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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Alright, I just got a different set of numbers from a dealer in Northern Virginia who has two new 2013 Honda Pilot Touring 2WD in stock.

    Yesterday I posted that I met with another dealer in Maryland on Sunday who was willing to give me one of their same 2013 Honda Pilot touring 2WD for 37,088 ( invoice) + "fees" + title. I didn't like that price at the time, but hadn't done any research yet. It seems I was right to.

    The new price I've gotten from the NoVA dealer is as follows:
    $32,000 sale price
    MD TAX - 6.2 %
    MD TAGS - 334
    Processing Fee - 485
    Freight - 830
    Appearance Package - 595 ( includes: Mud guards, Wheel locks, Nitrogen filled tires, and Pin Stipes)

    That's SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what the other dealer was trying to get me to pay.

    I still prefer the AWD version and two locations in Maryland have it but I'm waiting for details. If that doesn't work out, I'll probably look to work with this deal. Any thoughts on how much lower they should be able to go.

    I've spent some time going back through these posts to July and it seems $35k + fees is a good price for the Touring AWD. But now that's the true end of the car with the 2014s on the lot, I feel I should be able to push this lower.
  • sorry for late reply.... My sale tax is 6%
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Sorry guys. I won't be joining you guys as a Pilot owner this time around.

    Quick background: we had bought a 2013 Rdx AWD Tech new last year and were pretty satisfied with it. but we were doing this whole thing because our family is trying to buy a house so we needed to get a loan off one person's name and onto another. We tried a transfer and that didn't work so back up plan was to just trade our 2013 in for a new car (not a fan of used vehicles) and do it in a runaround way. Yes, there would be some loss but at least we'd get a new car out of it.

    As far as compact SUVs go, I think Rdx is best option out there for size and pricing. But now having a newborn for almost 3 months, we see how we could use the extra space. The Acura MDX Is too much so that left the Honda Pilot along with some other. But I know Honda well so it seemed pilot would be best option for me. Plus, getting leftover 2013 inventory meant solid savings so timing worked out perfect. The plan was that If this wouldn't work, we'd go with the RDX again. Since new 2013s not around anymore, a 2014 would have to work. A 2014 pilot would too close in price to the 2014 Rdx. For me, the savings were t worth it in that scenario.

    I set up the Rdx deal first which was of course easy since I hadn't even bought the car a year ago from the same location and salesman. I asked for a few more days knowing the price I needed on the pilot to make that the better option.

    After a lot of emails I was down to just two dealers in the Baltimore/Washington DC area who still had a new 2013 Pilot Touring, but it seemed only two had the AWD one I wanted. One, College Park Honda was being annoying and not giving me inventory details, and the other, Northwestern Honda had the vehicle with 180 miles in a cherry red color. Not the perfect way I wanted the vehicle but it would do. It was priced at $33.5k us fees. I was going to go in and push for $1k off that price, $1k more than what Carmax was offering for my Rdx trade in, and an accessory thrown in ( remote start or running boards). If I got just one of the three I would have taken the deal.

    But when I got to Northwestern Honda in Owings mills, it was a god awful experience. Just everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. It was a shock too because they were so helpful on the phone. I can put more details later on it if anyone wants.

    On the way home I swallowed my pride and called College Park Honda. Again, They told me earlier they said they had the AWD one but wouldn't give details, kept trying to force me into the dealership. I didn't want to give business to them because of that, but with Northwestern Honda out of picture, they were my last shot.

    Well it turns out they didn't have the car. Seems the Internet guy was just lying to get me in. So I just gave up at that point and went to Tischer Achra and bought the 2014 RDX AWD Tech.

    If anyone wants a new 2013 2WD Pilot Touring, I believe Landmark Honda in Alexandria has it. Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville stil might. And also Bill Page Honda may have either the 2WD or 4WD. if anyone is up for dealing with a bad experience , there is a new 2013 Honda pilot touring AWD in Northwester Honda.

    Please direct message me or tweet me @shahryar if you want some of those salespeople 's names. Some of them were good and I'd like to help them get business.
  • Hi I would like to see what people are getting in southern california for both 2013 and 2014 EXL 2 FWD in blue. I have gotten from Goudy Alhambra 2013 $30,562 price and OTD of 33,800 and Pasadena Honda 2014 EXL 2FWD blue also $31,925 and OTD $35,440. Is this a good deal and has anybody gotten any better than this? How much more room is there to negotiate?
    Thanks in advance for any replies
  • Hello,

    I am in the market for a 2014 Honda Pilot 4wd Touring lease, 36 months, 12k miles. I live in northern NJ. Any recent pricing data observations/experiences would be appreciated.

  • My sale price is about 31300.. yours too high.
  • Hey guys just reporting back on my deal. I appreciate this forum greatly.
    I just got a
    2013 pilot touring 2wd in southern california 9% sales tax.

    $33,248 sale price
    $36,620 OTD
    got the 2nd row waterproof seat cover for free also ($264.)

    I agree you can get better lena8.
    I got quoted mid 31's when i was shopping EXL's
  • lena8lena8 Posts: 9
    edited November 2013
    Thank you for your respond.

    What is you paid for your car? In sale price , tax, fees.

    My quote is for 2014. Do you think how much different in term of price between 2013 and 2014 with the same option?
  • My quote is $32,800 including destination fees (taxes additional) -- additional $500 credit if I finance with Honda.

    Seems like a good price. I am planning to buy this week.
  • lena8lena8 Posts: 9
    What is your state?
  • Can you give me the dealership info? I'd like to get a quote from them. thank you.
  • Is this a good price for a 2013 Pilot EX-L, $34,783 OTD. I live in NJ (7% sales tax)

    Price $30,977
    Destination fee $830
    Doc Fee $399
    Registration $409
    Sales Tax $2,168
  • rtraveler1rtraveler1 Posts: 4
    edited December 2013
    2014 Pilot EX-L w/ 4WD

    Two dealers gave me a quote for $36,000 OTD. Is this a good price?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

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