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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rustyjayrustyjay Posts: 11
    Hmmmm.....I just talked to Rick Nabers in the Internet Sales Dept. and he offered me one with $500 down for MSRP +$500.00. And he would drive it out to me. I live in Las Vegas......more on the dealers here later. Skip the Sales people they live by their commissions. The fleet or internet people take a salary and deal in volume so they will skip most of the outrageous things you heard. Of course you still have to be careful. For example, he would have given it to me for MSRP + $500 but I WOULD NOT have gone on a waiting list and that tells me that if a better offer comes along I would have gotten bumped until they couldn't find a buyer and they would tell me that it "just came in"
  • jseinesjseines Posts: 3
    Anyone have any information on pricing in the southern Calif. market? I live in San Diego where the dealers are asking 1500 - 3000 over invoice. Thanks for the help!
  • ssmintonssminton Posts: 155
    I have been on an MSRP list since March (#10 on the list). According to their incoming orders, I should have had an EX-L in my hands by early July. However, I was recently informed that the dealership will sell most vehicles at market (above MSRP) and feed a few to those on the list. So far, no people on the list have received cars despite their receipt of several. When speaking with a sales rep, they estimated late summer before I could be surved? Remember, I'm number 10? I am very upset by these recent findings, and the constant changes in the dealers games. I will most likely move to another vehicle.
  • I'm interested in a Pilot EX-L and was quoted $1700 over MSRP at a Long Island dealership last night. The Price included options package (running board, roof, lights, etc). They expect Sagebrush and Sandstone vehicles in August.

    Has anyone seen these colors yet? I'm leaning toward a Sage Brush Pearl but it is difficult to see the color in the brochure.
  • tranmitranmi Posts: 12
    What is wrong with your people? First with the Odyssey and now with the Pilot... Don't you think, you pay too much for these vehicles? The Honda dealers are getting richer everyday on your hard earned money...Stop buying Honda untill they come down on the 2cent.
  • davisdogdavisdog Posts: 99
    Murphy, here is a link to the best picture I've seen of sagebrush

    I like it and have one on order (I get the first the dealership gets build date yet, but hopefully august or september...) They offered me either the Silver or Red EX-L's they already had in, but the silver is a little too bland for my tastes (and there are way to many silver cars/SUVs around...had an Silver Odysey and MDX on either side of me yesterday)...and we already have a 02 CRV in Red

    and just for tranmi...I'm buying at MSRP/No Options in Nor Cal to make you happy

  • I'm also on a list for the first Sage Brush EX-L to arrive at the dealership. I agreed to a total of 32,600 which included a full option package. We went with this price and dealer because of a a terrible experience with a dealer on Eastern LI earlier this week. The salesperson gave us a price of MSRP on an EX-L for a vehicle on the lot. When he actually wrote up the order he added $1000 to the price without telling us. He just added the cost and hoped we would miss it. When we caught him - he blamed the sales manager. Creep! Watch your wallet when dealing with these people! Other dealers on LI are up to $2000 over MSRP. I'm just hoping I get my vehicle by September.
  • kkcymrukkcymru Posts: 48
    I can understand not wanting to pay a certain price because you consider it to be more than the car is worth. I can understand not wanting to pay a price for a car because you think the price will be better in six months when the initial excitement goes down. I can understand not wanting to pay a price because you can get a car cheaper elsewhere. I don't understand, though, the concern with what you pay relative to MSRP.

    Would people be happier if Honda had set the MSRP $3000 higher and then gave $1500 rebates. If a vehicle sells for an extended period of time over market price (versus the short term blips for cars like the PT cruiser or New VW Bug) it just means that the manufacturer has set the MSRP lower than the market price. It doesn't mean you're getting a bad deal. If a vehicle sells for well under MSRP, it just means the manufacturer has set the MSRP higher than the market price. It doesn't necessarily mean you are getting a good deal.

    If I'm trying to decide between two cars selling for $30,000 and one is $2,000 over MSRP and one is $2,000 under, which will I buy? The one I think is the best car for the money, regardless of its MSRP.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Who may know better what "market price" is on a particular vehicle. The international manufacturer that sells vehicles all over the world or the polyester-wearing-white-patent-leather-belt-and-shoes car dealer in LotusFlowerVille. Get real!

    You are giving them pure profit for a few minutes work. At least if Honda was asking a higher MSRP, you'd be giving it to someone who put a lot more time and energy in getting the thing to market than the dealer.

    And don't forget about the market. Honda may sell 80,000 Pilots, but Ford (and I hate the Exploder) sells 400,000 Explorers. Honda sells 400,000 Accord's, a great vehicle-and they usually sell at invoice. By the way, EX-V6 Accord's come WITH a sunroof, in case anyone was wondering.

    Mercedes sell, generally, at MSRP or below because Mercedes tells their dealers TO sell no higher than MSRP. This isn't a niche vehicle like the new Mini. THEY'LL BUILD MORE - JUST WAIT.
  • btcutterbtcutter Posts: 23
    Is there something about this Pilot? 2-3K over MSRP? you are kidding me. Personally, MDX has more distinct appearance and at least listed as luxury SUV. Note that the base model of MDX is only missing navigation system. The base model already carries leather and standard 17 inch wheels. What's going on? Honda is doing helleva job selling us cars.....are they listed on the stockmarket here????
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    <<Who may know better what "market price" is on a particular vehicle. The international manufacturer that sells vehicles all over the world or the polyester-wearing-white-patent-leather-belt-and-shoes car dealer in LotusFlowerVille. Get real!>>

    Time for you to get real and put the ignorance about the car business aside.

  • lxusruleslxusrules Posts: 33
    Has anyone found pilot for MSRP in Southern Cal area? I've been trying but haven't had luck. I heard couple promises but no delivery yet. I am willing to drive couple hundred miles if that's what it takes...
    I've found 5-6 dealers promising Ody for MSRP, thought.
    Heck, with all the BS on Pilot, I might go for Ody which is much more practical and 3K less. What do you think?
  • davisdogdavisdog Posts: 99
    similar issues in NorCal...I'm picking mine up at Merced Honda from John Perry for MSRP (and no forced options) . He'd mentioned that So Cal folks take the Train (Amtrack) and it stops off in Merced (and they'll pick you up). Sounds like fun and you can enjoy the drive home (or continue on to yosemite even)
  • kkcymrukkcymru Posts: 48
    The question "Who may know better what "market price" is on a particular vehicle. The international manufacturer that sells vehicles all over the world or the polyester-wearing-white-patent-leather-belt-and-shoes car dealer in LotusFlowerVille?" shows a misunderstanding of how markets work.

    The market price is not something someone sets or decides on. The market price is the price that the market settles on. If the seller sets the price too high, it doesn't sell (whether it's above or low MSRP). Eventually the price is lowered to a price that attracts a buyer. Of course, if that price is too low the seller may stop carrying the product, but if he want to sell it, he has to sell at a price the buyer will pay. That is the market price.

    In the real world the market somewhat fragmented with different buyers and sellers with different maximum buying and minimum selling prices, so the market price is a range rather than a single number. For Honda Pilot right now this seems to be from MSRP to a couple thousand over.

    The important point here is that Honda does not set the market price. The (polyester-wearing-white-patent-leather-belt-and-shoes) car dealer does not set the market price. The market sets the market price.
  • ncjudgencjudge Posts: 30
    We test drove a Pilot Wednesday. After driving it and thoroughly looking it over, I reached the conclusion that, even at approx. 29,000 MSRP and selling at that price, the Pilot EX is a great value. It could be priced at 33,000 or so and discounted to 29,000, like the Explorer. But it doesn't change the value of the SUV that it sells for MSRP. If you compare the Pilot with a similarly equipped Explorer or the like, you are getting a much better value at MSRP for the Pilot than with most other similarly equipped SUV's at invoice. And that doesn't even take into consideration the traditionally high resale value of Hondas.

    You may not want to buy the Pilot if you don't think it's worth the sticker price, but to me, whether a vehicle sells at or below sticker is not nearly as important as whether the vehicle is a good value at whatever the sale price is.
  • gleyrergleyrer Posts: 1
    Had a good experience with Ganley Honda in the Cleveland area. Sales rep Rhonda Bruchac honored all promises. Asked me not to disclose price I paid, but was better than anything I've read on this and other message boards.

    Note to Edmunds editor who deleted original post: The price I paid was negotiated. Someone else probably will pay more than I did. The point is that someone could possibly obtain a better than typical purchase price from this dealer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It just sounds weird to me that an internet salesperson wouldn't want their prices disclosed. But it happened in another discussion last night too, and I can't ever recall seeing that here in the past two years or so. Sounds fishy to me, but I'm suspicious by nature :-)

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Would I be happier if HONDA (not a Honda dealer-they are two separate entities) set the MSRP $3K higher?
    YES, YES, YES, since the money would NOT BE GOING TO A MIDDLEMAN (the dealer) it would be going to the ones that designed, engineered, built, and delivered the thing in the first place.
    If the cost of milk suddenly shot up to $10 a gallon, I'd rather see it go to the dairymen than to just the supermarket.

    "The market price is not something someone sets or decides on. The market price is the price that the market settles on."
    A lot of the 'market' is based on circumstances. The market is people, and people do not always make the rational choice. Choice is a lot of times emotional. I'm sure that when the 'market' was buying Enron at $80 a share or Yahoo at $200, it sounded like a good thing to do. In hindsight, it seems the 'market' made the emotional choice.

    "Ignorance in the car business"?
    Business is exactly right. A car is not a home. You don't treat it as such. Buying a car requires a rational decision. Paying over MSRP is buying on emotion. Unfortunately, some of you are getting in on the 'short' or pointed end of the 'business.' A car is still a depreciating asset and should be treated as such. If you're willing to pay over sticker, you just want it way too much. They're gonna build (with the MDX) 160,000 of these a year! Granted, $2-3K is not a lot in today's money. If Honda priced it there, fine. I'm just not going to pay it to the dealer (middleman, middleman, middleman). I'll head to the MDX, $38K with a touring package. Seems like the better deal to me.

    Hey, ncjudge, my point EXACTLY is at MSRP plus whatever options is FINE. Just don't put a 'market adjustment' of $3k on the thing at the dealer. That's what I don't agree with. I like the $2K NAV system, it's not the money, it's the perception that the dealer is assuming the market price is $3k over sticker from day one. I'd be happier if that $2-3K was in options, running boards, tow, wood trim, whatever, NOT JUST AIR!

    Plus, look at most of the actual buying posts, what do they say? "Anyone know of an MSRP dealer in such-and-such a place." Not, "anyone know where I can get a Pilot at $2K over sticker instead of $3K?"
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    For those who have bought Pilots, congratulations. It is a fine vehicle; capable, comfortable, of good utility and will hold its value better than most.
    I just hope you paid MSRP + options and no market adjustment.
    Give the $2K to a good charity instead.
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    Checked out the Pilot-EX w/ leather in Escondido. No test drives allowed. $1500 markup plus $1500 of DIO's(cargo, running boards, etc..). Quoted residual value of 67% (12K at 3 years) - dealer eager to push lease (money factor translated to high 6's). Dealer not taking orders - just take it or leave it when available (w/ DIO's). Same dealer (CUSH) has Acura - right now all base MDX's come w/ $4800 of DIO's - again no ordering process. No apparent motivation to deal on either. Any other info on the SD market?
  • mewf4imewf4i Posts: 1 everyone else who owns a honda (and understands the quality the name brings) i ran to edmunds to see what the invoice price was, and was upset to see the 28,000 - 34,000 price. So i go to the message board, and as i suspected people are paying MSRP prices and prices over that amount. Why, Why, Why, i guess noone understands that what "WE, THE PEOPLE" are willing to pay is what the TMV is, and that if every yuppy took 2min. to understand that if "WE, THE PEOPLE" are only willing to pay invoice price plus 3% - realizing that the car buying industry is still making a killing @ that price - i wouldn't have to pay MSRP plus the inflated price that every yuppy ran out to buy no matter what the cost. By the way, i'm a yuppy too!
  • soflasofla Posts: 12
    Purchased an Evergreen Pearl EX-L from the Honda dealer in Coral Springs (near Ft Lauderdale). Typical back and forth with the dealer (walked out the door twice), and had to negotitate heavily in order to lose the "dealers prep fee" of $488. Similar fees of various amounts are common at numerous dealerships throughout south Florida and are often non-negotiable. We have seen them as high as $995!!!!

    Eventually made the deal for MSRP (only) and received appropriate value for our Ford Explorer (also negotiated up a bit). Also purchased about $1,200 in DIO's at dealer cost + installation, but purely voluntary. Got the fog lights, in-dash CD changer, auto mirror (with compass), and cargo cover. Installed the rear splash guards on my own.

    So far we love the Pilot... roomy, smooth, and quiet. Friends and co-workers have been impressed.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    i wouldn't have to pay MSRP plus the inflated price that every yuppy ran out to buy no matter what the cost

    I am curious. Would you be just as upset if many of the "yuppies" decided to stay home and caused the vehicles to sell for less than MSRP? If that wouldn't bother you, then it shouldn't bother you that the very same process drives the prices up.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • kkcymrukkcymru Posts: 48
    Yes, sometime the market price turns out to be too high. Sometimes people pay the market price, and realize later it was way too much. Maybe that will happen with the Pilot. On the other hand, sometimes they pay a discount to MSRP and end up feeling the same way in the long run. I never said markets were perfect, just that they, and not the dealer determines the selling price.

    If a dealer is going to mark up the car, I'd rather them do it directly than through unwanted options. If they do it through options I end up paying their cost for the option as well as the mark-up. If they're adding genuine Honda (or Toyota, or VW ...) accessories, they don't come cheap, so they may have to add $3000 in options to get an additional $1000 in profit.

    Given the margins on SUVs and trucks, the manufacturers are making plenty. I don't care if a little more goes to the dealer and the salesman, as long as the dealership personnel haven't been total jerks. Selling cars has got to be a tough way to make a living.
  • kkcymrukkcymru Posts: 48
    If I get a car for 3% over invoice (after accounting for rebates/dealer cash back) I won't feel guilty, but I don't think I'd make that an upper limit. Though it may not be the case with Honda right now, a lot of car dealers have to sell cars that they make next to nothing on, so they take what they can get for the hot models. While the booming car sales may have changed this, a few years ago a lot of car dealers claimed they only tried to break even on sales, and they made their profits on service. (I have no way of verifying the truth of this claim, but I have read on Town Hall of some dealers adding a premium to out-of-town cars to make up for lost service income.) That's got to put pressure on service departments to push for more than the minimum required maintenance.

    So what's the point I'm getting to? If I can get a car for a little over invoice, I'll be happy. But if I end up spending a thousand or two extra, I'll still be happy if I like the car - even if the dealer makes a lot of money. When I buy a car I keep it for a long time and I want to be happy with it, and I'm not going to settle for my second or third choice just to put the dealer in his place. [That's not to say money is no object].
  • benybeny Posts: 4
    After having gone through 2 minivans and a traditional truck-based SUV, it is quite a relief to know that a blend of the 2 vehicular genres, sort of a minivan on steroids, will be offered by no less than Honda. It is just a shame that my dream vehicle - considering price, Honda cachet and 8 seats - remains just that, 3 weeks after making a down payment for a Pilot EX. It is not so much that I don't have one right now, as that I won't see one for a while and that when it's my turn(I'm 24th on the dealer's list), I'll pay $1,000 above MSRP. Just as greedy dealerships and overzealous consumers are to blame for this, so is Honda for building so few of these vehicles. Didn't they learn their lesson from the MDX and Oddysey experiences. Based on the advanced billing, Honda did everything well in building these vehicles. It just didn't build enough of them.
  • joey8544joey8544 Posts: 3
    Independence Honda in Bloomsburg, PA advised me that they are not accepting or considering trade ins for their Pilots. I told them to get bent. I went to the next closest honda dealer and they gave me a great price for a trade and i paid sticker price for a EX-L ($30980) with no extra costs. I ordered it on the 10th and i'm getting it on the 13th or 14th. i am getting the accessories separately and installing them myself.
    Has anyone else heard of a dealer refusing any and all trades? I think that's arrogant.
  • sjwsmwsjwsmw Posts: 131
    Ahh, if life were only that simple.

    San Diego here.
  • Paid MSRP $30980 Silver EX-L
    tow package $860
    Runners $865
    mud flaps $95

    Commentary - Not too concerned about MSRP/invoice ultimately care about what leaves my pocket not who gets it. For the money, the Honda offers solid engine performance, great traction control, best in class MPG, and good lineage (Odyssey and MDX).

    Dealer experience was terrible. I didn't want the runners or the side steps but was told "all Pilots" will have these options installed (and flaps). To make matters worse I ordered sidesteps and when I got to the dealer found the had installed runners and wanted extra or I could "wait" for the next vehicle.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Wow, you walked IN on 6/3 and walked away with an EX paying MSRP on 6/6.

    You mean it took 3 DAYS of negotiating? Whew!! Well, at least I thought it was humerous.
  • 107main107main Posts: 33
    After 14 years driving Honda cars, I wanted an SUV or Van. Took a look at Honda van and Pilot. Pilot third row seat is useless unless you do not have legs. Saw how Honda and dealers are dribbling them out at MSRP plus! I don't pay MSRP, let alone MSRP plus! Went elsewhere and bought another brand van, $4500 off MSRP, with more features than Honda has or offers on either Honda van or Pilot.
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    I'm afraid you sound like yet another consumer hung up on the whole MSRP thing without actually considering value, depreciation or track record. I'm sure we'd love to know what you bought and what you paid for it. Personally, reliability and longevity have become the most important considerations for me, as my wife and I have three very young children that are quite a handful on their own - dropping the car off for non-scheduled service or warranty items is a major hassle...
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    If you are concerned about track record, maybe you should avoid the Odyssey as a vehicle of choice. Looking a little provides a minivan comparison of the 2000 Ody to the 2000 Chrysler Town and Country:
    Ody: 4 recalls and 111 technical service bulletins
    Chrysler T&C: 1 recall and 28 TSB's
  • asouclksasouclks Posts: 2
    I bought mine 6/8 in El Monte, CA. It was actually the showroom model. It was a Black EX-L/DVD. Sweet!! They put a $3000 markup + some DIOs on it which made the initial asking 38,800 or something ridiculous like that. I ended up getting it for a little less than MSRP+DIOs. I actually looked on Honda's site which now has a build your own Pilot and this is what I got:

    Item Price Installed
    Crossbars for Roof Rails 170.00 184.00
    Rear Splash Guards 42.00 63.00
    Running Boards 549.00 619.00
    Trailer Hitch Package 613.00 753.00
    Wheel Locks 49.00 63.00
    Auto Day/Night Mirror 249.00 291.00
    Cargo Cover 139.00 146.00

    MSRP $32,020.00
    Destination Charge $460.00
    Accessories $1,811.00
    Installation Labor $308.00

    TOTAL VEHICLE PRICE* $34,599.00

    I paid 34,200. I know it's a little pricey w/ some unecessary DIOs but I could not resist. Besides, watching them drive it out of the showroom was worth it anyway. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I got 2 of those huge blue promotional balloons. That's got to account for something right?
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    Well, I have a 2002 Odyssey - so I'm not too concerned about the track record of a 2000 Odyssey. But thanks for caring...
    C'mon be honest - you bought whatever vehicle you bought for MSRP - $4500, not because of track record or quality, but because you couldn't swallow paying MSRP for an Odyssey or Pilot...;)
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    ahhhh, in case the "C'mon be honest...couldn't swallow paying MSRP" comment was for me, it was 107main who bought the vehicle for $4,500 below, not me.
    By the way, I'm real happy with my M3 which is MDX territory, not Pilot in cost, but thanks for 'assuming.'
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    Sorry - I didn't check my references. Anyway - to each his own. M3s are lovely cars. Doesn't matter which minivan you get - its better than an SUV in most cases.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Beny - "Just as greedy dealerships and overzealous consumers are to blame for this, so is Honda for building so few of these vehicles. Didn't they learn their lesson from the MDX and Oddysey experiences."

    I'm sorry, but do people honestly think that manufacturing plants grow on trees?
  • davisdogdavisdog Posts: 99

    If money can grow on trees, why can't manufacturing plants...All it took was a few years and 580 Million trees to build the new Honda Odyssey plant in Alabama..and that was a cheap one.

  • inemerinemer Posts: 44
    Test drive Pilot yesterday in Marina Del Ray, CA. Sticker price for EX with DVD NAV $32,000. MARKET VALUE: $10,000. Total Price: $42,000. I can by MDX for this price!!!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You can buy an MDX for less than that!
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Davisdog - I guess I missed the correlation between trees and the concept of a manufacturing plant. I guess they do make sense together... =)
  • benybeny Posts: 4
    Varmint - You would think that in all the years it took Honda to finally build a flagship SUV that it would have found a way to ramp up its capacity - whether its outfitting existing plants(how about making less of the Accords that sell near invoice)or round-the-clock plant operation - without building a new manufacturing plant. Heck, I'm with Davisdog. If a new plant is what it would have taken to meet demand, I'm all for it. They had many years to plan. How long does it take to GROW a Honda plant anyway?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Honda started building the Odyssey plant here in Alabama in the Summer of 2000. The first Odyssey rolled off the assembly line earlier than scheduled -Dec. 2001. 18 months is all it takes(400 million bucks also- but I think Honda can afford it).
  • mredden1mredden1 Posts: 32
    Let me get this straight, you want Honda to build another manufacturing plant just so you can buy a Pilot at MSRP or less. Wouldn't Honda just be better off to raise the MSRP by a few thousand and then give discounts in those areas where there is less demand. I mean what is Honda going to do with all that extra plant capacity once initial demand for the Pilot cools off and it will, there is no doubt. Honda is a public company and it can't go building new plants just because it can "afford it". There has to be a match between production capacity and demand for its products. Now if demand for one of its products is light, it can shift production from one plant to another. Isn't it doing that with shifting Odyssey production from Canada to the U.S.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    "... 18 months is all it takes ..."

    I'd imagine the 18 months of construction was preceded by months, if not years, of site consideration, negotiations with local and state authorities, attempts at getting various tax breaks, permitting, etc. etc. Mercedes-Benz's plant in Alabama had a lot of pre-construction time too, and they got huge tax breaks.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Of course, Honda would not build a plant to satisfy one customer's want for a lower price. Would they build a new one or expand another to satisfy a demand not being met- of course. This is exactly what happened with the Odyssey. I do believe they suspect greater than a 60 or 70,000 unit demand for the Pilot. As long as the Odyssey plant in Alabama has a good quality rating, Honda will probably announce within the next year or two an expansion of the plant to build most likely the Pilot. By then, Honda may have another new product say a full size SUV or a first pickup. Too much production here in the US is not a Honda problem for SUVs or minivans. If Honda wanted to announce next week a new production plant, they could do it. There are probably a number of Honda officials that believe Honda is crazy for not doing it immediately. Honda in typical fashion is conservative and pragmatic, and that is their right. As long as the Honda dealers are happy "enough", they care about profit per unit not how much over MSRP a dealer makes.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I know it would take longer than 18 months for the whole process, but I believe that Honda and Toyota both take conservative small steps compared to the Big 3. If Honda tomorrow made the decision to expand the Odyssey plant, there could definitely be 2005 Pilots rolling off that line- maybe 2004.
  • will4271will4271 Posts: 187
    I think Honda has been really conservative in builting new plants. There maybe quite a few reasons.

    Just look at the other automakers with lots of layoffs and cutbacks. They may have pumped production too much so they are all stuck with excessive inventory and have to give massive rebates to get rid of it. So have too much plants is a no no in this economy.

    Though on the other hand under this economy, this is a good time to get land and tax breaks for a new plant. The selling parts are the creation of more jobs, more tax revenue during local/state tax shortfalls.

    Honda should really look at their margins for the Pilot, MDX, Ody, Accord, vs say like the Civic.

    Personally, I think they can cut off some production for some Accords Dx, Civics (base) and built more Pilot, MDX, Ody. Those are still in high demand.

    Answer to what the customer wants. The customer rules.

    Some said "if you don't have it, I buy it from someone that does". Some people can't wait for their car/SUV. There vehicle could be breaking down or is already not drivable. 3-6 months on a car must be a joke.

    There's no real excuse for no inventory except bad management and planning.

    The shareholders of Honda, Board of Directors, CEO should understand the market's demand and trends.
  • fairway13fairway13 Posts: 6
    Put deposit on Pilot EX-L DVD, but at full MSRP and no side steps, sunroof and lack of 3rd row leg room, no six disc changer will be asking for refund. Although I did get a chance to test drive, feels as though more should be offered for full sticker. With that said have decided to purchase Sequoia SR-5 with sunroof, leather, six disc changer, dual a/c, side airbags/curtain, running boards, rear spoiler, roof rack with rails, dual powered front captain chairs and other options for 37500 out the door.

    Pilot would have cost about the same after adding rails for roof rack, side steps, mud guards, six disc changer.

    Feel as though the Toyota offers more bang for the buck although they aren't in the same size category.
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