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Nissan Armada



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If they give you a good financing deal with it. I got mine for 37.5 in april w/ 1% financing w/o DVD and Navi.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Took 1 day no issues so far.

    They replaced rotors front, pads, caliper bracket, and caliper bolts. Rear they replaced pads and resurfaced the rotors.

    Hopefully it will be a permenant fix.

  • stgas1stgas1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2004 LE 2 months ago for 33,000 brand new. It had a sticker just shy of 42k
  • james28james28 Posts: 2
    NO!!!! If this vehicle was priced a $15000 it would be too much for the quality of vehicle you will get. Take my advice and steer clear of any nissan products. you are guaranteed problems and nissan is not standing behind their products. Do a little research and u will find out that they are being sued to death for this vehicle.
  • azfunazfun Posts: 8

    I have the same problem on my '04 SE bought 12/03 where the AM radio station cuts in and out. More often when going over bumps. I have had the radio replaced 3 times and some other antenna connection part replaced. Nothing has worked. I thought the same about a loose ground connection point. Dealership says that is not the cause. They still say it is the radio because they can make it happen when they beat on the unit. Dealership (Peoria Nissan, AZ) advised when I can't take it anymore to go buy an aftermarket radio. My concern is that the steering wheel controls and back seat controls won't work with an aftermarket radio. Best Buy and Circuit City could not guarantee they would work.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    I am no stranger to this board, I have had my 04 Armada bought back by Nissan last year. The problems were numerous, and they could not fix most of them. I was stupid to buy another 05 Armada because I believed all the rumors that the 05 Armadas would be better. I have had my Armada since Nov 04, and have about 11500 miles. The brakes have been replaced 6 times now, twice the new "END ALL FIXES NEW KIT" The problem seems to be worse with the new kit. The pads are noisy and the rotors have had to be cut again. The Dealer says that I'm the only one that has had a problem. My question is this: How many of you have had the brake kit installed, and have you been pleased with it? I got about 1800 miles out of my new kit, with a lot of city driving. Thanks :mad: :cry: :lemon:
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Which new kit are you talking about??? Nissan has so many that I can't count.

    There has been some conversations where the latest supposedly last fix (May 2005), Nissan still will not guaranty. In fact to this date Nissan has not put anything in writing to their customers who are having these problems that the brakes are finally fixed. So anything that you hear is subject to scrutiny even from your dealer. Get it in writing from Nissan.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    The latest kit is the one which replaces the front rotors with thicker ones, new front and rear pads with a different material.
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Posts: 91
    Well, I think the only thing I am pleased with is the brakes now. If you look back, you will see that I have had more than my share of problems. It is early to tell but I think I have about 3,500 miles on this set which is a record. No brake dust. Yes, you read right. No brake dust. I can't believe it. I washed my vehicle at one time and went 2 weeks and the vehicle was dusty but no brake dust. Talk about cutting down the wash time! They stop fine also, no shake. The problem I haven't resolved is my new set of tires are wearing! I thought I had the alignment problem licked. I have popping underneath the vehicle when I hit a bump and say turn at an angle. Like under stress it does it. They can't find it and I don't think the one tire will last as long as the last ones. I have about 5,000 miles on the one tire and it looks about like a 20,000 tire. I have 26,000 miles on my 2004 that I bought in Nov. 2003. I replaced one tire at around 13-14,000 miles (had a bolt in it but was worn out) and the others about 3-4,000 miles ago and 2 has noticable wear already. (back to the shop again next week!) Other problems I had have been worked out already. Roof fix worked and that really was a shocker to me. The bad shaking on the steering wheel when I hit bumps is scary. I don't think it is normal but service from Nissan said it is. I think it has something to do with my wearing tires. (i had a 4 wheel alignment at 12,500 miles or so by Sears because Nissan would not do it) Anyway, I have said it all before. This vehicle has major bugs. Get used to it or get rid of it because they all have the same problems from the factory. As I said before, a lot of people just aren't sensitive to things like this.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Posts: 40
    Nissan did put the 3yr unlimited guarantee in writing. I've got it. I also got the new system last month, free. Not dust, stops well. I feel for the 2003-2004 owners who had to deal with the brakes a bit long, but this 2005 vehicle of mine is fine. At least Nissan is paying for everything unlike several Toyota Tundra/Sequoia owners I know where the owners are paying for new brakes and rotors every 10k miles.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    It seems some people are having some prelim success while others are not. The latest fix is with the thicker rotors and new pads, I concurr.

    The tires are just unacceptable. I'm already on my 3rd set. Just recently I had a flat in the freeway and I had to tow the truck out to replace the tire with a spare. Needless to say that was expensive. Tires are wearing out fast both front and rear. I can conclude that the life of these tires are about 15K. Now Michelin offers the Cross Terrains in the Armada OEM size so these are much better quality tires. These tires may be tough to find and are expensive but a excellent choice to replace those sad ContiCraps.

    Chances are I will not be keeping my Mada for to long as something is happening in the horizon.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    Had the truck in the shop for the 6th brake issue in less than 12000 miles. The Dealer said that they only had to turn the rotors, as they were "Warped & glazed" I took it in because they were making a whirling/grinding noise on hard stops. Pads were NOT replaced. Time will tell if this is THE repair. She was in the shop for so long because I had a list of things that needed tending too. Windows, door rattle, seat squeak, damaged seat memory switches, and a drivers door they screwed up on the last oil change. Whats next???
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Did almost 2000 miles towing my 6,000lb trailer. The new brake kit is working well for me, no issues.

    I also did some offroading, quite challenging stuff. The only issue I found was the sidesteps got a bit scraped up, take them off before offroading in the future. I also think the front bumper/skirt will cause issue for steep obstacles. I had no problem negotiating a nearly 20 mile long offroad trail. Good fun and the Armada did well.

    Other than that turned 8000 miles and no other issues to report.

  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I had the "new brake kit" installed at about 7K miles. Now at 12K they are starting to shake again however intermittently. Service guy did tell me then that there was no guarantee that the new rotors would work well for long. Plus, my front rims look just like the tires, completely black. They'll be replaced again @ 15k service.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    Well, Looks like I am not the only one. I have had the kit for under 3000 miles. I do drive a lot of stop and go, living in Southern California thats just the name of the game. I have a good source that tells me that the media is getting ready to start airing all the nasty brake issues. What will happen to the resale value of the Armadas/Titans with brake issues?? Who wants a truck that will need brakes and rotors faster than BMW'S
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    Well, Looks like I am NOT the only one. (Just wait) I have had the kit for under 3000 miles. I do drive a lot of stop and go, living in Southern California thats just the name of the game. I have a good source that tells me that the media is getting ready to start airing all the nasty brake issues. What will happen to the resale value of the Armadas/Titans with brake issues?? Who wants a truck that will need brakes and rotors faster than BMW'S
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I also found out it's the compound of the pads. Try putting some Carbotech pads on your trucks and I'll bet it fixes the problem I have a friend who did this on his titan and he has almost 20k miles on the carbotech pads w/o issue.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I also did some offroading, quite challenging stuff. The only issue I found was the sidesteps got a bit scraped up, take them off before offroading in the future. I also think the front bumper/skirt will cause issue for steep obstacles. I had no problem negotiating a nearly 20 mile long offroad trail. Good fun and the Armada did well.

    So Mike, how did you find the IRS off road? Better than expected? About what you expected? Worse than you expected?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It did great. It too a ittle getting used to though. Having offroaded quite a bit, my instincts were to try to climb over obstacles with the wheels. With the IFS and IRS I found that it was sometimes better to stradle them, since there was no pumpkin to get caught up on rocks. Really the only thing stopping me from doing the most challenging stuff was:

    Side Steps

    I figure if I had a pathfinder with a slight lift and an ARB bumper in the front it would do VERY well offroad. Took a little while to get used to but otherwise did well. The V8 power was nice as well. Also the ABLS worked extremely well and I'd definitely rather have that than a traditional LSD for offroading. Not as good as a manual locker, however it did shift power to the wheel with more grip when I got 1 wheel in the air my friend following in t Tacoma said he saw the airborne wheel stop and shift the power to the wheel still in contact with the ground.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I'm assuming you're talking about the new '05 Pathfinder, which also has IRS?

    A lot of the new IFS/IRS SUVs have these "trick" 4WD systems that shift power to the wheels with traction, So, with that in mind, I think the old "lack of articulation" argument that has followed IRS-equipped SUVs, is pretty much been neutralized. The bottom line is you're likely not going to get stuck, which is all that really matters.

    FWITW, I've seen pictures of stock solid-axle Wranglers with 1 wheel off the ground when 4-wheeling. I'm sure modified, purpose-built solid axle off roaders are better, but I'm not so sure that stock models have that much of an advantage; and whatever advantage they do have, the on-road ride and handling compromises, IMO, just aren't worth it.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The bigger issue actually is that when you start doing some bigger items like boulders and steep inclines the weight and body of the vehicle gets transfereed differently on an IRS/IFS vehicle and you can roll it easier than with a solid axle one. That's the theory behind it anyway, not so much the traction but the fact that with sold axle the vehicle stays fairly level when crawling whereas with an IRS/IFS vehicle it will tilt the body to the lower point and then rollover.

    For what you can do with a stock vehicle though on an offroad trail, the IFS/IRS would be fine. The new pathy with the IFS/IRS would do better than the Armada due to it's shorter wheelbase, although it's not as high on ground clearance.

  • Local dealer is still saying no permanent brake solution is in place after two services about 10K apart. Anyone else confirm if this is correct? Taking the Armada in to get fixed for issue below, so I want to be sure I'm current on the brake issue.

    Also, on two separate trips this summer, the Armada has been doing some strange things. Was driving down the highway and went to pass an individual and upon pressing the accelerator, received no response/ jerky response from the vehicle. It actually slowed down. Did this all afternoon long.

    Then on second trip, it did the same thing except in addition to the symptoms above, the vehicle completely died and had to be jumpstarted to get going again. Pretty scary when your vehicle completely dies going down the road. Did this three times in the span of about 2 hours. Would think it is some kind of electrical issue/ fuel pump etc.

    So I'm taking it in for service again. Anyone else experience any thing like this? Was running only main A/C when this was happening.
  • I think that is incorrect. While nothing is permanent, the latest brake fix went into small distribution in May 2005, now in wide distribution for everyone in line. This fix is all new pads and new front rotors. I'm guessing the toughest materials possible to put the issue to bed. My free install in June work fine, and almost no dust.

    No experience on the jerk/death with Armada. However, sounds like something that happend to me on an 1992 Toyota. The problem was a loose cable on the battery (positive side). The shock/short caused the computer to shut off the engine for some reason. Tightened it down, and it never happend again. Hope yours is as simple, otherwise start wiggling relays and cables until you find the one that's loose.
  • Thanks for the info cam. Took the vehicle in today and told them I wanted the brake fix and suprisingly they had just got a kit in. So I got the new rotors and new pads. We'll see how they perform.

    Now for the other problem and you guys will love this. The mechanic knew right away as soon as I told him the symptoms I was having. It appears Titans/Armadas have a problem with their fuel pump/filter system and Nissan is NOT standing behind the product and covering it under warranty. Nissan blames the problem on BAD GAS, causes fuel pressure to drop to zero because of contaminants.

    I had family following me on both trips and they filled up at the same locations, bought the same grade of fuel as I did and none of their vehicles had a bit of problem with BAD GAS.

    The whole setup requires dropping the fuel tank which makes it even harder to work on. He said GM/Chevy trucks are having the same problems with the fuel pump, but they are covering the repairs under warranty.

    They are supposed to contact their Nissan rep again and complain and let me know what they find out.

    In the mean time, I put in some fuel system cleaner that Nissan sells and purchased a 600 amp battery charger that I can use to jump start my Armada the next time it dies in the middle of nowhere. Also, I have mechanical breakdown insurance and I'm going to check to see if it will cover this or not.

    The repair is $375.
  • Maybe the Nissan Gold Security+ Plan I bought will actually be worth while. It covers the fuel pump, towing, and rental.

    By the way, it makes no sense that a jump start/battery charge would have anything to do with the fuel pump clog. If when you turn the key and you hear starter turn, jumping does nothing. However if there is no starter turn, there may be something more going on than a fuel pump replacement. Perhaps the alternator is dying, and the battery is supplementing it's weakness until it dies too. I wonder if there's a stereo amp, TV, or more putting a hefty drain on along with the A/C. If the power consumption is more than the alternator can keep up with, eventually the car will die while driving.

    Good luck.
  • Yeah, they couldn't really explain why the vehicle had to be jumped. The battery level indicator never changed either. And the only thing running was the front A/C. But the only thing that would get the vehicle going again was jumping it.

    I have the Gold plan also and they still wouldn't fix it. I'm going to call another Nissan service department, give them the problem, my VIN and see what they say about covering it.

    If you read 8.6 of the plan it exludes coverage for any failures caused by contaminated fuels.

    My point is they don't know until they drop the tank and examine it if there was any problem caused by contaminated fuels. They should say we'll drop the tank, if there's no evidence of contamination, Nissan will cover it, however if there is, it will cost you X $ to get it fixed.
  • I was told by the dealer that before they will replace my rotors and pads on my 04 Armada they have to display the judder. I had the rotors turned when the truck was pulsing at brake. Have other owners been told they have to wait also or should I go to a different dealership?

    Secondly, when washing the interior around the radio, the paint came off. I don't recall any discussion about that on the board. Has anyone else had the paint come off of the bezel that is around the radio?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What cleaning solution did you use? Perhaps somehting in it took the paint off.

    On the wierd problem I think it's electrical. This was common on some Isuzus I delt with a few years back. Similar problem where it would die and a jump would fix it. Turned out to be a bad alternator (there are some other circuits in there that regulate the power going back into the vehicle)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    When it "dies" will it crank before you jump it? Or is the battery so dead that it doesn't crank?

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    '06 Armadas get a 60/40 split on the 3rd-row seats (finally!), among a few other refinements. l

  • folsom33folsom33 Posts: 14
    I own a '01 sequoia and am thinking of trading it in for a new armada, I have been reading a lot of horror stories about BRAKE problems. Have they been fixed for the '05 run? if so what date car should I be looking for to make sure it has the upgraded brakes on it.

    Any other major issues I should be afraid of? Has this v8 been out long?

    I love my seq and have 95K miles on it with no reparis. But my trrailer weighs 6K lbs close to capacity for the seq.

    The LE with everything looks good sort of boxy compaired to the curves of the seq, but its all a matter of taste. If I am going to buy now is good with rebates and end of model yesr sales plus high gas cost....
  • Thanks for pointing this out. It also gets mp3 capable stereo (100s of songs now without swapping CDs), and climate control on the base models. None are significant, but nice to have for anyone that can wait . . . especially the row 3 update.
  • If you had a Sequoia, then you might also be familiar with replacing brakes and rotors every 10k, and paying for it. If not, you are one of the lucky ones.

    On Armada, they just started MFG them with the brake latest fix, which is not old enough to see how long it lasts. However, it does not matter if it comes from the factory, because they will replace the parts at the dealer if your shows a problem. Get a copy of that corporate letter stating 2004-2005 models have a 3 year unlimited mile warranty on the brakes for more peace of mind.

    V8 is strong, and grew up from the award winning technology tested over years in their 3.5 V6. Nissan has good engines. Some people are complaining about the factory tires not lasting, but other than the brakes nothing major has been wide spread and consistent on this forum since the Armada sales began late 2003.
  • folsom33folsom33 Posts: 14
    camlamarc, thanks for your advice. They had a fix on the ssq where they replaced the front pads rotors etc. The brakes last about 15K miles now and all you do is replace the pads each time. Still $125-150 each time is not as good as other vehicles. My toyota Spyder has 53,000 on the brakes and they are at 50%. I talked with a nissan repair person and they said they are only replacing the pads and rotors when people complain. Since the parts are not in yet they cannot tell me how effective they will be.

    He said there was no "FIX" on the '05 vehicles they will only replace if there is a problem, don't know about the '06. modles
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    So far on my 04 I put on close to 5K miles on the upgraded rotors, pads and brackets. No dust, no warping/deposits, and 2k of those miles i towed a 6k lb trailer.

    As for the upgrades in 06, not much which is nice that there are no major changes going on. The only downside to the MP3 player is that you will most likely loose the Aux-input that the 04/05 models have which would be a bummer for folks with Ipods and other input devices.

    I just turned 10k miles on my truck and started using Amsoil City MPG is 13.5 consistently and highway is 19mpg.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    No, changes to the '06s are more in the way of refinements. I'm real happy to see the 60/40 split on the 3rd-row seats though. That should have been there on Day 1, back in '04.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I dunno, I mean yeah it's a nice thought but i haven't come across a situation that I said, hmm I really could use a 60/40 split on the 3rd row here. I am glad there aren't too many changes to it at least not until the 09 or 10 model as that's when I'll be in the market again. :)

  • Anyone know where a could get a chrome grill guard for my '05 Armada? Not familiar with car parts and dont know which brands are reputable.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Basically they extended my brake warranty to unlimited mileage, like everone has been saying.. I have had no judder yet, but am getting a really bad squealing....
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Ah ha so you want to get lots of damage in the event you hit something? Basically any of the "brush" guards sold here will cause more damage than protection in the event of an accident. They get pushed back into your grille, hood and fenders and cause 3-5x as much damage as having nothing there.

  • Thanks for your concern about the car in the event of an accident.....that I hope never happens.... The protection really is for the horrible drivers out there in NYC that feel the need to parallel park on your front and rear bumper and chip the SH....T out of your car :mad:
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm in NYC also, I've been lucky that I haven't had this car chipped yet. My previous truck I had a rear bar that went into the hitch and the front I eventually swapped in an ARB steel bumper. The rear piece that went in the hitch was a 2x4 steel tube that ran the width of the vehicle. Quite beefy and protected nicely. For the Armada I will eventually get an ARB style replacement steel front bumper although I'm dreading my gas milage after I do that. :(

  • We are in the market for either a minivan or a larger SUV. I wanted to ask Armada owners with small children if this is a good vehicle. Specifically, 1) will 2 car seats in the second row prevent easy access to the third row seats? and 2) is it difficult lifting things like strollers in and out of the seemingly high lift gate? I gotta believe it should be pretty safe just due to its size. Thanks.
  • I have the second row split bench in the '05 Armada LE. If you are using the anchors to secure the car seats they must be placed behind the passenger and/or drivers side seats. Which would make getting the third row very difficult without removing one of the car seats. If you use the seat buckle then you can put one car seat in the middle of the second row allowing easy access to the third row. Also the SUV height is perfect to put the kids in the car seat (I am 5'1).

    I know that some Armada's have second row coach seats that you can anchor a car seat on each side with a removable center console. With enough leg room in the back seat there should be no problem getting to the third row through the middle of the SUV.

    With regards to a stroller I use a combi 10 pound stroller for everyday outings and that fits with the 3rd row up. When I take the graco coach rider the 3rd seat must be down. The liftgate is electric to open and close so there is no stress with arm strength and the height works for me with no problems.

    Hope this info helps!!! By the way I love my Armada :)
  • I've had a van and now an Armada. Got to love the daily practicality of Vans and usually better mileage. There are few significant kid friendly differences.

    Auto Sliding Doors on a Van wins over swing out doors, in many ways including protecting other vehicles around you from being whacked by the kids, and getting in and out if parked in a garage.

    Low step in Van much easier for the little ones. Accessing the middle seat in the Armada is difficult if using a baby carrier there.

    Deep well and wide opening rear much easier for any stroller in the Van. I used a double stroller there, and was able to still keep the 3rd row available, while Armada is not so giving.

    Flip up seats in Armada totally easy to operate to get into 3rd row compared to most Vans. Seating issues are the same if using car seats, except you can fit 3 in the 2nd row Armada, not in a Van.

    Only really big kids with long reach can make frequent use of the rear seat air and radio controls in the Armada.

    Safety? You bet the Armada feels better and it is safe with all those air bags. However, vans get some good safety ratings too.

    All that, I've got 3 kids from 0 - 9 years, and would not go without the Armada at this stage. The van was good for the younger years and only two kids. On my last 800 mile road trip, I was able to really load up the rear of the Armada, put all three kids in the 2nd row, and not one complaint about elbow or leg space. Also, towing is much better on the Armada, . . . practically stupid on a mini-van.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    The only thing I can think of that's not "kid-friendly" are the rear outside door handles which are up high by the windows. A small kid will have trouble reaching them.

  • cvb3cvb3 Posts: 1
    I was told by a salesman today that later model 2005 Armadas have new brake pads and rotors to fix the well documented brake problems. Can anyone corroborate this? Are the 2006 models coming with different brakes?

  • ueenieueenie Posts: 1
    HI there,
    I have twins with 2 car seats and I love this vehicle. It is spacious and my kids love it and my back is thanking me for it because the height is wonderful for getting seats in and out. I keep my seats behind the driver and in the center so that I have free access to the 3rd row without having to move my seats in the event that I am carrying extra passengers. I love the Armada The 3rd row is pretty spacious as well even for adults. My friends husband rode back there and at 6'4" he said it was a comfortable ride and that he could probably do about 2 hours or so back there without being too uncomfortable. Gas prices make it bittersweet but I still wouldn't trade it because I love it so much. :D Hope that helps.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    We had a $4/barrel jump overnight last night on Comex putting the price per barrell over $70 at one point about 11pm last night. It's come off a bit with the storm passing out of the Gulf, but still up there :)

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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