2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    I am taking a deliverly today from Superior Acura Bakersfield for little over $42K O.T.D for a Touring/Nav. The Sales person is driving to N. Califonia at this very moment and should be here this afternoon. I will update after the deliverly.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I seriously thought about getting the MDX too until I compared both of them in person.
    There is a good reason for the price difference and you can only understand what I mean if you see it yourself.
    For one thing, the GX is a lot more luxurious than the MDX. Take a good look and feel of the leather. The GX is just better.
    I saw a 2002 MDX a few months ago. Took a good look at the leather. It was crap. Total crap.
    I hate the perforated leather of the MDX. I just hate those holes in the leather. People say they tear easily too. The GX has solid thick leather. The leather on my 7 year old Lexus looks better than the leather on this one year old MDX I saw.
    That's why I have been looking at the GX ever since, but I'm here just to check out the pricing of the MDX for bargaining talk on the GX.
    Now I'm hearing someone got $500 below invoice on the MDX? Wow! Great news.
    The best deal I've got as an actual offer for the MDX was $2,000 off MSRP. The best deal I've got for the GX was $4,000 off MSRP. I've HEARD people getting $5,000 off MSRP and as high $7,000 off MSRP on the topped out model with the MSRP of $53K.
    Another example, the MDX has fake woodtrim and the GX has real genuine woodtrim.
    The MDX doesn't have side curtain airbags and the GX does.
    Just get the GX.
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    I got an offer today from a dealer in PA for $39,000 for a Touring + RES + NAV. I haven't agreed on the deal yet. Will let you guys know later.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    Is resale. Yes, I know that the LX470 has held value overtime, even with the Toyo LC sometimes representing a better value.

    But with the GX not exactly flying out of showrooms I wonder if the "market" for mid-sized V8 powered truck based SUVs is too small.

    Throw in the laughable third seat, bad-going-on-shameful MPG, and VERY VERY high price "fully optioned" and that picture gets even less rosy.

    Granted the leather & interior is quite nice.The sound system is among the best OEM offerings available. The off-road capability is world class. The power is superb.

    I would really hate to spend $46K and find out resale quickly evaporates... Spend $39K for a "fully loaded" MDX and that value is going be solid.
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    The GX is already selling at a big discount, It has not even been out for a year yet. The big discounts is dictated by the lack of demand for the GX. The GX's strong points just dont hit buyers in the right spots. At 50 big ones, the GX should have more horsepower, handle better, more useable interior space and just a better design over all. I think most people choose to buy the MDX with better acceleration, better handling, more useable space and better 3rd row seats and pocket the $10,000 instead of going for the better leather seats and real wood panels.
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    Have an 02 MDX. Agree with you about the difference in luxury. The seats in the MDX are not all leather. The seats are leather trimmed, but the parts with the small holes are not leather. The fake wood isn't bad and has held up a lot better than the real wood did in my 01 Jaguar.

    If you don't need the added utility an MDX offers over a GX and you feel the added cost of a GX is worth the additional luxury you will be happier with the GX. For us, it was the car like driving feel and the utility that sold us on the MDX.

    Resale prices of MDXs are slipping and both will have substantial depreciation, though with the recent dramatic increase in gasoline prices, the lower mpg GX may take a bigger hit.
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    I am looking to buy a 2003 MDX. Can anyone recommend a dealer who is willing to give a discount off MSRP in southern CA.? I'm looking for the base or touring model. Has anyone gotten a good deal on these? If you could email me @ [email protected] Thanks.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I think all of us who are in the market for luxury SUVs demand a lot. Yeah, the $10K difference in MSRP definitely favors the MDX, but at the same time, I'm thinking, "I would like to keep my luxury SUV for maybe 10 years, and I just don't think the leather+non-leahter seats of the MDX will last that long".
    As soon as I saw the condition of the seats of that one used 2002 MDX at the Acura dealer, I was extremely disappointed walking away.
    Well, I do hope the GX has less and less demands!
    More discounts for me!!!!! ****heee***heee***
    Yeah, I personally got a salesman offer me $4K off MSRP for the GX. That's without me breaking a sweat trying!
    I'm sure I can easily get $5K off MSRP. And by next year when the market is even more saturated with SUVs and the gasoline prices remain high, I can probably get $6K off MSRP--perhaps even $7K off MSRP if the GX moves as slow as some people think!
    Let's see which would I rather have? An MDX @ $3K off MSRP or a GX at $6K off MSRP?
    Thus, the difference now becomes about $6-7K, not $10K. For the added luxury, I think $6-7 K is well worth it, don't you?
    Of course, some people do prefer the ride of the MDX and some prefer the ride of the GX.
    They are both outstanding SUVs. Oh, I wish Acura would make the MDX an 8 seater, not 7! Who's idea was it to make it a 7-seater and the Pilot an 8 seater?
    Yeah, synthetic vs real wood is really no big deal. But excellent quality leather vs. not so great leather+non-leather parts is a huge issue.
    I can't believe the seats of the MDX is not all leather, I mean at least the parts where you sit down!
    So fake wood and real leather plus fake leather with holes? So for the $6-7K difference, you get a much bigger engine, a real off-road SUV, and true luxury appointed leather and wood, and the Lexus prestige.
    Okay, guys, buy the MDX and avoid the GX like the plague please! I wish no body buys the GX so that they start selling them at invoice or maybe $500 below invoice.
    The GX sucks! The MDX is great! Buy only the MDX!
    Buy anything except the GX!!!
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    I was poking around the Toyo store on the weekend and they DO have some incentives on the 4Runner. You CAN get the V8 in that. In fact, you could even put the SUPERCHARGER on it (it is a DIO unit). Out the door you could have firebeathing SC V8 4Runner for less than the GX...

    Just sumthin' to think about.
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Member Posts: 668
    If one measures the width of the third row in most mini vans or SUVs one will find they are really two person seats, not three - unless the people are very small.

    The third row in the MDX is essentially the same width as the third row in the Pilot. Honda adds a third seat belt and calls it a three person seat, but it is virtually the same as the MDX two person seat.

    My old 1984 Toyota Van had a real three person third row. The van was 9 inches narrower than today's Chrysler T&C, but the third row seat was 9 inches wider. There are a few vehicles with third rows wide enough for three normal size adults, but for most, having three seat belts doesn't mean three adults will fit.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    True, but having that extra seatbelt makes it a LEGAL 3rd seat.
    Same with the GX. Although the MDX is wider, having that 3rd seatbelt makes it legal for three smaller persons in the 3rd row.
    We wouldn't want to break any laws, now would we?
    Gotta have that seat belt. Uncomfortable, yes, but legal.
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    The seats on the MDX are leather trimmed and seating surface. That mean where you seat and where your shoulders and thighs touches the seat are leather. The side and the back of the seats are vinyl. The vinyl they use will actually outlast most leather, even the most expensive ones. Almost all leather seats are high maintenance. I have seen 3 to 4 old leather seats in Lexus or BMW cracked. It take a lots of work and TLC to maintain leather seats so they last 10 years. There is always the option of having your front seat re-upholstered, I am sure it would cost less than 10K. Cloth seats might be the way to go if you want less wear and tear on your seats.
    If you can truely find a way to justify paying 10,000 more for a GX, then you have truely beaten the law of supply and demand. Of the Toyota and Lexus' line up of six SUVs. The GX has got to be near the bottom of that ladder. A perfect example of more money doesn't always buy you more.
    The bigger engine in the GX does not translate into more horsepower, just more torque. If a bigger engine mean performance only when I tow and bad gas mileage the rest of the time, then I guess I prefer the smaller engine.
    I think your wish is coming true, GX's sale numbers even disappointed Lexus. They might be offering large incentive on them very soon.
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Member Posts: 668
    Yes, if you are going to carry three in the way back a third seat belt is a mandatory must. In our case we carry older teens (ages 15-19) in the way back and only two fit, so two belts are enough.

    Our need to have the capability to carry seven adult size people will end by the end of the year and I have found that our tiny PT GT can carry larger (taller and longer) objects than the MDX. It doesn't snow around here and doesn't rain much either, so 4WD isn't needed either. When the time comes to replace the MDX I'll probably get a wagon if I still need to have some hauling capability

    BTW, I agree with you that the added GX luxury is worth the added cost. I consider how the dealer treats customers as one of the luxury items for the GX. My Acura dealer's service leaves a lot to be desired while my friends have had outstanding service from their Lexus dealers
  • gotribegotribe Member Posts: 101
    As an owner of an '03 MDX, I can't condone Acura's decision to use "leather trimmed" seats. However, I'm assuming the non-leather material is some sort of vinyl which will probably wear forever. Just look at some old interiors of 1960's cars--the car may be trash, but the vinyl seats often look like new!! As for the GX vs MDX comparison, it was pretty simple for me even disregarding price. MDX is bigger inside, not so trucky, and offers all the off-road capability I'll ever need and then some. Plus better fuel economy, in an easier to handle package. The choice was easy.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    On 8/26, we took delivery of a 2003 Sagebrush Pearl MDX w/nav and DVD. We live in Washington, DC, but thanks to the members of this site, we purchased it via e-mail, phone, and Fed Ex from Lindsay Acura in Columbus, Ohio. The deal was as follows: MDX w/nav & dvd $40,600(msrp-$42,500)

    All season floor mats, cargo tray, wheel locks, and cargo cover- no charge;

    Black side steps installed- $559.00
    Body side moulding- $80.00

    doc fee $50.00
    30 day temp tags from ohio $20.25

    total purchase price: $41,309.25

    I had planned to fly to columbus and drive back in September, but the salesman told us that if we would take delivery by the end of August, that he would drive it to us(which he did) for no charge! I gave the DC area dealers an opportunity to beat that deal, but no one came close. The best local deal we received was 41k for the mdx, and accessories at cost.

    From start to finish, the experience was excellent. From a referral on this site, I emailed the salesman and received a phone message in 15 minutes, and an email price quote in 30 minutes, after a couple of conversations to get information on the buying process, we agreed to the deal. He sent the purchase order and supporting documents to us via Fed Ex, and provided a return Fed Ex envelope to return the signed documents. Once they were received, we set a delivery date, which was 8/26. When he arrived, he went over the vehicle with us, and we gave him the check from the credit union. He had his girlfriend follow him from Ohio, and they spent the night in the area, and they drove back the next day.
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    Most of this year in the Chicago area, prices quoted were at MSRP. Now at end of season, multiple dealers are all at around $800 - $1000 off of list for 2003's, a few weeks before arrival of 2004's. Certainly makes one wonder if there is true competition around here! At the very least, Acura sure does a good job of limiting production availablity to maintain price levels.
  • rsrivastavarsrivastava Member Posts: 1
      just a FYI - I bought a 2003 MDX Silver/Ebony
      Touring with DVD & Nav from Marty Sussman Acura
      in Maple Shade, NJ for $1500 below MSRP. I also
      got a really good price for my trade-in: $200
      *more* than the Blue Book value!

      also, I got a quote of $1700 below MSRP from
      Acura of Newport RI. [had already committed
      to the first guy, so passed this one].

      p.s. the sales guy was very easy to deal with,
           feel free to email me if you need
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    I know dealers are taking orders for 2004 MDX. Does any one of you know, how much below MSRP we can get 2004 MDX?
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    It might be just a bit more than 2003s (and then you would not expect much if any discounting until supply exceeds demand, which Acura has an excellent handle on NOT allowing..)

    Or they could go BONKERS and ladle on a HUGE price increase for the modest increase in features (which would likely result in LARGE precentage discounts from MSRP, as the competition would represent a better value)
  • doctord13doctord13 Member Posts: 22
    KVFHG - did you do the deal?? looks like one of the best posted in some time for a fully loaded MDX - I've been toying with the idea of waiting for the 2004, as I cant decide if I want the size of the MDX (v RX330), but this kind of deal would tip the balance equation for me!!!
    Let us know.
  • doctord13doctord13 Member Posts: 22
    KVFHG - did you do the deal?? looks like one of the best posted in some time for a fully loaded MDX - I've been toying with the idea of waiting for the 2004, as I cant decide if I want the size of the MDX (v RX330), but this kind of deal would tip the balance equation for me!!!
    Let us know.
  • kvfhgkvfhg Member Posts: 15
    No, I did not get that car. The saleman gave me $3,500 of MSRP. I wanted to add more dealer installed options, but he would only give me those at list price. Before I could even negotiate, one other saleman sold the car. His dealership now only has base models, therefore, he couldn't deal with me.

    I'm just going wait to see the price of the 2004. After reading the changes from 2003 - 2004, I really want a 2004 now.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    When you are negotiating the MDX purchase, and the dealer seems to be unreasonable on accessory pricing, try this:

    1. Go to www.hondacuraworld.com.

    2. Print out their price list for MDX accessories(they are much cheaper than the dealer)

    3. Take the price list to your dealer, and ask them to match the price, or you will order it from the website(when faced with losing money, some dealers will price match).

    4. If it is a large accessory(side steps,for example) go to the service department(don't ask your salesperson) and ask them how much would it cost to install the item. note- at the website they have installation instructions for the accessories which you can print out for free and install yourself, if you choose.

    I did this when I purchased my 2002 TL. I got the mud flaps, and fenderwell trim at the website price from my dealer. I printed the instructions, and installed the mud flaps myself. I got lazy with the fenderwell trim, and had the service dept install it fo $40 when I came in for an oil change. REMEMBER- service departments will install parts and accessories purchased elsewhere as long as it is a genuine acura part.

    ps- if you order from the website, the shipping is free, and I think that you do not have to pay any sales tax.
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    took about 3 hours total and very easy. I only had to buy a torque wrench, $60 at Sears. Which is a great add to any tool kit and I have already needed it a second time for installing my hiddenhitch for a bike rack.

    It is worth doing bolt on stuff yourself.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    The dealer relented on the hitch for us and we handed them a fair profit on it.

    When it came to the chrome sidesteps they were stuck hard on their inflated price. Everything else about the deal looked good so I just ordered the steps from Tim and spent about 30 minutes bolting the brakets together in the kitchem and 1:30 in the garage bolting the actual step pieces to the brackets and undercarriage.

    Acura has the threaded holes in the underbody (with neat little "keep the dirt out" plugs inserted at thefactory) so it is no more complicated then assembling an Ikea kitchen cabinet!

    The whole family helped and we saved HUNDREDS!
  • prijayprijay Member Posts: 26
    I am ready to close the deal on Saturday 9/13. The price quoted by the dealer for a 2003 MDX with Touring, side running boards,wheel locks,mats and a coupon book (includes free oil changes and 15%-20% discount on services- i havent seen the coupon book this is what the salesperson told me)total price$36,500.00 plus tax and tag. Need comments from all you board members as to what you think.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    MDX w/ Tour invoice is $34,200
    + freight $ 500
    + Side Steps approx inv$ 350
    + AllW Mats " " $ 35
    + Whl Locks " " $ 10
    total $35,095

    Would I be happy that the dealer is making only about $1,400 -- considering that the MSRP would have 'em raking in $3798 and many many folks gladly paid that. YOU BET!

    Unless you will be kicking yourself for not getting a "fresh"(as in a year less of depreciation, forever) 2004 (with its extra HP, dual exhausts, better audio system, more sound insulation, new flangeless wheels, better leather, upgraded instrument panel & interior illumination, woven side pillar covers (that ought noth nick so easily) new headlights & taillights design...)
  • prijayprijay Member Posts: 26
    hey rerenov8r i will gladly pay $35,095 can u tell me when and where i can pick it up Also i am talking about real world pricing here. The invoive on the MDX with touring is $35,000. The running board cost is $449.00 without installation where can u get it for $350. Also i would like to know if anybody has paid invoice price on the mdx by the way how much did you pay for yours? Anyways if you go to buy the 2004 you will definitly have to pay MSRP based on Acuras past record so if i paid $3000 below MSRP i am already ahead $3000 minus a couple of minor features that they added in the 2004 ya i know that my car will be a 2003.
  • willieewilliee Member Posts: 8
    In the next few months, I'm looking to buy an Acura MDX. I wanted to know if anyone has had a positive or negative experience (ie. sales, service) with the following dealerships:

    John Eagle
    Charlie Thomas
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    I said a big YOU BET to "would I be happy with that deal".

    IT IS AN EXCELLENT DEAL! Realistic profit yes, but still a TREMENDOUS DISCOUNT from MSRP.
      I doubt that many (?any) folks will do better. Well, there is ONE person who claims that a dealer sold a FULLY LOADED 03 MDX (Tour Navi, RES) for UNDER MSRP. (they claim A LOT under, (like more than yours in over...) and I just don't think that would happen, even for friends & family of the dealer, but I don't want to call anyone a fibber...)

    I would very much have liked to been able to get the price you are being quoted presented to me. I bought in early July and paid more(mine has Navi & trailer tow pkg DIO, I put chrome side steps DIY). I don't regret having an 03, though some of the 04 improvements do seem worthwhile.

    I was only posting the other info so that you would NOT get a case of "buyers remorse" for not waiting.

    It is a VERY GOOD PRICE. You will be HAPPY! Good Luck.
  • prijayprijay Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for the heads up rerenov8r i inferred from your previous post that someone had paid the price that you had listed. But after reading your recent post it makes me feel better that at least i am not being taken for a ride by the dealer. As mentioned earlier i am not too keen on the changes that 2004 will have and the circumstances are such that i have to buy right away.
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    was something that alleged involved a price FAR below INVOICE and a trade-in that the buyer was given FULL CREDIT on...

    Was not posted here...
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    Thanks for the reply clearing up the situation. I apologize for the previous post and as a matter of fact I have deleted it.

    ps- Thanks for the reply also regarding do it yourself installation of accessories.
  • prijayprijay Member Posts: 26
    Finally closed the deal on Saturday and picked up a Silver MDX Touring with running boards,wheel locks, mats, cargo tray and cargo cover for my wife. I paid $35,900 + Tax + Tag transfer.
  • rocky1908rocky1908 Member Posts: 5
    Hi rerenov8r,

    Please email me the dealer name & location.
    [email protected]

    I am interested to buy MDX.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    It's ok to post the dealer name, and the location (city/state).

    No promotion of individual salespeople please.

    Steve, Host
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    Of all the NINE Acura stores in the Chicagoland area (and you can through the TWO WIsconsin area stroes too) only Rizza Acura in Orland Park would "get with the program" and relaize that I was NOT going to pay MSRP -- dealers inTX were EAGER to sell for even less, but with two kids under two years old, I really didn't feel like ruining my weekend with a l_o_n_g drive nor did I feel good about handing hundreds of dollars over to "auto transport" drivers...

    Rizza give me a very nice deal, took my trade for a fair price and behaved very well. Before you forget over MSRP at ony other dealer you ought to give 'em a shot.
  • epicurus22epicurus22 Member Posts: 2
    I have an offer from a dealer for a 2003 MDX with Navigation only in Sage for $39,000. The dealer isn't providing any special financing or accessories. Is this a good price given that the 2004s are coming?
  • drsaab1drsaab1 Member Posts: 3
    hi there, i was wondering what dealer you got that deal from for 35900 +++, i was looking for something similar.

    you can email me at [email protected]


  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    IF (and this is a big if) the dealer has no one else "lined up" for that MDX I would wait. They won't have to come down, as there probably will be some increase in price for the 2004s, but they alos have some nice upgrades/changes.

    Worst case the 2003 will NOT get more expensive BUT it might get sold and then you'd be stuck waiting for an 04 -- youcan walk a fine line between letting the dealer know that you WOULD buy the 03 "for the right price" and having to come back to the same dealer for an 04...
  • lgrosslgross Member Posts: 55
    MSRP is not yet available. So, the price is MSRP less $500 plus free cargo net, cargo cover and mats and a few other service type goodies. I called or emailed 10 dealers within 500 miles. None would talk about discounts except the one I visited locally (CT). Dealers have production schedules and the vehicle that I ordered is expected the 3rd week in October. No color charts are available yet for the two new colors.
  • epicurus22epicurus22 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. If you were me, what price would you say is a good deal right now? The salesman mentioned that they had a potential buyer before me but their credit fell through.

    Also, the salesperson called me yesterday and indicated that the sales manager wants to move all cars. He wants me to come back in and meet with the manager to see how they can make the car "more affordable" for me. Advice. Thanks again.
  • prijayprijay Member Posts: 26
    I bought mine at Rick Case Acura in Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    Is to let them "speak first". If you are non-commital in terms of what is a "magic number" one theory says that the dealers will then tend to cut deeper than if you said "for $38,500 I'll sign right NOW...

    Personally I doubt that most dealers would let go of MDXs at invoice. (I might be wrong, they do get "holdback" that makes even invoice profitable, and if they have vehicles sitting around collecting dust, they have to finance that cost...) I would think that any dealer (well maybe that the spoiled rich guys in San Francisco Bay area) would be happy to sell for $2500 over invoice, that would be about $1500 under MSRP. With the model year ending I would goes that they might halve their "over", almost doubling your savings to slightly less than $3000 off MSRP.

    If you are exceptionally good at the "poker face" strategy as I first suggested then you might do much better...

    Good Luck!
  • neslinesli Member Posts: 1
    We have a quote from a dealership in CT for a 2003 Acura MDX Touring w/ Navigation of $39,000. Is this a good price, or should I go for a 2004 model? Also, we looked at the Honda Pilot, and we can order a 2004 model with Leather and Navigation around $33,000. These two SUVs are very similar. Is it worth the price difference? Very importantly, do you have any idea how much the difference in resale value would be bw. these two in 3 years. Most likely, we are going to lose more with the MDX than the Pilot. Any ideas? I can't do much research about the resale value since these are both fairly new to the market.
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    Search the Pilot forum. There are a lot of noise complaints. I don't find my '02 to be noisy at all. It is a personal thing, but I think it is rather quiet. There is a little roof rack noise on the highway but closing the sunroof shade eliminates it.

    There also are some complaints about body roll and handling. The MDX is much better handling in my opinion. Though I only test drove a Pilot, but my MDX does drive almost as well as a sport sedan.
  • dat4dat4 Member Posts: 5
    please email to me the dealer and advise for MDX in South CAlifornia. Thank you.
    email: [email protected]
  • fndlyfmrflyrfndlyfmrflyr Member Posts: 668
    Honda/Acura vehicles seem to have more road noise than other vehicles of similar type. The 02 MDX is no exception. Like you, I don't find the noise objectionable (mine is an 02 Touring Navi), but I can't call it quiet either. I've never noticed any noise from the roof rack area, but do hear wind noise around the side mirror at high freeway speeds. Road noise on course roads and grooved concrete is loud.

    I agree handling feels very good at normal and low speeds, but it does gets rather sloppy when the MDX is pushed hard around corners and hard bends in he road. Lots of body lean and not as much grip as one would expect based on how good the MDX feels in normal driving. Also, while the brakes feel great in regular and somewhat aggressive driving, emergency stops are longer than expected.

    I suspect the cornering and braking performance could be significantly improved with more performance oriented tires (and wider rims). The lean would still be there, but that could be helped with thicker sway bars. Personally, I like the compromise provided by the Michelin Cross Terrain tires: Reasonably good performance, great ride, long tread life.
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    I agree with you. However apples to apples, it is much better in my opinion. I think worth the few thousand difference over the pilot. My other SUV is an Isuzu Trooper. While I like it a lot, and enjoy driving it, noise and body roll are much more apparent. From and SUV perspective I think the MDX scores high on the noise/ride scale.
  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    I was quoted $35,800 out of the door price for a brand new 2003 MDX (base model) from two dealerships in Dallas area and there are very limited color selections.
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