEAR/100K Extended Warranty from the selling dealer for less than $1200. Last year I sold the TL, and although I never used the warranty it was several months into the "extended" period, but still "fully good". I had TWO choices at that point when I sold my vehicle, that was (#1) to get a "refund" from Honda for around $350 -or- (#2) for a small fee (I think it was $100?) I could 100% TRANSFER the complete remaining portion to the NEW owners, which I did. I figured since they paid me close to $18K for the TL, the very least I could do for them was to put out ~$100 for the vehicle I "pampered and loved" for over five years so it would be fully covered for them for the remaining 1 1/2 years. Obviously the people that sold YOU the 2001 MDX did NOT have a genuine Honda factory warranty as I did, and thus could NOT (or DIDN'T want to) properly and easily "transfer" it to you for ~$100, or just decided to "cash in" the warranty and keep the refund money ????
    We recently bought a brand new 2004 Honda CR-V EX and along with that, a Dealer GENUINE Honda 7 year/100K "extended" warranty. This cost less than $1200 and actually, in theory, has MORE coverage, since the Honda "standard" warranty expires at 4 years and the Acura expired after 5 years. We plan to keep the '04 CR-V, but who knows.... we might end up selling it prior to 7 years and along with the vehicle sale we wll include "extended" warranty. By the way, I have found that when selling ANY vehicle, the "extended FACTORY warranty" seems to be a big, big PLUS.
    As an Ex-Service Manager of a Chrysler Dealership (Newtown, Connecticut) I tried to be "friendly" and talk NEW vehicle buyers into buying EXTENDED warranty's, but most were so dam "cheap, cheap, cheap" and had some lame excuse NOT to purchase one.... well the majority of problems seemed to always happen around 40K miles, just 4K out of warranty, and it cost them thousands, not hundreds, of dollars out of their pockets to repair. I have seen it much, much too often. It's like Chrysler made a "timed counter" that went off and let the vehicle "fall apart" a few miles AFTER the magic 36K mile mark. Mainly A.C. problems and several transmission failures. When I approached these customers and asked "if they could do it all over and buy the extended warranty, would they?" about 99% of them said YES, but naturally at that point it was definitely too late !!
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    and I'm sure if you asked them if they would buy a Chrysler again they would have said no.. :-)
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