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Any questions for a Dodge Truck salesman??



  • Everytime I accelerate rapidly, my 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Std Cab 318 V8 Longbed makes a clunking noise. Why does it do this?
  • when will the full size (ram 2500) crew cabs be out (not quad or club)? Our local dealer just sold his crew cab dulley so I know the body style is being made. I heard the dakota will have a crew cab in jan 2000 and ram 2500's will have crew cab in jan 2001? is this about right?
  • Can someone tell me the requirements for the Farm Bureau credit. The Dodge site says there is a 500.00 rebate if you are a member.
  • Yeah, I have a question....Are we ever going to get any answers from the "Dodge Truck Salesman" or what?
  • jwm2jwm2 Posts: 43
    I don't know about the "Dodge Truck Salesman" But for your $500.00 rebate it's quite simple. Sign up at your Farm Bureau for $40.00 and tell them where and when you get your new Dodge and they will give you a check; when you take delivery. One requirement is that you have to be a member for at least 30 days.
  • ram4x4ram4x4 Posts: 24
    I just checked the web site for the California Farm Bureau and it looks as if they are only giving rebates for Fords. Maybe their site is just a little out dated...I'm gonna e-mail them and check but I'm not holding my breath.
  • wbh001wbh001 Posts: 3
    In Ohio, you join the farm bureau at least 30 days prior to purchasing a Dodge truck and the farm bureau will issue you a bonus certificate. This certificate entitles you to receive a cash allowance(from Dodge)upon purchase or lease of a new truck or van. The certificate is good on 1999 & 2000 models (Ram Pickup - All models and all engines, Ram Chassis Cab - All models and all engines, Dakota Pickup - All models excluding 4 cyl. engines, Ram Van - Cargo and conversion - All models and all engines, Ram Passenger Wagon - All models and all engines. I've got the certificate just waiting for my ordered Dakota to come in.
  • Brad

    Can you tell me what you ordered. I am also looking at Dakota's, leaning towards a 6 cyl. 5 speed SLT ext cab. Don't need the v-8 although I hear it gets close to same mileage as the 6. I have seen too many negative posts on the auto, but still might go with it.
  • wbh001wbh001 Posts: 3

    I've ordered a 2000 SLT+ Club Cab in patroit blue w/ 4.7L V8, 2wd, sure-grip rear end, auto trans & trailer tow group.
  • The other day I took a close look at a Ram 2500 Quad Cab with the Cummins engine. The valve cover on the engine was black and silver instead to the red Dodge lettering on the 98-99 Cummins engines. It looked a lot better. Is this new for 2000 and have there been any other change to the engine? Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • I've read that the Diesel engine will be upgraded again mid year 2000 model year. Is that information correct and if so what are the anticipated changes?

  • I know the new slogan is "Dodge... Different"

    But what about our answerman????
  • lvstanglvstang Posts: 150
    He's working at the Ford dealer now.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Let me get this straight. You had two very minor warranty repairs and one $400 repair that you paid for in 43,000 miles and you feel that this is a junker? The trans was not diagnosed and no idea if it required anthing more than routine band adjustment. $400 out of pocket in 43,000 miles: you are one tough critic.
  • What's the invoice? If I special order this truck can I use the dealer holdback for leverage?
  • In this day and age when you pay $25,000 or more for a vehicle, is it unreasonalble to expect NOT to pay ANY repair bills unitil you are finished making payments? Especially when you are maintaining the vehicle per manufacture specs.

    What is the normal life expectancy of a water pump?

    Oxygen sensor?

    Steering knuckle?

    Simple formula to vehicle manufacturers, make a vehicle that goes 100,000 miles or more WITHOUT any repairs (if the owner doesn't abuse it and adheres to the maintenance schedule) and you will own any market that you are in. By the way, why did Chrysler drop their 7yr/70,000 power train coverage? Did they know something we did not?

    I would love to see ANY manufactuer put their money where there mouth is and warranty their vehicles for 5yr/70,000mile bumper to bumper.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    First of all there are some cars that have such warrantees but not trucks. If they were to offer such a warrantee you would pay for it by the added cost of the truck and then the added cost of what the manufacture will expect its losses on this warrantee will be. Nothing is free and certainly not quality or warrantees. A truck is heavy duty piece of equipment that is frequently abused by the consumer.This is NOT the type of vehicle that manufactures will extend warrantees on. If you feel that it is not good enough coverage then buy the extended plan from your dealer (insurance policy).

    The manufacturer does not care if you pay your vehicle off in 3,4,or 5 years. In many cases they are never paid off, just transfer the debt to the next. The manufacture only needs to be competitive. They offer a package of quality, durability,size, capacity, performance, price, etc... They are not the same. They all try to entice you some aspect that they are superior at.

    Bottom line is that the only repair that you had to pay for in 43,000 moles was a $400 water pump. No sympathy here. By the way I suspect that a 70,000 mile warrantee would add very substantial amout to the price. Something that most of us would rather not pay after already paying $25,000.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I guess thats why we all buy different vehicles. My 97 Chevy pickup I am trading for a Dodge shortly has had several flat tires and one clogged fuel filter (48K). I have just passed 50K. Still on the original tires and wiper blades. I consider myself lucky. A vehicle is a complicated piece of equipment with many thousand of moving parts. I think its unreasonable to expect no failures. Even the Space Shuttle which is more thourghly tested than our trucks has problems. If our trucks were tested that thourghly we wouldn't be able to afford them. The manufacturers must balance what the public will pay with with what expence they can put into the vehicle and still make a profit. But never the less they do provide a warranty for most any duration you want. The 3 yr / 36 month you are paying for wether you believe it or not. No different than the optional warranty the dealer makes available. Apparently you though the 7 yr / 70K warranty was not worth the cost. That was your choice and the correct one in my opinion as you would have spent far more than $400 for it.
    I would have at least changed the transmission fluid or if you had, varified it had the correct fluid. (A major reason for Chryler transmission problems).
    But most likely you were looking for an excuse to trade.

  • madmackmadmack Posts: 39
    My truck should be arriving soon...i have a copy of the invoice as of today. two new cost appear:
    1. B45 Phoenix - PPA/EB-PF $210.00
    2. T45 Phoenix - DAA $260.00
    I live in Las Vegas....does anyone have any ideas what the heck they are?
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    cmiles97, back when you had a 7/70 from Chrysler, GM and Ford 6/60, these were powertrain only warranties. The bumper to bumper coverage was only 12 months/12K. Everybody went over to the 3/36 bumper to bumper around the same time I think.
  • Itis a $30,000 piece of junk. I wouldn't recommend
    one to my worst enemy.Buyers beware. First & last time Chrysler product buyer.
  • Itis a $30,000 piece of junk. I wouldn't recommend
    one to my worst enemy.Buyers beware. First & last time Chrysler product buyer. Only 22000 miles
  • I also have a 1996 Dodge Ram. It is a V10, 3/4 ton. I have not had any problems with it. It is a dream. I am however going to move up to a 1 ton since I need the bigger payload.

    Just curious on what type of problems you are having with it.
  • cfabe1cfabe1 Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 2000 model 1500 4X4 and after 1800 miles I notices a slight pull to the right and I have to hold the wheel to the left. I took it into a Dodge dealership and to NTB and both places said the alignment was OK. However, I noticed one guy posted a notice about a pulling he was experiencing and they told him it was a faulty steering knuckle.

    If anyone knows about this or can help I would appreciate it.

  • I've only made two payments on my new '99 1500, and am already wondering if I made the right decision. I've taken the truck back once already to get the whistling (left side front)fixed. This seems to correspond with a surging of the drive train. The mechanics said they could find nothing wrong with the truck. However, this morning it was bucking so badly that I spilled half of my coffee.
    Can you please look up Technical Service Bulletin 23-58-98 (whistling) and 18-49-98 (drive train surging) and let me know what to look for. I am still extremely wary of this trucks dependability, and Dodge will end up paying well over $700 to tow me off the top of the mountain if I do break down (we have never seen another vehicle up there other than ATV's...ever)
    Thanks, Bob
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    To Mad mack, the 2 charges you see on your invoice are advertising, one is regional advertising and one isnational advertising, I live in the northwest and we have it too, in fact I belaive all manufacturers have it right in their invoice, it pays for all those TV, radio,magazine, and newspaper ads you see that say" visit your friendly Dodge dealer"

    To the guy up there whining about his 43,000 mile Ram with a water pump problem, WHAAAAAAA!!!! Go buy a Ford and see how much goes wrong in the same miles then let us know what color you want your next Ram....sorry but that is kind of a rediculous complaint....

    To Everyone, I don't know if anyone has posted this tidbit yet but I haven't been here for a while and thought I'd share, In Jan or Feb of 2000 the 2001 Model year will begin for the Ram's!!! this early start is due to the feds CAFE standards, they have so many vehicles classified as trucks (including the new PT cruiser) that they will not be in compliance with federal emissions standards, so by starting a new model year early they can in effect use a "loophole" in the system and be in compliance.
    Also due out then is the new ETH Cummins diesel engine, which is actually not new but a revised version of the current ETC engine that seems to be having hit and miss power problems.
    Lets see what else???
    Oh I have heard from another source that the steering pull problem is supposed to be solved by some sort of new steering system but I also believe this has only been changed on the 2500 and 3500 so far.

    And finally to the guy wanting to use dealer holdback for leverage.....Do you do this crap at the supermarket????
    Dealer holdback for DC vehicles is for 90 days, in other words if you pick up the vehicle the day the dealer gets the invoice (which would almost be impossible because invoices usually show up before the vehicles)the dealer would get all of the hold back, BUT, if you pick it up 6 weeks after they get the invoice then half the holdback is gone and after 90 days its all gone, plus ordering a vehicle for 500 over invoice is a very fair deal, you think about it if you are ordering a Ram truck then that is what, 1-2 % over??? I agree that this is a bigger purchase than a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk but how much marhup do you think they have on those items??? 80%? 100%? and you'll buy those every day and never ask for a dime off.....go order your truck and pay 500 over, that is a fair deal, look it up here on Edmunds I think they actually say 5%??? (somebody can check if they waht to)I think thats alot more than 500 bucks, and you know what if you do this with your local dealer not only will you be getting a fair deal, you'll be supporting your local economy and helping the staff support their families to....I have people all the time who say " well I can go here or there for 50 bucks less" gimme a break!!! where do you live????

    ........................T REX.................
  • ram4x4ram4x4 Posts: 24
    I read your info on the early release of the 2001 models. Any info on yet on how much the price is increasing over the 2000's and will there be any changes in the options/packages? Also, what is the latest date we can put in an order for a 2000?

  • rpowelrpowel Posts: 2
    I have heard that Dodge will put a new auto trans behind the Cummins after Jan 00. COuld this be true? Will it be an Allison? Will they finally increase the power of the Cummins to a respectable level, say 300 hp and 600 torque. That combo is in the school busses we buy. they work great!
    Any info would be appreciated.
  • I have read with interest the debate on when are warranty repairs and " a 400.00 water pump at 43k" acceptable. They are NOT acceptable for a truck with that low of miles. Yes anything might need a warranty repair at one time or another as everything is mechanical but multiple repairs and a water pump OUT OF WARRANTY at 43k is an insult to our intelligence.(20 years ago this would have been OK) Don't be snowed by sales people. Dodge should have covered that water pump. Constant problems whether on warranty or not are NOT acceptable. I have driven Toyota's for the past 10 years so I am spoiled because of the quality and the way the manufacturer backs up their product. I plan to buy a Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel in the future to tow a large 5th wheel and I am concerned about their automatic transmission. Quality DOES matter and constant problems are NOT acceptable. No Dodge will not have an Allison Transmission for 2000 so I am hoping their product quality has improved before I buy. Joe
  • dhowsedhowse Posts: 1
    We have a '99 Dodge 1500 Reg Cab and have had some engine problems in the first year. At 12,000 miles we noticed a pinging/clanking sound coming from the engine (like bad gas). We have taken it to 3 dealerships and were told 1)that is the sound of a normal 3.9 engine, 2)slight engine sound, change brand of fuel?, 3)definite engine problem ran chemicals through the valves and run 2 tanks of premium gas through. We are now at 17,000 miles and the noise still exists. Have any of you experienced the same type of noise? If you heard it you would know that it is on acceleration and is prominent at 30-60mph.
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