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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfftx67jfftx67 Posts: 5
    Last August, my nephew and his wife paid $27,000.00 including tt&l for a loaded 2008 Honda Pilot. Not sure what model it is, but it's 2wd, leather, sunroof, dvd player, etc. He was looking at a Hyundai Santa Fe at the time, and his wife had spoken with a saleperson at the Hyundai dealership on a specific model. When the Hyundai salesman pulled the Sante Fe around for them to look at, it wasn't the model they had previously discussed. He and his wife drove across the street with his check from the bank........he told them $27, more, no less. They walked out that evening with their new Honda.
  • Thanks for your message. I am looking for this particular color, and dealers are saying it is a hard car to find. Nonetheless, I want to run by the board, whether the following deal is a good one? A dealer is offering me a Honda Pilot Touring (Nimbus Gray Metallic) with tint, wheel locks, cargo tray, splash guards, nitrogen in the tires, for 32,400 + TTL. Is this good? Or should I get the price to 32?
  • This is good information. Thanks for your message. So tell me what Freeman honda agreed to exactly if you don't mind. These guys told me that they have located a vehicle in Texas (it may have up to 200 miles on it by the time it is transported to their dealership). Nonetheless, I am curious to know what your price was, and if it included the cargo tray, wheel locks, tint, splash guards, and nitrogen in the tires. I got the same quote from Bankston, but now they are telling me they can't procure the vehicle. Nonetheless, Freeman Honda says they have located one, and the price I told them was 31,800 + TTL (all those accessories included). Thanks for your help!
  • Hello,
    Just joined and have been overwhelmed w/all the info... great forum! I was considering the Toyota Highlander (2008), but swung over to a Honda dealership (Denver) and test drove both the old body style and the new one... fell in love w/the 09 EX 4WD Pilot (keeping that in check though and would prefer the EX-L). Sticker was $32 and change and the dealer offered $30 and change w/o me even asking so I'm assuming there's more room for negotiating as I'm willing to walk away.

    I've looked on Ebay and have sent a few emails to dealerships out of state and have gotten the e-brochures, etc, etc... but no pricing like I requested - so I'll skip that path. I'm willing to wait til the '10's come out and get better pricing on the '09... I'm w/the guy who'd like to get one for $28. I just want to get the most bang for my buck (doesn't everybody).

    Questions I have are... where can I find the "invoice" price that I hear/read so much about? Is there a website... do you have to pay?? Are they specific to the city of the dealer? I'd prefer to buy from my local dealer (south dakota) but he's the only "honda" dealer in town. Would I be better off shopping in a metropolitan area like Denver? Any and all suggestions are welcome!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Go to the top of the page, click on New Cars, then follow the pricing links...

    Very easy!


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  • Ok, call me a goomba... but that takes you to the MSRP.. isn't the "invoice" (what the dealer paid) different from that?? Thanks again for all your help...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Keep paging through pricing.. you'll see the invoice prices..

    New Cars

    Price w/options

    Choose make/model..

    It's all there...


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  • THANK YOU!!! Gotta go cheer on the Rockies now!!! :-)
  • 943adck943adck Posts: 1
    I'm looking for an LX but the dealer does not have one and said they are hard to come by, so I may consider an EX. I did get an internet price of $2000 under invoice on the 4WD EX (and $500 under invoice on an 4WD LX) but based on what I've read here I am wondering if I should continue to look for better pricing on both models? Is the EX really worth $2,500 more?
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    I spoke to my salesman after closing my deal on my Pilot and he was brutally honest - he said that the SUVs are not moving (I guess he also meant the CRV?) and that they were basically waiting for Honda to come out with a "substantially larger value incentive". I guess this means more than the current $1500 on the Pilot. He said the Pilot is "virtually unsaleable" at current pricing.

    I would therefore hold off on buying an '09 Pilot until after Honda raises the incentive a lot (maybe to $3000).

    I hope this helps.
  • Honda Buyer -

    32,400 for this car is excellent...good job
  • In the greater L.A. area, I just bought a white w/gray 4WD Touring for $35,150, including destination charge, from Goudy Honda in Alhambra. Had go through the ritual knife-fight-in-a-telephone-booth with the junior sales guy, then the sales manager. Luckily I brought along a notebook that was running an Excel model that I had built to analyze the costs. Paid another $1,700 for the 7yr/120K/$0-deductible Honda Car warranty (I probably could've ground away another $4-500 on that, but it was getting late, and my wife wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home.)

    According to a source at San Diego dealer, there were only six 4WD Touring models in the entire SoCal market (spanning Santa Barbara to San Diego) - four were black/black (at least two of which did not have the RES,), one Sterling/blue (no RES), and one white/gray (w/RES - the one we bought.) Three, possibly, four, were at this particular dealer. In a call earlier in the day, the sales manager let it slip that their sales are down to 3-400, from a norm of 5-600, so grab them by the throat and squeeze. Hope this helps!
  • I closed on my Nimbus Grey on Beige 2WD Touring (no RES) yesterday for $32,500 + TTL (killer in L.A. County) and I am so happy with the purchase and the SUV!

    I contacted a few dealers via the internet, turned down some deals, and was turned down on others. I went 60 miles out to L.A. to Goudy's after coming to an internet agreement - and, making clear I didn't want any dealer add-ons, mop-n-glow, rust-proofing (I'm the one who has bought those in the past!), etc. The salesman was very professional and informative to my older sons (explaining the NAV, so they can re-explain it to me!) and sweet to my 5 year old who has to go where I go because she has continual IV's running - he let her sit in the display Odyssey watching "Ice Age" on the RES while we completed the paperwork. The Finance manager didn't try to sell me anything but the extended warranty. It was SO nice not to be or feel pressured! Thank you to this forum for showing me how to go at buying a car the right was actually a fun experience! :D

    Char in California (no longer "CalifLookieLoo"!) ;)
  • You paid the same $1700.00 I did from Goudy Honda for the 7yr/120k/$0-Deductible - I think it's a pretty good investment. Yep, I found a 4WD in Nimbus in Gilroy - 400miles away, and a Sterling 4WD in Las Vegas. I ended up with a 2WD because I "needed" the Grey more than the 4WD ;)

    BTW - did you notice the Verizon guy speaking Chinese on the big billboard in town? We tried to take a picture of it for my Asian DIL!

  • Let me guess, you were talking to Art at Gilroy, right? I put feelers out to 4 dealers in northern California - Carmichael in Sacramento, Capitol in San Jose, Gilroy, and Hayward. The same San Diego dealer told me that the 4WD Touring were (relatively) available up there. Ultimately I decided against pursuing any of their offers. The problem with trying to deal with distant dealers is that your bargaining position is weakened because they know it's less likely that you're going to walk away having traveled~400 miles for a car.

    Yeah, it really doesn't take much for that warranty to pay for itself. On my '03 Accord, three motor mount bushings needed to be replaced @ 98K miles - total cost: $1,800. Because of the warranty, I paid nothing.
  • (To Spectre357)

    As best I can tell, that's a good price. I've been talking to dealers for a couple of weeks now (in the Denver, CO metro area). The best I've been able to do for a new 4wd Touring with Nav & Res is $35,500....for white or dark cherry.

    I can also get a sterling gray metallic demo with 5000 miles on it for $35,200...or a new sterling gray metallic w/o RES for $34,580. These prices include all dealer fees but don't include sales tax.

    Denver seems to be in a Honda Pilot "bubble". I can't seem to get close the prices I've seen posted on here.
  • I just leased an 09 EX 3/36k miles for 300/mo +TTL. Gross Cap costs were $29042 and the residual is $17k. I plan to buy it after the 3 years so this was all about cash flow. Is anyone else leasing 09 EX's? Was this a good deal? I think it was, but it is my first lease experience
  • upendrakupendrak Posts: 8
    Trying to check if there is any New 2008 4WD Pilot EXL or Touring available anywhere? How do I find out about the available inventory?

    I am willing to travel and drive back with vehicle.

    What I am looking for (MUST):
    2008 Brand new Pilot, Leather, 4WD, Navigation System (preferred the preinstalled ones). Fully Loaded type..
    Other Optional: RES, Color preference: Gray, Silver

    Thank you.
  • Have you tried Autotrader for the new 2008 Pilot EXL? The Tourings just came out in 2009, so you won't find a 2008 Touring! It was almost impossible to find a new 2009 Gray Touring 4WD in California - there's one in Gilroy, and another in Las Vegas! If you're back East, you might have better luck finding a 4WD EXL.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    2008 Honda Pilot EXL w/RES
    Price $36,453
    Condition New
    Mileage 0
    Trim 4WD 4dr EX-L w/RES
    Exterior Color Silver
    Interior Color Gray
    Stock No. 580215
    Vin 5FNYF18638B015329
    Sloane Honda
    Philadelphia, PA 19115
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    upendrak ...

    2008 Honda Pilot EXL
    Price $34,458
    Condition New
    Mileage 0
    Trim 4WD 4dr EX-L
    Exterior Color Not Provided
    Interior Color Not Provided
    Stock No. 084439
    Vin 5FNYF18578B034439
    Straub Honda Hyundai
    Wheeling, WV 26003
  • upendrakupendrak Posts: 8
    Thanks for all who have responded. I will be checking these 2 dealerships in next few days. Looking for 4WD due to snow in the NorthEast (I live within driving distance to the 2 dealerships in PA and WV).

    Yeah, the Touring was not there in 08. So, I would be go for an EXL. Saw some good offers on 09 Touring, but I guess I am still interested in 08s.
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    I just leased an 09 EX 3/36k miles for 300/mo +TTL. Gross Cap costs were $29042 and the residual is $17k.

    You obviously put down a ton of cash or traded in for several thousand. I know this because your Gross Cap minus Residual is $12,042, divide by 36 = $334.50. At .00151 the Rent Charge is another $70. That's $404.50 plus tax. Probably doesn't include acquistion fee either.
  • jd210jd210 Posts: 1
    Good Price? Wait, Keep Shopping?
    Final all included, OTD cut the check price.
    09 EX-L 2wd, tint, door edge guards, blk sd step, tow kit, full nose mask, $33482
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    Don't know what your tax rate is, but any dealer around here their starting asking price is $31k for an EXL 4WD (not 2WD). Plus $1860 tax (6%) plus $100 title/tag/reg comes to $32960 and that's a pretty bad deal (you are paying their top price). If that other crap is worth $5k to you then that might be a different story (it's worth about $100 to me personally).

    Advice: wait
  • nate25nate25 Posts: 11
    I got a quote for 30,200 for an EXL 4WD in the mail... I didn't even go to the dealership. I'm in the Cincinnati area. That quote includes everything but tax and your extra options. I'm going to wait for the 2010s and try to get an '09 for 26-28K.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    I think I got that mailing, as well..

    From Century in Montgomery?


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  • yuliya1yuliya1 Posts: 4
    Dear Kellysim,
    Where are you located? I've been looking for a 4WD EX-L in Michigan and the best I was offered is 39,795 plus tax, documentation, etc. And they were not budging at all. I offered them $30,000 out the door and they all but said I was insane. Maybe I'm just a bad negotiatior.... Is there a way to find out when 2010 models come out?
  • kellysimkellysim Posts: 26
    You won't get a EXL '09 for 30k out the door in MI, MI hasa 6% sales tax, so that's impossible. Out the door means with tax/tags/reg/title.

    I'm in PA. Philadelphia area. The guy who said that they offered him an EXL for $30,200 in OH out the door is mistaken (OH has a 5.5% sales tax). They might've offered it for $30,200 without tax and without tags. Maybe if you reside in DE or AK where there's no sales tax you could get it for something like that, maybe.

    Waiting for the '10s is your best bet. At that time they'll be very eager to get rid of this EXL inventory. There's a lot of it. Every dealer around here has at least 10 of them and some have 30. I would've waited if I could. I had to buy because I needed the vehicle for my job.

    Good luck.
  • Just started shopping for a Pilot today in So Cal. So far these are the prices I am being quoted:

    LX 2wd- up to $1,500 below invoice
    EX 2wd- up to $2,200 below invoice
    EX-L 2wd- up to $2,500 below invoice

    Don't be fooled by low dealer stock. According to this article written in Feb 09 the factory is producing way too many:
    The dealerships are so overstocked with vehicles that they don't have room to store slow selling models like the Pilot. That's why inventory appears to be low. The excess inventory of Pilots is being stored at the factory. I agree with Kellysim that the $1,500 dealer subsidy for the Pilot is weak. I have not seen a single 09 Pilot being driven around in So. Cal in the past 6 months !!! The 09 Pilot seems to be selling as poorly as the S2000's. Honda will have not choice but to substantially bump up the incentive in order to clear inventory. In So Cal, most dealers only have the EX-L and up. No one is interested in $35k to $40k SUV's these days. I am going to hold out for another couple months and try to get $10k off MSRP for an EX-L. :shades:
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