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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    " Here we go again"

    Hate to tell you this, but some people walk in with a nasty chip on their shoulder.

    There are jerks on both sides of the table.

    Why a dealer would feel the need to sell a fast moving car for below invoice is beyond me but I suppose anything is possible.

    I can definatly state that some of the so called "Prices Paid" numbers in some of these forums simply didn't happen.

    A 300.00 doc fee? WOW!
  • gmoney2gmoney2 Posts: 31
    What is a dealer trade, and why would it have 200 miles on it? Do cars ever acrue over 200 miles on it just from test drives? That seems a little excessive to me, and I would think the car would be sold before undergoing so many test drives. The reason I ask, is because my friend is looking into buying a new car (not a Honda), and it has 210 miles on it. The salesman told him that it wasn't a demo, and that it wasn't received from another dealership. The salesman said it was probably just from test drives. It sounds a little fishy to my friend...and to me, as well. You say that 200 miles wouldn't be a big deal to how many miles would it take to set off red flags (or at least demand a discount) for you? Thanks for your input.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Sometimes we do dealer trades from across the state, hence, the miles.

    I guess it's possible to run up 200 miles on a non-demo just from test drives.

    My advise? If your friend feels uncomfortable, just don't buy the car.

    And, I don't know...I guess if the car had much more than the 200 miles, I would probably just go with a different car. It doesn't really devalue the car nor will it effect the car one twit in the long run.
  • ezpassezpass Posts: 10
    I just received a quote from a dealer on LI for a 2006 Honda CRV-SE Black with auto for $23,995. (including destination) + tax+plates and docs. Another competing Honda Dealer said they would better the deal by $100.00.
    He siad that Honda Mfg was pushing and incenting dealers to unload 06 because 07 will be a major model change.

    Any one hear any truth to this?

    Just curious if the above offers are good.

  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    A few days ago, I got a quote from a dealer in Sacramento for $23,995 (included destination).However, I don't know if they are charging some exhorbant "document fee".
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    He siad that Honda Mfg was pushing and incenting dealers to unload 06 because 07 will be a major model change

    Yes, there is truth to that, but the new 2007 model will not show up until september/october of 2006, so it is kind of early for Honda to push incentives. But they may be closing on their fiscal year and need to "make the numbers." Generally, Honda offers most incentives when there is a model change over. The incentives start rolling slowly in August, and once the new new model is released, generally, September 15th, the incentives on the older model are upped, plus the finance deals are thrown in as well. So, if you can wait until fall, and are OK with getting a model with a proven track record, rather than the "new and improved" for a steal, then wait.
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    I just checked my IN and there are no incentives here on the east coast for CRV, either lease, finance or dealer cash.

    I did see the Presidents Day sale info and it looks as if Honda is going to have some advertised deals on Pilot.

    I would expect that the CRV production will tail off this summer and specials start running then.
  • gmoney2gmoney2 Posts: 31
    I bought a 2006 CRV SE Pewter Pearl in December for $23,380 (includes destination fee). I bought it at a no haggle dealership in San Antonio. When I first went to the lot, the price was $22,940. I called 3 other dealerships in the area to see if they could beat it, and they couldn't even come close. One salesman even accused me of being a liar. Based on those responses, I figured it must be a great deal. When I went back to buy the vehicle 5 days later, they had raised the price to $23,380, but it was still way better than any other price I saw.

    After doc fee ($50), TTL, etc., I got it out the door for $25075.
  • pj001pj001 Posts: 1
    Dealer is offering me $23995 for a new:

    2006 Honda CR-V 4WD EX Automatic w/ following:

    - Driver’s Side Armrest with Storage
    - Roof Rack bars
    - Front Splash Guards
    - Running Boards
    - Trailer Hitch
    - Cargo-Area Cover
    - Auto Day/Night Mirror
    - Half Nose Mask

    Is this a fair price?
  • little3little3 Posts: 31
    Last year I bought a vehicle. The salesman included $l65 as a "documentation fee". I told him that this "documentation fee" was simply a way of saying "Give me money just because I say so" and that I would not be paying it. He replied that it was justified as the vehicle's title was being transferred to me. I informed him that the title transfer fee in St. Louis County was $25 not $l65 and would be clearly indicated as such on the purchase agreement. I also said that if he insisted on a "documentation fee" I would not purchase the car. Amazingly the "documentation fee" disappeared from the purchase agreement. After reading many of the postings in this forum, I am completely dumbfounded that so many people who boasted of "paying under invoice" actually paid this bogus "documentation fee". BTW, the costs of clerical support, forms, etc. are already included in the dealer's overhead and we are paying for it in the final price of the vehicle.
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    We just bought an Element, but came very close to buying a CRV EX MT.

    The best quote I could get was $21,412, which was from Crown Honda in Charlotte, NC. That quote included destination, but did not include the $349 doc fee. This seems to be the going rate in the state of NC for doc fees. Outrageous, I know.
  • I bought a CR-V SE yesterday for $23,400 (including destination)plus tax and fees at a dealership in Northern California. While some dealers quoted prices above invoice, I received about 5 or 6 quotes from dealers willing to sell the car below invoice. If you shop around, you should be able to get a great deal.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Really? Man, that must be a horrible market!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 134,700
    Horrible? No.. if you are a consumer, it is a great market!!

    It all depends on your perspective..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Well, I guess but those dealerships have other ways they make their money and people come here later any complain about those "ways" they make that money!
  • Actually, another area dealer quoted me 399 for docs and fees. According to them, it is a dealer-set fee. No way out of it, says them.

    That Crown offer is about 400 less than they quoted me and still lower than what I paid for. Did you get a quote for an AT?
  • mind you, I got a quote from a dealer two hours away for $24K.
    A dealer 30 miles away gave me this quote:
    "$25196.89* (This quoted price INCLUDES the Honda PROTECTION PACKAGE, a $278.00 value!).
    This includes lifetime tires and service discount coupons, plus free car washes for one month.
    I was also told that this was a no haggle price. I emailed back and said that I was insulted with this padding. The response was sales slick typical "We offer this to insure high value and satisfaction to the customer.."
    Yeah, right! I didn't even ask about "doc fees", but around here, they usually try to get the buyer for $400. The problem here is that I live in an area with uneducated country bumpkins and dealers are used to screwing them. I almost always travel out of the area to get a new car, saving $1,000's in the process.
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    I did not get a quote on the AT. I only got quotes on the MT.

    Crown Honda of Southpoint (Durham) also has a "set" $399 doc fee. I negotiated to $299, but that $100 was given as a additional vehicle discount. The $399 is a "permanent" fee on the sales slip.

    Where are you in NC?
  • Doc fee is another name for additional dealer markup. I ask the a local dealer what the covers. I was told that it covers typing up forms for the DMV. I said, "assuming that you pay your secretary a generous $20 a hour, you are telling me that it takes 20 hours to complete a form?? That's longer than it takes to r and r an engine? Does it really take that much time to complete a form?"
    He sheepishly said "That's what we always charge, dealer policy".
    So, I bought my car out of state- doc fee was $40. Always, always remember that YOU have the money, and that money can travel!
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    ^ I agree, it is nothing but dealer markup.
  • I am looking to purchase a CR-V and would like to know who the dealer was that you purchased your car from?
  • I was so frustrated when shopping for a new CR-V SE in the Durham area that I gave up and bought mine through I originally made the deal for an '05 near the end of the model year. They were unable to obtain the vehicle so they gave me the first '06 that came in at the same price. The car came from Crown Honda in Charlotte.

    Pricing Details:
    Price $24,000
    Delivery $150.00
    Documentation fee(s) $300
    Taxes (approx) $700
    Registration (title) and license fees $50
    OTD PRICE $25,200
  • My dealer was willing to match a price I received from another dealer -- they would never have done the deal otherwise. I sent out a large number of e-mails to dealers in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and the surrounding areas. Honda of Oakland was willing to sell a CR-V SE for $23,300, including destination. Lodi Honda was willing to sell for $23,400. My dealer, about three hours north of Sacramento, was willing to match the Lodi price, and gave me a good deal on my trade-in. I bought a 2005 Odyssey from Lodi Honda and can highly recommend them. The best price I received, though, was from Honda of Oakland. Good luck!
  • Charlotte area.
  • trout2trout2 Posts: 13
    IMO, Crown Honda of Charlotte has the best prices in the state of NC on Honda's. I consistently got the best quotes from them, always about $300-400 below the Raleigh area dealers. Problem is, Charlotte is about 3 hours from me, and I wanted to buy local. I finally got the Durham Crown dealers to get within $100 of the Charlotte quote, so I took that.
  • With the crv having an all new design for 07- and Kia lowering msrp prices almost 5,000 on its kid vans to get rid of them for its new model- when, and how much do you expect Honda to lower prices on 06 remaining crv's?
  • Recieved several internet quotes in Northern Illinois area for 2006 CR-v LX AWD with AT in silver moss. most quotes were between $20,200 and 20,300 (incl $550 Dest fee) the 3 lowest were: Wilde honda (20157), Grand Honda and Bemis (20100), and Valley Honda (19999).
    Bemis Honda in Sycamore, Il was the closest to me and had 2 in stock, they matched the price from Valley honda. so heres what i paid:
    $19999 including dest fee (MSRP was $22145, invoice $20504)
    $57.33 doc fee
    $1253 Sales Tax (6.25%)
    $143 for title and plates

    Total cost $21453 out the door.. pretty good experience, no pressure for other add-ons, less than 2 hours at the dealership.. Not too Bad, hope this helps somebody. Now i gotta buy some accessories!!!!!!!!! ;) :shades:

    by the way silver moss is awesome!!!!!!!
  • Just purchased a new 2006 CRV LX 2WD yesterday from Renton Honda (south of Seattle). Exchanged multiple e-mails over the last week with one of their internet guys, culminating in the following sale:

    Price = $19,245
    Sales tax = $1,751 (9.1%)
    Title/docs = $249

    TOTAL = $21,245

    The only option added (already on the vehicle) were mud-flaps.

    Fairly painless – we spent 2.5 hours at the dealership, including test drive. Minimal pressure to buy the extended warranty or typical upsell items.

    A note of caution – although my e-mail exchange and sales experience with the internet guy was straightforward, I did hear some of the other sales guys using what I would describe as questionable tactics in dealing with other customers. Several couples who were there dealing when we arrived were still there with pained looks on their faces when we drove out of there. Of course they probably don’t read so I’m preaching to the choir so to speak, but just FYI.

    Hope this helps someone. Glad to answer any questions.
  • This is what we got for a white LX AWD. Worked with the internet sales guy, very straight foward and polite. This is the best price we could find, at $100 over invoice. One dealership wanted MSRP and one added "Advertising Fees"(150) and protection plan (229).

    The guy we worked with even gave us a complete brakedown on the pricing. We are set to go in friday and make it final.

    Vehicle Price: $20,054
    Freight: $550
    Equals: $20,604
    Plus $99 Wheel Locks
    Equals: $20,703
    Plus $99 Processing Fee
    Plus $1,040.10 Sales Tax
    Plus $195 Tags & Title
    Equals $22,037.10
    Plus $1,000 owed on 2001 CR-V
    Minus $10,000 Trade-In Value (assumed)
    Total On-the-Road: $13,037.10
    Financed at 4.9% for 60 months = $245.43 / month
  • Is this Heritage Honda in Baltimore MD?
  • No, we are dealing with Heritage of Westminster, they are closer to us than Baltimore. Go to pick up tomorrow. Great experience so far.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I also just bought a SE for right around invoice of course they get you in other ways like the amount you have to finance or your trade in. I don't know about other places in the country but right now in the midwest the dealer seem to have a lot more SE that LX or EX. In the end I was very satisfied with the experience and the sales person that helped me didn't screw around with my time. Lets face it all of you out there looking to get the best deal just need to look at the market and decide what your willing to pay. $50 for a gallon of water might seem like a lot to pay but if your in the middle of the dessert, it seems like a bargain. If a $200 difference makes or breaks your purchase maybe you should look at a lower priced car. If anybody want's further details drop me a line.
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    Well put. Enjoy your now CRV!
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    I believe the SE is worth the extra $$. Just curious, which dealership? :shades:
  • john_fjohn_f Posts: 30
    I live in N. Houston, and my son (the happy recipient of the LX AWD CR-V) lives in N. Dallas.

    I used the internet quote system of for dealers in Houston and Dallas. In general, the Dallas dealers were more eager to deal and had better selections.

    The initial offers were generally $200 – 500 over invoice.

    My final deal was at Honda Cars of McKinney, north of Dallas:
    2006 CR-V AWD LX: $20,304 (~$200 below invoice), which included the following goodies (roof rack, window tint, mud guards, pinstripe, fabric/paint guard.
    sales tax: $1269
    dealer inventory tax: $61
    documentary fee: $50
    license/inspecton: $127
    drive out price: $21,811

    The dealer experience was the best I ever had. All email and phone correspondence were professional and helpful. We spent 1 hour & 15 minutes at the dealer; everything as promised; really excellent experience. My son is thrilled; the car is really nice (black).
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I bought at Berkle honda in Maplewood. I first stopped by Hopkins honda but
    ended up leaving because the sales person acted like I was wasting his time.
    Which seemed strange because almost exactly one year ago we had bought our
    accord LX from him because we needed a second car. You think that one customer
    buying 2 new cars in one year would get some respect, but I guess if you have 40
    some SE's sitting on the lot about 15 of which were in the color we wanted, they
    must of felt like they didn't have enough to part with one. Oh well there loss
    since this dealership is about 20 miles closer, I'll get my service work done
    here from now on. Oh by the way the sales person was great, not only did he go
    through all the features in the car including the spare cover in the back that
    turns into a table ( Not the hard spare cover) but he also took the time to tell
    me features in my accord that I never knew about and the first dealer never
    mentioned such as the keyless entry being able to roll all the windows down.
  • Phisher,
    My wife and I are looking to buy a CRV in the next month or so. We're from the Rochester area so your experience with dealers in the cities was good to know. We'll make an offer at Tom Kadlec here Roch and see what they say. The cities aren't too far away if need be. I'm banking on a couple of things to get me a good price. Seems like there's a lot of hype with the 2006 RAV-4 so between that and the CRV coming out with a complete redesign for 07 I'm speculating the demand for the 06 CRV isn't that high right now. I've been tracking their inventory for a couple of weeks now and they haven't exactly been flying out the door. Not exactly a ton of color options for the SE though. What did you end up getting for color? We kind of like the light interior but haven't decided yet.
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675

    The 2006 will probably have some incentives on it later this spring/summer. I would expect that as inventories are pretty high right now.
  • I think our plan is to offer them dealer invoice. In my mind that includes everything but TTL. We figure we can walk out if need be. And if there are potentially incentives or rebates coming up in spring time is only on our side. I guess we'll see. Thanks for the feedback.
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    I dont know of a dealer anywhere that would refuse that.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    We ended up getting the light carmel White and black show every scratch, and always look dirty in salt county. I would of chosen the dark pearl color but it's almost the same color as our other car. We looked at silver moss metallic in the EX but to me it looked to gray like our other car. Good luck
  • yhoyho Posts: 4
    I found that all the car dealer have a lot of hidden money back from the car manufacture for every car they sold at the time I bought my mini van long time .

    Since then, paying invoice price + tax = my final out the door price become my only offer of buying cars. I only paid around $21000.00 for my Nissan Quest GXE at 1998, I help my sister-in-law bought a new Honda civic in 2002, I paid around $22000.00 for my 2004 Honda CR-V EX two years ago.

    the only things you need to do are:
    1. find the invoice price from internet.
    2. walk in the dealership in early morning, also at the last Saturday of the month.
    3. be firmed to your offer.

  • dlim899dlim899 Posts: 20

    Dealers are flooded with the CR-V LX 2WD models. In So Cal, these models are going around 500-700 below invoice. $19397.35 invoice. Honda is also advertising special lease on these units around 229 per month with around 2000 drive offs. This special may be regional promo only.
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    I have ZERO lx 2wds on my lot. I wish I did though.
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    "Dealers are flooded with the CR-V LX 2WD models"

    Maybe in Ca, but here we have a very very slim market for there aren't many to be had.
  • bbqsaucebbqsauce Posts: 1
    I had an excellent eperience at Ken Garff in downtown Salt Lake.
    I really appreciate all your input and advice. I got the deal I wanted> Invoice + tax,title,license.
    They made it really painless and the salesman I worked with was amazing. I wish I could give you his name.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    Agree. These don't sell very well in our area.

    CRV's are far from being distressed merchandise so don't be surprised if your invoice offers don't work!
  • dandusdandus Posts: 5
    I got the EX automatic after about two weeks of quotes and counter-quotes. Finally, I found a dealer who promise to sell the car at $200 below my best deal. I took them up on the offer and got me a practical car at a reasonable price. If buying in the area and need more information about this dealer, E-mail me.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Would be interested to learn what price you were quoted on the CRV. Best quote I got on a 2006 CRV LX model was $19,445.00 plus tax title and license. Feel free to email me.
  • dandusdandus Posts: 5
    I negotiated based on drive out price which came to $23,650 for the EX.
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