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Chrysler Crossfire



  • Because their configuration of the car's equipment created the need for a car rental. Chrysler has not indicated that a car rental is not covered in this situation, but they haven't said it is either. I was just preparing an action plan in the event of a denial for the car rental.

    BTW, completed the trip to Tahoe (and back) and no flats! The eight hour (507 mile) trip to Tahoe took about 6 hours and 30 minutes (average of 78 mph. -- got slowed down on the one lane twisty mountain road part of the trip) :)

    Took about 7 hours 30 minutes on the return trip...
  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Actually, when the Crossfire was introduced Chrysler also introduced their "Premium Care Plan", to which you are referring. It was not done so that the folks at Chrysler could cover themselves because the "configuration of the car's equipment created the need for a car rental".

    My advise to you is stop worrying...enjoy your Crossfire...and relax, the world (and Chrysler) is not against you.
  • "My advise to you is stop worrying...enjoy your Crossfire...and relax, the world (and Chrysler) is not against you."

    I can handle the world -- it's Chrysler I'm concerned about!

    Actually, Chrysler has been very fair to me over the past six years -- my wife and I have owned/leased 7 Chrysler products over that time span. In some cases they have gone beyond expectations in dealing with any problems.

    My concern with the Crossfire being disabled was that Chrysler may not pay for the loaner under the "Premium Care Plan" because a flat tire is normally a maintenance item.

    Several months ago, someone posted here that Chrysler would not cover his car rental when he needed a new tire and he was several hundred miles from home. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't let Chrysler do that to me...

    And by the way, both my wife and I are enjoying our Crossfire very much!
  • I have had my 2005 Xfire Roadster Ltd. now for over 2 months, and have no regrets. We all purchase cars for different reasons. The performance isuue will always be a hot bed of discussion. With that said there are pros and cons involved when purchasing any car. We as potential buyers have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide what is best for you. Before purchasing my car I test drove the 350z, very nice product the performance was there, but the ride/comfort was not appealing. The G35, again very nice product but I was looking for something a little more stylish. Mercedes Benz were just too expensive. Also test drove the 2005 Corvette, very nice product but they are a dime a dozen, there are a lot of them on the road.

    I have purchased seven DChrysler products over the last 8 years, without any problems to date. My dealer has always treated me well and with respect. All of my purchases were through the same salesman. When all other dealers were not budging off of sticker price, mine did. The car was purchased for $2630.00 under sticker. The lack of a spare tire is an issue, but as always its a give and take situation.

    At this point I am extremely pleased with my Xfire Roadster Ltd., and the service that I get from dealer. If it ever comes to a light to light race....then I will just LOOK GOOD losing. My Roadster is a head turner, it is stylish and has enough HP for me. Ride , handling and brake response are great.
  • brightness04brightness04 Posts: 3,151
    "I have purchased seven DChrysler products over the last 8 years, without any problems to date."

    Nor should there be, since they are kept only 1-2 year apiece; no?
  • Has anybody got production numbers in yearly breakdowns for the Crossfire, or know where I can find it?

  • Thanks.

  • The mags say the ride is very harsh. Does anyone have a SRT-6 that can comment on the ride & road manners. Is it a firm corvette like ride, or a Viper back breaking kind of ride?
  • I was considering trading in my 05' Xfire Roadster for an SRT6 Roadster. After the test drive, I declined, the ride is comparable to both the Corvette and Viper but closer to the Viper in my humble opinion. Extremely stiff ride, would not want to take a long trip in it.
  • A good friend of mine got a late 2004 Crossfire last summer.

    Is there a way to plug in an iPod directly into the radio unit. Maybe where a CD changer would go.

    iTrip FM transmiter isn't that good, and ... No tape adapter ...

    Any one has an iPod in their Crossfire???
  • drbobdrbob Posts: 3
    I think it is the other way around. The limited is a stripped down base. The car was offered as a counter to the perceived high price of the base car. My Crossfire was delieverd to the dealer 12/26/03 and it has everything. The limited was introduced later.
  • No, I double checked myself. The Crossfire not Limited is the base one in 2005. In 2004 the Crossfire had no Limited so there was no base, but just the Crossfire. In 2005 they came out with Crossfire, Crossfire Limited, Crossfire SRT-6 and Roadsters as well.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    I think this is correct.. the original "base" was loaded, just like the Limited....


    They started the Limited designation, so that they could offer an actual "base" version, with less options and a lower price..


    So, in summary... the Limited is the same as the original base car... and the new base car is the "stripped" model.





    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • fast saw this in person at the DC Auto show. The car falls short on looks in person, the rear end is choppy and not the sleak appearance that I hoped for as seen in the original concept car. No problems for the Crossfire with this one
  • ron12ron12 Posts: 1
    I have and 2004 Chrysler Crossfire,my problem is, when applying the brakes the auto will miss,stall,surg. It will continue to do this for about seven or eight seconds, then slowley recover. If I take it out of gear, it will recover quicker. The dealership tech's have no answer,and wish that I would go away, Chrysler has turned a deaf ear.It does not do this at every stop,just periodically.Does anyone have and answer?
  • drbobdrbob Posts: 3
    You are right on the 04 and 05 models. As you can tell, I am not a real affectionato,just a fan.


    My brother-in-law, who is in the business, is telling this is the last year for xfire. They are not selling. It will be replaced with another "fire" name and will compete with the Viper.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    I haven't heard for sure... I don't really follow Chrysler cars... But, I did get my Car and Driver last night..and it was on the cover... but, I haven't read it.


    It is some kind of new ____ fire.. But, I doubt Chrysler is building a car to compete with their own Viper.. Although it did say something about 400 HP... It may be just a concept car, though...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • The concept car you are talking about ids the Chrysler Fire Power. The car is not to replace the Crossfire, but to fill a space between the Crossfire SRT and the Dodge Viper. Right now the Fire Power is a concept, but will be produced in some fashion, most likely during the 2006 - 2007 production year and be priced around $70,000.00 - $80,000.00 range. I will hold on to my Crossfire Roadster Limited, if the Fire Power is produced I will be one of the first in line to buy one. The sales of the Crossfire have been low, but with introduction of the Roadster sales have picked up. I don't think DChrysler AG will stop making the Xfire for at least two more production years.
  • I give the current Crossfire at least a 5 year run until they replace it or stop making them. After all it is still on the old MB 320 SLK which will get dated as time goes by.
  • cjv141cjv141 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had any experience driving the Crossfire in snow? I am very interested in he car but need it to be a daily use car in the upper midwest.
  • drbobdrbob Posts: 3
    I have had my '04 since November 6 of 04. The honeymoon has given way to reality getting to know the car at a "deeper level."


    The CONS:


    The most back braking ride I have ever expereinced over rough roads.


    Can be hard to get into and out of.


    The shift mechanism is clumpsy and mysterious at low speed.


    Visibility is frighteningly abysmal. Make sure the righthand side view mirror is adjusted to compensate.


    Interior "fit and finish," especially the glove box, is less than exemplarary.


    I live in the Seattle area, land of rain and hills,(usaully steep hills). I should have thought of that before I opted for 6 speed manual. Not fun when you are in heavy traffic and the idiot behind you is 7.6 inches you bumper.


    The PRO's:


    Art deco styling gets lots of looks and questions.


    Performance, (based on what I a mused to), is responsive. Handling is supurb.


    Considering the powerplant and weight ratios, I get excellent milage (around 24.7).


    So, would I do it again. Since I got the car for under 24K, probably. But I would not spend 30K for one.
  • duke7duke7 Posts: 3
    I too would like to hear about the Crossfire in snow. I understand they have traction control and stability programming and optional ASP tires, but what is the real outcome??

    Also, I need to carry a racing bicycle, has anyone found a solution for carrying a bike?

    Thanks, Duke7
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ...Bee: 2/11/2005 - - Chrysler Crossfire, 6-speed $24,995.

    The salesman last year that told my bud $45k - - - "take it or leave it" .....

    ....I smell embarrassmenment here....

  • Last year in this forum there was concern about treadware on the Crossfire tires (total value ~ $1,200). Some estimates were less than 15,000 mile life. I was concerned because my lease was for 39,000 miles and mine was a demo with 5,800 miles already on the tires. So I would have ~ 44,800 miles @ turn-in.

    I am happy to say that after 18,500 miles, it appears that there is still plenty of tread on the originals. The tires are not really close to the wear bar yet.

    I expect to have to replace the originals once before turn-in, but it looks like it will be ONLY once. I'm going to guess that I could stretch the original tires to ~ 30,000 miles...
  • duke7duke7 Posts: 3
    Does the spoiler always come up at speed, or can you keep it in the down position. I would like to find a bicycle carrier for the car and I can imagine the spoiler will need to stay down.

    Thx, Duke
  • There is a manual override control for the spoiler on the dash. I have only used it for washing the spoiler opening. However, I believe that, while in manual mode, the spoiler will only open manually.
  • There is a manual switch for the spoiler, which can be raised and lowered manually. The switch does not technically override the deployment of the spoiler. The spoiler will deploy at 62 MPH for stability and retract at 32MPH. The only way to keep the spoiler down (which is not a good idea at high speeds) is to pull the fuse.
  • desoto2desoto2 Posts: 1
    Anyone aware of any SRT electrical problems? I have a new convertible and after sitting for a few days, there is no power to any circuit even though the battery is fully charged.
  • I just got an SRT6 roadster and it has Navigation System.
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