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Nissan Armada



  • Thanks for the website!
  • look two post above you for the link #3348. At this time yes the rotor turning and new pads are the fix. The 1800nissan1 girl told me Nissan is aware of the problem and a permenent fix is on the way. Mine went at 6000 as well. I called to find out if I was going to have to expect a brake job every other oil change and she said they are "finalizing the replacements" and it should be out soon. I've heard from other sources April?
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    mine started at 8000 miles but very minimal and brought it in at 9000 miles.

    this is what they did:

    PB25AA turn both rotors on vehicle 6160 WN40

    1 41060-7S027 pad kit

    2 41014-7S010 member-tor

    2 40135-7S025 boot kit-f

    4 41005-7S000 bolt

    all where done in 1 and 1/2 hrs.

    hope this could help.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Wow acura has a V8 SUV with offroad capabilities and 9100lb towing capacity? Didn't realize they had out a new vehicle.


    Also anyone who buys Version 1 of ANY vehicle should know there will be issues. Take the MDX/Oddeysy Version 1 where their transmissions blew up shortly into life...


  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    Does any body know if you can hook up an IPOD through the auxiliary jack and how it sounds?

    Thanks, Brian
  • 9 miles per gallon, I only get 270 miles to a full tank of gas. Its over a 100 miles less then what the sticker price stated. It sucks
  • Scott174 I'm intersted in anything you can tell me. I myself is having problems with my 04 armada. It was build in July 2004. I thought that anything after June04 problems were corrected. Did you get a new truck out of the lemon law? How did it work? Did they buy it back or evenexchange it? Where did you buy your truck?

    Please email me back at your earliest convience.

    Thank you,


    [email protected]
  • try taking it on a couple hundred mile highway trip. You should get 14-15mpg at least...if not take to the dealer, they'll probably tell you its normal but they might hook it up to their pc and see something. I have 7000 mostly city miles an I get an average of about 11.3+/-.....if my wife drives though it's closer to the 9mpg, so maybe it the foot causing the mileage probelm :( :)
  • I have 11,000 miles on mine. I get between 12 and 13 mpg all city driving and 16 mpg all highway.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There are some gas savings tips about half way down this page. I'd check my tire pressure first thing, but city driving in the winter is always going to hurt your mileage.


    Steve, Host
  • HI


    I'm having the same problem with the brakes myself.I have 4,000 miles on it and have had my roters cut twice. I live in Long Island, N.y my dealership told me they don't have to replace them only repair them. I contacted Nissan consumer affairs. They opened up a file on my problem, but other then that they did nothing for me. They said " if you have any other problems please call us back" Well I told them thanks for nothing and plan to contact a lawyer about the lemon law if this happens again. They also said that they're working on getting there engineers to improve the breaks. But on the other hand said this hasn't been a real problem . They have a new kit when they cut the roters that they change the bolts. (whatever that means). I don't know too much about cars. I hope you will contact me back, I would love to know what was involved in getting an 05'.
  • You can forget the Nissan factory helping you. They opened up a file on mine also but blew me off. The only thing they admitted to was the roof problem. People who don't complain about it just can't sense it. It is on every one of the early vehicles. If the roof wasn't bonded (which they weren't) then the problem is there. I am not sure when they started bonding the roof to the sheetmetal above. I bought mine in Nov. 2003. My friends has the problem and he bought his at the end of January 2004. You can buy a used vehicle that is falling apart and the owner can tell you it was the best vehicle they ever had. All dishonesty? Probably not. A lot has to do with people living with problems and since they don't bother them, they don't realize. Put a mechanic in most of the Armadas and I think you will find problems. They are all made with the same parts on the same assembly line. The brakes on the earlier ones are across the board. I think the main difference might be someone who does mostly highway miles. Mine is mostly city miles. The last post was city miles. I get about 3,000 miles before I get the shake. I have had the pad and bolt replacement fix twice, rotors cut twice and rotors replaced one time. On the full brake fix, each time was only 3,500 miles apart. I only have a few miles on it since it was last done but fully expect it to not fix my problem. The brakes are faulty. That is it. I don't believe anyone who says they are not a problem. Wishful thinking maybe? My advice would be from experience of working with Nissan to run for the hills and buy something else. Since the 2005 models have the same brake problems, it tells you they are incompetent. Who in their right minds would come out with a new model installing faulty parts knowing they had to come up with a repair for the problem later?? This was my first Nissan and my last. If I could get out from under it I would, but they discounted on the 2004 models heavily that it had to have an effect on the resale value. Also the 2005 Consumer Reports Guide just came out.It listed the Armada as poor reliability and they don't recommend it.
  • I played mine through the auxhillary jack yesterday, other than lower volume (which may just be an adjustment-haven't read into it yet) it sounds great and works well.


    I'm still averaging 16-17 mpg on mine- Motorweek just reported averaging 14.5 with theirs, and no complaints other than the loud climate control fan. I'm still pretty problem free after 18k- only had the brakes done once, and I live with a few rattles rather than taking a chance on having them break stuff. My only other issue is the grey plastic trim, it's peeling on the steering wheel controls like others have described. I will probably have them fix that. They really changed it on the 05's, it almost looks like the Infiniti trim.
  • I have been reading messages posted on this site for about a month and a half. About three weeks ago I bought a 2004 Armada, built in August of 2004. I bought the 2004 simply due to the fact that they gave me a very good price (unbeleivable!). I have heard that some fixes were done after June of 2004. The problems that I have encountered are: 1)Window vibration noise driver side 2)sunroof shade pull noise 3)brake clicking noise 4)lower gas mileage than advertised.


    As for the overall personal rating for the vehicle: Despite the problems, I think it is the best large SUV for the price. It has good looks (the Sequoia looks like an old shoe), lots of horsepower (would have considered the new Hummer H3-but the underpowered engine is rediculous), lots of comfort, lots of torque, good stereo, heated seats are awesome.


    I really hope that Nissan steps up to the plate and takes care of it's customers. Of course my main concern is the brake problem -the clicking noise is a bit irritating.
  • Suzy, I have lots to say, see your Email.
  • I have posted in the past that NISSAN is fully aware of the problem with the Brakes. I met with their Lawyer just this past week, I had a great discussion with him about the process that Nissan goes through. We both agreed that it is flawed. I myself did get rid of my 2004 Armada. To make a very long story short, they repurchased the 04 and I ended up getting a new 05 from a different dealer. I did this fully knowing that Nissan did not upgrade the Brakes in the front. (Not due until April 05) The only difference for the 05's that is noticable is that the front/rear brake proportioning was changed so that the rear brakes do more of the braking. Also, you do not have to push down as hard for the braking to be effective, it seems to be sooo much better. (SO FAR) Why did I buy another Armada?? I know that they have had a bumpy start at the factory but I believe that they have done there homework on these ones. Only time will tell, and the damage to the Armada name might be much longer lasting.
  • Scott,


    How much trouble was it getting the buyback? I'm in the process of a lemon law claim for my Feb. 2004 model. I'll probably get an '05, as the ones I have driven are infinitely better than my '04. I think Nissan has finally come around a bit on the quality...I should have known better than to buy an early 1st year build. Oh well.
  • Well, It was not easy. I called a local lemon law Attorney in the Los Angeles area and got the buy back within 6-7 Months. (Yes Months) I did not have to pay a dime, and drove it while Nissan took their time sending the Lawyer the payoff check. The only bad thing with getting another 05 is that I'm now very leary about the longterm quality.Only time will tell.
  • wbs1wbs1 Posts: 5
    I plan on buying within the next 6 months so I'm very interested your comment about the April 05 brake upgrade. Did you read this somewhere or did some Nissan rep tell you that in person? Do you know where I can get more information about that? Thanks.
  • wbs1wbs1 Posts: 5
    To follow up, I called Nissan corporate customer service today and they told me that the only redesign of the brakes was in April of 2004 for the 2004 models, that the kits were shipped out to dealers, that the 2005's should all have the redesigned brakes, and that no other changes were planned. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time that a customer service rep didn't know what he was talking about.
  • jwoodjwood Posts: 1
    I bought a 2004 Armada LE Jan. 1, 2005. The day I picked it up from the dealership, I noticed a significant steering wheel shake at around 70 MPH. I called the dealership while not yet home to let them know there was a problem. They said bring it in, but after 3 visits (two spin balances and one force variance balance), I've still got the problem. Yesterday, after going to the dealership for the 4th. time in less than two weeks of ownership, I nearly settled on the magical "it may stop on its own" suggestion from the service guys when I drove it again and decided that's just not good enough. As soon as I got home, I called 800-NISSAN1 and started a file. Any idea what I'm dealing with or what I need to do to get this resolved?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Test drove an 05 Armada over the weekend. Unreal! I love it more in person than on paper.


  • Sorry I took solong to look up 2004 nissan armada 2 kits listed.

    Good luck.
  • Hi there,

    I am glad to finally read a somewhat positive experience w/ the Armada. We are seriously considering the 04 Armada (due to good incentives) and I was curious what kind of price you got, we are looking at the LE. I really would rather go for a bigger SUV than a mini van but these posts have been depressing.
  • Hello Everyone,

    We are seriously thinking about buying either a new '04 or '05 Armada. After reading the posts, I am leery to buy either, especially because of all the brake problems. I am interested in feedback on whether to pass on this entirely and choose another vehicle (like the boring Sequoia) or pay an extra $4k+ for the '05. Plus, if anyone has any hints on how to save big on the '05...I'd love to hear from you as well. Thanks~
  • I have a 04 SE, the pads were replaced and the rotors machined at 2500. It is currently at the dealership for the "brake judder" problem again(4600 miles). This time they will replace the rotors. Also the second row driver side seatbelt is not retracting. The belt was slammed in the door which causes a gouge in the door panel. Dealership said they will order a new door panel under warranty. Love driving the vehicle but I am glad I purchased the extended warranty. If anyone is in the market for an Armada, get the extended warranty. This is something you usually do not have to do with Japanese manufactured vehicles.
  • I looked at the other competitors before buying the Armada and have no regards. Ours is a March 04 production that we purchased on May. Have 17K miles on it now as we have done a lot of traveling since I retired last summer. Finally did have to get brakes fixed but not until 17K. Rotors and related parts were replaced but pads were still ok. Have had NO other issues with it.


    I've taken it off road more than once in the GW National Forest and others in NC, TN, and WV. It's not as nimble as my 98 4Runner but it's a lot larger. It gets me there and back!!!


    Love it on trips as it rides well on the Interstates. Also, has lots of room for us, our junk, and our German Shepherd who goes with us everywhere.


    My wife likes it because she feels safer in it given its mass. Also, she finds it easier to get into than the 4Runner because the running boards are lower.


    No regrets about getting our beast. Maybe next year, we will get a trailer for it to pull.


    81 Trekker
  • Got the car back from the dealership but they did not replace the rotors, they only resurfaced them. So in less than 5K I have had new pads, the rotors were machined and then resurfaced. I contacted Nissan 1 and they opened a file so they can refer to an area rep to contact me. They were hesitant since my vehicle is now fixed. The dealership offered to sell me a Big Brake Kit. Has anyone heard if this works. I declined since I should not have to shell out any more money while this brake problem is under warranty.
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