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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I'm currently looking for the first, original owner to those pictures. Trying to help out a national spy pic person who is interested in them, but we can't seem to track down the original owner to the pics. Any help would be appreciated! You can email me at the address under my profile.
  • The GS300 DOES have an inline six cylinder engine, same used in IS300 with slight modifications. ES300 has V6. THat's a fact.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    That is correct. See post #250.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I found this pic of the new Nissan Quest from's Detroit auto show preview:

    I remember someone saying it looked like a dolphin. I think so too.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    does the new sienna have independent suspension on all 4 wheels or just the front. What is the rated torque& hp for the 3.3 engine
  • vixtervixter Posts: 34
    The front is going to be independent with Macpherson struts while the rear gets a torsion beam type with gas shocks. As I posted before there are no Hp or torque ratings as of yet.
  • I too, purchased a Toyota Previa years ago (1993)and have found it extremely reliable! We now have almost 205,000 miles on it. We don't really want to give it up, but the reality is staring us in the face! I spoke to a Toyota Rep at the Auto Show in Washington D.C. and he suggested waiting for the 2004. I find the sideways folding seats very easy to use (my kids change them for me a lot) I have to have something that will be big enough to haul my daughter's string bass around in as well as something that will be as reliable on our steep hill in winter as my All-Track Previa. My Previa has been hit by deer three times now and like a Timex watch, it keeps on ticking! We are looking at several makes including the new Volvo SUV. Gas mileage is a concern for us as well.
  • gessgess Posts: 90
    Funny how Nissan can't make a minivan if their lives depended on it. Apparently it will only seat six.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    6? I hope that's just a rumor. 7 has always been the magic number for minivans - don't know why any automaker would go lower.
  • I'm kinda disappointed if the 04 Sienna does not come with 4 wheel independent suspension since its main competitor, the Honda van, already got it for years.
    Just hope vixter was wrong :)
  • Something to consider is that just because a vehicle doesn't have an independent suspension does not mean that you're giving up any ride quality or comfort. The suspension components and geomotry make a major part of how a vehicle rides. In many cases, (though not all certainly) a solid axle can and does give a better quality ride with more durability than an independent suspension, especially in the rear of vehicles that are designed to carry alot of weight. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and we'll all be able to see how well they did when they start coming in around March.

  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    The solid axle configuration will never give a better quality ride.

    The only reason the manufacturers go with that setup in the non off-road vehicles is its low cost.

    Yes it can be tuned to be competitive, but never better than the independent configuration.

    Even the big SUV's like the Ford Explorer which always had a solid axle in the rear, got a new independent (and higly praised for improved ride quality) suspension for its '02 redesign.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Why doesn't Toyota have 2 minivans? They have 7 SUVs. They could have two versions, a Sienna and a Grand Sienna. Sounds good to me. Also should make more people look at minivans. The Sienna could start at $17K and the Grand Sienna could start at $22K.
  • I spoke with the manager of the largest Toyota dealership in the area and he says the delivery date for the 2004 Sienna is February 1st. He expects to get some paperwork in the next 3 weeks, so keep an eye out!
  • If independent suspension is much better than the other kind, then Toyota must be stupid not to use that since the Odyssey has it.
    And another thing, I heard that the 2004 Odyssey will have a 3.8 liter engine compared to 3.3 liter of Sienna!
    Why can't Toyota beat or at least match the odyssey?
    According to JD Powers, Honda and Toyota are about equal in reliability.
    I am a Toyota person, but if Toyota can't beat the Odyssey, I will have to wait and see what the new Odyssey has before making a $30K purchase!
  • I don't understand how you can say that without exception, and certainly without having driven the new Sienna yet, "an independent suspension is much better than the other kind". That is not true in all cases. There are many examples of vehicles with a single rear axle having better ride qualities than one with a solid rear axle. I will mitigate that by saying that in MOST cases an independent rear suspension gives a better ride quality.

    What does the displacement size of the engine have to do with anything? The responsiveness of the engine, transmission and quality of the vehicle are all much more important than just how big is the engine. Without too much argument, the best car on the market in the midsize segment is either the Honda accord or the Toyota Camry. Both sell a great majority of their vehicles with their base 4cyl engines. They are smaller and have less horsepower than their domestic counterparts with V6 engines, but they still are better quality automobiles and sell more because of the better quality.

    Why don't you wait to see what the new Sienna is like before making statements like above. I think that you as well as most others will be very pleasantly suprised.

    Just my $.02

  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    Do any of you have any Safety information for the 2004 Sienna?
    Also, The 2004 Honda Odyssey will not be redisgned instead Honda will redign in 2005.
    Dear orcutt1 and papabrody,
    You two should hold off on buying a 2004 Sienna. Atleast until you have some safety information. Also if you can wait watch out if the 2004 Sienna may go onto Lexus. Or maybe the 2005 Odyssey might fit your needs and it may go onto Acura.
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    To any of the Townhall Members who are interested the 2006 Oldsmobile Sillouhette will live as a Buick.
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    For the year 2007 the Dailmeir Chrysler Vans will be redisigned and will for the first time get a quadruple five star safety rating and have a magic third row seat. If any of you are interested I get my information from
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    Can anyone answer my questions concerning the 2004 Sienna?
    Will it have 17" Alloy wheels?
    Will it have a DVD rear seat entertainment system?
    Will there be a Navigation System?
    Will XLE have only 8 seats available or only 7?
    Will the 2004 Sienna carry on over to the Lexus line?
    What colors are available?

    Has anyone driven the new Sienna?
    Is the ride good?
    Is the interior good?
    Is the suspension independent?
  • There are quite a few things that are not known about the new Sienna yet, but I'll try to answer your questions here.

    Will it have 17" Alloy wheels? - As far as I know, 16" will be the largest wheels offered on the Sienna, but that may change.

    Will it have a DVD rear seat entertainment system? - From what I have heard, absolutely YES!

    Will there be a Navigation System? - Yes, the newest generation of Nav system that is MUCH faster than the older versions.

    Will XLE have only 8 seats available or only 7? - From what I've heard, the XLE model will only seat 7 as the area where the 8th seat is will be used for a center console similar to that in the front seat area.

    Will the 2004 Sienna carry on over to the Lexus line? - No plans for a Lexus version of the Sienna, but the XLE model should be pretty close to giving Lexus-like levels of luxury and amenities.

    What colors are available? - No information on that yet, but probably the typical for Toyota, White, Black, Silver, Gold, Dark Green, Dark Blue, and maybe one or two more.

    Has anyone driven the new Sienna? - There are no production models out yet, so noone other than the designers have probably driven it yet. (other than a couple of Dealer principals that went to a "preview" earlier this year.)

    Is the ride good? - No info on that yet, but would expect very good.

    Is the interior good? - From what I've heard, it is first-rate and above and beyond anything else in the market for minivans right now.

    Is the suspension independent? - Rear suspension is supposed to be multi-link beam, and independent front suspension.

    Hope this helps and have a wonderful new year.

  • vixtervixter Posts: 34
    ... 17" alloys will be standard on the XLE FwD, LE 4wD and XLE 4wD. The 4wD models will have 17" run-flat tires. Check back in one of my earlier posts for pics or go here:
     Colours: Arctic Frost Pearl
              Silver Shadow Pearl
              Phantom Grey Pearl
              Salsa Red Pearl
              Frosted Mink Pearl
              Aspen Green Pearl
              Blue Mirage Metallic
    All interiors will be "stone" with the exception of Frosted Mink Pearl having a "fawn" colour interior.
    Safety systems will include the availability of side airbags and cutain airbags that go back to the third row. Vehicle stability control and 4-wheel traction control will be standard on 4WD models.
               &nbs- p;           &n- bsp;     
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    Dear Ken and Vixter,
    Thank you for giving me information on the questions I asked. Your answers helped me shape my decision tremendously. I just have to ask, What is the price on the 2004? What is the Horsepower?
    If any of you can answer these questions it would be great. Also, do any of you have any comments on the information I posted on the Oldsmobile Sillouhette, Dailmier Chrysler minivans, and the 2005 Honda Odyssey? I also wanted to tell you guys that the 2006 Sienna will have the hybrid system.
    - Thank You, and I hope you have a delightful New Year.
  • kmcmikmcmi Posts: 22
    How can anyone make a claim that the 2007 model (4 years away from production) will be given a 5 star crash rating. I thought the ratings were given by the government after the vehicle is released.

    The Sienna will be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. I will be working at the auto show so I hope to get lots of information at the time. They should release prelimenary prices there. I have worked at a Toyota Dealership for 5 years now and unfortunately, I get more information here at than from the factory. But if I get anything I will be sure to post it right away.
  • ...based on those pictures it looks like Toyota is using the same cheesy floor mats as the current Sienna - a thin strip that goes only infront of the seats.

    My old Windstar had floor mats that covered every square inch of the cargo area, including under the seats in the second and third row. And the one at the back flipped over to a rubber surface, for when you need to carry something messy.

    This made it much easier to keep the van clean, especially if you have to haul stuff every now and then.

    Why can't Toyota provide something like this?
  • vixtervixter Posts: 34
    Floormats standard in Canadian spec. Siennas are full carpet and are reversible to rubber. They are also hooked to the floor to stay in place and embroidered "Sienna" for driver & pass. sides. Full coverage for the 2nd & 3rd rows. Optional for the cargo area are either full carpet mat or rubber cargo liner that is OEM quality. I'm thinking you may be referring to a decontented US model wherein floormats are an optional accessory because in my opinion , the standard floormats in Canada are on par quality-wise to the rest of the vehicle.
  • etniesetnies Posts: 18
    Does anyone know if the 2004 Sienna will have Reverse Sensing?
  • So, will we have all the details on the new Sienna next week (from the Detroit Show)?
  • I read an earlier post that said the new Sienna will be 18" longer, then others that thought it might be 8" - do we know for sure yet how long it is, and how that compares to the Grand Caravan?

    Also, the Blue Mirage Metallic color - is that the blue that they have now, kind of a slate blue color?
  • rdb021rdb021 Posts: 1
    I saw pictures of the 2004 but am interested about the cargo area. I am a disabled veteran and have an electric lift and scooter. The cargo area needs to be solid not like the Honda or Mazda. If anyone could respond back with any information I would appreciate it.

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