2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Hi all - spent the weekend MDX shopping in Milwaukee and 4 NE Illinois dealers. Milwaukee was first and nearly my last! Received poor treatment - made me feel I would be lucky to get an MDX at any price! Really turned me off to the car. Libertyville in Il was the best I found. They seemed willing to negotiate - after a bit of convincing, but told me they could not get what I wanted in the near future. Was that true? Did they not want my business because I wouldn't pay sticker? I don't know, but at least they were nice. Palatine did not want to bargain on the price of the car, and offered only a small (10-20%) discount on already horribly inflated prices for accessories. Ended up taking Lidia's advice and going to Ohio. Got what I wanted, for what I wanted to pay, and they are even paying my airfare to pick up the car (within reason). The entire deal was completely effortless! I highly recommend going to Ohio for the car.

  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I got an offer from Bob Howard Acura for $1,800 off MSRP on any MDX models. Still not enough for me.
  • nicolunicolu Member Posts: 4
    I am in the process of negotiating a lease on an 03 touring with nav and dvd. The dealer maintains that I will owe acquisition and bank fees, which add to more than $1,100. Does Acura charge these fees with all of their leases? I have twice leased with Ford and have never paid fees.

    Thanks for the input
  • mullysaltmullysalt Member Posts: 1
    I researched the market for several months and decided the MDX was what I wanted. After getting some competing offers I put down a deposit for an 03 touring w/Navi and RES for 3k under MSRP. The dealer called with my VIN yesterday and the vehicle will be in next week. Thank you so much to edmunds.com and the people posting their experiences on this board. Without the input I wouldn't have gotten the deal I did.
  • ramp1ramp1 Member Posts: 2
    Hey mullysalt

    Could you let me know about what dealers in Ohio
    you got good deals from

  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Member Posts: 22
    I would also like any details of these good Ohio deals on the MDX (which dealership, which salesman, how much off MSRP on what?) I'm in Ohio and am going car shopping tomorrow! Any help would be appreciated.
  • smurlandsmurland Member Posts: 2
    we looked at the base model and the touring today and can't see why to bother getting the touring-am i missing something? also--anyone from SE Penna. area get a fair price?
  • diggydoc1diggydoc1 Member Posts: 22
    You bother with "Touring" if you like: roof rack, upgraded wheels, remote-linked 8-way power seat with memory and front passenger's 8 way power seat, remote-linked side-mirror memory with passenger's side reverse gear tilt-down feature, Acura-Bose Music System with AM/FM stereo cassette and 6-disc in-dash CD changer, rain-sensing windshield wipers. Otherwise you don't bother.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I am so glad to see that you got $3K off MSRP on the MDX w/NAV+RES. This is the one I want too. So that's $42,500 - $3,000 = $39,500. Is there a luxury tax with this?
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Just emailed you the information... If for some reason you don't receive it, post a note here.

    Good Luck to you and have fun shopping!

    [email protected]
  • 93nole93nole Member Posts: 3
    I can't find any invoice prices on options on Edmunds for the MDX. I am looking for

    Roof Rack
    Sunroof Wind Deflector
    Running Boards
    Rear Spoiler

    I tried hondacuraworld.com and this link does not seem to work. Anyone have invoice prices on these?
  • avolkovavolkov Member Posts: 1
    What's the dealership that you got your MDX for $3,000 off? Did you have a trade-in?

    my e-mail is: [email protected] Thank you!
  • mitralwalamitralwala Member Posts: 2
    Anyone have any recent pricing in the Tampa/St Petersburg area?
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    Try acura.com the accessories Cost there is pretty close to invoice price, but you cannot but it from there, its too bad.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Try this..........

    http://webp5.t3link.com/hondacuraworld.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc- - ?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=AMDX

    Hondaacuraworld prices are.......

    Base Carrier (Roof Rack) $134.60
    Moonroof Visor (Sunroof Wind Deflector) $46.80
    Rear Tailgate Deflector (Rear Spoiler) $297.70
    Running Boards $445.00

    Have you also tried the http://www.acura.com website? Once there, go to MDX... *BUILD & PRICE*... once you select a trim level, you can pull up ALL *Interior* and *Exterior* accessories to see a description, picture and MSRP prices. You will get a good idea of dealer prices.

    Good Luck!
  • islandguyislandguy Member Posts: 8
    I just can't say enough about my 2001 MDX! Since purchasing it in Nov 2001, I have not had 1 problem! Let me repeat, not a single problem. 2 weeks ago I went to my local Acura dealer to purchase an extended warranty (49K current mileage), he said it would cost $1,695.00 for a 7 year 100k warranty, but then said he could put me in a 2003 MDX for ZERO money out and reduce my monthly payment! I thought this was just "Salesman" talk and said if he wanted to work up a firm deal, to call me back at the office.

    Well, he did, and I am picking up my 2003 MDX next week. NO money out! Now the details:

    2001 MDX Touring - $38,500 purchase price
    5 year loan ($598/month @ 7.3%)

    2003 MDX Touring & Nav - $41,000 purchase price
    5 year loan ($578/month @ 4.0%)

    I tell this story because there seems to be a topic that is never discussed in these forums, "RESALE VALUE"! I had no intention of considering a NEW MDX when I went to extend my warranty. But I am now getting a NEW Warranty, NEW Tires, etc and I don't have to spend a cent. Oh, and I guess I am upgrading to a 2003 and adding Nav for $20 less a month.

    This is a Great Country and the MDX is a GREAT vehicle!
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Your post is one of the reasons why I decided to buy an MDX instead of the Lexus... Unlike the Lexus where there are thousands of them and when trying to sell it, people can't GIVE them away! The MDX holds it's SUPER market value!

    Enjoy your 2003 and enjoy your navigation system! Even though I'm great with directions... I love it!

  • alanekalanek Member Posts: 21
    Did you trade in your 2001 MDX? If you did what was the amount they gave you. If you didn't, how much is it worth and how much do you owe the bank.
    I'm trying to figure out if a 5yr loan is equivalent to a 3yr lease.
  • thill381thill381 Member Posts: 64
    Thank you Lidia for turning us on to Lindsay. We flew down Thursday and picked up our Sage Brush MDX. Everything went perfect and within an hour we where heading towards Indy to see friends before coming back to Chicago.

    I cant say enough about how much you saved us, not to mention my wife really likes the SBP better than the Silver we had on order here in Chicago.
  • islandguyislandguy Member Posts: 8

    I am trading up! For me, leasing is out of the question because I average about 23k miles/year. My wife leases a BMW Z3 with a 12k mile/year allowance, perfect for her!

    Regarding the deal I received:
    In all my years of purchasing new vehicles, I have never encountered a situation where I did not have to put money into the deal, either with CASH or by extending a loan amount/term/higher monthly payment. None of these occurred with this deal.

    In MOST financed new vehicle purchases, depreciation far exceeds the amount that the loan has been reduced. Especially in the early years of the loan. Unfortunately, after 2/3 years, many people find themselves owing more than their vehicle is worth.

    With 49k miles on my 2.5 year old MDX the facts are the following:
    Loan balance reduction ---- $14,000
    Vehicle Depreciation -------- $11,500
         Original Cost ------ $38,500
         Trade-in Value ---- $27,000

    It certainly appears that Acura's effort to manage the supply/demand of the MDX is working (Whether intentional or not). New MSRP's are fairly stable and RESALE/TRADE-IN Values remain High!
  • chile96chile96 Member Posts: 330
    I am leaning heavily towards purchasing an X5 but want to take a look at the MDX before I commit. Can anyone make any rec's on salesman in the Houston area - I prefer low pressure sales reps as I'm sure everyone else does. lol

  • freespecfreespec Member Posts: 25
    It's sales talk in the end, my poor guy!

    ). 7.3% was then going financing rate and if you refinance it through a bank or credit union now or even take out a home equity loan, you will get a much lower rate reducing your monthly payment.

    2). 4% is just the going rate today, maybe a little better than bank's rate but certainly worse than a home equity line rate.

    In the end, you were just sold by the same old "sales talks". Yes you got a new car but your payment will extend for another 1 and 1/2 years (equivalent to $10,080, a %26 reduction from the original value, considered extremely high for a car like MDX) and you may never be off payment treadmill. Well if that is what you want so be it. But it is never a financial windfall to you as you thought otherwise. The simple fact is that you were just sold UNNESSARILY a new car and dealer just made a fat profit on you. Think about it, MDX is such a fantastic car that it will probably run well for ever! By your own words, it had never failed on you in your ownership of the car. So why in the world do you need a new after just 1 and half years?

    By the way, what is the real difference of a 2001 MDX and 2003 MDX? A 20 horsepower increase? What cars does it beat by 20 more? None.
  • islandguyislandguy Member Posts: 8

    Dealers ALWAYS make money. What you hope for is a FAIR deal that is a Win-Win for both parties.

    Just some interesting facts:

    2.5 year old 2001 MDX Touring (Original MSRP $38,500) has 49k miles. Extended Warranty would cost $1,700 and I will soon need tires all around. There is something to be said for cost avoidance.

    New 2003 MDX Touring w Nav (MSRP $40,500) - New Warranty, Tires, Brakes Etc. The Nav should be a Fun Thing. Could this MDX be worth more in 2.5 years than my current MDX? We shall see.

    Purchasing a NEW vehicle can hardly ever be considered NECESSARY. It's just one of those rare luxuries we allow ourselves. Oh, last time I checked, my home equity rate was tied to PRIME. Just a thought.
  • painfreedocpainfreedoc Member Posts: 6
    Any one get a good deal in CT. So far it MSRP only?
    What kind of deals on accessories are people getting?
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    But as to accessories, I just purchased a couple items from HondaDirect... you may want to check out the posted link under post #290.

  • painfreedocpainfreedoc Member Posts: 6
    I see that you got your mdx for below msrp at lindsay. is there an email address where i can contact them to get a quote.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    Happy to help a fellow consumer... Just sent you an email. If it didn't go through, please email me at [email protected]

    Good luck to you!

  • shatch1shatch1 Member Posts: 2
    I always caution people to be careful when combining a trade-in deal with a purchase. By my calculation, islandguy's dealer got a pure $1000 profit over and above the nice profit already built into the $41,000 selling price.

    Look at it from the dealer's view: your $478 monthly payment on the new car means the principal is about $31,400 (at 4% for 5 years), so the dealer gave you $9,600 off the new car price in lieu of a cash down payment. Then the dealer pays off your remaining loan balance of $16,400 (rounded numbers), so for a total investment of 9600+16400 = $26,000 the dealer now owns the 2001 vehicle. Islandguy claims the trade-in value of that car was $27,000; if so, the dealer made an easy $1000 just on the financial dealings.

    Islandguy, maybe it was worth $1000 to you to walk out with an easy transaction, or maybe your car's trade-in value wasn't really as high as $27,000. Just don't think the dealer was doing you favors.

    By the way, I am not trying to sound superior. I know how disconcerting a car transaction can be when the dealer throws a bunch of numbers at you. Especially so when sales price, trade-in value, and financing are mixed together.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    I won't claim to be as well versed in IslandGuy's purchase and trade deal as the two of you are but doesn't the fact that his 18 month old MDX had 49,000 miles add some advantage to his deal?

    I do hope that both of you will be around this board in a couple of years when I will be looking for help in calculating my 2003 MDX trade-in value... hopefully, you will be able to show me all the pros and cons of the deal :)

  • islandguyislandguy Member Posts: 8

    You are definitely good with the #'s! So let me plug in the actual figures:
    Loan Pay Off - $17,340
    Total Cost (Tax, Tags, etc.) - $41,450
    Now your formula:
    $41,450 - $31,400 = $10,050
    $10,050 + $17,340 = $27,390
    $27,000 - $27,390 = -$390

    I will certainly use your calculator in the future. As Lidia noted, I considered my mileage (49k) to be a real negative. It is by the way, 30 months old.
  • shatch1shatch1 Member Posts: 2
    OK, with the detailed numbers, it looks like you did fine on the trade-in (assuming the $41,450 you paid on the new car represents fair market value). You had said your 2001 was 2.5 years old, so I assumed you had paid for 30 months on a $30,000 loan at 7.3% for 5 years. If you had been paying only for 28 months on such a loan, the loan pay-off would indeed be closer to $17,400, and your revised calculations are correct.

    (BTW, I meant to type $578 instead of $478 in my previous post)
  • mitumitu Member Posts: 3
    I got 2003 black on black MDX fully loaded in Ohio, very good deal $41,000(including running boards) + tax and title.
    If anybody interested I can give dealership name.
  • khortonkhorton Member Posts: 3
    I was wanting to the the name of the dealership to get the best price on the MDX. Someone mentioned one in Ohio. Can anyone help. My local dealer is not that interested in coming off any little bit.
  • mitumitu Member Posts: 3
    Dealership is in Akron,OH and name is Park Acura.
    They even delivered it to Columbus,OH .
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    So what's the best thing to do if you have a car that you want to trade in?
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    Isn't the MDX with NAV MSRP $41K? If you paid $41K, that's just paying MSRP. The invoice is only about $37K, right? I saw someone posting they got $3K off MSRP on the MDX w/NAV+RES.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    mullysalt bought his MDX w/NAV+RES in Ohio for $3K UNDER MSRP.
  • starbstarb Member Posts: 3
    Well, either the Texas or Ohio dealership represent huge savings over what I can get in AZ. Will the dealership in Ohio deliver the MDX all the way to AZ? Texas is closer to me, and if needed, I can at least fly there and drive it home.
  • svalleysvalley Member Posts: 30
    I am consider buying MDX out of state such as OH or TX for a reasonable price. I am concerned about driving a brand new car for 350+ miles at constant speed. I though this is the worst I can do to the brand new engine. Is it true? Does MDX require break-in?

    Also, I live in Chicago. I have no problem finding Pilot for 2K under MSRP, but the best I see for MDX is 500 off. Why? With the crappy economy I thought it should be the other way around. I think I should buy a Pilot locally, but the MDX is nicer, especially the NAV system. The Pilot's NAV is too first gen. I hope honda will upgrade it when 2004 arrive.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    Should we be driving a brand new MDX over long distance before the engine is broken in? I heard it's bad for the engine. Texas seems to have all the best deals. Like people there are getting almost $3K off on Odysseys when everyone else is getting 1/2 that. A friend of mine got $4K off on a Highlander Limited. I think $3K off on the MDX w/NAV+RES is about right for Texas.
    I might do that since Dallas is only about a 4hr drive from OKC. I guess if I were to drive it home, I would take a break every 20 minutes just so that I don't over work a brand new engine that has had time to be "broken in" yet.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I think every car "deserves" a "break-in" period. The Pilot is going for about $4K off MSRP in the Dallas area too. My friend could have gotten either $4K off on either the Highlander or Pilot, but since Toyota offered 0% financing for 3 years and no down payment, she went with the Highlander. Personally, I would definitely go for the MDX instead of the Pilot. No contest. The MDX is a LUXURY vehicle, the Pilot is not. Go for the MDX!
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    It may sound "unreasonable" to those Acura dealers when I say I expect $4K off on the MDX, but if people can get $4K off on the Pilot, why not? The MDX is a lot more expensive and the dealer hold-back bonus on that is higher too. In other words, they would still make a good profit if they sold it for $4K under MSRP, especially on a MDX w/NAV+RES (MSRP $42.5K). I'm not in a hurry. I can wait. I would wait until the end of the year-end of quarter- to buy one. By then, these dealers will be looking for volume to get the extra bonus money.
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    I ask that same question when I took delivery of my MDX. For some cars they recommend a 2000 mile break in period and they recommend driving it at all speeds, but thats for the transmission more than the engine. The Acura people told me to break in the car for 500 miles and I dont need to drive the car at different speed. The only thing they ask is not to operate at high RPM, try to stay below 3500 RPM, never floor the car at a stop light and dont apply brakes too hard, well, unless you have to.
  • onelgsonelgs Member Posts: 38
    The day I picked up my MDX, the sales manager gave me 2 instructions as to the engine...

    1.. For the first 750 miles, keep it under 4,000 RPM.

    2.. Do not use BP gasoline in the MDX.

  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    What's BP gasoline?
    How fast would you have to drive to be over 4000RPM? Even at 70mph, it's still under 3000RPM, right?
  • svalleysvalley Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for andrewtran71 and others replied to my break-in question, but I'm still unsure :(

    >What's BP gasoline?
    I believe that is BP Amoco

    Wow! 4k off Pilot that is a great deal, but I do see 4K off highlander in some dealerships. I think it is easier for Toyota to give discount on their vehicle, because Toyota offer countless of pricey options. I am looking for a 7-8 seated SUV or mini-van(my last option), so highlander is not even on my list, plus I never like the way toyota car steering feel, they are too lose and feel like floating on the road, except my current IS300 which handle like a dream, but it is a Lexus after all.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I can easily get $2K off any Pilots in OKC without even haggling. With the top of the line, I can easily see another $1,000 discount. But to get $4K off on a Pilot, you need to do some haggling and smooth talking and playing the matching game with dealers. Dealer A offered me $2K off, what can you do? Dealer B offered me $2,500 off, what can you do? Dealer C offered me $3K off, what can you do? It's like that. Of course, it all depends on when you negotiate too. As always, it's best to do that at end of quarters or at the end of the year. Going from a Lexus, I would definitely not settle for anything less than another Luxury vehicle, like the MDX. I drive a Lexus LS400, and going to the MDX would be a smooth transition. The MDX is not as hot as it used to be, but it's still very hot---kind of like the Odyssey was to the other minivans until the Sienna came around. But time is on our side. Be patient. The new VW Toureg, Volvo XC90, Infiniti FX450, along with Lexus RX330, BMW X5, and Mercedes M will be giving Acura plenty of competition. The market will sooner or later be saturated and supply will eventually exceed demands. I hear $3K off MSRP already. Can you say "$4K off MSRP"? Time............is on my side.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I just recently bought the Odyssey w/NAV+DVD RES for my wife and later installed an after-market VCR w/ TV Tuner. It's a great family vehicle and it is very spacious. Interior sound level equals the Sienna at 70 dBA, and as you said, the handling feels more "driver-friendly" than a Toyota. But that's for my wife. For my personal self, I'm going for the MDX when the time is right--prices falling. But the biggest factor here is the thought of a new MDX model. I think it will be even better than ever before. And as the market becomes more and more saturated, even a new model MDX won't be as hot as it was when it first debut. So two things I'm waiting for: 1) new Model (like '05 since the Odyssey will be totally redesigned for '05 too) and 2) better competition to slash prices. I'm also hoping for a better front grill on the MDX. I hope it looks more like the chrome grill on the Acura RL.
  • mitumitu Member Posts: 3
    MSRP of MDX with Tour + DVD + NAVI = $42500
    I got it for $41000 with running boards.
    Cost of running boards is around $525.
    So tecnically my price of MDX is $40475.
    Which is $2025 under MSRP.
    I tried with many dealers and this is the best I could get.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    Know any car dealers with liquid phase gas chromatagraphs? I didn't think so.

    There are extremely minoor differences between any quality gasoline sold at retail. Even with a chromatagraph it would be hard to tell one from another.

    Dealers LOVE LOVE LOVE to make up stories...
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