2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kjcolvkjcolv Member Posts: 3
    I was stressing all weekend thinking I had overpaid for my 03 MDX, I was able to get $1,730 off of MSRP for a base MDX in Tampa FL, granted I walked out at one point just before signing the papers but after reading the posts I'm feeling a little better overall. Thanks
  • mmr101mmr101 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Sanjay...can you please email me with the contact name of the person you finalized your deal with at Stevens Creek? My email is [email protected] Thanks!
  • kudo_18kudo_18 Member Posts: 3

    I've shopped around in the entire Bay Area and end up getting my MDX at Pleasanton automall last week. They seems to have the best overall pricing (and the awesome customer service) right now. (Beats Steven Creek). Contact me if you like get the name of Sales whom I got my MDX from.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    Wow! So it looks like you got $3,000 off MSRP.
    I just might drive from OKC to Plano, TX.
    How many MDX's were there on the lot? I mean was there a lot of selection?
  • mmr101mmr101 Member Posts: 2
    Hi kudo_18,

    Thanks for your note and offer to help. My email is [email protected] (not sure what your email is). When you say "best overall pricing" what do you mean relative to MSRP? Are they offering a better deal than what sanjayreddy received from Stevens Creek? Thanks, in advance, for your help.
  • n3w4m3n3w4m3 Member Posts: 4
    thanks for the post on David McDavid in Plano. who is your contact? pls email me at [email protected] Did he/she throw in any accessories with the deal? How may vehicles did you have to choose from? Colors? I'm looking for Touring and w/NAV if I can get a good deal. Thanks
  • keysersozekeysersoze Member Posts: 1
    For an '03 MDX with Touring Pkg. and navigation and dvd (which should be coming in about a week), I was offered $500 off the MSRP, a $300 credit toward accessories, and a waiver of the processing fee. All told, I'm saving over $1000, which I thought was pretty good, given the Edmunds TMV for the car. From what I've seen on this board, though, now I'm not so sure that I did so well. . . .
  • dhookdhook Member Posts: 2
    I e-mailed Goodson Acura in Dallas today and got a reply back that they are offering $3,000 off MSRP for any of their MDX's in stock until the end of May (Saturday). They have about 65 MDX's in stock so you should be able to find what you want. Since I live in Houston and am not yet ready to buy, I cannot take advantage of this, but I hope somebody else can.
  • asap2asap2 Member Posts: 4
    I just got mine on 5/25, as there was a low 2.9% finance available from American Honda Motors themselves. Had to put down about $7k but upon a little more insistence got the Tailgate Deflector thrown in free + the armor kit. Although not much, considering I bought a Touring edition w/navi no DVD, wood steering wheel, Wood finish for the dash (both at dealer's cost price),Lo-Jack,etc and in all paid $49k, MSRP being $41k (including the tourism pack + navi) which includes ttl, GAP insurance and 84mths 100k extended warranty. I still have a weird feeling that I did not do so well with my end of the bargain, being a first time buyer in the luxury market. What do you all think? Did I pay more?
  • asap2asap2 Member Posts: 4
    "and in all paid $49k, MSRP being $41k (including the tourism pack + navi) which includes ttl, GAP insurance and 84mths 100k extended warranty"

    I thought that was confusing..Just to clarify...MSRP-$41k(including the tourism pack + navi)..and in all I paid $49k, inclu. ttl, GAP insurance and 84mths 100k extended warranty. And the 2.9% is for 60mths of financing.

    Did I pay too much? Don't have too much experience buying cars..luxury new cars.. :)
  • kvfhgkvfhg Member Posts: 15
    asap2: I think you paid TOO MUCH!!! $40K would make sense, but not $49K.
  • asap2asap2 Member Posts: 4
    kvfhg: $49k includes the total package..as mentioned. Here's the breakdown-
    1.The MSRP was $41000, that included the touring package+ navi+ the running board.

    2.The dealer charged me, at their cost price, $867.00 for the wood steering wheel,wood dash,wood gear knob,and LoJack(basic). They threw in the Tailgate Deflector free. I also have GAP insurance,84 mths 100k extended warranty + tag+title+taxes+doc fees- all amount to $49k in all.
    Did I still pay too much? Would appreciate your insight on this, not that I can do anything NOW since I have signed the contract and have the car in my parking space.
    Thank You.
  • imawaltzerimawaltzer Member Posts: 1
    Wow, I think you got a killer interest rate!! How did you get that low interest rate? I went to the American Honda Motors financing website and they only offered the 2.9% on certain models--the MDX was NOT one of them. So, how can I get that rate?? Do you have a contact person you could email me, pleeeeassse! ([email protected]) Thank you!! As far as the price you paid for your MDX, I personally would not have loaded the car up with all the extras, but I bet it looks very nice!
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    The MSRP was $41000, $867.00 for the wood steering wheel is not dealer cost, it retail price, wood dash=$300, wood gear knob=$100 ,and LoJack(basic)=$600, Tailgate Deflector=$500, GAP insurance=$1600. Sub Total=$44970. With 5% tax and destination cost of $500, Total=$47719.

    Does'nt sound like you got a good deal.
  • asap2asap2 Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I thought as much, nothing I can do abt it now. I guess the 2.9% I got really does not add upto a great interest rate after all, since I have over paid abt $1281 more!! Thanks, all the same, had not done my homework..n got screwed!

    imawaltzer..this 2.9% was offered by Keyes Acura of Van Nuys, CA over the memorial day weekend ONLY on the MDX. Have a good credit score and nailed that sucker..but in the end..it is evident who was the "sucker"!!
    But hey, if there's any consolation..my MDX looks very SHARP!
    Have a great weekend guys!
  • mem22mem22 Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone purchased an MDX in the Memphis area for less than MSRP? If so, for how much? Since there is only one dealer in town, I doubt they'll come down much. I may have to fly to Plano, TX and get one from David McDavid for $3000 under MSRP. That deal is almost too good to be true.
  • dtrojanzdtrojanz Member Posts: 1
    Just bought 2003 MDX with touring/navi/dvd/running boards/tailgate deflectors/wood trim/wheel locks for 41600 + dest.charge 500 = 42100, got 2.9% financing for 60 mos, pretty hassle free.
  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    I am being quoted 40,500 for a MDX with Touring + DVD + Nav. This is 2000 below MSRP. However, the catch is that I must buy before end of this month. And secondly, the vehicle has running board on it and they are additional $875. I don't want/need the running boards, and I'd rather wait to get the vehicle without any forced accessories. Question is: would you pass on this deal?

    Thanks in advance.
  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    It was a mistake on part of the dealer. So it's a MDX Touring + DVD + Nav for 40,500 (2000 below MSRP) in the Ca bay area with no forced accessories. A good deal?

  • skhoslaskhosla Member Posts: 22
    the vehicle has 40 miles on it. I am assuming those are there because it has been test driven. Is this a bad thing or a cause of concern? I would have expected from 6 to 12 miles for a brand new car.

  • mommy2xmommy2x Member Posts: 3
    I paid $500 off MSRP for touring package/ RES & Navi. ($42K-- we ordered NO options, but will probably have them install running boards once the car arrives).

    I didn't negotiate for one that was already on the lot, but I picked one (the color I liked) that would be coming in later this month. Probably could have done a little better for one already on the lot.

    I also contacted 2 other dealers in the area, and they all were the same, so I don't think I got a good or bad deal, just exactly what they feel they can sell them for in this area.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    ... when folks "check with" dealers it really proves nothing about "what they are selling for". Similarly there is EVERY reason to believe that one should be able to get JUST AS GOOD A PRICE on an ordered unit as "one off the lot"...

    At least that is true for EVERY OTHER vehicle produced in North America...

    BTW you can get a very good price on running boards at hondaacuraworldDOTcom or the handa-accessoriesDOTcom.Neither charges sales tax ouside of their home states (NY & CA respectivelY), shipping is included. Installation is very straight forward, it is less involves than assenbling a desk from IKea...
  • drjosedrjose Member Posts: 12
    Who was the dealer in the bay area that is asking $2,0000 under MSRP. I want to know.
  • angel723angel723 Member Posts: 7
    You didn't get sucker at all. The tax rate is 8.25% not 5%, and there's also the 84 month extended warranty that was not mention. The tax rate difference alone is almost $900 dollars, not to mention the extended warranty that is usually $1500 for the 84 months. Not taking the 2.9% rate into consideration, it's a good deal. With the 2.9% rate that Honda normally never offers, it's a great deal.
  • angel723angel723 Member Posts: 7
    Just out of curiosity, the gross profit on an MDX invoice is about $3800. How would you be able to get a $4000 off MSRP? If that's the case, then that means the dealer would have to sell the car at $200 under invoice. As a consumer, I understand that we all try to get the best price. However, every business is there to try to make a profit. Most hold backs on vehicles are about $1200, minus the $500-600 advertisement cost and the $200-300 flat commission to the sales, there's not much left for the dealership itself. I am even surprise that some dealership out there are giving $2000 off MSRP. Here in S Cali, it's pretty hard to even get $1000 off MSRP. There is always going to be a better price down the street, but is it worth the trouble or effort?
  • kkuetkkuet Member Posts: 28
    I just purchased a Sage Base MDX for $1950 off MSRP....which comes out to $34,250. I also got the all weather floor mats, trunk cover, and wheel locks included in the deal. Probably could have gotten it for a couple hundred less if i really really tried, but it's still probably close to as good as you can get in in the Midwest area.
  • smart12smart12 Member Posts: 2
    There sure seems to be a great discrepancy in pricing across the country. Here, an'03 MDX with Touring package and 20 miles on it is offered at $37,029, and an '03 with touring and DVD, but 800+ dealer's wife's miles, is offered at $38,358. Any opinions, anybody? I'm very tempted.

    Has anyone gotten a decent trade-in for another vehicle, PLUS a decent price on the MDX? I am trading an '02 BIG SUV that I cannot take overseas. The dealer and I have not discussed my trade-in and I figure that is where they will try to get me.
  • smart12smart12 Member Posts: 2
    If you paid too much, who cares? (Does the difference in monthly payment break you? No.)You like the vehicle, you did the best you could in dealing (some of those dealers are really hard)! For sure, do not let feeling badly about having paid too much cloud your enjoyment and pleasure with your new SUV! Enjoy the heck out of driving it! Feel proud of yourself for having made a great decision and having the brains to chose the perfect SUV.
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    Also...it sounds like you got it without any waiting...now I realize that there are a lot more out there now...but I had to wait 4.5 months for mine, there is some premium in that.
  • madipacmadipac Member Posts: 21

    Can I get the details about the MDX deal you got in Michigan. can you email the info to [email protected]
  • gstaleyintxgstaleyintx Member Posts: 2

    I picked mine up today (was on vacation for a week). Good selection. David McDavid Acura in Plano. Again, I did everything over email until actually signing hard copy paper work. Good luck.
  • raggedyannraggedyann Member Posts: 2
    I am picking up my 03 MDX Silver with the new gray interior Premium this week, no options for $33,850. They said the MSRP was $36,200. It was on the lot.
  • raggedyannraggedyann Member Posts: 2
    I am getting my MDX at David McDavid in Plano TX sorry I did not say that in my last post.
  • madipacmadipac Member Posts: 21
    I just bought it last night for 41k out the door..6% tax, title transfer, 40 doc fee. The price includes all season floor mats, cargo tray,wheel locks, side body molding....Thanks for all your help guys. I wouldn't have gotten that price without your help...Thanks
    Bought it from Acura of Troy and they had this vehicle in stock. Picking it up on Thursday.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    It may sound crazy, but dealers still make money even when they sell you cars below invoice! They may not want to admit that, but it's the truth.
    For example, right now some people are buying the Honda Odyssey at $500 below invoice. You might think, "how on earth will they make a profit?"
    But they would not be selling you a car unless they make some kind of profit.
    Right now people are getting $3K off MSRP on the MDX. What does that mean? The market is getting saturated. Heck, with 65 MDX on the lots, it's really saturated. Dealers like that will make plenty of profit even if they sell you at invoice price or $200 below invoice. They also make profit on accessories like NAV, DVD RES, wood trim, extended warranty, etc. So if you agree to buy some accessories, they ar getting a profit even when they sell $200 below invoice. Besides, another $1000 off MSRP wouldn't hurt them too much if they sell the other 64 MDX at MSRP or $1000 off MSRP to those people who are not willing to push the limit on discounts. Where there's a will, there's a way!
  • crahebcraheb Member Posts: 1
    Hi, Anybody in the greater Boston area getting a great deal on Acura MDX touring model? What should I expect off the sticker or invoice price? Or are options being thrown in for free or at dealer cost?
     I am using internet to negotiate and will step into dealership with the payment after agreement on price is reached. Looks like prices on the MDX are fairly negotiable elsewhere in the country. Am I better off buying out of state?
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    The market for MDX has always been the strongest in the Northeast and California.
  • dat4dat4 Member Posts: 5
    Anybody in LA, OC, Riverside, San Diego getting a great deal on MDX model?
  • joepa2joepa2 Member Posts: 3
    Any ideas on the goin rate for an MDX tour/Nav/DVD in the Philly Subs? Any recommended dealers?

  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    Metro Acura in Philly is good. Decent service. I cannot comment on pricing. MSRP was the going rate a long time ago.
  • rajdrajd Member Posts: 1
    Anyone got a good deal in NJ? I have been shopping around for last 10 days. I couldn't get one other than MSRP. I appreciate your input/suggestions.

    Thanx, Dave
  • markportmarkport Member Posts: 5
    I have shopped several dealers in the area for a Touring $38,800 list. Each one discounting only $800 below MSRP. The lease deals vary by about $90 per month, I will not be leasing. Anyone doing better?
  • mstollermstoller Member Posts: 1
    I've emailed most of the dealers in New England, and two have gone to $1500 under - the dealer in Walpole, MA and the dealer in Latham, NY.

    Most of the Boston dealers are pushing for MSRP or, at best $500 under, except the dealer in Walpole - $1500 under on a "Premium/Base" model. I'm still working the dealers to see if I can do any better.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    The base price for an MDX w/NAV+RES is only about $37,000, factoring in dealer hold-back, invoice, and destination cost for the dealers. So any amount we pay above that is pure profit for the dealers. So if we pay $38,000 + destination charge of $500 for MDX w/NAV+RES = $38,500, that means the dealer is making $1,500 profit. That's $4,000 Under MSRP and the dealer is still making $1,500 profit!
  • angel723angel723 Member Posts: 7
    So the dealership is making $1500 when they sell the vehicle $4000 under MSRP. Did you factor in the commission for the sales ($300), the advertisement cost ($500), the porters that clean up the vehicle, or the over head cost to run the dealership in whole? Wow, so they are making said $700 on a vehicle that suppose to be their bread and butter, and this is not even including the over head cost of running the dealership. Yes, the dealership is making good money on selling the vehicle at MSRP, but who is in the business to loss money. IMHO, a business is in it to make money, so let them. If you don't like the idea, buy something else that's not as popular.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    "If you don't like the idea, buy something else that's not as popular"

    Apparently, the MDX is no longer as popular as it once was since they are selling them for $3000 under MSRP in Texas and Ohio.

    "advertisement cost ($500), the porters that clean up the vehicle"

    I doubt that it costs them $500 for EACH vehicle to advertise. And how much does it cost to clean up a relatively brand new clean vehicle?

    "Wow, so they are making said $700 on a vehicle that suppose to be their bread and butter, and this is not even including the over head cost of running the dealership"

    Oh, I'm sorry. Is $700 profit not enough? Is there a law that says you have to give a dealer $2000 profit? I'm afraid not.
    And is the MDX the ONLY vehicle Acura sells? Let's see, you have the RL, TL, CL, MDX, RSX, NSX. Did I left out another Acura vehicle? I'm sure the sales of all the Acura vehicles will contribute to the "over head cost of running the dealership".

    You must be a sales rep/dealership who doesn't want the consumers to know the facts of the actual costs so that you can rip them off.
    Oh, yeah, I'm sure when customers come in, you immediately tell them that you would give them even $1,000 off MSRP.
    Shoot, if an ignorant customer walks in and thinks he/she is suppose to buy ABOVE MSRP because the MDX is "so popular" , you would sell them the vehicle ABOVE MSRP!
    A friend of mine who is a pharmacist was about to buy an MDX w/RES for $46K in Tulsa, Oklahoma! That's not even including tax, title, license, or extended warranty! That's above MSRP! I bet you would love to have those customers walk right into your trap.
    But I told her that the MSRP for such an animal is only about $41K at MSRP and that she could get $3K off MSRP in Dallas or Plano Texas.

    So the next time you complain about making $1,500 profit, complain about it to some other ignorant customers, not well informed customers like us here on Edmunds.com.
  • devenderdevender Member Posts: 1
    I have been shopping for MDX since 1 yr. I am totally aganist paying MSRP. There is no reason why one should pay MSRP for MDX or any vehicle.

    I understand that MDX is good vehicle but it doesn't we should allow these dealers to make 4 to 5 thousand profit on each car.

    We should totally discourage others for paying MSRP.
  • jderimigjderimig Member Posts: 1
    I will preface by saying I am not a dealer, or even friendly with one.

    I will be buying an MDX this year if I can get one at a price that I feel is a good value for the vehicle. It is not up to me or any other customer to determine what a fair profit is to any business including auto dealers. The market will determine that (we live in a free market more or less).

    For a business to succeed it is required to charge what the market will bear. I know this rubs socialists the wrong way but that is the way this economic system (the best in the world so far)works. Prices adjust to make supply = demand.

    If the local supply/demand balance results in price to high, then do not buy or buy another (less demanded) vehicle. Estimating how much a dealer profits from YOUR decision is interesting but totally irrelevant to YOUR determination of price vs value.

    I hope this post does not inflame, it is only my opinion and philosophy (capitalism) and those who disagree are still fine people to me.
  • ttietttiet Member Posts: 1
    Got my silver Premium MDX with Security and Environment Protection Packages, plug roof rack and side body molding from Crown Acura (Greensboro, NC) 2 weeks ago. The car was on the lot and the dealer sent a lady to pick us up at our house. Figured that the dealer made at least $800 over invoice, but we beleived we got a good deal. A local Acura dealer where we live (a big banking center city) would not even come close to $36,000 for a on-the-lot base model with roof rack and side body molding.
  • luvmyacuraluvmyacura Member Posts: 6

    I'm currently a 2001 CL-Type S owner looking to trade up to a 2003 MDX Touring with Navi. I've been following the posts here and on other group forums regarding price. I just received this internet quote from my local Acura dealer for $2,650 under MSRP! Here is part of his e-mail response:

    "As you know, the MSRP on the MDX Touring with Navigation is $ 41,000.00. I am trying to promote our internet sales division, therefore, I am authorized to sell the vehicle to you for $38,350.00 plus tax/title and accessories that you would like added to your vehicle."

    I think that's a pretty good price! May be worth it for you NJ, PA people to drive the 7 hours or to even have it shipped. I've also been told that certain Texas dealers are coming in around $3,000 under invoice. Not worth it for me now, since they gave me such a good deal right here in Akron.

    I'll have to wait until Mid-July to get my hands on that beautiful Midnight Blue, though. It seems it's a really difficult color to come by. I know I had a hard time finding even one on all the websites I visited. He even searched a 6 state radius and came up empty. Fortunately, there were 13 on order, so he'll be able to get one re-routed from another dealer.

    I added the running boards for 669.00 and got them to throw in the wheel locks and moonroof sun visor.

    I think I did pretty well.

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