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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience

jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
edited January 2014 in Honda
Share you purchase experience here.


  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    Now that the Pilot is starting to arrives at dealerships, how much did you pay? Where did you buy your car at and how were you treated?

  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Hey, Steve/tidester, sounds like a good opportunity to start some Pilot Owner's Club boards?
  • moonkatmoonkat Posts: 265
    EX-L at MSRP - mid June build date. . . . .ouch!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Tidester has forwarded your request to the powers that be. Stay tuned!

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  • woodard1woodard1 Posts: 37
    My Choice is the EX-L RES Blk/grey. -100 MSRP(just to help my feelings she done this for me) I am getting 21,000 for my leased Odssesy 00 EX that the lease pay off is 18,864.00 and trading in a 99 buick lesabre at 8,500 (pay-off just because we dont' need three vechiles). So I am feeling okay with this and not spanked. My car was built on 13-17 May and is held captive by Honda in some secret hidding location until June 3 they will release it to me! ARGHHHHHHHHH
  • soylentsoylent Posts: 25

    Are you buying the Pilot at -100 MSRP with cash? financing thru Honda? 3rd Party? or are you leasing with -100 MSRP as a Capitalized Cost?
    Not one single Honda dealership I have contacted in Southern California has indicated to me that he would be willing to sell me a Pilot at MSRP. Every dealership has marked up MSRP between 500 and 2500 dollars. At this point, I will need to travel to get MSRP. Arizona? Nevada? Washington? Oregon?
  • sjwsmwsjwsmw Posts: 131
    I am in SoCal as well and am finding the same as you. I am willing to travel anywhere in Ca to get it at MSRP but sounds like you did the legwork for me.
    Actually I have found the minimum is 1000 over, so if you can let me know the 500.00 over dealer, that would be great.
    Remember we have that special emissions setup that would have to be dealt with if you bought out of state.

    Argh, this whole think stinks!

  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    Anybody in So Cal try Spreen Honda in Loma Linda? I bought a 2002 Odyssey from them last November at MSRP (flew down from the SF Bay Area). I was told that they never mark up their vehicles. I'm wondering if they can resist the temptation with the Pilot...
  • sjwsmwsjwsmw Posts: 131
    I am going to give them a try.
    In fact, here is the number if anyone else cares to:
    (909) 799-7070
    They are in Redlands.
  • mark189mark189 Posts: 107
    I have a deposit for a Pilot at MSRP in Virginia Beach VA. They even have 2 coming in that aren't on hold. Anyway, anybody within driving distance should consider this area before paying over MSRP.
  • woodard1woodard1 Posts: 37
    I have the buyers order signed and in hand. I'd like to lease if the residual is high for the difference in payment. If not I'll just purchase through whoever offers the best % rate. Beverly is my sales gal. And I just told her to make me "feel" better would she mark it down any? and she marked it down $100.00. I was tickled, I told her I'd have major bragging rights on this board and I freq. send her pages to in order to update her on the Pilot's progress to me!LOL I'm in Southeast GA and not one person besides me has inquired about the Pilot until the last few weeks. I on the other hand called them and placed a $500 deposit back in Jan 02. I have mine on order as I stated they are only getting three. Mine and there two demos. The name is walkerjoneschevrolet in waycross ga. The have an 800 number but I don't think the host wants us to post it. But you can call the directory if you'd like. Now, I must say that since all the fuss started a few weeks back at walker jones beverly informed me that they plan on a mark up but since I was on the wagon from day one they are doing selling to me at msrp - the 100 bucks of course. I told her i'd send her some customers if she'd cut that out! She told me to send them and she'd make them happy so there ya go. That's how i was able to strike up my deal. With my lease turn in I'm at 32,800 out the door if I do a finace deal or less (minus taxes and other crap) if I do a lease. Hope this helps. I really think they'll try you at over but will do msrp. They sold every odsssey at msrp including mine.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    You are my hero!
    Congratulations for not paying over MSRP.
    And that's all I got to say about that.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    Anywhere in the SF Bay Area? The lowest that I found was at $1500 above MSRP.

    No cigar here...
  • woodard1woodard1 Posts: 37
    Thanks, I'm happy with that too.
  • jcopejcope Posts: 10
    Ball Honda in San Diego is at $500 over MSRP, that includes add ons (contact Greg Manis). Wesloh Honda in San Jaun Capistrano (contact Nora Kelly) is at MSRP no add ons but stopped taking deposits.
  • davisdogdavisdog Posts: 99

    Merced Honda sells at MSRP. I've got one on order there...It's only a couple hour drive and some nice areas around it to tour with your new Pilot. If you email me I'll give you the name of the salesman I'm working with. If you are up in the north bay, I also heard mendo lake honda in Ukiah is MSRP. You can get phone numbers and direction from honda's website under dealer listing. Closer to home in SJ it's +4000 and still at least +1500 as far as Napa/Tracy. (at least until nobody buys from them and patronizes the MSRP dealers.)
  • jaw2000jaw2000 Posts: 133
    Buying at (or over MSRP)?! THis must be one heck of a SUV.

    Are the Acuras selling at or over MSRP too? If not, would it be better to buy one of those -- assuming they are the twins?

    Having never bought any auto for much more than invoice I am just stunned.

    That includes a 2000 Accord Ex by the way.

    Is it the newness or is this the be all end all?

    Honest questions -- not trying to fight with anyone.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The Odyssey came out in '99 and, from judging from the posts on the Odyssey Prices Paid topic, it's still hard to find them under MSRP in many areas. Some dealers are asking way over MSRP, but I doubt that any informed consumers are biting. I don't think Honda ever really ramped supply up much, so maybe that's why near-MSRP prices are holding up.

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  • tom_stom_s Posts: 23
    Does anyone know of dealers selling in the N.Y.
    area at MSRP. Either the PILOT or the MDX
    Thanks in advance
  • jaw2000jaw2000 Posts: 133
    What would one call that, great marketing or creating an artifical demand by controlling supply or stupidity by not ramping up to meet demand?

    Or something else -- say mass hysteria such as what met the market with the PT Cruiser?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Don't know, Jaw2000. I did shop the Odyssey hard in '99 and I thought the value was there even at MSRP.

    Honda didn't do so well in today's JD Power initial quality survey, so maybe they are coasting on their reputation? (no full size van category today, so don't know if they would have "won" that).

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  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 178
    Hillside Honda in Queens sells at MSRP. That the quote I got from Robert. He said that they presold for June but have some available for July. I had a good experience with him so far (I'm buying CR-V). He said they should have a Pilot for the test drive.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Try using yahoo yellow pages and call around. Depending on the sales person, you could get different stories at the same dealership. I recognize this forum is a good place to get information, but you must also find some out yourself. I would imagine that in 3 phone calls you could find a place on your own, near to a desired location.
  • tom_stom_s Posts: 23
    Getting a quote over the phone is useless.
    Let's why I asked for someone that knows a good respectable dealership that is sellign at MSRP
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Not only quote, but buy it over the phone. Find a salesperson that says MSRP and hold them to it, That is how I got my MDX. In writing, $500 deposit, MSRP and paperwork faxed to me in 10 minutes. No hassle, no problem. This of course if you are serious about buying, if you are only testing the waters, you may not get a serious response either.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    Thanks for the info. I have found the Merced one but can't find the other one in Honda's website.

    I live in Fremont,CA so that's a way to go (~2 hrs drive). I'll check it out.

    I got the Tracy one to sell MSRP for the Odys but not the Pilot.
  • tom_stom_s Posts: 23
    Thanks for the info. I will try that.
    I just dont know if I want the Pilot or the MDX
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    The MDX rocks. I don't know about the Pilot, but I have no regrets with my MDX purchase. It is tested, first year bugs have been resolved, handles better than mid-line sedans. Just love it. Only 1000 miles so far, but all good.
  • hlzhlz Posts: 13
    Our black ex-navi came in today! Haven't seen it or driven it yet -probably tonight. Now the sticker shock... The price is $34,975 (plus tax & tags). Dealer says they've chosen not to markup, but instead to add an accessory pkg. & our salesman is making it sound mandatory (but I got the impression if we yell about it we may be able to get it w/o). The pkg includes side rails for the roof rack, cargo trays & cargo cover, side steps, splash guards & wheel locks which they say they're adding to all alloy wheels anyway. What would you do? Is this stuff worth $1900? Is this loaded Pilot still less expensive than a base MDX?
  • davisdogdavisdog Posts: 99
    see my answer to ur post on the main pilot forum
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