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Nissan Armada



  • Oh, I meant the vinyl on the door trim.
    Most luxury SUV will have leather on the door trim instead of vinyl like the Armada. I assume the QX56 will have leather on the door trim.

    Can we trust some of these manufacturers?
    Like the Acura MDX's perforated "leather" seats are not really 100% leather. I was told that only the non-perforated part is leather, but the perforated section of the seats are vinyl.
  • A Ford Expedition with DVD and navigation systems would cost above $US 40,000, which almost appears to be in the price range of luxury full-size SUVs. So it seems to me that the problem is not that a fully-equipped Armada is expensive but any full-size SUVs with the latest gadgets do not come cheap.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the armada is not a luxury SUV. but the material on the door panels is the same as the material on the seats.

    shulaj...worst sound? what other sound systems have you listened to? id like to get a common frame of reference so i can understand that RIDICULOUS statement! ive listened to about EVERY automobile sound system thats been made in the last 8 years, and NONE come close.
  • With 10 Bose speakers, including a subwoofer, I don't see how the sound system in the Armada can be bad unless the SOURCE of the music is bad.
    I've been in a Lexus GX470 with the Mark Livingson Sound system and 12 speakers. With some of the FM radio stations around here, they make the awesome ML system of the GX470 sound bad.

    But 10 speakers Bose system has to be good.

    Is anyone getting the grill guard (late addition)?
    I think that would make the Armada look even better.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    While I'm sure Mark Livingson is a fine fellow, I'm also sure Mark Levinson would appreciate proper name recognition :)
  • dg1616dg1616 Posts: 10
    Where exactly is the subwoofer in the bose PFA's?
    I will be upgrading the power and speakers on my SE to alpine and was wondering where the SW is buried.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    JOMI, As I live and work in the Franklin/Milford MA. area my 1st choice for car washes would be Kar Kar in Milford on rte 140, all cloth wash , hand drying for about $7.00 and up, large suv's no problem, detailing available while you wait! My other choices are rte 109 Medway and East Central St in Franklin.
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I am also west of Boston (Upton)-I purchased my PFA on XMAS Eve, and have since put 800 very happy miles on it. The family went to ski country (N. Conway area) for a week, the PFA was flawless I just wish there had been more snow so I could really get the feel for it, and what it could do. I compared to the Sequoia and Expedition (not very much competition), what it came down to was that my wife really liked the second row captain's chairs. I agree with other posters that a split third row would have been helpful, as well as to slide the second and third row seats forward and backwards. I also think that for a list price of $43k the PFA should have two other features dual climate control for the front seat and an info center (mpg, ampg, dte...). But as I stated I am very happy with the car/truck overall I love the power and the smoothness of the drive. It is a silver LE with sunroof package and Steel leather interior, I purchased from Bancroft Motors in Worcester, MA.

  • drich2drich2 Posts: 17
    LE with tech package has the 2 things you mentioned a PFA should have.
    A pretty good info center and front dual climate controls.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    Those items are standard on GMC slt envoy and many others. Must be coming next year. See you around town!
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69

    You are correct they are in the tech package which I did not get, I did not need or want the GPS so I had a hard time paying an additional $2k for dual climate and the info center, my point being that on a $43k they should be standard.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I also noticed the door handle is too high. I actually took my 4 year old daughter with me on the test drive - she could not let herself in, and really likes to do that.

  • I appreciate the input! We have three giant offensive lineman in our family, so it is mandatory that we have something big enough so they all fit! How is the third seat for room? We usually have at least one extra football player with us at any given time.
  • all the Le model's that ive seen dont have the 8 seating like the se models do, is that the way they come from the factory? and would ibe able to have the 8 seating in the Le model if i wanted it
  • dg1616dg1616 Posts: 10
    Where exactly is the subwoofer in the bose PFA's?
    I will be upgrading the power and speakers on my SE to alpine and was wondering where the SW is buried.
  • Hi,

    I have just come back from driving an SE 4x4 off-road, no sunroof. The resonance shocked me - it was staggeringly bad at 65 mph and above, and once I'd heard it, I could sense it at 45 mph. Until that point I was unaware of any issue. The dealership - Dublin Nissan of California - could offer no explanation, and suggested it was probably just a fault with that vehicle.

    This is the second Armada I have driven. The first was 7 days ago - a standard SE 4x4 with sunroof - and it was great and had no sign of the resonance. It sold me on the car, and I was just test driving and off-road to see if I prefered the ride.

    I am now really concerned. I am about to spend somewhere in the region of $35k to get the car I need, and I can't afford to make a mistake.

    Has Nissan done anything to sort this problem out? Has anybody who has bought an Armada had this problem appropriately fixed?

    Many thanks

  • jomijomi Posts: 20
    I have an LE with a split bench 2nd row seat. I saw a number of them configured this way, but they all had the tech pkg and DVD player and a list price of $46,970. It looked like this was a set configuration the factory used. I wanted the navigation, DVD and split bench in the second row (because the 3rd row didn't spilt) so it worked out well for me. It sits 8 comfortably as long as no one real tall sits in the third row (headroom is the issue, not leg room).

    I think the sub woofer is below the driver's seat, but I'm not 100% sure and I haven't looked yet. I have driven my PFA LE for several days including highway speeds and have no resonance issues at all.

    btill1 and pmtre, I live in Hopkinton and bought my Armada from Marlboro Nissan. They were great to work with. I tried Glick in Westboro and a dealer in Norwood and neither would match the deal I had with Marlboro (by about $2000) with my trade. Hope to see you guys driving around the area.
  • jomijomi Posts: 20
    PMTRE, you commented on the Goodyear Wrangler tires that were on the PFA LE you drove and how the ride wasn't as good a you expected. I also have seen a few other notes about Goodyear tires on the PFA. I picked up my PFA LE this past week a few towns over from you (Marlboro) and the tires are Continental Contitrac. They ride great and I feel pretty good about the tires since Continental were the OEM supplied tires on my BMW.

    I'm surprised Nissan is using two different tire manufacturers, particularly in the same geographic area. You may want to double check which tires come on the delivered vehicle and compare the two if available. I know one test drive I had at another dealer didn't feel as great and now I wonder if the tires had anything to do with it (I don't know what tires were on the vehicle when I drove it). I think the Continental and Goodyear tires are fairly comparable in a number of areas, but the Goodyear looks like it may have a more aggressive tread. That could be a cause of ride differnces.
  • I just got back from a 2,200 mile trip. I went aprox 750 miles each day. My SE Smoke Armada did great! I drove about 75 mph most of the time and often hit over 80. I only check my gas mileage 2 times. The first was 18.04 and the second time was 18.250. I was pleased since I was driving in extremely windy conditions. The Armada held the road well and wind noise was minimal under the circumstances. I am also pleased to say that I had no wind resonance noise like others have reported so am grateful for that.

    I had to have the tires balanced before the trip as I had a shake above 70 MPH from day 1 which was no big deal as nothing is perfect. I also had them to fix a rattle in the dash before my trip. Or rather they said they fixed it. I drove about 5 feet hit a bump and it rattled. I turned around and told them they didn't fix anything. So needless to say it only got worse on the trip and after the 2nd leg it rattled constantly which drove me nuts. At least I think I have pinpointed it to the steering column area which might help. They also had to order me a new overhead console since one of the screws was torqued too tight and shattered the plastic around it. Thats about it. Everything worked great. No problems, no surprises. I actually love the cloth interior. I have the graphite color. The main comments I have received (yes I have had passengers) is how much back seat room there is and how comfortable the seats are. Now I haven't been able to ride in the back seats myself and drive (I leave that to my wife) but my brother rode over 700 miles back with me and said it was comfortable. By the way I didn't like the leather and I am a person who likes leather. I figure if the seat fabric goes over time, I will do the aftermarket leather which I have done before and it is of awesome quality and all leather, not plastic and leather.

    Now my comments on the exterior style. I would advise that you shouldn't buy one if you don't like the style or if you don't want people constantly looking at your vehicle when you are driving around or walking around your vehicle when you are parked. I caught someone looking in yesterday when I was parked out in the lot away from other cars. (I don't get door dings!) Anyway, he was looking in and was startled when I walked up but said he was interested in one and said he loved mine. He asked some specifics and said he was going to drive one. This is probably the 5th or 6th person that I have seen walking around my vehicle in the last 2 weeks. So if you don't want to drive a hot looking vehicle, I would advise you go with a Ford Explorer or something like that. I honestly have never gotten such a response from a vehicle I have owned. On the road, people point and look over. I have walked up and heard people say, "What is that, it says Nissan, I love it!" Again, be careful this might be too good looking of a vehicle for you so weigh that in on any decision making. Maybe something a little more boring like the Toyota which is a nice vehicle but a tired design. You won't have to worry about those pesky people pointing while you are driving down the highway or even them walking around admiring your vehicle! Won't happen! Not that I buy for everyone else but I think it is somewhat a clue to what the resale will be and being noticed is not a bad thing.

    That said, my last thing is that I want the Satellite radio and have that link that was posted earlier but don't know who could install it for me. I don't want to tackle it. Thats it, sorry for the long post. Good luck to all.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Think the attention you get now is bad drive an FX for a week ;)

    If you order the kit from grubbs any reputable car stereo place can install it in under 2 hours. Your local nissan dealer or infinti dealer can also do it and that way it would be under full warranty. Most have been able to do it themselves in that amount of time.
  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    We have put 1300 miles on our LE 4X4 PFA. Went to the Sierras and Had 4.5 feet of snow dumped on us in a day and a half. Had no problem with the Armada driving in deep snow. I was driving conservatively because of the steep grades and heavy snow, so I didn't "play" much, but I can tell you it can get the job done. Others were getting stuck and sliding.

    On dry roads everything seems to be smooth. I keep listening for rattles and buffeting, but so far so good. Only thing is we don't seem to get the gas mileage some are claiming on this board (maybe they have 4x2 models). We are only getting about 14.8 miles per gallon according to the computer. Of course we were fully loaded and rough terrain and some city driving included.

    As for the interior, it suits us fine. We are using it to haul kids, dogs, and get through snow and mud, so it fits the bill. Kids loved the DVD...and so did we...Silence! I admit could have done without the nav, and they should have the message center available without having to pay for the navigation. The only other problem is the engine noise, but I guess that is a personal thing. My husband loves the "growl", whereas I prefer quiet. But it is relatively quiet once you get to cruising speed, so I'm pretty happy. So far no major problems to report.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    jomi- thanks for the feedback. My PFA, with Good Year Wrangler tires came up from a CT. dealer about 100 miles away. The Westboro MA dealer had PFA's all with the Continental tires. During my prepickup test drive I noticed a vibration in the steering wheel at 65+ mph . The dealer said he hadn't prepped the anything and would check it out. I've driven approx 400 miles and only notice the vibration at 80+ . I haven't gone any faster. I plan on having them check it out again if it doesn't smooth out.
    Regarding rattle noise from steering column. The day I drove the PFA home I heard a rattle/tapping noise from near the steering column , turns out to be the keys and remote door opener, banging the dash. I flipped the remote up over the left side of the keys and leaned on the steering column. No more noise.
  • well i bought the armada over the weekend and i must say wow, ive been in alot of suv's and owning an 02 ford expy nothing even comes close to performance and the way this monster handles its like a sportscar molded in a suv, glad i made the purchase and very happy with it, if anyone is looking to buy a suv this is the one to get for sure, and the dealership i went to was very nice in the transaction made and with the 800 over invoice price that was the icing on the cake
  • did anybody get a good deal over invoice and get the 2500 dollar rebate too, im going to ask about that tomm and see what they say, i didnt know nissan was offering a rebate
  • Is it true? Tell us about it, bowke28!
  • it may be the beginning of another chapter of the price war that we have seen in 1980's to 1990's in the passenger car market, and this time, in the SUV/truck market! In the past we as consumers tremendously benefited from lower passenger car prices and the automakers terribly suffered from shrinking profitability. My observation so far this time around was that Nissan kept its SUV/truck (namely Armada and Titan) prices slightly higher than its Big 3 competitors in the real deal prices after Big 3's hefty rebates. GM's rebate was the most obvious in everyone's eyes. If Nissan matches the real selling price of its SUV/truck to Big 3's, the pricing of the SUV/truck will enter the whole new dimension.
  • people...people.. listen up! dealers call it an extended should be called a breakdown insurance policy. what you are doing by purchasing an "extended warranty" is betting that your vehicle will break. the only way you can come out a winner is if your brand new truck breaks down...and costs more than the cost of your "extended warranty" did (often as much as $1,600 or more). so refuse the extended warranty, put your $1,600 in the bank for the next 3 years, and when your dependable nissan is still humming along in year as you now have your trip to cancun paid for!
  • Where did anyone see the rebate? On Nissan's website they said it was 2500 Cash back when you purchase a new 2003/2004 Sentra ($2000 on SE-R models), 2003 Xterra, Pathfinder 4x4 ($2000 on 4x2), or Frontier from dealer stock.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    There's no rebate. Why would they rebate a vehicle that has poor availabily? It just came out.
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