2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Which dealer in Ohio did you buys your car from? Here in Northern NJ, some dumbass from Montclair Acura is still quoting $500 over MSRP.

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    I would be happy to tell you about the deal, the dealer, the sales person and our experience using the Internet to buy our MDX.
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    It's ok to name dealers - some people may prefer not to post their email address in the forum where spammers may find it.

    Steve, Host
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    GRAENTEAM, can you please email me the dealer's and the saleman's info that you got such a great deal from. my email is [Email removed]

    For everyone else,

    Don't shop at Montclair Acura in No. Jersey. 1) They are still quoting $500 over MSRP for the MDX, but they also have bad service. 2) I bought a car there before, they gave me an "old" piece of junk honda accord as a loaner (this car was owned by a part-time rookie saleman) when I dropped off my car for service.

    If you are around the NJ/PA area, I got a decent quote (for this area anyway) with Precision Acura in Trenton, NJ. He gave me $1K off MSRP for '03 MDX plus all accessories at invoice cost. But I didn't make a deal with him because I wanted more discount.
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    Where in NOVA did you try purchasing your MDX? I tried all three in NOVA area, Pohanka, Radley and Karen Radley but did not get the price I wanted on MDX. I finally decided to wait for 2004 if I was going to pay near MSRP anyway.

    Also, if you buy from another state how does the tax work out? Do you pay the state tax from where you bought it and also state tax where you live?

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    After talking to graenteam, I spoke to their salesman in Ohio(I live in DC). He explained that if I purchased the MDX from them, they would provide me with a 30day temporary Ohio registration, and then I would have to register the vehicle in DC and pay the DC tax. He will drive the vehicle to you, or he will pick you up at the airport.
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    So basically you pay for the MDX and 30 temp tag for Ohio. Once in VA then I register and pay VA tax and VA tags. Is this right?

    Wow! They will actually drive the MDX down to DC area? Any extra charge for this service? If this is true, I will have to look into this. Thanks.
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    I actually try all three of the dealerships you mentioned but only got negotiated seriously with Pohanka and Radley. As for the taxes, you only pay the tax for the state you are going to register the vehicle in. I paid the VA taxes at the dealership and I'll pay the Fairfax County tax for the sticker here. Hope this helps.
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    You are correct. As far as this is being "true", I have the actual e-mail from the dealer, and I can send it to you if you like. I was referred to them by another member of this board on Saturday. I e-mailed them at 12:15 pm onMonday, stating what I was looking for- an MDX w/nav/res or MDX w/nav, sagebrush or black on black. At 12:30 I received a phone call from them(I was not home) At 12:45, he sent me an e-mail which gave me a price on the vehicle, as well as informing me that he had a black on black nav/res with 6 miles on it on the lot and was mine if I wanted it. I have owned Acuras since 1990, and I will tell you that I received four e-mail quotes from local dealers, and NONE of them can match this deal! I called my salesman who sold me my 2002 tl-s, and he said "go to columbus, I cannot touch that!"

    Send me an e-mail with your phone number, and I can tellyou everything.
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    I would like to thank all the posters on this board for the advice given. Using the prices that people bought their MDXs for in the various areas of the country, I used this information to shoot for a deal in Southern California. I ended up buying a black and tan base model MDX at Sierra Acura of Alhambra for $2100 off list and 3.99% financing. As the people on the board suggested, I played a number of dealers against each other, I bought on the next to the last day of the month and I found a trustworthy dealership and salesperson to deal with. I had contacted Goodson Acura in Texas as a backup and the people there were very nice. But for the price I got, I didn't need to make the trip to Texas! Thanks again, you all!
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    I am flat out FLOORED that more folks don't "negotiate" given the enormous mark-up on the MDX.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my MDX, I even think that it represents a pretty good value at MSRP, but to just walk into a dealer, hand over you check for MSRP and think that is "what they cost" is ludicrous.

    Sure, dealers have to make a profit, I fully support 'em making a fair amount on the MDX. But at the giant mark-up that is built into the MSRP I am not willing to help subsidize they flop of the RL and the eons long lack of update to the NSX -- that is what the dealers should tell the factory: "Give us a COMPETITIVE top-of-line flagship sedan & sports car so we can make more money" -- not taking a huge bite out of everyone wanting an MDX...

    BTW I don't subscribe to the line of reasoning that "folks who get MDXs under MSRP are hurting retained value for other owners" one bit. The things that make an appealing NEW will continue to make 'em appealing used -- #1 The styling is very nice, #2 The size, with third row is very comfortable #3 The features & performance make this one of the best choices in its class -- other contributing factors are the Honda/Acura reputation, the GOOD TREATMENT that SOME dealers seem to be learning REALLY HELPS, the high level of standard features/lack of options (laugh, but every vehicle that I've looked at that comes with a dozens of dozens of EXTRA COST options means that the 'used market' punishes those who opt for the strippers & does NOT adequately compensate those that opt for a 'loaded' unit...)
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    Black 2003 MDX with Saddle Touring Navi and DVD for $40987 w/o tax. This was an offer from a local Acura dealer. Not good is it? Any advice??
  • bqmdbqmd Member Posts: 16
    Black 2003 MDX with Saddle Touring Navi and DVD for $40987 w/o tax. This was an offer from a local Acura dealer. Not good is it? Any advice??
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    See, the thing that galled that crap out of me was I was perfectly willing to work with ANY offer under MSRP, but out of the NINE Chicago area Acura dealers only ONE would "work with me". It was like "MSRP" was carved into their foreheads or something...

    Anyhow, with info about the 2004 MDXs STILL all over the map you have to factor in how much you want an MDX before summer's end...

    Personally I am happy I got mine when I did -- if the 04s offer three rows of curtain air bags, HID lights, a 20 speaker Dolby Surround audio system, true dual exhuast, manumatic tranny, 280 HP, huge new sunroof, and full voice controlled accessories I will be a bit disappointed, but at least I got a fair deal.
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    This offer was from a St. Louis Acura dealer. Where did you end up getting your MDX? We are 4 hours from Chicago. You're right, it's a start. I'm definitely not paying over MSRP for a 2003! I can wait for the 2004's. I just wish they would give more info.
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    the dealer was Rizza Acura in Orland Park, IL. They really treated be pretty well. I don't know if I'd drive from St. Louis to Chicago, especially becuase I know that a better deal can be had in Texas...
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    Way to go wlimca! Could you send me the name of the salesperson you worked with? The trip from norcal to socal is worth it if a good price and courteous service is being offered. If you could email me at [Phone number removed] I'd appreciate it. I figure I can reward the salesperson / dealer with higher volume to offset their lower markup. Thanks.

    BTW, bosoxfan, if your'e not too busy driving your new MDX and still reading this forum, could you email me your dealer and salesperson's name also? Much obliged!
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    Hi All. My Mitsubishi lease is up this november and will look to lease an MDX. Since I live in New York City, I heard I can get the best deal in Ohio. Would really appreciate it if anyone would refer me to a dealer in OH where I can get at least $2k off MSRP. I even heard they pay for your plane ticket! My email is [Email removed]

    Many thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    There are only 2 Acura dealers in Columbus. Acura Columbus sucks and want MSRP. I went there to buy TL 2 years ago and was very upset because they don’t talk straight. I went across the street and bought a Lexus ES300. 1 month ago, I went there to take a look at MDX and was again insulted by their arrogance. I think I may end up buy a Lexus GX. But I may give Lidsay Acura a shot if that's the one you are talking about.
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    And, I must add, this forum provides all of us *consumers* with the wonderful opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge... Thanks Edmunds!

    In late February, I also had the misfortune of experiencing the arrogance of one Columbus dealer! Good thing I decided to email Lindsay Acura! Not only was I treated VERY well but I also received $1,600 off MSRP. Purchased my MDX in March and since, have referred many others whom have also become happy MDX owners!


    PS... At times, I've been tempted to ask how many of us posting here on Edmunds HAVE purchased their MDX from Lindsay Acura in Columbus... but that may be against board rules :)
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    Ask away; good or bad experiences - we want to hear them all. Please refrain from mentioning any individual names of salespeople though. And thanks for participating in Town Hall, Onelgs!

    Steve, Host
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    You are correct- It is Lindsay Acura. As soon as my wife decides on when she wants to purchase, I will be on my way to Columbus!
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    First off - My wife and I are happy owners of a new 03 MDX with Touring and RES.

    Thanks to this board I found that I should not just accept that these are a hot item and still try and negotiate a good deal. From the recent postings it seemed that ~$2500 off sticker was a good price. We were lucky because a near-by dealer had the color we wanted so after a quick test drive we started negotiating with the salesperson. I told him I wanted the MDX for 37,800 + tax/lic (40,300 msrp minus $2500) and I wanted them to supply me 3.9 60 month financing (plus I wanted a good deal on my trade-in).

    Of course the salesman balked at this and acted like I was crazy for even asking for such a thing. He said that maybe they would go $500 off sticker since it was the last day of the month. I told him that was fine but if they wanted to sell me the car that was the only deal I would accept. After about 15 minutes of going back and forth he realized I was not going to budge and he said he would take it to his sales manager.

    Here's where it gets interesting. By this time they had looked over my trade-in but the salesman and I never really talked about it other then I told him what the payoff was. As he was leaving he asked what I wanted for the trade and I told him to find out what he could get for it and if they could get me a good deal I might come up some on my offer.

    First let me tell you... A couple weeks back we had seriously considered a GMC Envoy. From two serious negotiations with 2 different GMC dealers, plus using Edmonds and KBB I had a very good idea on what I could expect for my (non-Acura) trade.

    Here is what they came back with...... $1000 off sticker, 3.9 - 60 month financing, but here is the kicker... the amount for my trade-in was $3000 MORE then what I expected. It was $3000+ more then what either GMC dealer was willing to give, $2000 more then what KBB and Edmonds said I could expect and was probably more then I would have asked if I tried to sell it myself.

    Since this was the first offer that came back I probably should have negotiated more but I was in such a state of shock by what they were giving for my trade I said ok.

    All in all it was a good experience and although I only got $1000 off sticker, I did get the 3.9% financing and with what I got for my trade I figure I came out $1500 ahead of what I had gone in expecting trying to get the $2500 off.
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    And are there any details that are useful to note from your situation? Did you want/get any DIO Acura options (from wheel lock to trim pieces?) Did they play games with the extended warranty and/or paint sealant/leather protector/other dealer add-ons? What about "dealer fees"?

    Let us know & welcome aboard!
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    Thanks! The trade was a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. The MDX we bought did not have any pre-installed add-ons/options. The salesman tried to push them a bit but I did not want them. And yes, The F&I guy tried to push an extended warranty and paint protection but I said no. It was relatively painless. The dealer doc fee was $45.
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    That sounds A LOT like my deal. As I detailed, the other EIGHT dealers in Chicagoland were pretty darned unresponsive to my offers. When Rizza Acura decided I was serious they got the vehicle my wife & I wanted and worked out a equitable deal. The started a bit low on the trades, but I came armed with blue book, TMV, CarMax and "rroyce" data. They came around pretty quick. They made a weak effort to hype the add-ons, but I think they already knew I was not going to 'bite that hook'...

    All in all they earned their FIVES {the nice thermal mug&travel bottle helped too ;^) }
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    Negotiated $1500 off for an acura MDX'03 with Nav. It took 10 minutes to finish the transaction and will go back to the dealership anytime. The manager and the salesman were easy to deal with.
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    wlimca, can you please email me at [email protected] of the salesperson that you've dealt with and their number?

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    Hi wlimca. Could you email to me the name of the sales person you worked with and any advices. Thank you in advance for your help. my email: [email protected]
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    This is a 2002 Touring with navigation, 21k miles driven for 16 months. Wood finish everywhere and runner boards. Immaculate in and out. Paid $31,000 vs $32,750 asking.

    I'm thrilled but I want to hear what others think. Socal dealers are asking $33-34k for similiar mileage MDX's without navigation.

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    i think you got a good deal and a fair deal. i just looked at a used 2002 with 11k miles, nav, running boards, etc. the owner is asking 40k. i just laughed and said thanks and good luck. i can get a certified used with the same options for 2k less from a dealer. i had a local dealer offer 1500 off for brand new 2003 model with same setup. if i could get a used 2002 for 31k with nav, i'd likely jump.
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    Are still VERY strong in Chicago -- the retail price of the 2001 & 2002 STILL seems to be very close to what the DEALERS were paying the factory for these things new (i.e. if you could have gotten an '01 or '02 for "invoice" when they were new you could still sell that now used vehicle for the SAME momey you paid -- essentially FREE usage for the years that vehicle was in service!)

    I don't know if that trend will continue as more 2001s come "off lease" -- if you are shopping for an '01/02 it might be smart to wait. If you want to trade your 01/02 NOW is probably a lot smarter than in the coming month(s)...
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       Just ponder this for a moment! Every person here bucking dealer against dealer in an all-out battle for your business drives your trade-in values down and resale values down also.....Go buy a jeep Liberty or a Kia sportage if price is your issue!!! Buy the vehicle that you like....feel safe in....and does not have the 50+ recalls like GM/Ford/Kia/ and the list goes on and on! Acura has spent alot of time and money in this production just like there great TL product and anyother vehicle produced by them....thats why they cost money and not barter grapes and apples for them!! My friend sells Mercedes and I have spent some time kicking around the dealership and the C-class invoice and msrp have only about 1200 mark-up....thats sick! How on 23% or 25% is someone going to make money even at that MSRP? Think of all the hard work that person is willing to do for you and all you want to do is steal money from his dinner table!
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    $1200 isn't a good mark-up? What is a fair cost for the dealer to make on a car, considering overhead, commissions, etc. Doesn't the $500 destination charge cover a lot of the overhead?

    How about residual service profits, that has to factor into the equation. What should a salesman's commission be for spending an hour with a customer? I don't think it is fair to say a salesman should make $300 on a sale because he/she had to stand around for 2 days prior to it. I should only pay for the sales service I recieve.

    So I figure...-$50 for the hour to the sales person + $500 destination charge for some part of the overhead + X amount for other overhead - Y amount for residual service profits)

    ($450 + X - Y)*number of cars per year. I am serious...what should a dealer make on a car?
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    I think it's just the free market at work.

    Everyone around Edmunds says that the dealers make their money on parts and service anyway, and profits selling used cars far outstrips profits on new ones.

    Sounds like your friend needs to hammer on his commission structure harder and not take it out on the customers.

    Steve, Host
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    I can speak of my SPECIFIC deal:

    I contacted dealers MONTHS before I actualled pulled the trigger. As I got closer to "doing the deal" I broadened my search to essentially the entire country. I went through DOZENS of dealers that WOULD NOT BUDGE from MSRP. I visited all NINE local Acura stores. The ONLY dealer that would cut me a deal also took my "mini fleet" of trades at a fair price. They made around $2K over invoice, plus whatever they could get on the trade-ins. And they still sell 'em as fast as they can get 'em...

    I know of virtually NO ONE who would invest the m effort in a deal from the consuming side... Even among other MDX buyers that I know spent time bargining, the amount of effort I put in is highly unusual. Juding by how many MDXs the local dealers move, and how quickly the do come onto/off of the lots I am sure that most folks are quite happy to part with MUCH more money than I am...

    The "deal" I got is going to have FAR less impact on resale than the things that are TOTALLY outside of my control like: expiring leases on 01 MDXs, possible upgrades on 04 MDXs, competiion from other makes/vehicles et cetera. Now, if EVERY MDX had a boatload of incentives/discounts then the resale would be in the crapper.

    If you can't make money selling new cars, then you might want to try used cars -- there is botique dealer near me that consistently has tens of millions of dollars worth of used Porshces, MB, BMW, Ferrari and other exotics. Been around for quite a while too...
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    The cheapest C-class I saw on Edmunds has a $1746 markup. Throw in a destination of $720 and don't forget the 3% holdback which is another $750 on a $25k car.

    Personally, I don't understand why they don't get rid of the destination and handling charge and just include it in the price.
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    In the next month or two I intend to purchase an MDX or a GX470. Other than the 8k or so difference is sticker price, can anyone advise me what the differences is in drivability and also storage space. They both seem to be real quality SUVs, and I'd like to here if any of you have strong thoughts on the subject.Thanks
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    In my opinion, the GX470 has true off road capability compare to the MDX which has limited off capability, but how many of us really take a 50000 dollar car off road. The GX470 is more luxurious in the form of better leather seats and real wood panels. The MDX has more horsepower while the GX has more torque. The torque comes in handy when towing but on the highway, horsepower is what you really need. The MDX has better mileage and has a better nav. system. The GX has more room to bargain with when it comes to pricing. The shape of the GX is very tall and narrow, one would think that Toyota would have learn a lesson from the Isuzu Trooper. I would sure like to see the national highway's roll over rating for the GX when it comes out. The GX seems to be a perfect candidate for Volvo's new rollover Stability Control. They are both fine cars, it really depends on what are you going to use the car for, do you need the off road and towing capability, the bit more luxury that the GX offers and what kind of money are you willing to spend. To tell you the truth if I was going to spend 50K on a SUV today, I would seriously look at the Porsche Cayenne.
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    I was just at the dealership, and purchased an MDX with touring and nav with msrp at $41000 (acura includes destination charge in the price of their cars). I purchased this car at $2500 off msrp for $38500. If anybody is seriously looking at the MDX, feel free to email me. My wife and I looked at 20+ SUVs, and this ended up being the one we liked the most. We thought this car was better than cars that were $10000 more! And the navigation system is the best nav on the market today. I don't recommend the back seat DVD system, as it blocks the rear-view mirror...buy an aftermarket that mounts on/in the headrests. Good luck! My email is [email protected], that's a real address that forwards to my real email address.
  • tpricetprice Member Posts: 46
    One other difference in the GX vs. MDX is that the 3rd seats don't fold flat - they fold up like wings but are not really out of the way. To get them truly out of the way you need to remove them. I have an Expedition that I'm forever taking the 3rd seat out of or putting it back in so this may be a bigger deal to me than to others - though the new generation of Expeditions do have a fold flat seat! We also have a Lexus RX300 and I think that Lexus does do a heck of a job with interior fit and finish. We are close to closing deal on an MDX Touring with NAV. Have been wrestling with whether or not to get the RES but have decided to go the route suggested by tobyfoote (post 538)- either aftermarket into the headrests or a portable system that would be more versatile (i.e., use in other vehicles, hotel rooms, planes etc.)+ my wife does not like how the flip screeen blocks the rearview mirror. I'm sitting about $1,000 higher purchase price but based on call from dealer am confident we can narrow the gap tomorrow before finalizing the deal!
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    We just completed paperwork to purchase a 2003 Sagebrush Pearl MDX touring w/nav and res for $41,309.25. The deal breaks down as follows: MDX- $40,600, black side steps installed- $559, Body side moulding installed- $80, all season mats, wheel locks, trunk tray, and cargo cover- free, document fee- $50, 30 day Ohio temp registration- $20.25. Total cost of vehicle- $41,309.25. This vehicle was purchased over the internet, phone, and Fedex from Columbus, Ohio. Once the MDX is in DC, we will pay for taxes and registration. As an added bonus to take delivery this month, the salesman is driving it from Columbus to our door for no charge. Special thanks to the Graen family of Rochester, NY, whose earlier posts about their deal allowed me to get this deal. The MDX will be delivered on 8/26.
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    We are looking for a 2003 MDX in Southern Cal and have been put off by the dealer's attitude. They want to knock $500 or so off the sticker and have us turn cartwheels. I can't believe that with the sucky economy, end of the model year, etc. that we cannot get a better deal. Any suggestions?
  • e2000e2000 Member Posts: 7
          I have recently purchased MDX with a fairly good discount in CA. If you post you e-mail, I will send you the dealer name.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    It's ok to name your dealers - just no plugs for or contact info of individual sales people. thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • dhebertdhebert Member Posts: 2
    We are looking for a 2003 MDX in Southern Cal and have been put off by the dealer's attitude. They want to knock $500 or so off the sticker and have us turn cartwheels. I can't believe that with the sucky economy, end of the model year, etc. that we cannot get a better deal. Any suggestions? Please e-mail to [email protected]
  • petlacpetlac Member Posts: 2
    Have pricing at $39,300 plus Tax and License for a 2003 Acura MDX with Naigation Package and Touring Package. Anyone out there have suggestions for dealer with better pricing?

  • petlacpetlac Member Posts: 2
    Have dealers at $39,300 for 2003 Acura MDX with Nagigation and Touring package.

    Good deal? Great deal? Any better?
  • dancemom2dancemom2 Member Posts: 1
    We just test drove an Acura MDX - it is exactly what we have been looking for, but are having sticker shock. Any comments on new versus used? Used doesn't seem to save much. Maybe we'll just have to wait.

    I figured the sales tax alone on $38,500 @ 8% would be $3600. Does anyone know if you have to pay sales tax if you buy a used vehicle from a private party?

    Thanks for any info.
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