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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got offer 36K from a Acura dealer in Texas for 2003 MDX touring + NAV + Entrainment system. MSRP is around 41K. It is 1000 miles used by dealer. Is it a good deal?


  • purchased a 03 mdx touring pkg with nav/dvd on nov 15th at Acura Carland in Duluth, GA. they had two 03s remaining on the lot. first offer was $41.300, but after few trips to the sales manager we both okayed at $39k. thinking back now i could've done a little better but we loved the car.
  • I too had put this in the other Forum( Problem and Solutions, Forum 195 ) , I have the similar experience with '04 Touring with Nav. I noticed in on 3rd day and I took it to dealership. The service manager was able to re-produce it just on my car and not on the other two brand new on the lot. Acura has suggested replacing the resonator on Nov 4th. I have put 600 miles on mine. Its very annonying to have spent so much money and it performs even worst than a cheap 10K car. Does it happens on all of the 04 MDXs ? It becomes nightmare when the cruise speed is 70K as it is right on 2000 rpm at that speed. If it is a design flaw then it should be consistent in all MDXs not just a few. I have stopped driving it for now untill this issue is fixed. If it is not I'm definately talk to the Dealer/Acura and would like to get my money back.

    Please update with as many experiences as possible to see what %age of vehicle have this problem.

  • BTW...This noise/hum is minimal at Gear 1st, picks up more on 2nd/ 3rd and 4th, loudest at 5th. I have seen earlier post now that this has happened on all years make from 01-04...So just can't be exhaust. I wish I could have paid more attention before buying this, atleast I could have avoided this hassle now....
  • I have a 03 and dont notice any humming noise at all...In fact the car is so quiet that I notice some slight rattling noise from parts when going over bums. The 01 to 03 humming noise complains were hardly describe as unbearable. It was a few transmissions and welding problems making some slight noise. Doesn't sound like the problem you are describing at all with the 04s.
  • This offer is from Internet Dept. of Lindsay Acura in Columbus Ohio. I decided to reject it, because I really like the Lexus GX470 more. Too bad, I haven't got any good offer on this GX yet.
  • Are all MDX's build in the same plant? Maybe there is some common factor to determine the problems across the line. Going by basic troubleshooting techniques, people should post complete model info, and options, to try to ID what might be causing the problem. Do the models with noise have additional or non-standard parts (aftermarket spoiler, wind deflector, side steps, hood protector, etc.)?

    Is it from the front engine compartment, the A/C-heating system, exhaust, or wind noise? Does the resonating effect feel like it is transferring or vibrating through the vehicle (i.e. do you feel it AND hear it, maybe through the steering wheel, seats, and floor). I am curious what to look for when I pick up my MDX on the 20th to make sure it isn't a problem on mine.

    FYI: I did not experience any problems (and was looking for it based on the earlier post from the problems and solutions section) with the 2 different ones I test drove.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Had a 02 no noise.
    Had a 03 no noise.
    Have a 04 now the noise. just as described by others on this board. Keep posting if you get a solution.
  • I have 04 Touring Nav...just has side steps and wide side moldings...that too after the problem was reported...

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I got my '02 back from the shop yesterday after having the timing belt tensioner done and tried to hear a noise at 2000 rpm. I didn't hear anything out of the ordinary and in general I am an OCD when it comes to my cars.
  • sbcooke,

    was it making a noise before you fixed timing belt tensioner ??
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    No, actually ran like a top before and after. Just a "product update" or recall. The only reason I did it so quickly because it was easy...I called expecting problems, delays, etc. and they said they can take me anytime I want, loaner was no problem. I dropped it off before work, picked up the loaner and got it at the end of the day.
  • progerproger Posts: 44
    At this time of the year, what would I expect to pay for a leftover MDX 03 touring w/ NAV? I appreciate your inputs. Will I pay invoice? 1K over invoice? 2K over invoice? Please post. Thanks.
  • mkarpmkarp Posts: 22
    currently my wife and I are leasing an 02 mdx (love it) and was wondering what others are now paying for a lease on an 04? Would acura take my lease early in exchange for leasing an 04? Any thoughts?
  • There are flat-out NO 03 MDXs still available. The O4s have been out for MONTHS, the first WEEK or TWO the dealers were working hard to clean out the 03s and they simply don't have anyleft.
  • dcyndcyn Posts: 17
    I just purchased ( day before Thanksgiving.. guess what I was thankful for)a leftover 03 MDX touring w/nav. I live in the NY area. I have come across one or two dealers who still have new leftover 03 .. at least as of last week. Got a pretty good deal, paid $1200 over invoice.
  • llandlland Posts: 1
    I just took delivery on a 2004 MDX (Touring, navigation, entertainment), Midnight Blue - great color. Paid sticker. I added the satin side steps (which I paid for) but the dealer "threw in" all season floor mats, cargo cover, cargo net, body side molding, "wood" trim around the instrument panel, an Acura travel mug, and two nice Acura key fobs.

    There was a small dent in the hood which you have to be at the right angle in the right light at the right time of day to see (they found it, I didn't). They offered to come to my house to fix the dent (one of those paintless dent guys) and I mentioned that while he was there, I'd like to have him fix a couple of dings in my Volvo as well. The dealer said no problem and for my trouble, would take care of the Volvo for free. I was shocked. Clearly, this dealer has my gratitude and will certainly get my business again.

    Davis Acura, Langhorne, PA
  • In my calls and searching of dealers in the FL, AL, GA area I have found a fair number of 2003's left with some of the larger dealers having 4-5 in stoack yet.
  • Just purchased my 04' base model with spoiler, side-step and roof rack. I noticed the same noise (low frequency humming) some of you experienced. It is very noticable at 2000rpm (65-72mph). Take it back to dealer. Technician said it might be due to the new design of the dual exhaust. I was told it is normal. But, I feel the noise is very annoying when the road is quiet with radio off.
    I would hesitated to buy this car if I heard this
    noise when I test-drive MDX(a different one). I guess it is too late to change mind :(
  • just picked up Midnight Blue 04 base in NYC for $35945 - $1K below MSRP. I checked a couple of dealers in the area and got quotes of $500 below MSRP. Then I contacted Rallye Acura in NY via e-mail, which is 1 of the biggest dealers in the area but I didn't expect them to give me good numbers because they cater to a very "hoity, toity" clientele - their "main" building is for MB and BMW, the Acura showroom is off to the side. To my surprise, they immediately offered to beat everyone else's quote by $500 and matched the deal on my trade-in, then surprised me even more by getting the vehicle 3 weeks ahead of schedule, basically 2 days after I signed the papers. No BS, no pressure. I went with their balloon loan-type deal - basically a no-hassle, less restrictive lease and got a really good monthly payment.
  • aqbqcqaqbqcq Posts: 14
    I'd really be interested in hearing more about your dealings with Rallye. Thanks.
  • abcnycabcnyc Posts: 101
    Anybody with experience getting quotes from the internet websites such as Edmunds,, etc. ? Are they effective in getting a good price, or do you find that you get a better price by calling or visiting the dealerships.
  • aqbqcqaqbqcq Posts: 14
    I'd really be interested in hearing more about your dealings with Rallye. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Try the Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying discussion too.

    Steve, Host
  • Eric,

    Don't let them sell u this by saying it to be new design. Talk to the Service Manager and take him to ride with your and the brand new ones in the lot then he will agree to your problem. Acura Engg is working (so called) on mine problem for last 2 days, tried replacing Air Intake and exhaust without luck. I would for sure do anything possible to get rid of this vehicle and get a replacement. Atleast in my case my dealer acknowleges that it is a flaw with mdx. From one of the other contacts, an '02 mdx had similar problem and replacing the muffler fixed the problem for him.

    Good luck.
  • Can anyone share his/her experience of buying MDX in DC-Baltimore area? Thank you first.
  • Purchased 04 Touring w/Nav. Tried multiple dealers, generally via net. One prominent dealer reluctant to drop more than $570 below list, until I said I was on my way to Falls Church (and I would have had to wait for it). Too late. Called Radley Accura using Edmunds search/net contact number. Expect same person to answer and you'll likely be pleased (if not, you may want to ask for who normally answers, and ask for him). About $1250 off list plus all season mats, cargo tray and net, side guards. Phone call to drive off was less than 3 hours--and this was a Sunday. Happy hunting.
  • abcnycabcnyc Posts: 101
    Which Radley dealership did you contact? Radley Acura (Bailey's Crossroads) or Karen Radley Acura (Woodbridge)?
  • I waste a considerable amount of money on cars...twenty new ones in twenty years. My wife, for some reason, hasn't left me. I don't have extra money or time to waste, and don't want to be played. The gentleman I dealt with was truly a gentleman in the most positive sense of the word--it was a pleasure doing business with him, start to finish. No names allowed, but he told me he's generally the internet contact (or maybe he was for just that day). Regardless, I was pleased with Radley's (at Bailey's) sales practices AND service. I had the tow package put on Friday night, around my schedule--the service department is open until 2:00 a.m.!
  • Today I went to the service dept at dealer to pick my MDX after the could not figure out the cause of the humming noise. Incidentally I met their GM and test drove his '04 MDX. Guess what ..! The Hum noise was there in his car also though it was not much in my case. Then, I took appointment at another Acura dealer and drove one of their demo's and that too had as much noise as I have. Now this even confuses me even further as may have said that they don't hear "anything" at all. I may not have paid this detail when I test drove it for the first time cause in the city drive you can not keep it around 2000 rpm and this noise gets ignored. This is at the loudest when cruising at highway around 68-75 mph, otherwise its super quiet.
    Can this forum members come forward with responses if they hear No noise / minimal / or considerable noise in their 04s. In the normal drive you might have to push gas paddle little slow to keep it at 2000 rpms, but try to run in on 2000-2100 rpms on highway on G5. The regional Rep for Acura is coming over at dealership on coming fridat (De c 12)and I'll be taking my car to her for a ride. If we have more views here that will help a lot Otherwise Acura is selling this by saying " this is Normal design". A 40k+ car designed to make noise under certain conditions but only for few ...Doesn't sound fair.

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have posted that I don't notice any noise like that in my '02. However I may have it and not think anything of it? What were your prior vehicles? My 99 Trooper with a/t tires is not quiet on the highway, so the MDX sounds like a dream. Could it just be perception?

    I am an OCD when it comes to my cars, so I understand your frustration. Does the noise go away over 2000 RPM or is it just that the engine noise covers it up?
  • As soon as it goes up and down that range i mean 1900/2100 rpms its smooth again...There is no noise from engine at all in either instance. Its just in between hum thats making me sick. ...
  • I am in the market for a 2004 MDX w/ nav/RES and chrome side boards. Got quote initially from Zimbrick Acura in Madison, WI for $42,200 (not incl TTL). Salesperson said that was a great deal (about $1900 off MSRP) but if we got better quotes elsewhere to go back to him. Called the IL dealers and got an offer for $41,500 ($2610 off MSRP). Went back to Zimbrick yesterday to re-negotiate (we hadn't paid our deposit yet) and immediately the salesperson was defensive. He said the best price he could do was $41,813.25, and couldn't take even a penny off because there was someone else waiting to buy that exact same car for sticker price. While I was still hesistating over the price, debating whether I should drive 2 hours to IL to save the $313.25 or just buy it from Zimbrick, the salesperson started insulting me, asking, "You and your husband are both physicians, right? (Yes, but I have no idea how he learned that since we never offered that info and the only info he had on us were our names, address, and phone number.) Well, how would you like it if I went into your office and refused to pay a certain price for a test, would you refuse to see me?" No idea how that logic applies in this situation. He goes on to say, "My partner is a physician and when he goes to buy a car he only asks for $500 off MSRP. I have a 2001 MDX that I paid sticker price for so I know the value of the car." Interpretation: that I am too cheap and should be grateful already for the "good deal" he's offering. What also puzzles me is how can he be so stupid as to pay sticker for a vehicle from a company that he works for. The guy obviously didn't know where to stop because he said he had worked in IL and all the dealers there were shady and lack "integrity" (a word he used over and over, as if he has a lot of integrity). He also implied that if we should need servicing for our car in the future, we would have to drive all the way to Chicago to get it done because we wouldn't receive good service or be welcomed at Zimbrick. I was so angry that I walked out. Unfortunately, my husband, who is much more innocent than I, fearing that we wouldn't get good service at Zimbrick Acura in the future, walked back in later to say we'll take his deal (although no deposit has yet been left). After thinking about this overnight, I am still livid over the way we were treated at Zimbrick and would like to know if what this guy says regarding the IL dealers has any merit, and if anyone else has any experience (good or bad) with Zimbrick Acura. Thanks for letting me vent!
  • re: noise

    Try your 02 MDX at 2100 to 2300 rpm in 5th gear (76 to 85 mph). Under this condition my 02 has a harmonic resonating noise that sounds like a hum that fades in and out. It is not very loud and I suspect many people would not notice the noise, especially with the radio in use. I usually have the radio off and when not on a coarse road the noise is disturbing. Mine has the Michelin tires that came standard on the touring models. The service manager told me two years ago that he could hear the same noise in other 02s he test drove to compare to mine.

    Fortunately, my MDX isn't that quiet on most of the freeways around here, so the tire and wind noise tend to blend in with hum, together making enough racket that any one sound is hard to pick out. It is when I am out of area and the road noise lessens that the noise that shouldn't be there stands out.

    Again, thanks for the heads up on the idler recall. Never did get a notice by e-mail or letter. Car is in the shop today for the replacement. Dealer gave me a TSX to use. Handles well, but sure is stiff legged on the freeway. Makes my MDX seem very quiet by comparison too.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have tried it at 55 not 75. I take it out this weekend. I have to go to the dealer to get the center cup holder replaced. One of the metal brackets that holds it in place, literally a small piece of metal that acts sort of like a spring loaded latch came off. When I brought it in for the tensioner the service manager didn't even blink, he just said it will be too hard to replace that little part, we will just order a new cup holder. I am very pleased with my local dealer...actually they aren't the closest, when shopping the one near my house was rude and wouldn't even come close to MSRP so I shopped around and I am glad I did.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I wouldn't want to reward that individual with a sales commission!

    Most service departments don't care where you bought a car although loaner policies may be an issue.

    At the least I'd start over with a different salesperson and let the GM know how you were treated. I did a brief stint in Madtown and never ran into anyone like that! What a brat <g>.

    Steve, Host
  • abcnycabcnyc Posts: 101
    Did you get the impression that you got a better deal due to the internet connection rather then just cold calling or going to the dealership ?
  • Likely no better than going in cold, but the number I called ringed to the salesman, not the receptionist. I got to gauge his credibility before I decided I wanted to deal with him. Expect he knew already I'd priced things about as close as I could for the DC market, and gave me the open ended " what's it going to take?" He treated me like I was ready to buy, and just needed a reason. Works for me. I probably left money on the table, but literally didn't have or inclination to push it any more. Of course the kicker was that the car I wanted had just arrived and had 6 miles on it. I call that fate...I never stood a chance of not doing a deal. Wanted the car for the wife in time to turn my trade in to Carmax and head out of town for the week. And, BTW, I'll never trade to a dealer again...Carmax was a fantastic experience. Great way to run a business. As for the MDX, haven't heard the hum folks are talking about.
  • I think you should -- if you have not already -- walk away from Zimbrick in Madison. This sales person, IMHO, does not deserve your business or a commission. After all, it is he that asked you to find a better deal and you did!

    The Illinois dealers that I have visited so far have been quite pleasant. I too am in the market for the exact model(2004 MDX NAV/RES/Tour) and although price has never come up, I don't believe they are "shady". Although it might not be worth your while to come to IL to save a couple of hundred bucks, I'd do it just as a matter of principle for having being treated that way.

    Incidentally, would you mind sharing the dealer name in IL that offered you that price? Thanks!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    In the event that Zimbrick is the most convenient dealer to you, at a minimum I would put your experience in writing to the GM and Sales Manager of the dealership and ask for a personal meeting to get their assurances you will be treated properly.

    The salesperson sounds like the worst I've heard of recently and has no business being employed by any dealership, let alone a "premium" Acura dealership. If the GM and Sales Manager appear conciliatory, good. If they don't, take your business elsewhere and send the letter to Acura corporate.
  • I pick-up my wife's new 04 MDX Touring w/ Nav on Monday. With 25 miles of driving at or around 2k rpm I did not hear any humming. Perhaps this will develop latter on once the car has some break-in mileage. I will update this area with my observations.

    Since this board covers &#147;prices paid&#148;, here is some information pertaining to my deal. I live in the New England area and new MDX&#146;s are hard to find (unless you are looking for a base model). I polled 4 dealers and only one had what we were looking for, being Black/black Touring w/ Nav. I did ask for other color combinations but both my wife & I really liked the black on black model. Being that the MDX&#146;s are still a hot item around here, deep discounting is not the norm. With that I was able to get $1300 off MSRP. Not ideal but so far we have been very happy with our choice. Other dealers were offering $300-800 in discounts.

  • Chris,
    I take your your words, but if you are around RI then I would be very much interested in looking at yours (If u dont mind) and sharing mine. Leme know if you are interested.

  • Thanks for all the support shown on the board.

    Prior to my initial posting, I had contacted acura's client service dept and explained the incident. I also faxed over a letter detailing what happened. The customer service guy said he'd forward the info to Zimbrick's GM and sales manager. After not hearing back from them for a few days, I called and got a hold of the GM myself. He did sound apologetic over the phone and asked that I give them a chance to work things out. He is supposed to get back to me later tonight after he's discussed things with his sales manager. I'm not sure how things will pan out yet. Unfortunately, Zimbrick is the closest dealer to us and my husband wants to avoid hassle of going to IL. I did tell the GM that I do not want to work with that sales person again and he said no problem.

    FYI, the IL dealer where I got the lowest bid was from Acura Libertyville. I believe Muller's at Woodfield Acura also gave a good quote. Good luck to all those looking to buy an MDX!
  • I live in NH and the MDX is my wife's vehicle. Unfortunately I cannot swap vehicles with my wife, as she cannot drive my car, being a 03 530i w/ 5-spd.

  • bibi1bibi1 Posts: 6

    This is an offer that I'm getting:

    An Black/saddle 04 Acura MDX Touring Navi For $42,400 out the door.The car will be equiped as you have ask (Fender Flares and Moon Roof Visor ) mudguards,floor mats and wheel locks come standard.

    How is this offer? Is anybody getting better offers out there?

    Thanks alot!
  • gs4rx3gs4rx3 Posts: 25
    I hope everything works out for you at Zimbrick.

    I will be making an identical purchase in Silver in the next 2 weeks and would appreciate knowing with whom you spoke regarding the $2,600 below MSRP offer at Acura in Libertyville (which is the closest dealer to my house). Was that a negotiated number or a preliminary offer? Do you think they offered a better number because you are in Madison and wouldn't shop there unless it was a good number?
  • Hey all...

    I currently have a 01 Pathfinder I am looking to replace. I have looked at and driven almost everything out there, and have settled on two maybe distinct vehicles. Tell me if you think I am wrong here...First was the Pacifica. Get every option and with dealer discounting already on a new model, price drops to around $35-36K. Then today saw a loaded Silver MDX, all opts sticker around 43,200 or so. The sales guy said this one and only sale end of year would drop 1250 off sticker and from what I've seen, thats decent for this model.

    I will be going with either 5 or 6yr payments, and have seen that since there is little discounting, even though I am biting into a 6K larger payment, by going with a 6yr payment, my chances are much less that I will be under water in a short amount of time and that the MDX will hold it's value well if I decide to sell after 3 or 4 yrs. By already giving more that 5-6K in discounts with a brand new model, am I wrong to think that going with the Pacifica, it will be a financial disaster by getting it with a 5-6 yr payment?

    Am I rambling?

    I can afford either, but I currently have a 02 Maxima that I paid 27K for and already is worth less than I owe. Drives me nuts that these cars drop so quick, and recently read that Acura is ranked number 3 behind Mercedes and lexus for holding value.


    Will test drive the MDX tomorrow. Can't wait.
  • Unfortunately I don't think the board allows us to post names or phone numbers of the sales personnel. I think when you call there's a prompt for the sales dept and maybe it's coincidence but all 3 times when I've called there (to verify the price), I got the same guy, and he was very nice over the phone.

    When I first called I said the lowest price I had gotten at that time was $41,690 and so he gave me the price of $41,500 right away, without any negotiating. I was the one who asked how the transaction would work with me being in Madison.

    I have decided to purchase my MDX from Zimbrick because the GM offered the price of $41,500 given all the trouble I went through with his sales person. It's actually going to be cheaper because I told them to take out the chrome side steps which lessened the price to $40,632. I am going to order the side steps from for $478 (free shipping!)instead and have Zimbrick install for labor fee of $80 (overall an additional $300 savings).
  • ddtyddty Posts: 12
    I bought my 2004 MDX/touring two weeks ago in a local dealer. Price I paid is $1200 bellow MSRP. The best quote I got through internet actually came from Portland, Oregon. I don't like the 3x2 hour trip to pick it up. So I got it from a Seattle-area dealer, paid about $500 more.
  • gs4rx3gs4rx3 Posts: 25
    I'll see what pricing Libertyville initially offers and if I have trouble replicating your deal I'll repost and give you my email address to get that name. Thanks for your help. I'm glad you worked everything out with Zimbrick. I know it must feel good to be on better terms with your local dealer since you'll be relying on them for service.
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