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    I understand. I was asking what people think about the looks just out of curiousity.
    I was asking about which will sell better in the U.S. because I would like a car that is unque and that I will not see a ton of.
    I have driven both and do not really notice too much of a difference, maybe I am not all that skilled at noticing these things.
    I do not need extra storage space or a hatch, so I am basing my decision primarily on looks.
    I can go one way or the other. I do like that the Sedan may be sportier, but as of now, I am leaning toward the unique looking hatch.
    I never liked hatch's, but this one is growing on me. It seems like a more substantial vehicle than the sedan in some ways?
    Thanks again for the help.
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    about your following statement ( curiosity, not critizing):

    "As for the A/C issue, Mazda will offer a TSB but it takes time, and only once the TSB is out will we know for sure the change-over date. Take the RX-8 A/C amplifier as an example, Mazda only released the TSB in Apr '04 (almost a whole year after the vehicle was on sale). So look for one between this fall to next spring (in the meantime, those affected will have to deal with it for this summer). "Weak" A/C is not a critical stop-sale item."

    For a dealer to perform a TSB, don't they have to verify that you car has the particular problem outlined in the TSB? So, if they release one in the middle of winter, how can they test the performance of the A/C to sufficient cool the car in warmer temps, when the temp is around/below freezing? Or can you just bring in your car, and if it is in between the VIN # affected, they will automatically perform the repair outlined in the TSB?

    Thanks for your response in advance!
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    Maybe its not be a stop sale item - but it is a do not buy issue. I know of three people that had the Mazda3 on their short list of cars - but after they found out that 1. The Mazda3 has a very weak AC and 2. Mazda could not care less about customer satisfaction - they bought other vehicles.

    Mazda customer service is horrible.

    Anyone know how Mazda ranks in the independent quality / customer service ratings?
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    In the latest JD Power Customer Service Index, Mazda was 30th out of 39 nameplates. For details, see:
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    "For a dealer to perform a TSB, don't they have to verify that you car has the particular problem outlined in the TSB? So, if they release one in the middle of winter, how can they test the performance of the A/C to sufficient cool the car in warmer temps, when the temp is around/below freezing? Or can you just bring in your car, and if it is in between the VIN # affected, they will automatically perform the repair outlined in the TSB?"

    Take the RX-8 A/C scenario, the TSB does not specify a test (simply a customer complaint + within VIN range). It may or may not be different with the Mazda3 (it depends on exactly what's wrong and the solution).

    The funny thing about the Mazda3 folks thinking that a simple RX-8-like A/C TSB will solve all their problems is that the RX-8 TSB has actually been quite problematic (to my understanding, there's actually been 3 revisions of that new amplifier in the US, and those who rushed for their TSB actually got an older one that doesn't work as well). Mazda Canada actually took their time with their A/C TSB. Hmm, maybe Mazda pushed out that RX-8 TSB a bit too early? I can just see it now, people complaining that they have to bring their cars in a second time because Mazda rushed their Mazda3 A/C TSB too early and the initial solution wasn't adequate.

    Point-being, don't think that there's going to be some god-send that's gonna come. The A/C is a weak-point in the Mazda3 (possibly even after any potential TSB's). Every car has its good and bad aspects, if the A/C is such a killer (as z71bill makes it out to be for himself), then simply sell the car (every car has its good and bad aspects).

    In fact, I agree with z71bill that a stop-sale is different than a do not buy (which is what this A/C issue is). So z71bill dissuaded 3 people away from a Mazda3, well I've persuaded 3 people into a Mazda3 (even after telling them the negative aspects of this car). There are flip-flops in this way between all cars and it tends to balance out.

    When Mazda is ready with a solution, they will offer it (in this case in the form of a TSB). Just chill and enjoy your car (like myself), instead of complaining like what I've seen here (for those who've seen me around here since the speculation days of page 1 of this thread, wonder why I haven't posted in such a long time?). If you have a concern, notify MazdaUSA (or Canada, or wherever) one time so that it's on their records and then let Mazda do their job (if what they do is unsatisfactory to you then sell your car).

    There are pros and cons of a first year vehicle - just as one lives with the pros, you must also live with the cons. The Mazda3's issues have been very minor (a testament to those who designed and build it). I know of one current brand new first-year model whose rear brakes may lock up for no reason whatsoever even under light braking on dry pavement (and ABS is standard on this car). The manufacturer for the most part is still denying it as an issue (you'd never believe who the manufacturer is). But as more and more people contact them about it, then the manufacturer will acknowledge and fix it (likely a recall in this case). So in-light of this huge problem on this other brand new first-year car, it kind of puts the Mazda3 'weak' A/C into perspective doesn't it.
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    You say "Just chill and enjoy your car (like myself), instead of complaining"

    If I could "CHILL" while driving my Mazda3 - instead of sweating I would be a happy customer.

    Maybe a good AC is no big deal for someone who lives in a cool climate - but the plain fact remains - the level of customer care Mazda has demonstrated is absolutely horrible - I can't imagine how they could have done a worse job of handling my problem.

    It would have been better if they would have just told me straight up that they already have my money and they are not going to do anything about my problem. You know like the comment Dick Chaney made a few weeks ago.
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    I think rather than basing one's decision on the experiences of one or two dissatisfied owners of early production cars posting on the internet repeatedly and giving the false impression that all 3s have defective AC, one should actually test drive the car on a hot day and decide for one's self whether the AC is defective.

    The gist of reading this and the other threads regarding the MZ3 is that the AC problems seem to be real, but that there are no complaints on cars produced after May or June of 04.

    I read the AC complaints before I bought my 3, and that was one of the first things I checked out on my test drive. Living where I do, marginal AC performance is a definite "don't buy" factor for me. My decision against the Scion XB and TC was based at least 60% on their marginal ac performance. I have no complaints about the AC on my 3.

    I do sympathize with those who do have a problem, but would urge prospective buyers to try the car for themselves and not take these bad experiences as gospel truth that all 3s have bad AC.
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    Good points! I happen to think the A/C performance is sub-par in any temps above 80-85 degrees, but I love my Mazda3 otherwise and would recommend it to others.

    In my case, I don't think the "problem" is a case of high humidity, but based on higher temps alone. If it is raining out (and of course humid), but the temp is below 80, the A/C works very well and cools off the car. But as soon as the sun is out and temps rise to above 80, the A/C struggles to keep the car cool ( not cold).

    As far as your decision against the Scion Xb being partly based on A/C, I would be against it just because it is SO UGLY! :)
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    "For a dealer to perform a TSB, don't they have to verify that you car has the particular problem outlined in the TSB? So, if they release one in the middle of winter, how can they test the performance of the A/C to sufficient cool the car in warmer temps, when the temp is around/below freezing? Or can you just bring in your car, and if it is in between the VIN # affected, they will automatically perform the repair outlined in the TSB?"

    I work in the service dept. of a large Toyota dealer and perform various tsb related repairs on a regular basis.

    At the bottom of the first page of every tsb issued by Toyota it states that repairs must be based on a complaint on the part of a customer and will be performed free of charge during the applicable warranty period. On Toyotas this is 3/36 bumper to bumper and 5/60 for powertrain. Repairs covered under emmission warrantys are free for the length of the applicable emmissions control warranty, which varies from state to state.

    Techically this means all we need is a complaint from the customer, we don't necessarily have to duplicate the problem.

    If the problem is one that can be easily mistaken for something else and can be duplicated, we do take that into account.

    For example, if a tsb is released dealing with warped rotors causing steering shimmy under braking, we test drive the car to make sure the shimmy is indeed caused by warped rotors and not out-of-round or imbalanced tires--easy to tell if the shimmy only happens under braking or also occurs when not braking, in which case the rotors are probably ok.

    For those concerned about a dealer denying tsb work on an AC system when/if a tsb is issued during the winter when a defect may be hard to duplicate the answer is simple.

    Take the car in now, preferably on a hot day. Tell the service adviser the AC doesn't work well and make sure he writes a repair order to have it checked out. Keep your copy of the repair order and whatever paperwork you get when you come to pick up the car. Even if they say "no problem found" you will have a record that you had complained of AC problems when they could have been duplicated.

    Most modifications covered by tsbs are also incorporated in production vehicles, and the tsb will list the starting VIN numbers for cars that have the new parts or whatever incorporated in production. If you VIN is previous to this starting VIN you should have no problem getting this tsb performed even in winter.

    Dealers do have some discretion in these matters so it helps to find one with a good service dept. in the first place and also to try to remain civil and reasonable in your dealings with them. If you have not had good experiences at a particular dealer, try another in your area.

    Our Toyota store has a philosophy of trying our best to satisfy a customer with regard to warranty matters regardless of where they purchased the car, in the hope that if we treat them well they will perhaps make their next purchase from us and/or will consider us favorably for non-warranty work in the future.

    If you feel your problem isn't addressed properly ask to speak to your dealer's service manager, customer relations mgr, etc.

    If you don't get satisfaction from the dealer use the 800 number to Mazda in your warranty booklet or send a snail-mail letter to the address listed. Phone calls and especially regular mail are generally taken much more seriously than E-mail.

    We have had many customers whose problems have not been resolved at other local dealers referred to us by the factory after they've called the Toyota 800 number or written them snail mail letters.

    In the particular case of the AC problem, nothing is going to happen until they issue a tsb so the best thing to do is make sure you have your complaint on record with all concerned parties at the dealership and factory level and request notification when/if a bulletin is issued.

    Remaining civil and polite at all times in these matters is key to assuring the best response from both the dealership and the factory.
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    just curious, what's your mfg date?

    High humidity will definitely kill ac performance if you use the "fresh" intake position-the more moisture has to be taken out of the air the less cooling effect there is. If you use recirc the air in the car will be dehumidified fairly quickly and since your processing the same air over and over instead of constantly introducing humid air from outside, cooling effectiveness will improve after the first few minutes or so.

    Toyota issues specs for expected outlet temps on thier systems but those specs are on a sliding scale determined by both ambient temp and ambient humidity. The higher the humidity of the air going into the system at a given stable temperature, the higher the outlet temp spec.
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    Thanks for the detailed explanation!

    In May, I asked the service department to check my A/C, and they said that it was "performing up to manufacturers standards", so I do have a "complaint" on record.

    I guess I'll just patiently wait to see if a TSB does come out. Good thing the temp has only been above 90 once or twice so far this summer in my area, so I haven't felt too uncomfortable in my car.
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    My build date is 1/04.

    I do know that keeping the A/C on the fresh air setting will introduce humid air to the system and kill performance, so I do use the recirc setting most of the time, except when I first turn on the A/C after the car has been out in the sun for a while ( i.e. hot interior temp). I also make sure to open the windows and sunroof to help the clear the interior of hot air.

    Thanks again!
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    Not a poor choice of words, I used that word on purpose - that pun was very much intended.

    "Maybe a good AC is no big deal for someone who lives in a cool climate"

    Not necessarily true, I was just saying to myself that the A/C wasn't that great in a certain situation earlier this afternoon. And you know what, last winter, many northern climates complained about the weak heater. So the Mazda3 climate system (both hot and cold) is not its strong suit.

    But I knew about these issues and made the decision before I purchased my car that I could live with it (and trust that Mazda will offer any fixes if and as required). The pros of this car outweigh the cons for my needs. No car is perfect.
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    Since the A/C works fine on some Mazda3s and not on others, and all have black trim, then it has to be something other than the black dash.

    1) It could be the software that controls the A/Cs ON/OFF times, the programming.

    2) It could also be the belt is loose. If the belt driving the compressor is slipping the A/C will not function properly.

    Your dealer was suppose to give the car a PIDC, pre initial delivery check: This means check and tighten everything to be sure it IS "spec". Many give it a quick look-see and let it go at that.

    Ask your service manager to have the belt checked. If he gives you a crappy answer, go to another dealer, or to an independent garage. You aren't modding anything.

    If, following this, it still doesn't function properly -- call Mazda Customer Service to add your complaint to the list.

    There may also be a problem with your build, i.e. size and weight, which is a factor. It takes longer for you to cool down than smaller people. For example: my body temperature is 2-degrees cooler than average so I am comfortable when others are still feeling the cabin temp too hot. All it usually takes for me is to lower the humidity, I can be comfortable at 83-degrees. As a matter of fact, the room I am in as I type this is 83F.

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    I did test drive the Mazda3 on a hot day - I was concerned that a black/black car would be hard to cool. It seemed to work - my problem did not show up until about a month after I bought the car.

    I already checked my AC belt - it is tight.

    ONE of the big problems with the AC system is the performance when at idle.

    On a 90 degree day - if I am stuck in traffic the air temp coming from the vent is about 68 degrees. After a few minutes - sitting in traffic - in the sun - the car starts to get hot. I have actually turned the AC off and just rolled down the windows a few times.

    By any reasonable standard this is not something a new car owner should need to do. If anyone thinks that this is NORMAL and that I should just accept this MAJOR defect - you know just CHILL - then I guess we will just have to disagree.

    My expectation is that the AC system in a new car should - cool the car. If all the cars produced after 5/04 have great AC systems then Mazda must have determined what the problem is and they must also know how to fix it. So why not just step up and repair my defective AC system?
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    "One of the big problems with the AC system is the
    performance when at idle."

    This past winter we had many brutally cold -40 (F or C) days.My floor heat was almost non existent at idle and when driving slowly around town. The opposite extreme of the very hot weather poor AC problem. I even blocked off the rear seat heat ducts trying to get more heat to the front floor. Didn't help much. I mentioned this to my dealer and they of course hadn't heard of this problem from any other 3 owners or Mazda Canada- so had no fix.
    I sure hope the AC and my cold weather floor heat problems are related and will soon be fixable. I do not look forward to another winter of cold feet.
    We had FROST here on the morning of Aug. 20. It has been a very cool summer in NW Ontario. Rarely had AC on so really can't tell how effective mine would be in hot weather. (It does work Ok in cool weather just like my floor heat works good in warm weather). Oct 03 build date.
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    They got the technology & no S40 owner complained about the effectiveness of A/C or heater, which Ford admit that a stronger unit is used in the Volvo version of the C1-platform car for its colder geographic region.
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    "On a 90 degree day - if I am stuck in traffic the air temp coming from the vent is about 68 degrees. After a few minutes - sitting in traffic - in the sun - the car starts to get hot. I have actually turned the AC off and just rolled down the windows a few times. "

    I've experienced the "blows warmer at long idle" thing to a degree on every car I've owned. Up until 1975 or so, Toyota actually cut the compressor completely at idle to prevent engine overheating. They developed an AC idle-up system to eliminate the need for this, something GM had on some models back in the mid-60s (my Dad's 67 Corvair had AC Idle-up).

    I can honestly say that my Mazda exhibits less of this characteristic than almost any other car I've owned, but still does it a bit on very hot days with high humidity if I leave the intake on "fresh".

    I am beginning to be more and more convinced that there has been some change made in production on later build date vehicles.

    As I've stated before, in the case of Toyota such production changes followed by tsbs are very common when a particular problem crops up. The typical lag time between a production change and the issuance of a tsb can vary anywhere from 3 months to 6 months for a variety of reasons, from the need to verify that the fix does indeed work to the time it takes to ramp up production of revised parts.

    Being very intolerant of poor AC myself I don't want to come off as not being sympathetic to your plight by any means. I am, however, perhaps more familiar than most with what's involved in resolving these kinds of problems, the limitations imposed on dealerships as far as not being able to correct a design flaw on the part of the mfr. as well as the time consuming process the mfr. goes thru to correct these things and get the information out to the dealerships. I know this is no help as far as minimizing your frustration, only hope it can help you understand the logistics involved and why there is no magic wand solution.

    Add in the fact that some dealerships regard warranty work as a necessary evil to be avoided at all costs rather than an opportunity to foster customer loyalty and the problem is magnified.
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    Well I can certainly understand both ends of the argument. But for those that seem to think some owners are just making this up should probably be a little more open minded.

    For me it's a small issue because I'm not yet an owner and the 3 is my second choice behind another vehicle. I'm sure Mazda will have the problem resolved by the time I make my decision but I must say that I feel badly for those that already have 3s and cannot enjoy the full funcions of their auto because one small system does not work consistently.

    Will be interesting to see if these folks have issues with heat as well. I don't know much about auto heating systems but I thought A/C and Heating systems were independent of each other.

    Anyone have any insite?
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    I have thought that some of the stuff posted on the F-150 VS Silverado VS Tundra type board is purely made up - but can't come up with a single reason why someone would post negative things about a car that they just purchased - unless it is true.

    In a month or so the temps in Houston will drop down a little - so even the worthless Mazda3 AC system will be able to cool the car off - at least I will be able to drive my new car during the day without sweating - I just hope that by February/March Mazda has stepped up and agreed to fix my car - this seems like a very small chance. If not I may just go ahead and trade it off.

    I have learned my lesson - I will never buy another Mazda - I expect a higher level of service from my car company - Mazda customer service is like a traveling carnival - once they get your money they could care not care less about you.
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    you say..."But for those that seem to think some owners are just making this up should probably be a little more open minded"

    I don't doubt that some people are having trouble with their A/C...but I did an unscientific test a year or so ago on here...I made up a problem and posted it. All of the sudden a whole bunch of people posted they had the same problem.....I wanted to show that if you tell somebody about a problem, they convince themselves they have it too. It was fascinating to watch all the posts. Not one person suffered from the problem I posted but yet there were dozens of posts with all the symptoms......perhaps this is why some people aren't so sympathetic or open minded as you say.
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    "Mazda considering offering a 5 speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode?"


    "Also, seeing as the 3's platform is shared with the new Volvo S40, would Mazda consider offering an All Wheel Drive model some time in the future?"

    Yes, and it'll be called the Mazdaspeed3. It won't be at dealers for at least two years though.

    "Will heated seats ever be an option?"

    Definitely not in '05 model year, 50-50 afterwards. The Mazda3 in Finland (and a couple of other cold European countries) does have heated cloth seats, but for N. America, I would say 50-50 at best.
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    Is US getting any new colors for the Mazda3 in '05?

    Canada's getting a new one for the sedan that Mazda Canada has called Carbon Grey metallic - it's darker than titanium grey and kind of like the Mazda6 dark grey.
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    Rich, honestly I don't think the implications of your post are fair. Nor for that matter was your "unscientific test" fair, civil or respectful to our community.

    The air conditioning issue seems very real for some. Implying that people are jumping on a bandwagon, finding symptoms that don't really exist, or making more of symptoms than is warranted isn't necessary.

    To all: Anyone is free to believe or not believe any given message, obviously. There is no reason to undermine a poster who is here to discuss a problem, however, whether you believe the problem exists or not.

    If you can't help, that's fine, but don't assume that because you haven't experienced something that the person reporting it hasn't experienced it either. That makes no sense at all.

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    I was replying to a specific question, not a general post.....I was pointing out a possible reason for a lack of "open mindedness" of some posters. I think you need to re-read what I posted because obviously you have jumped to conclusions unfairly..

    Based on real service department experience, there is alot of bandwagon or phantom problems created by people on the internet. They don't have a problem, but they want it fixed because joe blow on the internet said he has a problem....We see these folks on a regular basis. Spend a few days in the service department of any new car dealership and you will fully understand my post. I didn't say anyone specifically was inventing problems...but I was replying to the previous posters pointing out that it is a real life problem that serv dept. must deal with.....remember my posts come from 20 years of first hand automobile dealership experience.
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    No new colors for US......just adding Titanium on the 'i' and dropping Lava orange from the sedan. Also, no yellow.

    I was hoping for a few new colors...oh well.
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    We are not talking about real life problems that service departments must deal with, we are talking about real life a/c problems being reported here by some members.

    There are some here who are publicly questioning the veracity of those reports. Your message is in support of those questions and you describe dishonest behavior on your part in support of that questioning.

    Some people have problems that other people don't have with the same model of vehicle. I do not understand why people get attacked for reporting a problem and seeking a solution. We all need to realize that we have different experiences with the "same" vehicle, and none of our experiences apply to 100% of other owners (or sellers).

    And we need to understand that if someone has an issue with his or her vehicle and reports it here, it is NOT a personal attack.

    Those who are not interested in helping with the a/c problem need to leave it be and move on. Undermining someone having this (or any) problem is not necessary.
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    you say..."We are not talking about real life problems that service departments must deal with, we are talking about real life a/c problems being reported here by some members."

    ....isnt the potential problem diagnosis and fix with the A/C directly related to the service department? If there is a problem to fix, it isnt going to get fixed anywhere else.

    you say..."There are some here who are publicly questioning the veracity of those reports. Your message is in support of those questions and you describe dishonest behavior "

    .......I never put my support on either side of this discussion...Remember, I was the one who posted the mazda3 A/C specs...I thought edmunds was about learning and debating the topic at hand? I guess in your world you don't want anyone to debate or question what somebody posts. I also mentioned in my first post that some people have an A/C problem. Nobody said anything about dishonest behavior. What are you talking about? If somebody "thinks" they have a problem when they don't it isnt dishonest, its misinformed or simply a mistake.

    you say..."Those who are not interested in helping with the a/c problem need to leave it be and move on..."

    I agree....they should move on to the "problems and solution" thread where this discussion should be in the first place....maybe the Host will move this discussion to the correct board.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Your pretending to have a problem when you didn't (as you reported in post 7697) is the dishonesty I referenced.

    There is no reason why a conversation about difficulties cannot be had in a general discussion such as this without members here undermining the person(s) reporting the problem.

    Rich, you may email me if you have further comments about my posts on this subject. We are not going to continue to derail this discussion.
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    Wow I must admit thats very interesting. But using the logic you used to conduct your test I could not help but wonder (as I read your post) .............. Do you own a 3? If so, is it possible (even unconsciously) that you may have come up with that very question because somewhere in the back of your mind you thought your 3s A/C did not perform as well as you were expecting?
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    If the AC problem is not real - then how come Mazda has its engineers working on a solution?

    Maybe they don't have anything better to do than work on problems that don't even exist.
  • fowler3fowler3 Member Posts: 1,919
    ...we don't need *ghost problems* confusing the topic. Owners are worried, and should be, with any new car that doesn't meet standard expectations in performance of all of its parts and accessories. When A/Cs run hot and heaters run cold something is NOT right and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that.

    Seems to me audia8q's twenty years of experience mainly consists of how to put customer complaints down. Audia8q, I have had great respect for your posts the past three years; after reading this one I realize it needs tempering.

    In posting my comments, I hoped you would come in and provide helpful suggestions, even say that you would contact Mazda to see what they have to say about it.

    I'm not at all surprised that forum posters said they had symptoms similar to a fake problem you posted. Noise and rattles can be anything in a car, difficult to pinpoint, especially for those who do not know what to look or listen for in particular situations.

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    I live in Houston and it gets hot and humid here. A drive a 3 sedan with the ATX and for the most part my A/C runs fine. It's not the best and I believe it should be better. I can however, live with it. I did notice annoyingly one hot day and when the car was idling for 4 minutes, that the air blowing from the vents went from cold to barely cool..I think the compressor shut down temporarily to prevent overheating during a long period of idling on a hot day. Anyone experienced this? I also noticed that the same thing happened when I stepped on it to merge on the the freeway..Is this to be expected?
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    I was replying to a specific question from a specific poster. nothing more...let's not jump to conslusions.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421

    Note where it says it's Mazda's newest "global vehicle" ...

    Geesh, do I have to delay my plans for a 3 next May???

  • creakid1creakid1 Member Posts: 2,032
    "I also noticed that the same thing happened when I stepped on it to merge on the the freeway..Is this to be expected?"

    Even my '90 Protege LX had this smart temporary A/C-cut-off feature to keep you "zoom zoom" drivers power satisfied, but it only works for up to 7 seconds before the air gets too "un-cool". Afterwards, it's your responsibility to shut the A/C button for further continuation of max pwr.

    In the past, I had to install an unreliable vacuum switch from J.C. Whitney to shut the A/C compressor of my Chevette 1.4 4-sp. This product was discontinued.
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    I'm watching all the "is it a real problem or not" posts and please let me reassure anyone that doubts the validity of the a/c underpower issue, that it is real. In addition to the countless posts by edmunds members even a publication has commented about the a/c in a review.

    I love the car and think it's just great but it's real to me when it's 73 degrees, raining outside and the climate controls are set to the coldest temperature with recirculating air and the car doesn't get "cold." At 73 degrees the car should be freezing at any fan setting. When it's that cool you should have to adjust the temperature up from the coldest setting.

    I've had it a few months and have spanned 60 to 90 degree temps and the reality is that the car is incapable of maintaining a consistantly cool temperature in the cabin. There are just times I like to freeze out and have been able to with every other functioning, air conditioning equipped car I've owned. This is the first time I've felt ripped off since I've paid for the comfort.

    And yes I do have expectations based upon my past experiences..isn't that what everyone else does, too? If the car's air performed to everyone's expectations based upon past experience, we wouldn't be having these discussions.
  • rinebirdrinebird Member Posts: 83
    My 3/04 mazda sedan 2.0 has poor AC too.... most winter dates do? Up to May 04 as stated here. I have the idle AC problem too no AC when idling or at any lights etc. in traffic.
    I did see a TSB about the AC belt but the TSB does not say why the belt needs to be tightened.

    I reported as I have written before on this thread of my AC problem and the brakes( loud rear brake noise). I saw a TSB from a site mentioned here and after being told my brakes were fine by service 3 days later they got replaced(rotors and pads rear).Due to me saying I saw the TSB. MAZDA USA apologized for my dealer's service not fixing the brakes when they had the TSB. The AC I am waiting.....
  • lisa26lisa26 Member Posts: 5
    For wongpres
    "the dealership was willing to sell an '05 at the '04 price, so the decision was obvious"

    So did your friend custom order the '05 vehicle? Did you ask to keep the '04 pricing or did the dealer just offer? If you asked, what logic did you use? From their viewpoint, seems odd to sell at the previous model price.

    The color/option combo I am looking for does not exist in inventory right now. I don't want to settle on a car, nor do I want to pay for the fully-loaded one either. The dealer offered to let me custom order an '05 since it doesn't cost extra, but we didn't talk about pricing. I need a car "yesterday" but would definitely wait out the 6 extra weeks if I can get exactly what I want in a new version, AND get the same pricing.
  • wongpreswongpres Member Posts: 422
    The situation with the Mazda3 in Canada is far different than in the US. So what I write below is more of an FYI than anything else in relation to the US situation (but very applicable for Canadians).

    In Canada, dealerships are allowed to use '04 MSRP's for '05 Mazda3 orders until the '05 MSRP is released - however, financing and lease rates will be whatever it is at time of delivery. '05 Mazda3 option packages are identical to the '04.

    So in my friend's situation, the dealer will take the hit on any price increases, but my friend will take the hit on any lease rate increases (my friends are leasing). However, even the '04 lease rates for the Mazda3 are ridiculous (7.1% for 48 months), so the likelihood of that going up is very little (whereas the MSRP will definitely go up for '05 - estimated to be somewhere between $300-$800cdn depending on trim).

    Quite frankly, at current rates, leasing a Mazda3 in Canada is not a good deal, so I wasn't happy with the deal my friend got at all. But it was the second dealership my friends visited and they wanted to get it over with (too bad the salesperson I got my car from was on vacation, because I do think my friends could have gotten a slightly better deal at my dealership).
  • neomonkeyneomonkey Member Posts: 32
    I am very interested to see what this color looks like, does anyone have any pictures??
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    ... the 2005 vehicles predicted to hold their value the best. The RX-8 made the list, and according to KBB, the Mazda3 "just missed it."

  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    To be clear... it was the Mazda3 hatchback that KBB said barely missed the list.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    That's what I'm getting.

    I did find it interesting when, browsing the full-page Carmax listing in my newspaper last Sunday, I found a 2002 Protege5 for $14,995 -- when a 2002 Protege ES with similar mileage was $9,995. The two cars weren't that far apart in price to begin with, so it's nice knowing the 2002 Protege5 (which we own) is holding its value better. What's the deal anyway -- the fact that it's a wagon?

  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Asking price is not the same as sales price. I can't see how anyone can get $15k for a nearly three-year-old Pro5. Brand new '03 Pro5s were going for under $14k in my town at the end of the model run. A new Mazda3 hatch can be had for under $16k.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Member Posts: 3,387
    Is no haggle. They usually get the pric that's on the sticker. You'd be amazed. I've seen cars sell for insane prices. It helps that they have like 50 stores nationwide and you can have any car at any store shipped to your outlet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 206,617
    $14,995 for an '02 P5 would be insane.. I was shopping the '03s last November, and I could have bought a NEW loaded P5 with an MSRP of $20K for $14,500. They do much better in the resale market than the four-doors (popular with the younger crowd), but that asking price is from another planet.


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 206,617

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  • gee35coupegee35coupe Member Posts: 3,387
    But they have a "system" that I have seen work more times than not.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 206,617
    I agree... no haggle pricing.. give you a solid offer on your trade, that is good whether you buy their car or not.. It is perfect for a lot of buyers.. I don't know what their F&I office is like, but if they run it like the sales side of the business, then I'm sure it would be a great experience, compared with most dealerships..


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