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Tacoma 4x4 or T100 4x4



  • tmsweettmsweet Posts: 1
    I am thinking about purchasing a 98 Tacoma PreRunner. Anyone out there have any comments about the power of the 2.7 liter vs. the V6? Is the 2.7 liter sufficient if I'm not going to be hauling? Any other comments about the PreRunner model?
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133

    I have the 2.7L in my Tacoma 4x4 and have been very pleased with the power and performance. I don't think I'd buy the 4 cylinder with an automatic transmission though. There are just too many hills here and it would be shifting all the time.

    When I talked with different dealers prior to buying the truck, they suggested the 4 cylinder as I did not plan to do any towing or really heavy hauling. Good luck!
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I recently took a look at a 98 Tacoma TRD, V6, 5-spd. It stickered for $24k but I am sure I could do better then that. Has anyone bought this truck? what did you pay?

    I would probably lease this truck for 3 years. Though we aren't planning a family for 2 years or so, there is always a chance. Can a baby seat fit in the extra cab? Has anyone done this? Is it safe? I would really like to have a truck just once inmy life before I have a family, but I am concerned about certain "possabilities" thanks for any info, please email me with responces if you can as I don't get to the board very often
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133

    I paid $18,300 for my 4x4 SR-5, Extended Cab with chrome, a/c, sliding glass, floor mats, tach, all-weather package. For the $900 or so dollar price difference for the V6, I'd pay $19,200 or $19,400 and get a 4x4. I bet your resale/trade-in value will be higher and your ability to negotiate on price will be easier than with the PreRunner as they are such new models.
  • gobluegoblue Posts: 1
    hey, zr2 or trd...i have a 98' 5speed v6 tacoma trd. it is an amazing truck, and i wouldn't get anything else!
  • RBlowesRBlowes Posts: 1
    Hey Sporin...I just purchased a 98 Tacoma TRD today and saved a few dollars over a '99. I don't know if price is to relative because I'm in Canada and our dollar is worth about 2 or 3 Bazooka Joes right now. The list on the truck was about $32k Cdn, and the dealer, a good client of my business, knocked 5K of the price without even a blink. I'm leasing at 4.8% (the '99s are still at 8.8% here) and over 48 months my payment is $432 Monthly. The buyout after 48 months is $13, excellent deal as 4 year old Tacoma's are selling for about $18-20k here right now. Good Luck. Oh, and the baby seat does fit in quite comfortably.
  • rcnrcn Posts: 21

    Yes, a child seat will fit safely in the rear of a Tacoma Extra Cab. Before buying, I brought a Tacoma home overnight. We tested to see if the seat would fit and it passed with flying colors. This was not an infant seat, but a larger child's seat. An infant seat would have had more room.

    The Tacoma is the only compact truck that has forward facing rear seats which means that it is the only compact truck which can utilize a child seat legally. Or so I'm told.

    In any event, there is a cupholder/stand in the rear behind the passenger seat. This is used as a base or extension platform for a child's seat. It works quite well.
  • polsenpolsen Posts: 25
    pschiess I took my step daughter's toyota truck in to fix a flat tire when I could not get it off the Truck. The dealer took 4 hours trying to get it off and finally had to heat it off due to it rusting to the studs. I think toyota has a real problem with wet weather and I live in the great american desert.
  • edr3edr3 Posts: 16
    RBlowes & RCN,

    I appreciate your comments about the Tacoma's ability to take a childs seat.
    I've wanted a truck, but because of the child seat issue I ended up with a 4Runner instead.

    Anyway, when I get rid of the 4Runner in a couple of years, I'm again planning to buy a TRUCK, but was and still am unsure about the safety of an infant/child seat mounted in the rear of an extended cab. I'm hoping too that Toyota keeps up with the competition and offers 4 doors in the next year or two, but I guess I'm still uncertain as to the safety aspect of child safety seats in the rear.

    I remember hearing something about Toyota's use of an extension as a mounting platform for a safety seat. If this is true and accurate (talked about in the owner's manual) then it would convey an acknowledgement by Toyota that the rear seats can be used for a child safety seat.

    Anyway, if anyone has heard or read of the NHTSA or Manufacturer's confirming or denying that this is a safe practice I'd appreciate find out more.

    Thanks and happy motoring!
  • hey everybody
    i've got a 95 Tacoma 4X4, reg cab, automatic, but pretty much stock. i can't stand my bench seat. what i really want is a split bench with a moveable armrest/console. i've looked around, and the Ford Ranger has the exact seats i want. too bad they put them in such a boring body! any suggestions on what to do? even though i have the 4 cyl, i love my truck. it always has a way of being just big enough for what i want to carry. also, if anyone is interested in adding some awesome bass, without taking up any room, i have the answer! i had my stuff professionally done, and the installer & all the salesmen were absolutely amazed at the sound! my girlfriend loved it too! Thanks 4 any advice!
  • smismi Posts: 13
    I'm interested in the bass. Tell us what you did.
  • Hi everybody just picked up my 99 Tacoma 4x4, 6 cylinder, extra-cab. Ijust love it but I have one question. How important is it to keep it under 55 for the first 1000 miles? I intend to keep the truck a long time but a 1000 miles seems forever. Also, since I am a new tacoma owner does anyone have any tips or tricks?
  • They do give you the feel of big bass -- you really want them to augment a small subwoofer (say 8" or so) rather than as standalone though. They do hit hard (about as hard as a 12" sealed large box would) but you get very little tone from them. Or do what I had in my '93 (and will put back in my '99) -- 4 10" JL 10W1 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure that fit nicely behind the seat :)

    JL Audio has some really great 'stealth' enclosures for 1-2 smaller subwoofers in many vehicles. The combination should be fantastic.
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Posts: 23

    I have a T100 and you're right 1000 miles seem for
    ever, but be patient and it'll pay at the end.

  • Bob,

    I asked this question somewhere earlier and got several responses from "follow the manual" to "break it in the way you will drive it" to "most other vehicles require 500 miles, maybe Toyota is twice as good by asking for 1000 miles" or something like that. I drove mine at varying speeds up to 75 mph the first 1000 miles. The keys I have been told are to not drive at any set speed for an excessive amount of time or over-rev the engine (75 mph in 3rd gear vs 75 mph in 5th gear) until all the parts settle into place.

    Hope this helps.

  • My 1996 T100 4x4 is great. I paid 24000 plus tax and license in November of 1996. It took 3 hours to get that $500 over invoice price, but it was worth it. I agree that the seat belts need to retract better.
  • roymroym Posts: 8

    my '96 t-100 4x4 has this whistling sound when i accelerate at highway speeds (4th & 5th gear). does your truck do the same? i have my own topic (see #334); it goes in to more detail about my "problem".

    your feedback would be appreciated.

    thx, roym
  • waz2waz2 Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a 250 SWB super duty extended cab truck with a 5.4 engine. Was told by a salesman that you must use 530 oil in truck all the time or the heads will be blown. This is awfully thin oil and I think will eventually ruin the engine. Is this a coverup for a Ford defect? He says engines are being blown all over the place. I can't find any info from service depts. I've talked too. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    30-wt oil is fairly standard with todays tight tolerances. The 5- only matters at startup, and will lubricate a little better. What are you looking at otherwise, 20-50?
  • DianaXDianaX Posts: 1
    I've been looking at trucks, and REALLY like the looks of the Toyota Tacoma. It's got the most ground clearance taht I've seen and I love the body! 5-speed V-6, for me!

    Anybody know what the diff is between the 98 & new 99's? Did they just change the colors? If so, did they have WHITE in the 98's.

    I need white cuz I'm planning on getting a paintjob--I know, why paint a brand new car, but I've always wantd a construction yellow truck and am gonna leave the top and hood and top trim white.

    I can't believe AC isn't standard but I definitely also want the TRD package. Can TRD be added later? Anybody have it--how good is the TRD?

  • If so, can you tell me your comments about the purchase? I am interesting in what you like/dislike about the truck after your purchase, what accessories you bought, any aftermarket stuff (like a shell or foglights), did you order one from the factory, and how was the dealer willing to "deal?"

  • siddsidd Posts: 1
    bryan99 hey
    yeah i just picked up a '98 tacoma4x4 it has a bunch of the standard options a/c, tilt sw, etc.
    the dealer did not dicker to much but their asking price was only 15.5k and we settled on 15.1k. i liked the fact they didn't try to get me to buy a lot of add ons and extended warrantees. i havent hit the 1000 mile mark yet so i cant tell how ballsy the 2.7 is but it does seem pretty responsive. lets see the radio works great pulls in stations like crazy but the cassette doesnt have dolby. i have a bench and it could really use a arm rest, but aside from that it seems very good, quality fit and finish are top notch on this truck. good luck for what it's worth i'd recommend one.
  • Thank you, sidd, for your response. I ordered a price list from Consumer Reports on the 99 Tacoma and discovered that there is an $800 rebate and also another $800 dealer incentive on this truck until 1/4/99. This gives me added confidence that I will be able to get a truck at or near invoice price. I am about ready to face the salesman with confidence and knowledge of what I want and how much I want to pay. Thanks to Edmunds and Consumer Reports!
  • Hi
    I am in the process of buying a '99 Prerunner with v-6 and am concerned about road noise with the large tires when they get a few 1000 miles on them. The ride seemed fine but firm. Any experences would be appreciated. Also is the trd offroad version any more noticable rougher ride?
  • hindsitehindsite Posts: 590
    I bought the 1999 extended cab 4 x 4 SR5 with the V6 with some extras from the dealer. At first I was thinking about purchasing the Prerunner extended cab V6, but since the price was close to the 4 x 4 I went for the 4 x 4. Was thinking about the TRD package, but then heard from friends the ride is harsh crossed it off my list.
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    The first thing you should do is not type in all caps. In "web speak" that means you are shouting. All lower case would be better than all caps. Enough with the etiquette lesson...

    My suggestion is compare the price difference between the two vehicles and you will know what the added cost of the 4x4 is. Try to determine what that means versus what you might get for it when selling or trading it at a later date as opposed to selling/trading a 4x4 at the same time. Then you can make a more informed decision.

    From what I have seen, a Pre-runner does not save you much $$$ and the 4x4 should be of higher resale value because of it's versatility as a 2x4 and 4x4.

    This is my opinion. I bought a 4x4 Tacoma for those occasions when I would need it, but also gave serious though to a Prerunner before using this decision process.

    Best wishes,

  • Well, I finally did it. I bought a Tacoma 4x4 V6 Extended Cab with the TRD off road package. It came with power windows/locks, cruise/tilt and the SR5 LX package. I am happy with it. We paid about $250 under invoice, thanks to Edmunds and MSN's Carpoint for all the great advice and help on buying a new vehicle. Their tips, guides and pricing helpers really made a difference in the negotiating process. We love the new truck and hope to drive it for a long time.
  • wow, That's great skyburn, But, did you know that from Nov. 29 thru Jan 4 the dealer had $1300.00 cash back from toyota? and the new toyota-thon that started on Jan 5 1999. has even more cash back. I sell toyota's and you didn't post any thing about price. Makes me wonder, most people would tell what they paid for a vehicle first thing. Post me back with the info and I'll be more than happy to tell if you really got a good deal. And,if you did that's great. I'm happy for you. And you did buy the best truck on the market for the money you know.I just hope that you were considerate to the dealer and sales staff, and gave them a 100% survey! Please post back. :) plusplus
  • PlusPlus:
    I did post some price info in another topic..but here goes:

    It's a '99 Tacoma 4x4 Ext. Cab V6 w/ SR5 LX package plus PO(power) BU(bucket seats) TW(tilt wheel) OF(TRD offroad package)

    DLR invoice on it was $21706...that includes the $420 dest. charge and I think it also includes some money for TDA, but I don't know how much, it turns out to be about $356 over Edmund's invoice price. We negotiated to $22706 and that included the Delivery & Handling that I negotiated away. We got $1000 rebate from Toyota and $1000 matching on down payment. So, minus taxes, actually, we got the truck for ~$600 under Edmund's invoice price.

    I think both the dealer and I were happy about the outcome. They gave us a good deal, and they made a reasonable profit. I love the truck, it truly is the best on the market.
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