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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Not to cast unfounded aspersions on anyone, but often the posts that say contact me for the details are from shills who want to sell you a car. It's hard to pin them down sometimes though.

    If the poster can't publicize the details, I'd avoid that dealer on general principals.

    Steve, Host
  • Hi
    First of all a big Thank you for and to this Forum for making me a very intelligent car buyer. Just signed the initial dealer agreement and paid $1000 advance for 2004 mdx Touring with NAV. Got the deal at $40,750+tags+tax
    +$249 reg fees(VA DMV fees). Got Free Locks(!Duh)
    and Free Cargo Tray and 10% off of accesories.
    As of now delivery promised nov 27th. Pohanka Acura (off Rt 50) was a pleasure to work with(so far :-). All the best for everyone else in the process of buying.
  • Leased a 2004 MDX from Acura dealer in Central Alabama. Got $1400 off MSRP and a 36 month lease with 12k/yr. MF was .00205 with a lease payment with taxes of $470/month. Took me a couple weeks of haggling to work this deal out & hope it helps you guys out. We are really enjoying the X.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am doing a research for my friend. The MSRP for fully loaded 2004 MDX, touring package, nav. system and DVD RES with no extra for $43,245. One dealer responded MSRP with 2 to 3 months wait. I have been checking the price since '01 MDX came out. And it is still no discount for the 4th year production. It looks impossible to get more than $1000 off at least in New England region.
  • I apologize for ruffling any feathers. I was unsure of how to go about posting information. Here is the deal we received:

    2004 MDX Touring Package with Navigation
    $40,745 (MSRP $41,745)+
    $125.25 (Document, Title, and Registration)+
    Applicable State Sales Tax (8%).
    Included all-season mats, cargo cover, wheel locks and trunk mat.

    The dealer I worked with was Lindsay Acura in Columbus, Ohio. The salesperson told me he has sold many vehicles to customers who heard about him through Edmunds. I don't want to be a "shill" but I can email his contact info to anyone who would like it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Cool, thanks Matdmdx. And congrats on the new MDX.

    Steve, Host
  • kvfhgkvfhg Posts: 15
    The deal I received from Reading Acura is true. He did not tell me all about the deal until a few days after he offered it to me.

    I had a deal with him on a 2003 MDX+NAV+RES for $39,000. But one other salesman sold that car to someone else. Therefore, he gave me a deal on 2004 to keep my business.

    When I first posted the 2004 offer, I did not know that the salesman gave me that deal because of the 2003 situation (he did not mention that).

    My deal came out to 40,500 for 2004 MDX+NAV+RES. Dealer's installed options are at cost.

    At this point, I suggest that you go through internet pricing (i.e. Edmunds), try to find Reading Acura and see what kind of prices they'll offer you. Once you get the price, call/email them and negotiate from there. Don't use my name to call them.

    Trust me, they did not come to me with those offers. I used my car buying experience/research to negotiate down to those prices.

    Hope that helps.
  • After lot of calls to dealerships in RI/CT/MA/NJ/NY, Just signed the deal tonight for '04 mdx+navi with Sage Brush /Quartz in RI, I should have in 7-10 days. Many won't offer more than 500-1000 off msrp..
    Price paid, 39895+150( for wheel locks,all season mats,cargo cover)+115 (Doc fee) Total price,
    [email protected]%(2800)=42809. Makes it $2150 off msrp.
    I wanted to install Side Steps, but he was charging 750 and 250 for side molding. I haven't decided on those yet.
    Let me know if anybody interested @ [email protected] , maybe we could squeeze some more juice out of them.

    Cant wait to drive one....

    Happy hunting...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I'm over 50 so I don't care anymore.

    Ok, the real reason is that I forget to wear my glasses at the computer and overlook stuff all too often.

    And principals is the correct spelling; just incorrect usage. Oh well, no demerits for chat typos here....

    Enjoy the new ride!

    Steve, Host
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 764
    You don't care about spelling just because you're over 50? What's next--black socks and shorts with sandals or perhaps doing 45 in the fast lane with your turn signal on?

    Just kidding...
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    Congrats on your deal and thanks for posting the details. By the way, that is where my wife bought her MDX(from and Edmunds referral), and they give excellent service.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    If you have not purchased the side steps and body side molding yet, try this: go to and print out their accessories list. The side steps are $445, and the body side molding is $110. The shipping is free. Ask your dealer to match their price. If they refuse, you can order them online and 1. Install them yourself(they have the instructions available to print for free; or 2. Take them to the service dept and pay the normal labor charge. Call the service dept. tomorrow and ask the service manager(not the salesman) how much does he charge to install those items. My wife has a Sagebrush MDX w/those accessories. We negotiated them with our purchase and were charged $559 for the side steps(installed) and $80 for the body side molding. Good luck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Sweats all the way :-)

    October MDX sales up 10 percent (Yahoo)

    Steve, Host
  • berobero Posts: 3
    Just scanning the boards here I have read a few messages where are noting service discounts and offers as part of their "deal." E.g,:
    "includes free oil changes and 15%-20% discount on services- i havent seen the coupon book this is what the salesperson told me"

    FYI these exact coupon books are mailed out by dealer service departements, including competing ones, for free to all new purchasers as a way of drumming up business for highly profitable service departments. They are not in the least bit a valuable part of any "deal."

    At most dealers a "free oil" change doesn't include filters which they will install and I promise you will end up in total paying more than standard charges at any jiff* lub*.

    Just buy your vehicle for the lowest price. Unless you live in an area with one dealer within 50 miles forget all the blah blah about the service department completely. When you need service call and say: "I had a 15% discount coupon for my 15,000 mile service and I can't find it." They will easily give you that discount without any coupon.

    I also promise that within a cvouple of months of buying your car every dealer in the area will send you this "discount book." which is just about marketing for custoemrs in an area of the dealership that makes a huge profit.
  • I emailed you but have not heard back yet. Is it possible to list the dealer name on this board directly?. Thanks in advance
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 270

    I'm a little confused. MSRP on Touring/Nav is 41,200 + 545 destination for 41,745 total. How is your price of 39,895 "2,100" off MSRP? My math says 1,850 (41,745-39,895). Plus 39,895 +150+115=40,160, not 40,009. Either way it sounds like a good deal, but I'd like clarification, and to second nyc_mdx's request, could you post dealership name? I'd go for similar deal if I can get it there!
  • NYC_MDX,

    I guess it is prohibited to give names in the forum, send me a mail and I'll forward it to the salesperson. He is very nice to work with I waited for 4-5 months for '04 model and our deal was done in less than 15 mins on hassle.

  • I am picking up my Aspen White Pearl MDX with Navigation tomorrow. I added side steps, the moonroof visor, and the protection package (wheel locks, all season floor mats, and cargo tray).

    Not sure how well I did, but the break down is as follows:

    $41,382.38 sale Price (includes destination and accessories)
    $45 document fees
    $3210.62 sales tax
    $857 DMV fee(ouch)
    $5 state tire fee

    For an out the door price of $45,500.

    They gave me $1,000 off MSRP of $41,745 for the vehicle (includes destination fee of $545) as their "internet" price, and I asked for the protection package free. That leaves $637.38 for the side steps and moonroof visor. I basically just let them quote me some outrageous prices for the side steps and moon roof visor (I think $900 and $155 respectively) for an original quote of $46005.40 out the door, then just haggled with them over the out the door price (hence the nice round number).

    I hope this is helpful for those of you in Cali.
  • Forgot to ask, has anyone negotiated a good deal on the extended warranty? I am picking up tomorrow; anything you can offer will be helpful.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may mention the name of a dealership but provide no contact information per the header at the top of this page.

    tidester, host
  • my lease is expring on my 2001 mdx. i now need to make a decison: should i buy out the car from the lease or purchase/lease a new car. i have enjoyed the mdx, but cannot afford to lease or buy a 2004 model. i can buy the 2001 mdx for about $26K, or buy/lease a ford explorer for about $28k. looking 3 years down the road on resale value, am i better off with a 6 year old acura with 72k miles, or a 3 year old explorer with 36k miles? any advice?
  • arriosh,

    Can you tell me what you think of the Aspen Pearl white color? I do not know what white to pick (Taffeta or Pearl) but I want the one that looks the whitest and not off white or beigh. What do you suggest? Aspen pearl white sounds like the whitest.


  • Metmdx:

    Sorry about confusion, I paid 39745 ( which is 2000 off msrp + 150 for protection pkg includes wheel locks, all season floor mats, cargo cover, normally goes for 299: Total 39895)+115 Doc fee+TTL(2800)=42809

    [email protected]
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 270
    which Rhode Island dealership was this?

  • Acura of Newport...send me ur mail id I'll pass on the salesperson name and number..

  • The Taffeta is the pure "refrigerator" white. The Aspen Pearl has a little opalescence to it. It has a slight touch of cream and a little sparkle to it. Right now I'm debating between the Aspen Pearl White and the Midnight Blue Pearl. I'm not considering the Taffeta, but that's only my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own...
  • tax_atty,

    Have you seen this Aspen Pearl White color? There are no dealers in my area who have one or seen one. When you look at it do you think "white" or "beige" or "bisque". I like the sparkle effect but I want the car to appear white not beige or yellow. Do you know if any other Acura car comes in that color?
  • I have seen the two side-by-side and it is a subtle difference. It is a pearl color and not stark white like the taffeta is. It is very pretty and if I were to get a white one it would be the aspen white pearl. It also only comes with the saddle interior whereas the taffeta has a choice of saddle and quartz I believe.
  • Craig,

    When I look at the car, I think opalescent white (maybe a slight cream, but less so than I had imagined it would look). It is definitely NOT beige or yellow. I'm told the color is very similar to the Escalade color.

    I have not seen the Taffeta white, but I would imagine it is the whitest. If it helps any, I chose Aspen white because I did not want a flat white.

  • Acura of Boston
    '04 Touring
    options: side rail steps, rear hatch spoiler, mats
    42 month, 12,000 mi/yr lease:
    $41181 cap cost gross
    $1565 reduction ($1000 mine plus discounted options; free labor to install options not reflected in cap cost red.)
    0.59 residual

    Decent transaction. Should have shopped my trade-in first, though. Took some work and still ended up with less than I had hoped. Life's too short to get an ulcer over something like that, though.

    The best part was that they had a truckload delivered Tuesday and they had what I wanted right on the lot. When they told me that, I thought it was bait and switch time, but there it was!
  • So how much is monthly payment including taxes and fees. Can you please email the sales person's name at [email protected] ? Thank you.
  • Ha - you'd have thought I would have mentioned that!!! Sorry - it's been a long week.

    $579/mo w/ 5% Mass taxes & the rest.

    BTW thanks to everyone who posted their prices before me - it really helped give me a clue as to what I should bargain for.

    prajapati - I will email you.
  • I just purchased a 2004 MDX Touring w/NAV and RES.


    Satin Chrome Side Steps
    Fender Flares
    Rear Spoiler
    Ski Attachment
    Moonroof Visor
    All-Season Floor Mats
    Cargo Tray
    Body Side Molding

    Paid $1600 under MSRP.

    Reading Acura, hassle free dealership. They had the car to us in under 1 week.

    Best deal I could get at other Philly and South Jersey dealers was MSRP - $1000 w/ a AAA discount.

    If you would like the name of my salesperson, let me know.
  • gregor24

    Please email me your salesman contact at Reading Acura.

    In addition, which dealership gave you the $1000 AAA discount.

    [email protected]
  • Gregor24,

    Can you pls email me the name of the salesperson at Reading Acura - [email protected] Tx.. Dave.
  • Gregor24-

    I have been dealing with Reading Acura by telephone only.
    Please e-mail your saleman info -
    [email protected]

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Did you order all of those options, or did they stick them on and at what cost?

    In your opinion, will they do a straight $1,600 off a Touring w/Nav and RES w/o ANY added options? I don't want anything, nor do I want to pay for anything they add.

  • Hi

    I am looking for an MDX with Touring. I want the best deal possible within 100 miles of Hartford CT. Any suggestions as to who to go to? My lease is up in about 10 weeks and I would like to put a deposit down now so it is done.

  • Just signed the lease on Saturday:

    2004 Touring w/RES SageBrush Green/Gray
    15000 mi/year
    48 mo
    $0 Cap Cost
    I paid the Tax/Title, etc...
    Security Deposit Waived
    Money Factor = 2.10

    Thanks for all of the info from the other posters...
  • dat4dat4 Posts: 5
    Can you email to me the sale person and the dealership. Thank you
    [email protected]
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's ok to post the name/location of the dealer. Please see the blurb at the top of the discussion. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • I had them price it with all the options, because I wanted the truck with that exact configuration.

    I am not sure what the price would have been without the options.
  • Hello all. I wanted to pass along the deal that my colleague was given on her new 2004 MDX touring nav/dvd. She paid $41,545 plus tax & title. She received a bit larger discount than I , but my salesperson provided me with an accessory for the referral.
  • Gregor24-

    Please e-mail your saleman info and tele # -
    [email protected]

  • Gregor24-

    Looks like your a popular person. Can you please forward me the sales rep info as well: [email protected]

    I submitted a request to the Reading Dealer for MDX Touring + Nav (no RES) and received a quote of 41k. Not sure if the amount included the destination charge, but if not...they were only offering $200 under invoice. This actually is the best I have received so other central/northern NJ dealers are sticking to MSRP (one actually quoted me $200 over MSRP...all internet quotes BTW).

  • Jpdude -

    Where did you make this deal? I saw Chevy Chase Acura ad on TV for attractive leases.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Veterans day deal. Yes I am proud 20 year Army vet and Desert Storm trooper. Still in. I was not planning to buy today and only went to the dent dr to remove 3 big door dings ($40) cash please. Dealer was next door with brand new 04 Aspen White touring just sitting there tempting me.
    Arrive 1000 hrs
    Drive 1010-1025hrs
    Appraise 03 1030-1040 hrs Silver, 12kmi and perfect
    Deal My offer $7800 plus my "worn out" base MDX.
    Dealer Counter offer $10,500. Crap this will not work today. Have a nice one. $29k for the 03 and MSRP for new one. Yikes
    Go home 1100hrs
    Dealer call 1 1300 hrs $9700 plus base MDX. NO thanks but $8000 is fair to me for this upgrade. Will ask S.M. (sales manager)
    Dealer call 2 1400 hrs$9500 plus base MDX. No but thanks anyway. I will call Acura of Springfield and Landers Acura.
    Dealer call 3 1700 hrs. OK OK. $8400 plus your base MDX.
    I say, can you tint front side glass for me for $8400 drive out price?
    Dealer call 4. Deal. I go crap $8200 was possible but I blew it.

    However, dealings were cordial all along but I did believe deal was not going to happen when I cooled my heels but they did call back. I learned a lesson on that. Sometimes hard but glad to deal from home.

    Now, this was not an outstanding deal but a very easy one. I paid $35k for the 03 base and I think one year cost me $5000 depreciation and I really got 30,000 for it and paid 38,400 for the 04 touring.

    04 observations
    I really wanted curtain air bags
    I really like the new leather that some of you disdain.
    I like the dual exhaust and satin touches.
    New gear shifter feels substantial.
    I like the Aspen White
    I like the better Michenlin tires and general touring items.
    The 04 is quieter. But only slightly.
    The roof mounted sunroof in nice. glass holder gone is not.
    I like the gages and lighting.
    40 % more third seat travel in nice.
    The bose is big improvement over base.
    Too bad no quartz interior on the Apsen.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Today you deserve it. If you had done this deal last week, we'd give you a hard time on general principles :-)

    Happy Vets Day!

    Steve, Host
  • Got the following offer from an Acura dealer in LI, NY. The deal he is offering is an EZ finance with a balloon payment option. 2 deals for 2004 base MDX: $0 down, 12K miles a year, $539/ month for 42 mos, $22,140 last payment OR pay the tax down, $459/mos for 42 mos. There are no fees, no early termination penalty, no prepayment penalties, and I can buyout at any time during the term. The price for the base is $36,400 - about $500 off MSRP. I got a similar offer from another Acura dealer as well. Looks good to me, but maybe I'm missing something? Any opinions would be appreciated. BTW - what does the dashboard screen do if you don't get the NAV?
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    I really dislike ballons (personal opinion)and would like to remind you that I just picked up a 04 Touring for $38,400 and 3.8% bank financing for 60 months.
    Your 60 month term for $36400 would be about $665 per month and you own the car with zero down and no future worries about costs.
    total finance cost is about $3500.
    What interest rate is the ballon based on? I would say higher than 5%.
    Run the numbers you will pay $19,278 over 42 months and then have to refinance the ballon for more interest.
    BTW tax is $80 per months x42 months? Crap how much is the tax there? Sounds weird to me.
    No mileage wows but ballon is less per month for the first term.
    However should you want to buy it at 42 months you have to refinance at who knows what rate. If you like the x I would do a 60 month....
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