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Scion xB - Hip to be square



  • Hello, i am having the same issue, did you ever find a solution?
  • jlarry2jlarry2 Posts: 1
    just thought you should know my wife has this issue on her '06, it is intermittent, but coincidentally always worked when the dealer looked at it, they want a few hundred bucks to replace the part, its not the cable you are using! Good luck, we are trading it in, but not for that reason.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Haven't posted in quite some time, but my 2005 XB is just about to hit 30000. I replaced the crappy OEM tires on it at 17,500. It runs Yokohamas on it now and they have shown little wear. It also had its first battery change this past November. I still average around 33mpg.
  • babykat1babykat1 Posts: 2
    I have had my scion xb for 3 weeks and I don't see this car on the streets anywhere. I am 51 years old and I was going to buy a camry. I drove this car and feel in love. When the dealer showed this car to me, I told him no thank you because I thought it looked too weird. He said, just drive it and then make your decision. And that I did, and I love it. Now I'm feeling a little goofy because it looks so funny and I don't see anyone else driving one. I feel like I made a mistake that cost me thousands.
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    Not to worry; in 1 or 2 hundred thousand miles the xB will start to look normal.

    I'm 65 and got rid of a Mercedes SUV ( :lemon: :lemon: horrible car) for my 2006 xB and have never looked back. On mine I had an advertising decal applied to the back window, which helped assuage my ego a little in the early months of ownership.

    My xB is at 132Kmiles and HAS NEVER HAD A FAILURE! Of any kind! And, it delivers 29 to 35 MPG on regular gas. The only pampering it gets is synthetic oil.

    Then, we got rid of a low end Lexus (which was a good car) and bought an xA. Another great car.
  • babykat1babykat1 Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for your post, it helped. I will keep rolling in my xbox and I don't care who doesn't like it, I like it. It has 31k on it, should I start now putting synthetic oil in it? Take care, and thanks again.
  • chumsaechumsae Posts: 61
    I believe in synthetic. I had a knowledgeable brother who knew aircraft engines and he was hyping synthetic even back in the late 70's. Next, I tried synthetic in my lawnmower; I noticed immediately that the start rope pulled easier than with regular oil. Then, Mercedes Benz required synthetic to avoid "sludge" build up and engine failure... here I'll mention that MB's have a "change oil" light on the dashboard which, under normal use, comes on about every 12K miles. Running non-synthetic oil in those cars is a big mistake if you wait for the light before chaining oil.

    I'd rather pay extra for synthetic and run it 7K miles than non-synthetic and run 3.5K miles which so many people have fallen into (tricked by the oil industry just a little.)

    Yes, move to synthetic.
  • My Scion is a reverse lemon, I am convinced, a miracle car for me, the first new car I've ever owned, and probably the last. It was a gift to me from my family way back in 2004. I trap cats for spay neuter. I cut a board, and folded the rear seats forward with the board over it and have carried up to 27 cats in the back in traps and carriers to spay surgery. I have probably hauled over 6000 cats in the car. I've used the car like a truck, like a four wheel drive. I have loved the car. It still gets over 30 mpg. The seat upholstery is torn. I've replaced the drivers' side mirror with one off ebay motors and also the switch that operates the windows, with a used part off ebay motors. The back hatch lever has broken off but I screwed it on and no problems since. Blew a coil pack but that is the only thing that's ever seriously gone wrong. It's been a miracle for me. I sleep in it often, when out trapping or during the day, in a rest area, while cats are being fixed. I've had tire issues, blew one on the way to a Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon clinic, after hitting something in the road, and darn it, by the time I got to the side of the freeway, I found myself on a slope next to a ripe rotting dead deer. I had to take out 17 cats and carry them into a field, before putting on the donut, which went flat too, but I'd gotten to the clinic by then. Adventures galore! That car has been absolutely wonderful and should be bronzed into a statue when it finally dies. I love my Scion xb. It kind of stinks from hauling so many cats, it's scratched, with a few pieces of this and that on the exterior fallen off, but no car has worked harder for me and driven so economically and reliably through thick and thin. I even found myself in a flood in the dark, last winter, every which way I turned, higher and higher street water until I had to drive up on a sidewalk so the car wouldn't drown. It didn't and I made it through. Yes, I worry about the miles on it, but I hope it just keeps going, as it has, through it all, hauling me and the strays of Oregon, faithfully.
  • 06 xB: now at 140,000 and one, single, repair, heater blower motor for under $300 installed.

    04 xA: now at 125,000 and zero repairs. We did just replace shocks and struts.

    Both get 30 MPG or better. Both sorta fun to drive. Both have high utility in terms of cargo space and flexible interior use. Both holding their own in terms of value. :blush:
  • That's awesome yours also are doing so well. Sometimes, I can open certain windows, with wind, and the car becomes a sail! Wind can push it along, with the right windows open.
  • mekosanmekosan Posts: 1
    I love your story!! I have a 2009 Scion xb and absolutely adore it! She has 74,000k and has no problems. Has been great! I am using to do landscaping/gardening jobs. I can get a full size mower in there and two 30lb bags of debris and all my tools. Branches sticking out all the windows, looks like the car ate a tree sometimes. But, she cleans up nice for a night on the town. But, your story is the best and made me smile and then I saw you're also from the NW and made me smile even more!! Good luck saving all those cats! You're good soul!!
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