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Chrysler Crossfire



  • ArgeArge Posts: 3
    I also live in SE Michigan (Canton). I found that it handles fine unless there is a lot of snow. Our first snow last February was rough to drive in, but other than that no problem. Do you have the all weather tires? They are the continentals and suppose to be much better than the "sports". I have the all weather, but like I said, it is rough to drive in deep snow.

  • ozark2ozark2 Posts: 16
    Is it true that if you have bought a new Crossfire you can get a free alignment check and wiper blades if you do so within 12 months and 12,000 miles?

  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I bought mine on 12/5/07, as of today I have almost 18,000 miles on it. At about the 13-14 K miles point I noticed the fronts were wearing unevenly....outer treads on both tires significantly thinner than inner treads. I spoke with 2 dealerships & they both said that I was out of luck the alignment was only covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles - whichever came first. About a week ago I got new tires for the front & discovered that nobody can do the alignment on a Crossfire except a Chrysler or Mercedes dealership.......I scheduled an alignment at a 3rd Chrysler dealership ($89) & as I was checking out....I asked, "Is there any chance this is covered by warranty ?" Service manager said "Yes, first alignment covered during warranty period." I guess he meant the 3 year / 36 K bumper to bumper period???? I was happy!!

    Anyway, on another forum ...most say the original Conti All Season tires have rarely lasted over 20-25 K.....I got less than most I guess ...cause mine was slightly out of alignment from the factory.
  • Just had my newly acquired 05 Crossfire coupe fail the emissions test in NY. They said I'd have to run the car somemore to reset the computer for emissions readings. Nothing was present due to the car either battery unplugged or something along those lines. The car only arrived from a dealer this week where I assume it sat for a month and perhaps had the battery disconnected. Would this cause my failure? I read the manual and turned the key to on and checked the engine light as it says and found no problem. Do you think it may have reset itself or programmed itself already and is safe to go back for a reinspection tomorrow?
  • Yes the codes stored in the computer can be not valid if the battery has been disconnected or recharged. Drive it for a week before trying the test again with at least 15 starts and ignition off stops before trying the test again.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    GPS recorded a max speed of 131 yesterday, never got to 6th gear....damn traffic!
  • Thanks for the self assurance in this matter, drove me nuts. I put about 250 miles on it and started and stopped a bunch of times and finally passed the emissions test. Only problem, didn't beat the bad weather and the car got christened with road salt after a snow storm. Had no choice but to go out in the weather being on my last day to get the inspection done. Car road good in the snow and ice with the all season tires and traction control. Can't wait for good weather now.
  • The Xfire I just bought from an Ebay purchase thru a dealer said I would get a 7/70 warranty Transferred to me. Now the dealer claims the 2005 doesn't offer it since its a Mercedes Engine. I sent him articles and even the window sticker which shows 7/70 coverage. They then said, the system isn't allowing them to process a 7/70 warranty and shows only the standard 3/36.
    Has anyone run into this problem before? I just feel they are trying to avoid the transfer fee as promised. I understand I am the second owner so this should be allowed. Is there a point of contact at Chrysler I should contact or just let the dealer keep trying as he says he is doing?
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    The payment of the fee is all that it will take to transfer to the second owner.
  • I had the same problem. I called Chrysler Service Contracts at 1-800-521-9922. Give them the VIN and they can tell you if the 7/70 in still in effect. In my case, the 7/70 was not transferable since I was the third owner.
  • thanks for the phone number, was valuable info, found out I am the 5th owner they say although I believe after research on carfax I am the 3rd. So looks like I'm out of luck. Will see if the dealer is going to make good on anything before I contact the better business bureau.
  • I am the second owner of a Black 2005 Crossfire Limited. The car only had 5000 miles when I bought it....fantastic is all I can say..Love the way this car handles. I would like to hear from other Crossfire owners in the area. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Is there a Crossfire car group in the area ? If not, maybe someone should start one. Count me in!! A weekend drive to different places with a group would be fun.
  • Hi, Maggie, I also have a black Limited edition,with the cinnamon red leather interior. I also bought mine used,had 6000 k on it,Mine is a 2004. I have had it for three years now,and I just love this car. I have had corvettes but this car is a much better quality, and handles a lot better,and I just love the coupes so much better then the convertibles,also a lot more trunk space. I have been trying to meet with other crossfire owners,I live in Michigan,and every summer we have the WOODWARD CRUISE,this year we were suppose to get together,but nothing ever materialized. I would not mind traveling out of state, if you look on the crossfire, you with see a lot of meetings going on down south they always have a big raaly in the sokey mountauns, I am going to log on and see when they are this year. In the meantime have a Merry Christmas, I am retired and can go any time,so let me know when you are ready. crossfire 66 Peter Kruger :)
  • Hi Maggie, I live in Owings Mills, MD - just outside Baltimore and I have a 2008 Coupe LTD that I just bought on Labor Day and I LOVE my car. I got the Aero Blue - that was a switch as I have always been a black/white/silver car owner, but I just loved the way the car looked in this blue. Anyway, we aren't that far from each other and I have been scoping for a nearby club also but after many attempts on several websites, could not come up with anything - maybe we should be the first!
    Feel free to contact me back. You can also reach me at
    Enjoy, have a great holiday and hope to talk to you
  • Hi Peter, Thanks for responding. I have the two tone grey leather interior in mine. Do you ever drive yours in the snow? We haven't had any snow in the past two years. Not that I'd like to take her out in it. The car does great in the rain. Please let me know more about rallys. In the mean time I will check out the crossfire You have a Merry Christmas. I look forward to hearing more from you again....Maggie
  • Hi David, I too have searched for a nearby club. A former co-worker bought a 2008 Saturn Sky and found that they have clubs all over the US. So I don't know why we can't get one around here for Crossfires. There are at least 4 other Crossfires just in Easton since I bought mine. I'm sure they might like to get together and go for a drive somewhere. Keep in touch and have a Merry Christmas....Maggie
  • ArgeArge Posts: 3
    HI Maggie

    I live in Michigan, so I do drive in the snow. I have found that in an inch or so it drives as well as any front wheel drive, however when it gets to about 5" or more it is better to not drive it.

    From what I have read, if you don't have the all weather tires which stock are the Conti's, you won't have as much success.

  • Hi Bob,
    You sure do get snow up there. We haven't had enough here to worry about YET. I just had all weather tires put on. If we get an accumulation, I think I will just sit back with some hot chocolate and enjoy the scenery. It's not worth the headache of getting out there. The roads will be cleared soon enough. Nice hearing from you.
  • Hi, Maggie, ok here is the scoop there will be a TAIL OF THE DRAGONS Rally,in north carolina on April 3,4,and 5. in the smokey mountains at the Fontana Village Resort.For more information go to They have a group discount of 74.25 a night plus tax,I will not know till monday if I am going,those roads have a lot of curves, I was down there about 10 years,can only imagine what fun that would be in a Crossfire. Also go to, thats were you can find all the info about this raaly,as of yesterdat Dec.19 33 people have signed up already,and 3 are from Michigan.Hope this info can help,you might want to join the crossfireforum it is free. Peter
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Thanks for letting us know about the rally -- I hope that those of you who are going will keep us posted.


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  • Hi,

    I like to know what's the price for a new '08 roadster with all features including nav.?. Please provide me with the dealer information as well. ...PM me at
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, Chariot,

    I see that you found the Prices Paid & Buying Experience Forum and posted there too; have you checked the dealer inventory tool at It's in the "Search New Car Listings" area under "New Cars".


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  • At present most of the dealers are not buzzing. One of the reason is that due to web advt. a lot of folks are inquiring about these cars. Dealers perceives this as a good sign and not negotiating price. I think for us to get a good we need to wait in buying for a month or two, and then price will drop further. No matter what they say, dealers are making a killing in these cars. For instance, even selling '08 Roadster @$15,000 they will make net $3000-$5000.

    Patience is the virtue! Economy is tanking and there are barely any buyers for 2 st cars. I will wait before contacting any dealer. In mid '08 dealers were shaving off over $18,000 from will get better.
  • I have two Xfires, so I'm not in the market for another, but I'm not sure your idea is the best. It is my understanding that these cars are no longer manufactured, so the inventory (if there are any left) will only go down. The real buzz on the vehicle was in '07 when it was first announced that they were being cut-out. At that time, there was a ton of interest. The discounts were substantial and there were more bought in 6 months than had been sold in the previous 18. If I wanted a new Crossfire, I would make the best deal I could right now. There are also some very nice, low milage ones on e-bay. I love both tmy standard roadster and SRT-6 coupe. They are a lot of fund for the cost and have been virtually trouble-free for me. Good luck.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I still can't believe I just paid only $17K for a new 08 auto/nav .....unbefreakinglievable!!
  • zq8zq8 Posts: 82
    It is freakinglievable to me !
  • Hello All,

    Would anyone please let me know what supplementary packages I should receive in shipping for a fully loaded '08 Limited Roadster? Is dealer needs to send me luggage, wheel cases, CDs etc. separately? I am asking what other materials I should get from the dealer which is not firmly attached to the car. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Please PM me at
  • Hello All,

    Would anyone please let me know what supplementary packages I should receive in shipping for a fully loaded '08 Limited Roadster? Is dealer needs to send me luggage, wheel cases, CDs etc. separately? I am asking what other materials I should get from the dealer which is not firmly attached to the car. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Please PM me at
  • I haven't heard of anyone within the past year receiving any luggage. If it was included with your car check for "Touring Gear" listed among the standard features on your window sticker. It is usually shipped to your home in about two weeks. Never heard of anyone receiving any wheel cases. If you have navigation, you should have received the navigation CD's along with the owner's manual from the dealer. If you purchased a Chrysler extended warranty, you will receive a packet of papers in the mail in a couple of weeks.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Chariot, did you buy one already or still getting ready to buy one?
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