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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just finished browsing a local dealer and saw a window ad on a 07 Murano SE w/ Leather Package stating 6k off.

    With the '09 version being revealed in 2 weeks, I wonder if November's rebate will jump to $2,000 or maybe combine the 1,500 with the special financing. I hope it's worth the wait.

    Does anyone remember what were some of the best rebates Nissan offered for other models that were being replaced with new version? Like the older Maxima/Altima models, what kind of rebates did they have back then?
  • jamesamjamesam Posts: 15
    My local dealer offered me a Murano S - AWD (with the convenience package) for $27,100. He just took the so-called "dealer invoice" of $28,600 and subtracted the $1,500 mfr rebate to arrive at 27,100. So he is essentially selling it at the "invoice" price.

    I was thinking this is too high a price for a 2007, and that it should be another 1,000 or 1,500 lower. The Maxiam has a rebate of 2,000 on the 2008. Taking only 1,500 off on a 2007 that will have one year more book depreciation doesnt seem right. DO YOU AGREE?
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    I agree.
    I would like to see the rebate increased and combined with the aggressive Lease and finance numbers.
  • I am an owner of 04 murano and two days ago helped my friend get a 2007 SL AWD pearl white murano with standard options plus floor mat/cargo protector/cargo net. The price is $25k that has already included destination fee (but not TT&L). I believe this is a very good deal because the manager later told us one dealer misquoted a $500 discount for $3k and e-mailed us that final price. Anyway, they decided to honor that price when we went there.

    My friend doesn't go for additional options because power seat, backup camera and AWD is all that needed.

    The dealership is in northern NJ.
  • kramgkramg Posts: 7
    I heard the 2009 Murano will be available for sale in January 2008 and is being displayed at the LA auto show in 2 weeks. It's going to have bluetooth, keyless start, etc... Can anyone confirm the availability date. My wife wants to wait for the new one because of bluetooth, etc...
  • I am 6' 9" tall and am very comfortable in the 2007 Murano. Does anyone know if the 2009 has the same leg room and/or interior room as the 2007?
  • Titanicrock,

    Can you be more specific in your numbers? Did he get the car for $25,000 on the nose for a SL AWD?

    The reason I ask is, the MSRP on that model with the floor mat/cargo protector/cargo net and destination charge would be $31,900 (MSRP $30,900+$100 floor mats+$80 cargo nets+$115 protector+$705 Destination charge). If that is the case, he got the car for $6900 below sticker, and $3466 below invoice ($28466).

    I am looking at a 2007 Murano S FWD model with an MSRP of $29820 ($27,830 base price+800 convenience package+$100 floor mats+$115 splash guards+$80 cargo nets+$190 roof rack connectors+$705 destination charge). The Edmunds invoice on the car is $25,569.

    It seems to me that everyone is and should be getting these cars at below invoice, even without the cashback rebate. I for one plan on using whatever incentive they have to get the lowest possible financing, which looks to be 1.9% from the most recent posts.

    Knowing that their invoice is $25,569, would I be totally unreasonable looking to buy the car straight up for $24,500 without any rebates, and then financing the car at 1.9%?
  • You're seriously 6'9" and comfortable in the current Murano? Wow. I'm 6'3" and found the layout of the 2006-07 Murano so awkard inside that I couldn't get comfortable. I've figured out that I need a vehicle with about 40" of headroom and at least 44" of legroom to be comfortable for me. Unfortunately very few vehicles fit that bill. But I'm hoping the 2009 Murano was designed with us big guys in mind, as I've been completely frustrated with my lack of options in terms of new vehicles on the market I fit in comfortably. As soon as someone finds out what the interior dimensions are for the new Murano, please post them here. Thanks!
  • My son is 6-6 and we were shopping for a car he could drive. The Murano was a stretch -- it was almost OK, but not great. The Infiniti FX35 would have worked but it was too expensive. The key things are an electric seat you can lower to the floor, good leg room (over 40") and most important, a steering wheel that TELESCOPES as well as tilts. When he pull the wheel out, his knees fit under it better. The Ford Edge had it all, so we bought one yesterday. But warning it is bigger, heavier and drives more like a truck than the Murano.
  • I got a quote for a nissan murano 2007, S AWD, for 24, 600 at the manhattan nissan.
  • Just bought used 2007 S AWD 4hrs ago with 12,100 miles on it for $21,000 .Good deal- bad deal?
  • for $21K , its a very good deal ..

    Nissan dealer?

    I ust bought a 2007 MO with 14K miles, Nissan CPO + 7 yr/ 100K miles gold "wrap"

    extended warranty for $24,200.00 + TTL in Boston area.

    i traded in 2002 Kia Sportage 4X4 w/ 76K miles .

    the car had CEL problem, real left door did not open, and tire rack did not release.

    I basically gave the car low end of trade in value but I was able to get the CPO MO at low end of TMV or loe trade in value.

    i put in 200 miles on it so far through snow and rain.

    car functions will and drives like a new car.

    its a nice car at fair price..
  • I am interested in purchasing a Murano soon. However, I just checked the incentives in Dec 07 is still $1500 which is the same as previous months and is not attractive at all. With the 09 model coming out, shall I just wait for the new model or go for the 07 model? Will they have more discount on the 07 Murano?
  • Boch toyota, North Attleboro. No extended warranty just plain 3 months and 4000 miles. Just relying on the remainnder of the factory warranty which is 2 yrs left. they only gave me one key and no remote and theft security.They promise to give me ( I HOPE) another key.Anybody knows how much NIssan charge for remote start and security? Traded my maxima 95 with CEL and driver side window doesn't go up, didd'tn pass emission because the Tech only warmed it up for 5 minutes .I'm sure it is going topass when it is going to retested with hot cat .But don't want to take a chance so I traded. THanks.
  • If you're asking about a remote, try ebay. I've bought them for my Mountaineer there.
  • its a very good deal for nice ride.

    21K is on the very low end of used 07 MO...

    they gave me $3500 trade in 02 kia sportage 4x4

    so deal went like this

    $23K for MO
    less $3.5K trade in
    plus $1200 100K wrap nissan extended warranty

    all the 3rd market extended warranty was not cheaper either ..

    car should not need any major repair down the road but i tend to keep the car 5-8 years in average and extra 4 YR coverage at $1200 seems fair .

    as per 07 models and rebates...$1500 is weak but their inventory level on these MO is on the low side from what i can tell..hope they would increase the rebate but i can not see them offering more than another $1K...
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Any dealers here that have received 2009 pricing yet? Apparently the new 2009 is going to be officially on sale Jan 4 2008 and still no pricing yet.
  • Same question here...

    Dealer offering about $600-$700 below invoice. This would be my first new car (others were all used) so don't have any experience with negotiating these deals.

    Is this a good offer for an '07 MO. My gut says NO, the '09s are right around the corner and dealers need to unload their inventory as well. Once the 09s come in, comparisons are inevitable and it will be harder to sell the 07s. But all dealers in my area seem to be stuck around that price point.

    I love the car (esp the engine, the size, the handling, etc - hate the dashboard though) and don't mind driving an 07 if I get it a couple of grand cheaper an usual, given the impending arrival of the 09. If I'm not offered a good deal (just a few hundred $ below the 09), I'd rather get an 09...

    Any opinions?

    Oh, btw, the dealer was like "Don't even think about the 09s if you're worried of the budget (how many buyers does he get who aren't???). I can guarantee the 09s will be selling at $3k above MSRP" (what the...????)

    Does anyone believe him? Or is anyone here willing to shell out $3K OVER MSRP for an 09???
  • 1. do not buy the 07 unless you get a great deal, the resale value will be bad. After the 09s hit it will seem like the car is 2 years old even though it's brand new. You should get 6k off sticker at the MINIMUM on an 07 right now and low APR financing.

    2. Dont deal with the dealer talking about 3k over MSRP, he is full of baloney. Do some internet shopping, I always see great deals for new 07 Muranos on ebaymotors, for used try a site like where its almost all for sale by owner vehicles.

    Seems like dealers will start receiving the '09s sometime in February or earlier. Test drive it, its on a new platform, you might like it much more then 07. I bet there will be good incetives for the '09... seem like a lot of people are put off by the "bold" styling. I believe '09 sales will start off slow then gain momentum torwards the end of '08 as people get familiar with it and let the new styling grown on them.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,088
    Nissanrider said :

    1. do not buy the 07 unless you get a great deal, the resale value will be bad. After the 09s hit it will seem like the car is 2 years old even though it's brand new. You should get 6k off sticker at the MINIMUM on an 07 right now and low APR financing.


    Interesting, so we should buy a 09 and by the time the real 09 Models hit the showroom, you well have 12-15K miles on a 09, talk about resale value....

    There is nothing wrong with the 07's, and yes you can get them at a discount, but Nissan was smart, they stopped making them back in Oct, so what the dealer has on the lot is what they have period, so they will deal but until they last..
  • I am saying it's not worth buying the 07 if you are not getting a great discount vs the 09 pricing. You might as well buy the 09 if the best you can do on an 07 is invoice price. The 09 will be in the dealerships within 1-2 months at the most.
    So if you don't get a great discount on the 07, go for the 09 which has more power, a better CVT and a nicer interior. And I am pretty sure you will be able to get an 09 at or near invoice (maybe not the same week it comes out) The 09 is even better if you are leasing, there should not be a lot of monthly price difference.

    In 3 years, the 09 will be a lot more desiarable(and worth more) then the 07. In 3 years the 07 will feel like a 5 year old car to used car buyers while the 09 will feel a lot younger (2 years old). This happens all the time when models change over, the previous model design takes a big dip in resale value.
  • Thanks for you inputs, I had similar thoughts as well...

    I looked at the pics of the 09 and I (seem to be the odd man out) like the 07 looks better than the 09. Of course, it will have more refinements in the CVT, the interior looks better, etc. But the exterior of the 07 works better for me.

    Given this, I'm leaning towards an 07 if the price is right. But up until now, no dealer has been willing to go a few hundred $ below invoice...
  • The 2007's are not sitting idle on dealers lots. A respectable discount is $500 off sticker. Do the math, look at the way they hold value, it's a good price. The 2009's will probably go for sticker, and that's okay. Your option is to buy something else. They'll sell every single 2009. I love the look, better than Lexus.
  • Wait a minute... you mean 500 off INVOICE, not STICKER, don't you???
  • when 2008 350z came out , the price has increased around $400 f4rom base even the it had new more powerful motor.

    based on this new 2009 MO will have less than $1K price difference from 2007 MO.

    as per getting a better deal on 2007 MO...the saving will reflect when one once sell it couple years down the road..
  • People cannot buy a 2007 NEW Murano AWD S for $6,000 Off Sticker - No Way! If everyone could buy a New Murano AWD S for $25 Grand - it would be the best deal in America! It's a great deal anyway around, and if you can get it for $500 over invoice (allowing a small profit according to Consumer Reports based on subtracting any profit, then at that cost add 4% to 8%) and the rebate - you've done well. Now enjoy your vehicle and stop dissecting the small stuff. :shades:
  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    I'm new to this forum. Two questions:

    Is the '09 a true model redesign?
    Is there no '08 Murano?

  • all the local boston news paper Ads been priced at $26,300 and up for 07 MO S AWD and funny thing is they been using same stock #s for least a month as sale priced

    AD pretty much reads $4700 off sticker and no buyer for least 1 month?...pure bait and switch advertizing on these ADs..
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    '09 is a major refit, all new interior, new engine, new CVT and new suspension. You decide for yourself if that qualifies as "all new" design or not.

    There is no 08 Murano.
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