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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    I brought home my new 2WD EX earlier this week. I LOVE it!! We bought it at Bernardi and were very happy with the sales person with whom we worked...and the overall experience at that dealership.

    We also visited Boch Honda and that experience was awful. They used all sorts of disrespectful tactics including, among other things, trying to hold us hostage (ie. the sales person handed off the keys to our trade-in car to his sales manager and we had to ask for them three times and ultimately demand that they were returned to us.) The deal we had on paper at Boch was a little less than the one we got at Bernardi, but, the manner in which we were handled at Bernardi was far better than the experience we had at Boch. We left Boch feeling that we couldn't buy from them because we felt we couldn't trust them. We went back to Bernardi, were treated well, got our first choice color ... and here are the details:

    The break down was:

    2WD EX -- 20,635 (not including $300 document fee, tags, plates, registration, taxes)

    Accessories (installed): Running Boards, Back-up sensors, splash guards, fog lights, auto day/night mirror and moonroof visor -- 2768

    We bought the tire care for 397 which, after the fact, we decided we could have done without...oh well.

    We also bought an extended warranty -- 8yr 120k miles -- 1074., any thoughts as to how we did? The dealer gave us the $750 incentive...and dropped the destination fee, but wouldn't eat into the 3% holdback. We felt pretty good about the deal.

    Re: the warranty -- When we met with the financing guy he told us the extended warranty would be $1999. Thanks to this list, we had an email quote (actually from the same dealer where we bought the car) which was the $1074. He did say he could match that quote, but that was for the "no frills" warranty. We asked what was different. The difference was that at the end of the warranty period if we hadn't used the warranty at all, the $1999 would be refunded to us, if we applied for that amount to be refunded. The $1074 has no potential refund. We decided that $900 difference wasn't worth the chance that we wouldn't use the warranty for anything at all. :)

    Re: the accessories -- I know that many of you add your accessories yourselves, but we decided it was worth having many of them installed and also, this way they are covered by the extended warranty. However, I do have a question for all of you...(and I will post this question in the accessories section as well) -- We do want to pick up the cargo tray, cargo cover, cargo net, and a few others where installation isn't really an issue, and for those we didn't want to pay the premium cost of buying them when we bought the car. We've checked HandA and Bernardi parts on line. Bernardi is less, but if there is another source we should check, I would welcome any suggestions. Note: Even though we bought the car from Bernardi, the cost to buy accessories through the website is significantly less than buying them at the we would be doing it by mail-order.

    Thanks for all of your help...those of you who have posted on this forum provided us with lots of information which was very helpful to us during this process. I hope the information we are sharing here is helpful to someone else as well. :)
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    Wow, and I thought I went crazy on the accessories :)
    Thanks for the hint regarding their e-store, that's something new. And you're right, most of the accessories are pretty easy to install, no need to pay double, and it's fun. Enjoy your CR-V!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    Re: the warranty

    I'd be leery. Is that the Hondacare warranty you bought? Because Honda Care doesn't offer any sort of refund policy if you never use it.

    Do a google search for Honda Care Warranty. One of the first hits is for a MA dealer that sells the Honda warranty. Compare it to what you bought. If you decide to get the Honda Care, you should be able to cancel whatever you bought.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    Ah, good point. Need to see what exactly was sold to you. I remember in the Honda Ext. Warranty discussion someone shared a Honda dealer sold him/her a third party SC leading him/her to believe it was a HondaCare.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    THanks for raising this issue. I'm almost certain its the HondaCare Warranty, but I will double check. The on-line quote I had was from the Bernardi site for the HOndaCare warranty which I had found on the forum. The Warranty I bought was through Bernardi at the dealership...and they had told us that HondaCare was the only warranty they sold, but again, I will double check the paperwork.

    When we were negotiating at Boch, they gave us information on a different extended warranty plan not through HondaCare. When we asked the financing guy if that extended warranty was through HOndaCare, he said no, that they sell this other one which the dealership has an interest in (translates to makes more money on). We asked about the HondaCare warranty and he told us that he wasn't even sure that he had any information on it...and then told us he would have to look up the codes for the HOndaCare warranty. That was another one of those "events" which lead us to walk out of the Boch dealership without buying.
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    "Just got a quote from dealer in Milwaukee for 06 CRV LX 4WD Auto for $19255.00 including destination. What do you think? "

    That's $1000 below is this possible?
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    "2WD EX "

    There is no such beast. All EX's are 4WD.
  • vagabondchefvagabondchef Posts: 107
    It is possible!!! Dealers are loaded with CRV's and need to get rid of them before the 07's come out in August 06. I'm sure you could even go lower like $1500.00 as nobody will buy CRV's when gas will hit $4.00 a gallon later this summer. They will probably have to stop making CRV's because nobody will want them.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    nobody will buy CRV's (sic) when gas will hit $4.00 a gallon later this summer.

    I would think the CR-V and other smaller utility vehicles would benefit from higher gas prices (they do as the sales figures show).

    They will probably have to stop making CRV's (sic) because nobody will want them.

    Similar to the $4.00 gas comment, you are joking, right?
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    2WD EX was added to the line up recently. I guess it's this years SE (I know the SE still exists).
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    The SE has a few additional creature comforts over the EX. According to the specs in the brochure the SE has teh following which my EX doesn't have - heated leather, leather wrapped steering wheel, heated power side mirrors which are body colored, body colored side moldings, side bumpers and door handles.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I have received a quote from a dealer for $18,995.00 and am wondering what others have been paying for this model. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 167,057
    Sure enough... 2WD EX....

    2WD EX

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    I've seen a few websites which claim that their is a $750 dealer incentive on CR-Vs till the end of May. I don't see this on Edmunds. Also, one dealer told me as recent as Wednesday that the 3.9%, 4.9%, 5.9% financing deal is still in effect, although a different one told me that it ended last month.

    I got a quote for $22,000 for the trim listed in the title. This seems reasonable. I calculated as follows:

    21,942 (invoice)
    -750 (dealer incentive)
    -.03*23,750 (3% of holdback)
    20,479.5 (TRUE dealer cost)

    Allowing 5% profit for the dealer, you get $21,503, an adding the $550 destination fee you get a final $22,053.

    Am I on the right track?

    Also, its tough to know what a should be charged for accessories (security system, autodimming mirror, etc.). The same dealer quoted me 15% off the MSRP for accessories but couldn't tell me whether this was based on the listed MSRP OR MSRP + installation costs. :(

    Finally, how can I figure out what is appropriate for fees (registration, dealer prep)?
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    Also, I'm concerned that they agreed on this price a little too easily. Perhaps they could have gone lower, or perhaps they had some additional costs in mind (i.e. didn't include desitnation fee).
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    I have trouble buying these quotes for one reason: MOST people already are driving a car when they purchase...therefore they trade that car in.

    It's easy to get what might appear to be unrealistically LOW prices if they are giving you less for your trade in. It's a bit of a shell game isn't it?

    I rather wish no one would bother to post a price if they did not mention what they got for their trade in...even then, the rest of us would not know what the poster could have gotten for the car had the trade in been a different price.

    I think you just have to be in the ball park of a 'good price' and be happy with it. Anyone have a different take?
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    No trade in here. This is a 2nd car.
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    Done. I'm pretty satisfied... unless I'm missing something:

    2006 CR-V EX AWD w/ AT
    Security System
    Auto-dimming mirror
    Arm rest
    All-season floor mats
    Cargo net

    $22,079 (excludes sales tax and $329 fees)
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    Was $20,635 your total, or was that the base BEFORE accessories?
  • jvergejverge Posts: 2
    I just wanted to tell anyone looking for a CRV in Northern Virginia area to check out Koons Honda... I just bought a new LX AWD CR-V for $20,489 out the door:
    $18964.23 - vehicle
    $ 550.00 - destination
    $ 279.00 - processing fee
    $ 627.45 - VA Tax
    $ 68.50 - Tags/Title

    I couldn't pass up that deal! It was worth the 90min drive to pick it up yesterday.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    In case you missed the breakdown from my original post, the break down was:

    2WD EX -- 20,635 (not including $300 document fee, tags, plates, registration, taxes)

    Accessories (installed): Running Boards, Back-up sensors, splash guards, fog lights, auto day/night mirror and moonroof visor -- 2768

    There is more information about extended warranty in my original post.

    Let us know what you decide to do. I LOVE my new car!!! :)
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    Hi again--

    Just to clarify, it was 20,635 plus the cost of the accessories. :)
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33

    This is the link to the location on Edmunds which lists the $750 incentive. Its a marketing incentive, cash to the dealer...and is supposed to run through the end of the month.
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    "2WD EX -- 20,635 (not including $300 document fee, tags, plates, registration, taxes) "

    Is the destination fee included in that $20,635?
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    I went to a local "sale" at Crest Honda (Nashville) prepared to get a 2WD EX.'s a 'sale' because they put a $800 luxury clear coat for the paint, a $700 treating of the interior fabric...have the running boards and such already installed.

    In short, I walked away - I don't care about these things and the price with those was unbearable. Why do some dealerships do this? I just want the lowest price and will chose my own accessories.
  • I have a friend who wants a 4WD EX with MT and no options. The only requirement is that it be white, important in southern Arizona. We have an internet offer of $21,822.00 pluss options and fees. Does this sound like a "real deal" or will Honda be desparate clear out remaining stocks of 06s before the all new 07s arrive this Fall? We do have have time and transportation to travel all of Arizona at least. It is a cash, no trade deal.
  • azs1azs1 Posts: 15
    I got the same car last month in a different color for $20,725 plus taxes and fees (see here for the cost breakdown: azs1, "Honda CR-V: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #3037, 27 Apr 2006 5:47 am).

    This was without a trade-in, and when the dealer incentive was only $500 instead of $750.

    You should be able to do better than the price you've been quoted. ;)
  • leavenfish1leavenfish1 Posts: 65
    "The only requirement is that it be white, important in southern Arizona."

    I hear that! I'm considering moving to Tucson. I wonder, would the moon roof right above your head (no white there to reflect the rays) be a good idea?
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    Yes. The $550 destination fee is included in the 20,635.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Accessories (installed): Running Boards, Back-up sensors, splash guards, fog lights, auto day/night mirror and moonroof visor -- 2768

    Splash guards are $40 from online dealers, and take 5 minutes to install.

    Auto day/night mirror costs $30, for generic one from a junk yard.

    Fog lights, I got the protoypes for $80 with silver garnish.

    Moonroof visor is another DIY.

    We bought the tire care for 397 which, after the fact, we decided we could have done without...oh well.

    According to someone on "the other board" the tire protection is included with 2006 CR-V, and covers for 5 years and 60,000 miles, just like the standard powertrain warranty.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I have a friend who wants a 4WD EX with MT and no options. The only requirement is that it be white, important in southern Arizona. We have an internet offer of $21,822.00 pluss options and fees. Does this sound like a "real deal" or will Honda be desparate clear out remaining stocks of 06s before the all new 07s arrive this Fall? We do have have time and transportation to travel all of Arizona at least. It is a cash, no trade deal.

    MT CR-V's are very rare, and if you see one grab it. If a dealer has it on stock, he will most likely be willing to negotiate as not too many people buy SUV's with manuals.

    FWIW, I paid $20,500 for manual EX in March of 2005 (no options), and got it financed at 2.9% for 60 months.
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    I haven't picked up the car yet but there is a set contract price on the P&S. I'm bracing myself for a few more obstacles before I drive off the lot. One problem is that I noticed a line for .75% sales commission on the P&S. I was under the impression that the dealership is responsible for paying the sales commission, but the way the various lines and amounts are totalled on the contract leaves it rather ambiguous. I called the salesman and asked about this and he told me that it was in ADDITION to everything we had discussed. When I pointed out the ambiguity of the contract, he deferred to the business manager who I have not had a chance to speak to yet.

    Another thing that came to mind is keys. We didn't discuss this during the "final" price negotiation. Is they master key, valet key, and remote part of what the dealer officially owes me or is this ambiguous? Should I be getting backups as well? I've been freaking out because I couldn't drive off the lot when I signed the P&S. It turns out they are swapping for the car with a different dealership. In fact, I coincidentally just got a rather late response to a quote request from said dealership and after asking for my trim and preferred color, they realized that they had already swapped the car to MY dealer.

    All in all, I'm getting worried that I made a mistake by signing the P&S and leaving a deposit before seeing the car on the lot. On the other hand, how could you get them to swap for the car without signing something first? I've had dealings with this dealership 6 years ago with my first car, so I was inclined to work with them again.

    Note to self: don't even begin the process until you SEE the car you want on the lot.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    You should get all the keys mentioned in the Owner's manual which you should get with the car as well.

    I would be a little cautios when the dealer slips in a commision line line like that.

    The best part is, if you want to, you can still back out of the contract. Your sheet should mention whether the deposit is fully refundable, but as a rule of thumb, never give cash or check as deposit and never more than a few dollars.

    I have given $100 deposit on a car with a credit card, and then once the car at the dealership, I would test drive and check her out before doing any paperwork. Only one car that I bought, I bought off the lot, because Civic Si only comes with manual. It seems like dealers around me don't stock too many Hondas with manual trannies, and I always have to have them ordered/traded.

    I think you are freaking out and need to calm down. It is not over until you sign on the dotted line and take posession of the vehicle, until then, the ball is in your court. If you don't like something, just threaten them to cancel the deal.
  • now1now1 Posts: 2
    that's one good price u got!
  • shotgunkidshotgunkid Posts: 4
    Just bought a new 2006 Honda CR-V SE on Saturday for $21948 + $550 at Honda of El Cerrito in California.
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33
    Did that include your tags, title, taxes, etc? Did that include any accessories? ...and most importantly, are you LOVING the car??? :)
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    That is pretty damn good, especially if accessories are included:
    23510(Invoice) - 750(dealer incentive) - 0.03*25450(3% of MSRP holdback) = 21996.5. How are they making money?
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9

    They wanted an extra $165.59 for a "sales commission". This is listed on the contract, BUT the instructions for totalling the various sums are ambiguous. The business manager was not willing to discuss these issues and simply asked for the higher amount. When I complained he handed me back off to the sales guy. I explained the situation to the sales guy and he agreed that the contract was ambiguous. He went back to discuss this with the business manager. He told me that they were getting the car yesterday, but now he says that they won't let him pick it up unless I agree to bring them a check for X. I decided to stick with it and offered to split the difference on the disputed $165.95. He left for a few minutes and came back saying that the boss won't take any less because they are "making no profit". He offered 3 free oil changes because he "felt bad" that the contract was misleading. Faced with the choice between a price that was still pretty fair, and the uncertainty of beginning the haggling process with the other dealer, I accepted the terms. :-(

    I feel violated...
  • thomasethomase Posts: 9
    Just to be clear, although they claimed that the $165.59 was "extra", it was included in a separate area of the contract and did not appear on the total contract price section (which DID include tax and fees). The dispute basically came down to a parenthesized comment on the contract which states "line 19 must equal line 13". Turns out the subtotals used to calculate line 13 do not include any mention of "sales commission" while the subtotals used to calculate line 19 DOES. Obviously it doesn't add up. What makes it even more ambiguous is that certain subtotals contributing to the total on line 19 were left blank (amount financed, and cash due), ostensibly because I had not yet talked to the finance mangager who would try to sell me lowjack, warranties, and calculate the final sum. But they won't send you to the finance manager without first signing the (incomplete) P&S. In order to make the 2 amounts equal (like the contract says), you have to SUBTRACT out the $165.59 "sales commission" as well as the deposit to determine the final amount financed and cash due. I messed up by letting them leave some lines blank. In retrospect, I'm not sure that I would have been able to do much better even if I had pointed this out BEFORE signing the P&S (stupid move, I know). We would have argued then instead of now and probably came to more or less the same resolution +/- $100.
  • wunderolawunderola Posts: 1
    Just got my CRV at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto CA.
    2006 CRV EX 2wd AT $20185
    alarm $495 , no other additions
    after taxes, total was $22,600 [lots of tax here in CA]

    I felt the price of alarm was a bit high, but the whole package price was well within what I wanted to spend. There was no "destination charge", but no dealer should charge that for a car that is already in stock!

    My buying experience was very good. I went in with an internet quote for an Element, and decided to test drive the CRV too. Found the CRV to more comfortable [especially for passengers]
  • oxtsd04oxtsd04 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2006 CRV EX 2WD.

    Sticker price on car was $23,100 including $550 destination fee.

    Dealer options on car:
    Environmental package: $695
    (this includes undercoating, fabric scotch guard,
    and paint sealent - so they claim)
    Wheel locks: $95
    Painted Pinstripes: $199
    Front Splash Guards: $295
    Roof Rack: $495
    Total sticker price with dealer options = $24,879.

    Negotiated sales price on the car was $21,084.17

    I had a $1,000 trade in bringing it down to $20,084.12

    Then after tax, tag, title and fees the out the door price was $22,108.

    I think I could of done a little better, but am happy with the price I paid.
  • azs1azs1 Posts: 15
    They seriously wanted to charge you $295 for front splash guards? Retail they only cost about $60 if you install them yourself, and @$110 even when a dealer installs them.

    Lawd-a-mercy; those must be some fancy splash guards! lol

    (They really jacked up the prices of those accessories; retail for a dealer installed Honda roof rack is @$280, and the actual cost of that environmental package is certainly under $100...)

    Glad you ended up with a price that you're happy with! ;)
  • wpzwpz Posts: 4
    I am considering to buy a 06 CRV LX AWD Auto car and can not get a quote from local dealer even close to $20k. Can you sharing with me the car dealers that you got the price quote of $19500 and $19255? Thanks.
  • shotgunkidshotgunkid Posts: 4
    $21948 Car
    $550 Destination
    $45 Doc Fee
    $1916.16 Tax
    $28 DMV Filing Fee
    $209 License Fee
    $8.75 California Tire Fee

    Total: $24704.91
  • shotgunkidshotgunkid Posts: 4
    Car was for my wife. The only additional thing they tried to sell was the extended warranty and $500 alarm system which I declined. Otherwise, its the fully equipped SE.

    My few complaints about the car are:
    1. No power seats
    2. No built in garage door remote
    3. The leather seats could be of higher quality and style, but I guess it fits the overall "class" of the car.
  • I just bought a 2006 Honda CR-V LX AWD $19500+TTL, and a 7year/80000mile extension warranty for $950 in dallas texas.
    Is it a good deal? I feel I could do better if I pushed harder. Well....
  • crv123crv123 Posts: 33 sounds like you got a great deal!! We bought the EX 2WD a few weeks ago for 20,635, but we added several accessories with an additional cost of around 2600 (I would have to check my actual P&S or my post for the exact accessory cost). The accessories which I want which don't need any installation (cargo cover, cargo tray) I'm going to buy on-line. If your wife is looking at any of these CRV accessories, I recommend Bernardi on-line. I am going to buy mine from there either today or tomorrow...and so far they have the best on-line price for the genuine honda accessories. Bernardi is also the dealership where I bought the car so I know that they are reputable. I hope your wife enjoys her new CRV! :)
  • wpzwpz Posts: 4
    It seems a pretty good deal. Which dealer you bought it from? Do you know if they can deliver the car to other state? Thanks.
  • shotgunkidshotgunkid Posts: 4
    Thanks for heads up for the accessories! I am going to place an order right away!
  • I bought it from Lute Riley Honda in richardson. Lawrence Marshall Honda also offered me the same price. I don't know whether they will deliver.

    What do you think about the extension Warranty? I have 30 days to cancel it.
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