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Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Focal Utopia component with JL Audio ownz...same for the sub.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    do not buy anything from best buy. they sell junk for the most part. but for $150, i'd leave it alone. to get truly good sound, you have to replace your oem deck, add some clean power, quality speakers (2-way sets will do for the non competitive stereo enthusiast as 3-way sets require lots of mounts for crossovers and speakers)and forget rear speakers (no one uses rears, even in cars when they build systems- why? are you ever back there?), and some type of subwoofer assembly. i prefer smaller subs which deliver quicker tighter bass. for a small truck, that's what i'd suggest. i had two 8" kicker subs in a size correct solid box and it shook the little ZR2 reg. cab. it got stolen. for $1000, you could have good decent loud sound in your rig.

    here's what i had:
    infinity 2-way components kappas
    panasonic deck (i like them)
    rockford fosgate punch 200 amp (by far the best imo in amps, highly underrated and durable as hell)
    some good quality wire and professinal installation (not from best buy, but from a pro that competes.)

    crutchfield offers all of this i believe. maybe not the rockford amp, but there are good amps there too. buy one amp to do the whole system.

    basically you need a good deck, an amp, and some component speakers. also some cable.

    wood for a box, and someone to put it all together.
  • Ford Ranger 2d regular cab Edge, 3.0l v6, 5 speed manual, 6 disc changer, cruise and tilt for $14,481 out the door. 100 bucks over invoice and 2000 dollar rebate. (not counting trade in) Only thing missing that I wanted was power windows and locks. Sounds pretty good to me, any thoughts?

    Tommorrow I will check out toyota of dallas, and a two other ford dealerships. Will probably purchase the winner Saturday ..
  • kbtoyskbtoys Posts: 62
    Also here is a link to my truck that has pics of my stereo if you need to get any idea's.

  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
  • 4x2
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Bummer about that stereo !.........geo
  • Happy new owner of my 2nd Ranger. Just got home after trips to 3 dealerships(1 nissan, another Ford, and one Toyota). I got the first truck I looked at as described above and she's all black and beautiful. The 3.0l really does have some pep to it, especially since I have the standard transmission and regular cab. The edge models have a nice height to them, and I was sitting higher than stock jeep cherokees. Had no problem passing people without going past 3.5k. Haven't had a chance to try out the CD player, but that is the least of my concerns now. Had a nice long drive home through many construction sites without a single creak or rattle. I do have to get used to stopping and starting smoothly with a manual trans, but what a deal that could not be matched by any other truck or dealer.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    nothing like a new vehicle, especially a new TRUCK!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    ALL my trucks have been black ! Love
    that color ....congrats...........geo
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    just put the suspension lift on this morning, took 2 people 2 hours. new coils and struts upfront, add-a-leaf in the back. It's now 37" from ground to the fender flare, and I imagine liftline (groudn to frame) is now at least 16".
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    just fyi......after i jacked my torsion bars up a smidge on both my two ZR2's and my ranger, which both had the equivalent of 31's on it (the ZR2 actually came with 31x10.5's on it), im anal and measured my distance from ground to middle of fender flare bottom(basically to make the truck level).....36" exactly on all trucks. so either your lift didn't do much or you need taller tires.

    also, i would expect your lift level to be higher since my jeep liberty is 13" from ground to frame.

    anywho- what kind of tires are you getting? the goodyear MT/R tire that they put on rubicon's would look tough on your truck. or even some mud bfg's. pro comp's are neat as well.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    God I love not having to do that to get lift. I guess its a special bond between domestic trucks, torsion bars. You say you don't like lifts, yet used this method to lift your trucks? ewww. Anyways, have a good Turkey week!
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    It was a 2" lift in the front and .5" lift in the rear, so it all evened out. frame to ground is now 16.75-17" (used to be 14.5 upfront, 15.5 in the back....go figure. All these numbers don't add up very well), ground to top of fender flare is 37".
    I could have put 3" lift on it, but decided against it (now I'm thinking I should have gone that route and just drop the diff 1", so that CV axle angle is not bad as to wear out the boots in no time...on well, that will be the next stage, I suppose)
    This is still with 31s.
    As far as tires go, I'm going next with 32s (so I don't have to regear), probably BFG MT KMs.
  • Hi Scorpio !
    Congrats on the lift. I think you'll really like the OME setup. I have several friends with this setup and I'm going with the OME suspension real soon. I thought I might comment that my 2000 extra cad TRD 4x4 measures 36" exactly to the center of the wheel well. I believe that OME881's & N91 combo should give 2.25 - 2.5 at first and should settle to 2.0". You may want to double check and make sure the spring shop didn't put the bottom spring cup/retainer upside down. This is a common mistake and by installing the cup side up it reduces the amount of lift achieved. Just a note !! Of course TTORA is the place for Info!
    Have a good turkey day !! Jeff
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Jeff Sharpe, by any chance?

    I did the spring compression myself, and cup is sitting correct. I'm happy with the lift upfront, because before it was at 34.75-35 and now is 37. There are few factors going into this, mainly the tires. They got 20k (although they are BFG ATs), and I usually run 30psi in them, so they compress somewhat.
    I'm a TTORA TX member :)
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    you're right i don't like lift kits.

    the reason i jacked my trucks up like this was to make the truck **LEVEL**. if you look at most trucks, take a look at your TRD 2-wheeler while you're walking out to get in it after class, it has a rake. i like my 4x4's to sit relatively level, it looks better. you can't do this (coils), nor should you since you won't be climbing over any boulders or huge ruts with no t/c. don't quietly slam domestics, when the new Level II FX4 looks as mean as it does and has the hardware to back it up.

    check out this article:

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    but torsion bars are cheap, and its wrong for folks to call Tacomas cheap when blatant evidence such as this suggests otherwise. Besides, just the other day I stated that my favorite truck on the road was a F-150 Supercrew FX4, can't get much more domestic.

    And you can level out coilover suspensions, its called a spacer, or you can buy adjustable coilovers.

    By the way, I saw a 60 year old woman climb behind the wheel of a Liberty Renegade after a basketball game Monday nite. Boy did that thing look tough. There are tons of Liberties driven by students here as well, I have yet to see a male drive a single one of them. Even the 4Xs are driven by sorortiy girls. I wasn't gonna say any of this as things have been cool lately, but you had to go and slam my truck, but I am not mad, I guess you have gotten me used to it. As of yet, I have yet to see any females, 20 or 65, driving a prerunner.

    And how many deep ruts or boulders have you climbed over with 30 inch tires. I bet I could take those obstacles as well as you could anyway. Then again some stuff is a big deal to senior citizen mobiles.

    By the way, the truck in the article is pretty bada**, but I think I already read the article. Do you know of any place that talks about additions made for stepping up to "level 2"?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    It seems you did not see the "Buy American, Buy Toyota" sticker posted on the national board :)
  • Car & Driver compared it to the Land Rover Freelander in their January 2002 issue. It took a backseat to the Freelander which outperformed it off road and on. The Liberty's extra 623lbs (!!!) caused

    1. 209ft braking distance from 70mph
    2. 10 seconds to get to 60mph

    I wonder how those numbers compare to my Tacoma, hehe! The testers also complained the Liberty's seats were uncomfortable and the ride was "head-tossing on any surface.

    I looked at a Liberty in a parking lot the other day. I was surprised to see how the gas tank was positioned so low and exposed. And the shock brackets on the rear axle extend below the axle further than any other vehicle I've seen (even the Ranger's, by far).
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I'm quite concerned about the 10-second Taco will beat that in a heartbeat, maybe CnD screwed up somehow.

    As far as ride goes...well, Freelander has both IFS and IRS, so that might make some difference.

    However, I'll give Liberty credit because it's most expensive model is $23k vs. $31k for Freelander. You can do a LOT with a vehicle for 8 grand extra.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    sad- what do you call slamming your truck? by stating the truth about it? can you not accept the fact that it isn't a 4x4? how did i slam your truck? by saying that you wouldn't be crawling over any boulders because of having no t/c? well, will you? i wouldn't think so. it was your choice to buy a, what i call (sorry, excuse me for saying this, but it's how i see them), "fake 4x4". i don't like them, i think they're real overpriced considering you could've gotten a ranger just like i had for easily what you gave for your TRD pre-runner. you bought it, accept what it is. and you do realize your dream truck F150 FX4 is torsion barred don't you? kind of contradictory dont you think? do you even know how they work?
    as for the 60-year old woman in the renegade- good for her. she chose a nice vehicle. just because it doesn't have a bed doesn't mean it won't work for ya or won't off-road. i happen to like the liberty, it is a very well put together vehicle. as for her's, it was probably 2wd, and i don't particularly care for the renegades. i like the more plain sport versions (like we have) with few amenities other than cd, the usual power features, and 4x4.
    btw, those people that you "DON'T" see driving two-wheel-drive pre-runners are probably driving four-wheel-drive liberty's. hehe

    pluto- as for the article you are talking about, it's online at click on the comparison link, and then go to suv/trucks and choose "canyon cubs". i can't poste the url because of edmunds crappy settings.

    seems you fail to mention how they praise the liberty's stout build quality and four-wheel-drive features. as for losing to the land-rover in the areas mentioned- ill gladly accept that. every category they diss the jeep in favor for the land-rover are gripes that the everyday commuter would complain about (uncomfortable seats, bouncy ride, etc). ill take my low ratio transfer case, solid rear axle, more powerful and torquey engine, and just an overall heavier duty vehicle any day over that escape like land-rover (i know, you'd buy the land-rover, figures).
    and also, fyi- this shock mount thing you got going on is absurd. they mount the shocks where they do to provide the suspension with long travel shocks while trying to provide a smooth ride. this is a short wheelbase vehicle so it is going to ride a little rough. also, it is a truck based suv, not a car like the land rover and escape so it rides like a truck. i've yet to hear of anyone complaing of the mounts for rear shocks on any ranger or liberty. and gas tank; where do you want it? after measuring mine from floor to bottom of tank, it's 14.5 inches. how high you want it? at least the sheetmetal on the liberty doesn't sport exterior spot-weld marks all over like all tacomas.
    what about what c/d said of the liberty chassis that had no detectable flexing? how about how they say that the liberty was built for rock crawling? quite opposite to what you've said about it in the past, or even what 'sad' likes to categorize it as. ill quote him "senior citizen mobile". lmao

    thx for the heads up on the article though, that was one i hadn't read.

    olt, did you check the latest consumers digest or reports? whatever one you read. they gave the liberty recommendations. i know in your mind that matters somehow. i could care less.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,239
    Let's not get into this nonsense again... tone it down please... BEFORE it gets out of hand.

    Thanks for your participation and cooperation!

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  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    wouldn't know, but I climb thru muddy skidder (a loggin machine) ruts without spinning a tire while me bud's Z71 has to back up and try again every time.

    If you have never ridden in one of these trucks, don't dog its OR capabilities, cuz it has em. This is the only reason I say that you "slam" my truck, which doesn't bother me by the way -- b/c you make false statements about it. Then again I guess ignorance is bliss for people such as yourself.

    And at one time didn't you say that you liked highspeed offroading more than crawling over stuff, cuz I definitely remember this statement. Why is mud and rocks all of a sudden the most important off road feat? Oh I know, cuz it helps you to manipulate your story so that your senior citizen mobile sounds tougher than the wig scratching, denture brushing, grocery getting dog that it is. How many miles did you put on it while going shopping today? I bet you played havock on those nasty curbs that get in the way, just like real off roading huh.

    Whew, Im spent. No more talking about Liberties for me after that, so mods don't worry. Its the straight and narrow from now on. On topic stuff only. Tbunder, I know how worthless that was and rest assured that I feel quite ignorant after writing it, so just lay off. Hehe, get a Ranger so we can argue this for real. Liberties aren't worth fighting for - now go fill it up with gifts and tie a tree to the top or something. Happy holidays, and all of this is tongue in cheek all the way. I know your interests man and you know mine - its just that we both know how to yank each others chains at the same time!
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    you are too nice of a guy.
    big news- im getting a lift for my jeep., or rocky road outfitters offer a 2.5 inch lift, and then i plan on going after some 245/75 yokohama geolander at's or wild country radial TXR tires for it. the kit is less than $200 and fits like a glove.

    visit this link to view a liberty with this lift. granted this lib has 265/75 tires, but they rub im assuming. i will only go with 245's, or a 30.8 inch tall tire. this will look perfect with the height gained by the lift. i understand this lift isn't a true suspension lift, but it's all that's available for the KJ right now. with longer shocks, it will ensure longer travel for the suspension. bilstein has some on the way so i've heard.

    sad-, you're a nice guy and i will admit i love the tacoma truck, just not as much as the ranger, but always remember- im the one with dana axles and the very low crawling t/c. although i will also admit i think the tacoma is cheap in nature. the sheetmetal seems very thin compared to rangers. as far as getting a ranger, i won't buy one until they change them. after i get the lib the way i want it, i very honestly see a new '03 or '04 Camry SE in my future. i need a new car, and with a 5-spd manual and the balsy little 4-banger it should be fun while barely breaking $20,000 cash. that's my future.
  • the Tacoma is cheap in nature, and that's fine - you're entitled to your own opinions. But if your opinion was fact, why then does the Tacoma blow away the Ranger when it comes to resale value? Cheap things usually don't command higher prices, especially when used.

    It's just too easy to dismiss your opinions and "facts" when they're never fact-based.

    BTW, it's good to know you're considering a four cylinder Camry - a car that gets to 60mph much quicker than your 10 second Jeep. It's not safe driving a car that can't get out of its own way (or stop for that matter)!
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Whats everyone think of a diesel powered Liberty - the hybrid P/U appeals to me !
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    You have excellent taste in tires. Those yokohamas, IMO, are the sweetest looking tire anywhere! I have read that they don't wear very well, but that is not too important.

    And I would bet money that you are a pretty nice guy too. Do they make camry's with a manual now? I like max's and altimas a little better.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Lots of hype, but essentially all they have are spacer lifts. In TTORA, there are few guys who make and sell them for $130 for 3" setup.

    There seems to be a lot of hype on the site, but there's one catch: those spacers aren't that good for your coils and ride. They stiffen the ride, sag the coil, and with stock strut assembly, you lose downtravel. Also, make sure your CV boots upfront are fine and fins aren't rubbing, otherwise you'll tear through them in a heartbeat. Also, with that lift, you can kiss warranty goodbye on front CVs and driveshaft.

    Spacers are a cheap way to lift the truck. I wonder if ARB sells any coil setups for Liberty, like they do for Tacomas (Old Man Emu coils, superb lift, all new coils and struts. I bought the front setup for $320 with shipping and just sold my stock setup for $170 on 2" of lift real cheap, for the quality it provides).
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    It's funny that Chrysler could not "build a business case" for hybrids. Toyota and Honda have done that and are already working on hybrids. I guess Chrysler will be playing catch-up few years down the road again.
    As far as diesel goes: we'll see how many grandmas and sorority chix buy them :)
    Wrangler with a diesel would be killer. Liberty with diesel is a waste of diesel.
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