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  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have Bridgestones on my 2007 BMW Z4 coupe, and it has ridden stiffly from day one, and I have a 2010 328i running Michelin Pilot Sports, which rides much more like a performance-oriented driver's car.

    All RFT's and same sized tires (the front and rear sizes on both cars are different tire sizes).

    If possible, I would suggest you go by by a BMW dealer and find a similar car with the tire type you are considering buying, and taking a test drive. Maybe that can give you some clarity and insight on whats best foy your requirements...
  • Thanks for your reply. Interesting your comment: It is one of the things I was thinking of doing. When you say "performance-oriented" concerning the Michelin Pilot Sports on your 328i, are you saying also smoother, quieter, etc.?
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    No doubt about it, the Michelins are smoother and quieter, at least , at this stage.
  • I just recently had this same problem. This was my Dad's car, meticulously maintained and garaged since purchased, very frustrated, and sad. It's all I have from him, and don't want to have to sell it, but $1,000 for an amp is way out of my price range! I found out that there was a clog on the drivers side of the roof drain, into the trunk (hence the cause of the water in battery compartment) Replaced battery, filled hydraulic fluid, removed amp (causing the battery to drain), now looking for replacement amp. Class action lawsuit sounds right to me, any update?
  • bod2bod2 Posts: 3
    In short, I don't have a solution yet. But I haven't spent much time on the problem. On clear days, I've just left the trunk open to let the battery/amp compartment air dry. On rainy days (I don't garage the vehicle) I haven't noticed any additional accumulation of water, but I'm sure that there must be water still leaking into the trunk. I might pull the amp and battery today to look in the compartment, but the amp is starting to fail - not getting much output from the speakers. I'm reluctant to just pull the the amp, partly out of fear that the battery will drain. Was that your experience? Is there a way to avoid that from happening? I've checked a few blogs, and it seems our experience with water in the trunk is common. Wonder if that's why the new Z4's only come with hard top convertibles. I've looked for replacement amps, but haven't found an aftermarket amp that I want to shell out several hundred dollars on. Ultimately, I'm afraid I may have to take it back to the dealer and prepare to get hosed.
  • Same problem Z4 2003.
    (Had it out on the street, big rain, but I did not realize what the issue was)
    Lost radio, then the whole thing died.
    A day later, it worked.
    A couple of days later, radio died again.
    Then the car died for good.
    Figured out it was the amplifier, trunk carpet was wet.
    Opened up the battery compartment, FULL of water.
    Battery dead, amplifier corroded/dead.
    New (non-BMW battery)
    Had to order amplifier from dealer about $500
    All works now, only park in car port.
    No top motor problems.

    I thought it was the trunk drain, which I did not work on, too complicated.
    News about possible (?) convertible top is NOT good.
    Luckily, I have extended warranty which supposedly covers the top and motor and electronics.
    But this happened like a year ago.
    What do I tell the dealer?
    Not Good.
  • foxie1foxie1 Posts: 1
    I had the same thing happen to me. Can you tell me where you got the amp for about $500. The cheapest I can find so far is $915.

    thank you
  • When I turn the key to the on position there are only one or two lights that come on and when I turn to the start position there is no start. I can "play" with the key and the car starts. This only happens intermittenly. Now I also am getting the car started and then it stalls as soon as I put it in Reverse. If I put it in Drive quickly it doesn't stall. It stalls if I put it in R from D. I am guessing that it could be a key switch or computer. Anybody experience this?
  • Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem that I have had withmy 2003 Z4. I too have a leak from the roof, but mine doesnt go into the battery area of the truck. Mine has flooded out the passenger side of the floor boards. It isn't pretty. I did have to replace a power top about a year ago, but my big problem now is the air bag controller. One is placed on the floor under the carpet. When I found the problem, I had about 1/2 inch of water under the seat(nothing on the driver's side). Everything is coroded under the seat. Just replacing the controller didn't help. It was immediately fried when the power was turned back on. The repairman recommends bringing it to the dealer for repairs. It sounds like most of the wiring that goes through the floor any any electronic components in that area will need to be replaced. SOunds like big money to me. My repair guy who focuses on German and Italian sports cars doesn't want to give me a quote. Has anyone else had any similar problems? The car never sees any water anymore and my repair guy did dry everything out, so the problem shouldn't get worse after the final repairs. Im just trying to see if anyone can share their similiar experiences.
  • bogey16bogey16 Posts: 1
    Hi All. First time on here. Have had the same trunk issue as most here. 2004 Z4. Amp has just died. Sponged water out of compartment area. Does anyone know what is below the battery/amp area? Wondering about drilling my own drain plug or two, to ensure this doesn't keep happening. Thoughts?
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    Reidlavallee, I am sorry that this has happened to you. I suggest that you pressure BMW to repair the car, i.e., to bring it to the condition before the flooding started. This will likely include repairing it in their service, which I think is even better than repairing it at non-BMW shops. Of course, it is likely that BMW will try to do whatever it will take them off the hook, so maybe you should start thinking about legal representation as well. I wish you luck as well.
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