2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hsntxhsntx Member Posts: 1
    When you say 'out of the door', are you including TTL? Which dealers & what colors, if you don't mind sharing the info. Thanks
  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    Yes, $35,800 incl TTL, etc. There were only four dealerships in DFW area, i.e. one in Plano and one in Irving.

    I've seen a sandstone metallic one but that is not what I want.

    Face-to-face is the best way to get even better price, maybe $35,500.
  • chrism124chrism124 Member Posts: 134
    Isn't the MSRP for a 03 MDX base $35,700. Maybe I am missing something but $100 over list for a 03 model seems a little high. Perhaps the demand in the Dallas area justifies the high price.

    I am wondering if anyone has purchased a MDX in the Mass and/or New Hampshire area. I am looking to purchase a 04 MDX Touring w/o RES or NAV.

  • ggu2ggu2 Member Posts: 8
    $35,800 out of the door price would translate to about $100 over invoice before TTL price ($32,262). That's the best I can find in Dallas here.
  • viskhaviskha Member Posts: 35
    A dealer emailed me the following:

    "We have several 2003 MDX's in stock for immediate delivery. I'm informing you of this because the MDX rarely stays in stock long, as you may already know. Even if I don't have exactly what you want, there is a good chance we will have it within a few days.

    In my prior email, I promised that I would offer you a special internet price available only to internet shoppers. We know you have a choice in dealerships, and appreciate the chance to earn your business.

    The MSRP for your specified vehicle, the 2003 Acura MDX is $36,200.00. Plus $69.00 for wheel locks. Your internet price is $33,998.00. Along with this price you also get wheel locks and adapter protection kit as well as Acura's Total Luxury Care. Acura's Total Luxury Care provides you with many useful services which enhance your Acura Ownership experience while saving you money. You'll also get a membership to Owner's Link, a comprehensive, personalized online database for managing your vehicle's care and maintenance.

    Our internet pricing is far below the national average for MDX pricing which remains at or near MSRP at many Acura dealerships. Have a different price in mind? Let me know about it. We simply will NOT lose your business over price.

    Again, thank you for your inquiry. Please contact me with any questions you may have by phone or email. I look forward to meeting you soon."

    Is this a good deal (I would prefer getting a Nav!)? Thanks.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Woo hoo!

    Pardon me, but that's sort of a funny throwaway to put in there, like it's some huge benefit that's worth a lot.

    It is nice to have, especially if the dealer sends paperwork in so that it automatically updates your service history. But it's also a marketing thing, and very valuable to the manufacturer/dealer to keep track of your contact info so they can send you new car come-ons or discount coupons.

    Steve, Host
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    Basically, you are getting $2200 of msrp, which is good, plus free wheel locks. Acura Total luxury care comes free with the purchase of ANY new Acura, and lasts as long as th factory warranty. The owner link section can be acccessed yourself by going to acura.com. i have no idea what the adapter protection kit is. Thye price is good, but don't get caught up with dealer gimmicks. A few of the dealers in the DC area told me that if I purchased an MDX from them, that I would receive free VA state inspections. That was nice, but I live in DC, not VA, so it is useless.
  • sun_boysun_boy Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I want to buy a brand new 2003 MDX at a reasonable price. However, dealers in Seattle area still don't want to go more than $500 below MSRP. Also regarding 2004, they say markup would be around $2k-$3k above MSRP.

    I would appreciate any help on how to buy MDX with touring and Navigation at good price (much cheaper than MSRP). I am looking for Red or Gold color.

  • rocky1908rocky1908 Member Posts: 5
    I was offered $2500 less than MSRP ($38,500)
    Please let me know if its a good price for 2003 model.

    Acura MDX 2003 Touring with Navigation

    Thanks for your input.

  • misc535misc535 Member Posts: 17
    What's the best deal that anyone has gotten so far on a 2004 MDX?
  • btr2btr2 Member Posts: 2
    2003 Base MDX $1000 down, $480/mo for 36mos? NewJersey.
  • slohtiaslohtia Member Posts: 1
    What is the size of front and rear speakers in 2003. How difficult is it to remove the speakers etc.

    Any suggestions on what speakers to use.
  • btr2btr2 Member Posts: 2
    $1300 down. $465/mo. 42mos. Base MDX. NewJersey.
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    6.5 inches speakers
  • foxcroftfoxcroft Member Posts: 3
    $1,500 off MSRP on all 2003 MDXs at a dealer in Charlotte, NC. Probably about 10 left. But I was told there were no "significant" changes in the 2004 model. However, there are some changes that I found on the Honda website that were important to me:
    #1 Side curtain airbags with rollover sensors (new for the 2nd and 3rd rows).
    #2 Power lumbar support on driver's seat (Touring Package)...I've got a bad back
    #3 "Enhanced functionality of second row seat (40% slide increase)"
    #4 Tire pressure monitoring system
    #5 "Acoustic windshield glass"...they could be making this one up!

    Anyone think it is possible to get a discount on a 2004 model order?
  • wmquanwmquan Member Posts: 1,817
    The acoustic windshield is in fact an enhancement. It's aimed at reducing noise. A lot of luxury vehicles have acoustic windshields but don't bother mentioning it.

    There are other noise-reduction features in the 2004 as well.

    The 2004's also include a supposedly "upgraded" leather that might address complaints about the previous model years' leather quality.

    Most of the rest of the changes are cosmetic in nature.
  • misc535misc535 Member Posts: 17
    What are they willing to do regarding discounts for 2004 models?
  • lknslkns Member Posts: 8
    I was quoted a price of MSRP minus $749.00 thru Costco on an '04 MDX Touring w/Navigation System. Any thoughts?
    Also, what about add ons such as running boards, all weather floor mats and body side molding. How do I negotiate that with the dealer?
    And anyone have experience in negotiating w/Pohanka in No. VA?
  • misc535misc535 Member Posts: 17
    Initially $300 below sticker, but someone called me back and never followed up. Feeling that there would be no significant movement. Invoice comes out tomorrow, and more dealers will be willing to talk.

    Deal with options just like anything else. See what your cost will be. They are making a lot of $ on this car.
  • misc535misc535 Member Posts: 17
    $749 under sticker not bad. Which Costco dealer gave you that offer?
  • doctord13doctord13 Member Posts: 22
    Egriffit on the "2004 MDX" string stated she got a quote of >1100 through the costco program on the west coast - do they not have a standard deal across the country (local deals v contractual with Acura)??? Anyone ever had experience buying through them?
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    suggestion on options: Go to www.hondacuraworld.com, and print out their price list(they are much cheaper than the dealers). Take the list with you when you go to negotiate the MDX price, and ask the dealer to match or beat the website price. If the dealer refuses- buy from the website! they offer free shipping, and you can print out the instructions on how to install the running boards and body side moldings.
  • spfoteyspfotey Member Posts: 131
    Does anybody know if you can get a leasing program with the MDX where you pay for the 3 year lease upfront??
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Member Posts: 380
    The notion that the there a 'special price' available ONLY to folks with a costco card is simply marketing hype.

    While I do have a Costco card, it proven to be useless in purchasing a new car. The 'service' is simply a way for DEALERS to glome onto MORE EAGER BUYERS -- it is exactly like auto-by-tel and other "services" -- there is no "special price" only a hungry dealer licking there chops over the prospect of a 'dupe'... They 'market' the service to dealers as a way to get "faster more profitable deals" -- not what they'd want you to hear, but the TRUTH! Sure, some dealers MAY be a little less 'high pressure' when you say you're a 'costco buyer' -- but that is UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL DEALER/ SALESPERSON -- and the same canbe said for shopping the 'regular way' or for shopping via email/fax/telephone.

    There is no 'contract' with Acura or any other manufacturer, nor is there a 'contract price' set/negoitated with any 'dealer network'. It is all FLUFF & MARKETING!

    The best way to get a FAIR PRICE is to do RESEARCH such as here at EDMUMDS.com or other HONEST sources of invoice price/recent sales...
  • kvfhgkvfhg Member Posts: 15
    I just spoke with a salesman at an Acura dealership in PA. He gave me $1,500 off MSRP for the 2004 MDX (delivery date at the end of Oct.). Dealer's Installed options are at cost. He also told me that Acura is using both the production line in Canada and Alabama to produce the MDX, hence, increases MDX production for 2004.

    I'm awaiting to see what my options come out to be before I negotiate. Let me see what he'll come back to me with.

    Will keep you guys posted as soon as I have more info.
  • egriffitegriffit Member Posts: 6
    To the costco nay-sayer. Sorry you feel that way, but that is your experience. Mine was much different. I take delivery of a 2004 MDX on the 20th of this month thru the costco program and it saved me $1168 off MSRP - (got it in writing and everything!). I have found them to be REAL and not FLUFF and MARKETING as you have indicated. I did a lot of research before I went thru costco and they were the best deal hands down in my area. Maybe I just have better Acura dealers where I live.

  • earman67earman67 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, Thanks in advance to anyone who may answer this posting.
    I am new here and was just about to lease 2003 MDX with Touring Pkg., figuring I can get a good deal before they roll in the 2004's.
    The best price I got was $515 (with me fronting taxes approx. $3200) for a 42 month lease/balloon payment (I think they call it a prefered package or something) in either black or blue. That was in the end of September 2003. The dealer was trying to push me into taking it before Oct. saying all the residuals will change and the price quoted wouldn't be the same in Oct or Nov. I was just about to do it when I luckily "stumbbed" upon the acura/honda site that listed all the NEW features for the 2004's. I knew then that i really wnated a new 2004.
    I was quouted two prices for the 2004's (with a 42 month lease,fronting taxes).

    1. A dealer in Queens, NY told me $543.
    2. A dealer in Valley Stream, L.I. $554

    Anyone in the New York Area, getting anything close to these prices or better? Would love to hear what others are geting quoted and from what dealers?? I am looking to lease in the next 2 months and really want the 2004 now instead of the 03 model. FYI-Geico told me the premium for the 04 is cheaper than the 03 for better safety ratings due to side/ curtain airbags.
     Let me know, thanks...............Hal (earman67)
  • thegdethegde Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2003 MDX from lindsey Acura in Columbus OH.
    They gave me $2000 below MSRP on the premium model and threw in the Protection Pkg and the roof rack.
    They are one of the best Dealers to deal with. The car was delivered to me in MI.
  • xraymanrrxraymanrr Member Posts: 34

    Which dealer in Pennsylvania gave you a $1500 discount on a 2004 MDX?
  • tpricetprice Member Posts: 46
    We also just took delivery of a 2003 MDX from Lindsay in Columbus. They are a great group of folks. Price is one aspect of it - and they were good - but beyond that I think they are a little more "grounded" than their local competitor in Columbus. By that I mean perhaps not quite as snobby. Perhaps that plays well to some people? We had a Lexus RX300 before the MDX and the folks at the local Lexus dealer were also not so full of themselves as the other Acura store. We were honestly torn between the MDX and Lexus GX470 but could not justify the price spread (i.e. some of it OK, but not all of it). We also recently bought a 2002 Civic Si and 2003 EX Accord from Lindsay's sister store - again just a lot better experience than through their 2 primary competitor's here in town. I don't want to talk $$ as I'm sure we did better than some on our deal and worse than others but on balance think you can't go wrong with Lindsay - I'm not an employee nor related to any of them so this is not a biased endorsement. I shop the "heck" out of our car purchases and then try to make an informed decision so any of the competitors are in play and could have earned our business. It may be "luck of the draw" on the sales associates we dealt with but have to think it's part of their culture at Lindsay. So yes price is certainly part of it but not all of it.
  • carman36carman36 Member Posts: 14

    Would greatly appreciate any info on your deal. Looking to do same thing. Will provide email as well.

  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    about Lindsay being more grounded. I live in Washington, DC and purchased a 2003 MDX in August from them after receiving info from people on this site. The DC dealers came nowhere close to what Lindsay offered. I was all set to go to Columbus and make the six hour drive back home, when the salesman offered to deliver it to my door for no charge(which I readily accepted)! When he was at my house, I told him that the DC area dealers were mad athim about their pricing. He laughed and told me that he was not concerned; he gets paid by the unit, not by the price. As long as dealers on the east coast continue to stick together on pricing near sticker, he was going to make a lot of money because he gets several inquries from east coast residents.
  • bacbacbacbacbacbacbacbac Member Posts: 1
    I just got a 2003 MDX Touring with Nav and Res for 40,150 with all the extras. Sandstone, cargo mats. I think I still have to pay the doc fee.
  • earman67earman67 Member Posts: 3
    Still interested in hearing from those who purchased in the NEW YORK area, trying to get the best deal possible and would like to hear "where and who" others dealt with. I am willing to travel through-out the tri-state area for a great deal. Again, thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
    PS I am willing to give out my e mail if someone feels more comfortable that way.
  • compusolvcompusolv Member Posts: 5
    I am also looking for a deal for 2004 MDX Touring in NYC. If anybody has any details on the pricing I would really appreciate.
    earman67, hope you'll be able to get some info and pass it on. I'll do the same. Thanks.
  • earman67earman67 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, Where in NYC are you? I'm in Queens, see my posting on Oct. 3rd, the prices probably changed a bit b/c those numbers were quoted at the end of September with different bank fees. please keep me posted as well, maybe if we both purchase at the same dealer we can get a better price?? Be in touch, Hal (earman67)
  • compusolvcompusolv Member Posts: 5
    Hi earman67,

    I have a leased TL with the lease ending in 4 month and I am planning to return it earlier to get an MDX. I don't really care about the specific dealership as long as it is in NYC or nearby. I think, if we'll get together and work with the same dealer we might get a better deal since we are effectively taking 2 cars. But of course you first have to get the best quote for 1 car and then bargain even further. I would like to know what purchase price did the dealer quote you. I am planning to get the car late October or early November depending on when I'll make a deal with dealership and get my TL ready to be returned (have to do some minor body work).
    Stay in touch. My email is "c o m p u s o l [email protected] o t p o p. com" (remove the spaces as they are only againts screen scaping programs :)
    Good luck!
  • rocky1908rocky1908 Member Posts: 5
    I am looking for 2003 MDX, $2500 below MSRP price.

    I live in VA. Local dealer offered 43250$ for 2003 MDX Touring Package, Navigation, Protection Package, and side steps. I believe its high for MDX 2003.

    Please email me the dealer name/sales person name at [email protected]

  • misc535misc535 Member Posts: 17
    This is a lousy deal. You are paying OVER MSRP. You could get a 2004 for that price. Go on the Acura web site, and call every dealer you are willing to drive to. Ask for the person listed on the website; they are used to dealing with internet callers. The 2004's are coming in and they will be willing to deal. If you live in northern VA, go west and south! By the way, if you are willing to pay this much, why not a 2004? It comes with a full side-curtain airbag which increases the safety, along with some other niceties. Also, the MSRP only increased $700 on the touring from 2003 to 2004.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    go back and read my post #564. I will also email you some information.
  • vineet202vineet202 Member Posts: 4
    After a lot of thinking about 03 or 04, I finally got my new MDX 03 Silver Ebony with NAV (NO DVD). I was offered $3300 off MSRP and following accessories for free:
    Wood trim and Wood shift Knob.
    Front passenger window tint.

    I also got 4% loan for 5 yrs. Out of door price $40300.

    I am in dallas area.
    Let me know how I did!!!!
  • bruceleebrucelee Member Posts: 1
    Just drove home new 03 MDX, White, Quartz, NAV

    Got the 2K off MSRP, had Black Side Steps, Protection Package (Cargo Tray + Cover), Acura Chrome Wheels (I think OEM, seen on ebay for $900 + SH).

    Before tax and license : $39637.00

    After return home, got email from another local Acura Dealer for $2500 off MSRP, with pricing for any additional accessories seperate.

    Not sure what any one else is getting in Los Angeles. Just sharing my info, going to enjoy crusing in it still.
  • mdgreenbergmdgreenberg Member Posts: 1
    Please note that Edmunds specs for the 2004 are incorrect. I believe that they are the specs for the 2003. For example, they list hp as 260 when it should be 265. Torque is listed at 250 instead of 253. Someone at Edmunds should recheck the entire section.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Please let the data people know:

    Feedback Form

    Steve, Host
  • pendrathipendrathi Member Posts: 2
    Here's what I've been offered so far:
      Lindsay Acura (Ohio)- $900 off list of $39,500. ($2000 off list of $38,800 for 2003 model for those interested.) Friendly people-good to talk with.
      Northeast Acura (NY)- $900 off list. Didn't hesitate to match another dealer unlike some other dealerships in NY who gave me the "we only sell at list and can't believe you found dealers who are discounting" line. Great folks to deal with here as well.
      Apple Acura (PA)- $1000 off list.

      Let me know if anyone out there has had any better offers so far.
  • dcyndcyn Member Posts: 17
    I live in NY.

    I am willing to go anywhere to find a good deal on a 2002 MDX w/navigation system. Has anyone found a good deal on a 2002 MDX? and if so where? I'm hoping to find something around $30,000. What do you think the chances are?

    Thanks for your assistance.
  • harjitsharjits Member Posts: 35
    I'm getting deal of $800 off MSRP(41700) + Protection package from a dealer in Connecticut. This was the best so far after I called lot of dealers. Most of them wont talk about anything less than the msrp price.

    Anybody doing better than this in Southern New England, I'm willing to travel upto 200 miles for better deal than this. I can give my mail id if someone has better offer...
  • sbcookesbcooke Member Posts: 2,297
    Can this forum be added the MDX owners club? You provide a link to the club from here?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I'll look into it!

    tidester, host
  • kvfhgkvfhg Member Posts: 15
    I was offered $2,640 off MSRP for a 2004 MDX Touring + NAV + RES + other dealer installed options.

    The dealer is Reading Acura in Reading, PA.

    I was ready to place an order, but my wife backed out of it.

    If anyone is interested in contacting the salesman, please email me at [email protected] and I will give you his contact information.
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