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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dpeidpei Posts: 2
    I think it is good, the best is 36000 from VA., Please let me know the dealer name in NJ, I want to contact for 2013 tech. package.
  • tom398tom398 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to hear what the final price was.. I also live in SoCal but a nearby dealer said on the phone that their costco price for the same car was not even close to what you mentioned.. Which is weird because I called Costco and they say there are not huge price variations between areas..? I am going to make an appointment and request to see the Costco pricing sheet to make sure..
  • gpman25gpman25 Posts: 4
    I was told by a dealer in LA area that the Costco discount for a 2014 MDX AWD with technology packages is $1300 off from MSRP.
    @tom398, are you sure it was the 2014 and not the 2013?
  • 92gsr258992gsr2589 Posts: 3
    What dealer in VA was it for 36000? I got a offer for a 13 base in NJ for 37761
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    I was quoted with $58100 with Costco discount for a 2014 MDX AWD with technology package in LA area.

    Anyone got a better deal on AWD tech around LA?
  • atwokatwok Posts: 1
    I did some calling around today looking for a 2013 Tech.

    Seems like the supply is dwindling and dealers in general weren't as motivated as a few weeks ago. The lowest offers I got were between $40,650 and $41,000 not including tax and registration. Many of the dealers wouldn't budge below $44k. Has anybody had any luck recently getting a Tech below the $40k mark? I'm really hoping to get below $39k...

  • gpman25gpman25 Posts: 4
    did you mean $48100? $58,100 sounds kind of high :)
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    Sorry for the wrong info, it was quoted with $48,100 before tax and everything from a dealer in Montclair, CA. It is only a few hundred off from MSRP, anyone got a better deal? Also, do they require to show Costco pricing sheet, they didn't want to show me anything.
  • jimmybigbllsjimmybigblls Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    As a follow up, purchased the FWD 2014 w/tech package today. They matched the Costco discount from another dealership who did not have our color on the lot. Total out the door in CA @ 9.5% TLR was 48,850 after accessories (which were also negotiated down after mentioning eBay pricing). On paper, it was a $4,015 discount from msrp.
  • redondo2redondo2 Posts: 4
    Hi, I am planning on buying the same package in San Diego area. Can you please send dealer info and contact name. REALLY appreciate it! Thanks.
  • nfordmndsnfordmnds Posts: 2
    I live in Arkansas and have tried dealers in surrounding states. I'm being told that they won't have any until October. Don't know if this is BS to keep from offering a discount. Any tips.
  • nfordmndsnfordmnds Posts: 2
    I'm on my third AWD MDX. The first one blew the transmission at about 80k, but I had been having trouble before the warranty expired so Acura replaced it for free. Then just over 100k, the engine started leaking oil, so I traded for a 2004 and never had any trouble with it, nor with the 2009 that came next.

    I'm not able to find a 2014 Advance MDX. My dealer doesn't seem to want to reward loyalty.
  • hkny79hkny79 Posts: 7
    that sounds like a great deal. do you know what the costco discount was on car itself for your deal? interested to know what accessories you end up getting with this deal?
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    Can you please send the dealer info and contact name, I won't mind to purchase the car from SD if it is a great deal like yours. Really really appreciate it! Thanks.
  • primitivoprimitivo Posts: 4
    I am in Colorado and the Costco program says the 2014 MDX model is too new for Costco pricing. So I am thinking about purchasing one from San Diego area. Can you send me the dealer you worked with?

  • mrmonty1mrmonty1 Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    When you are looking for 2014 MDX prices on Costco Auto, enter 91950 as zip code and Ball Auto Center is offering the the base MDX (AWD) at $500 above invoice ($41900 plus $500). I am from Colorado and I might travel up there soon to pick one up. Good luck
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info.
    Did Ball Auto provided you the quote over the phone?
  • mrmonty1mrmonty1 Posts: 6
    All through email. I feel too pressured to be on phone with sales-people.
  • qualitiequalitie Posts: 9
    2014 SH-AWD, tech package, PA dealer gave me a 1600 break off MSRP and paid ~1500 more than the value for my TSX trade-in, guess got a good deal given its newness, waiting for the long drive this weekend!
  • apocalypsoapocalypso Posts: 12
    OK, it's been some years since I've bought (will be leasing) a new car, and I've never bought an Acura before. Mostly Hondas.

    So I have a lease quote from the internet sales rep. for a 2014 MDX with Tech. There are several interesting add-ons:

    Aftermarkets $499 (not described)
    Doc Fee $549
    Acquisition Fee $595
    Maintenance $299 (they did describe this, I will reject it)

    I appreciate that "my mileage will vary" in negotiations, but will I be successful on average telling them to remove all these charges, or are some customary/mandatory for Acura dealers?


  • I just bought a 2014 AWD Advance from John Eagle in Houston for about $1k below MSRP with no dealer adds which is a pretty good deal. I had shopped around the country and that was the best deal I could find. If you use them, make sure to go through Tiffany in the internet department, she seems to be able to discount more.

    As to the previous poster, just tell the dealer you will not accept any adds. It should be Price + TTL. If they won't do, it somebody else will.
  • hkny79hkny79 Posts: 7
    did your price already include destination charges of $895??
  • dmz6dmz6 Posts: 1
    Can you share - which dealer in PA?
    Best I can do is $1k off retail.
  • qualitiequalitie Posts: 9
    Baierl Acura in Pittsburgh, ask for ken
  • wdm1wdm1 Posts: 1
    Hi theadmiral, what is the OTD price? MSRP - 1000 + TTL ?
  • Any luck with any Colorado Acura dealers getting a Costco price?
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 249
    Any lease should include the price negotiated for the vehicle and the accusation fee. Aftermarkets, whatever that is, maintenance (?), and doc fees are simply part of the price. They are not fees despite what the dealer may say. Personally, I would walk away from this dealer.
  • eyedi27eyedi27 Posts: 6
    On Sat, the best price I have gotten in colorado is 1000 off msrp and this is with tech+ent. They wouldn't lower it and would not negotiate more than that. They should have lowered it by at least 2500 for tech+ent. Funny thing is that dealership claimed they sold most of their MDX but I still see most of their MDX still on their lot with stickers on it. I think they sold 1 that day.

    I guess I may have to wait for few months or fly to cali to pick one up.
  • akhatriakhatri Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Hi, would you mind sharing which dealer in Cali is giving you a better deal? I contacted Ken from Baierl Acura and got a quote of $1700 below MSRP for 2014 MDX AWD w/ Tech. This is the best quote I have received so far.
  • cp0861cp0861 Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Just bought Saturday.....2014 MDX w/AWD.....the base model w/AWD.

    Long story short, dealer offered "employee pricing" and took $2698 (i think thats the number, might be off $100 or so) off MSRP. Added a few options and they discounted the options slightly from dealer cost.

    My brother in law purchased one a year or two ago, and he had searched high and low for best price. I called the guy he bought from (Rosenthal Acura - Gaithersburg, MD), and he couldn't match that price. He actually told me it was a great deal and I should go for it. So we did.

    Price Acura, Dover, DE.......ask for Roger Hinkle.
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