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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jc320jc320 Posts: 1
    I would like to buy a 2010 TSX w/Tech. I am living in Oregon. Does some one can give a suggestion of price so that I can talk to the dealer?? I hope some one he/she can sharing buying experiences.
    I am not very understand of cars. Thanks.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    Check Edmunds new car prices and Good luck.
  • sbhatiasbhatia Posts: 1
    Red TSX has close to 7K miles on it with clean papers and carfax report. Is $21,750 + Tax a good price for this car? The seller is asking for $22.5 K.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 130,741
    Seems like a good deal.....

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • Getting ready to pull trigger on new TSX. Does anybody have prices including dest.??
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204 might help.
  • Lots of folks asking about what deals people are getting - I got this in Maryland for a 3 year lease with 12,000 miles per year.

    Break it down for me - 2010 TSX 4 Cyl with Tech:

    Sale price (including destination):28,307.00
    Drive Off Money:400.98
    Monthly Payment (inc. Tax):400.98
    MF: .00142
    Bank Fee:595.00
    Processing Fee:100.00

    So 400.98 to drive off and 35 payments of 400.98 remaining
  • I like the sales price/cap cost of $28,307 alot. MD must be one of those states that charge sales tax on full cap amount?? Plus I'm assuming you rolled everything taxes, T/T, Bank Fee, & Processing fee into cap cost?? Is sales tax in MD 6%? If all those answers are yes, then you got a great deal.
  • I just bought a 2010 TSX Auto for $26300 with destination. (All taxes and fees must be added including a $399 dealer fee.) Is anyone getting better than this? I received a little more for my trade than other that's why I jumped on this....
  • Yes, MD is a state that charges tax on the full cap amount (including Destination) and it is 6%.

    You are right, I rolled every single charge into the lease payments.

    Frankly, I was a bit surprised to get this deal - I was expecting some shenanigans when I got the dealership, but they were true to the word of the email. I just got the token extended warranty, undercoating, and other BS offering just before signing the finance contract - no pressure though.

    I love the paddle shifters and the sound system blows my 2007 EX-L V6 Accord away (but that may not be much of a measure).

    Other dealers I had been negotiating with over email were in disbelief when I told them.
  • Paid $29472.

    12K miles
    36 months

    $398 (taxes of 9.25% included)

    Prefer to think, this is a decent deal.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,459
    That .00074 mf makes the lease very attractive (1.77%) as does the $398/month payment including tax.

    Just curious as to why you leased? Business purposes or do you not drive a lot of miles?

    For another $100 per month you could own the car with no mileage restrictions. Even if you get rid of the car after 3 years, it should be worth more than you owe. Acuras hold their value extremely well.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • yes..use for biz.

    But here's something I found in no forum, if you lease a car under a biz name - you will pay a MF of .00375...that is about 9% - which is ridiculous!!
    But that is the rule from Acura Financial - a Tier -3 Money factor.
  • AFS must have gotten "burned" bad by recent economic downturn and companies going BK and sticking AFS with bad debt and having to try and re-po auto. Sign of the times I guess!!
  • Any idea what a good price is on a new 2010 TSX Tech? I think I can negotiate a price of 29,700 for one.
  • Can anyone share the prices paid for a TSX or TSX Tech recently in CA?
  • Just bought TSC Tech for 39472 in northern cal.

    Another dealer said he would do 38900...but when push came to shove..couldnt deliver.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Sorry to cheat and not review every post made... but I don't see any recent posts on what people are paying for a new 2010 TSX 4cyl - manual transmission - base model. I've got an offer from one dealership at 28,400 + a $399 fee from the dealer + tax/title/license. That doesn't seem very good to me, particularly since the dealers in my area are getting a $750 dealer incentive on 2010 models. Any suggestions or buying experiences (particularly in the Rocky Mountain region)? I'd love to buy this car and dump my 08 Accord :)
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    I've been looking for that same vehicle. I was going to offer $27,000 if I could find one on the lot. My local dealer doesn't have it any more. (TN) Its a left over model, with plenty on the lots, and I have time on my side. Maybe when the end of the month rolled around they would take it. Who knows. 28,400 plus 4 more for fees seems pretty high to me. I'd counter with 27 and no fees, and go no higher than 27.5 with no fees. That is just one opinion, worth what you paid for it.

    Anyway, that was where I was going to start. I may have to go over to Atlanta to find one on the lot, but have to decide if that is the car I want first.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Thanks tcasboy! I'm looking at one that is on the lot.....but which hasn't sold allegedly because of the manual transmission. For me, the manual is a HUGE plus! But, I wonder if it's not an equally huge burden for the dealer. If this were a sports car, buyers might like the manual, but it certainly is not. And, from what I understand, manuals are hard to sell! I figure this might give me a little more negotiating room since I'm willing (and eager) to take a manual off their hands :) Thanks again!
  • Made a deal at an Orlando area dealer for $29,612--2010 Acura TSX Tech. This is before any paint protection, wheel locks, etc.
  • frankgasfrankgas Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    Just curious what "out the door" prices people are paying in Texas for a 2010 TSX w tech pkg.
  • alko80alko80 Posts: 6
    What dealership did you go to? I'm getting the run around on a good price of a TSX with Tech package.
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    I got an offer of $26,866 including destination and wheel locks. I'm assuming this is a good deal for a 2010 Acura TSX automatic - base model. Is this a good deal?
  • alko80alko80 Posts: 6
    yes I think this is a great deal. What dealership did you go to? Where is your location?
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    houston, texas
  • alko80alko80 Posts: 6
    Dang!! Maybe I need to fly down to Texas and pick one up. LOL!
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    they are probably getting ready to release the new ones. maybe you should try getting price quotes online, thats what i did and that was their first offer.
  • alko80alko80 Posts: 6
    Yeah thats what I'm doing now. I'm trying to get a price quote on a 2010 TSX w/Tech. The cheapest i've gotten is $28,484. I offered $27,500. His $28,484 included freight. Not sure if I should offer lower.
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    doesn't hurt to try!
  • alko80alko80 Posts: 6
    All of the dealers I've talked to are saying they'll beat a price quote so whoever's got the lowest I'll see if someone will go lower.
  • segurasegura Posts: 1
    I am in Houston as well and am looking for the same, what dealer was this?
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    i got them to go a little lower.. 28,700 OTD at Champion Acura. I will be going there tomorrow with my trade in to see how much i get before i take the deal..
  • if you don't mind me asking, where did you get this price on the tsx tech? i live in houston and am looking to buy. thanks.
  • htxlehtxle Posts: 6
    At Champion Acura in League City.. I got the base TSX without the tech package.
  • What about the price for TSX Tech for $28,484? Where did you find that price? Thanks a lot.

    "Yeah thats what I'm doing now. I'm trying to get a price quote on a 2010 TSX w/Tech. The cheapest i've gotten is $28,484. I offered $27,500. His $28,484 included freight. Not sure if I should offer lower. "
  • In Chicago, I just got my 2010 TSX non-tech automatic for $26,750 including destination. Doc fee of $154 was the only adder. I feel like I got a good deal.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    edited October 2010
    That is a very good deal. Did you get the 0.9% financing as well?
  • needashowerneedashower Posts: 39
    edited October 2010
    I had my choice of either .9% for 36 months or 1.9% for 60 months. I took the 1.9%. Free money. Their initial quote was $29,XXX. I laughed and reminded them that they had 69 of these cars in inventory. We settled on price quickly after that. Forgot to mention that I got them to throw in the all weather mats. Hope this helps.
  • This is a rockin' good deal...could you pass along the name of the dealership?
  • I am in Seattle area and talking with local dealers. I am wondering what is the final priice you paid. Thanks,
  • McGrath Acura in Westmont
  • 143629143629 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    I just recently purchased a 2010 tsx v6 w/ tech with the body kit, remote start, trunk tray, weather mats, and wheel lock for 39,000 OTD.
  • Got a quote of $26,700 + taxes, tags and title from a dealer in MD. Can I still go lower? I mentioned to him that I saw some for $26,300 back in early October, but he said that it couldn't be possible.
  • You are where I ended when I bought mine two weeks ago. I'd ask for some extras and pull the trigger. I am enjoying the car more each day.
  • Thanks for the reply. The dealer called me back and they said that they can go down $400 to match that price. I'll ask them if they can throw in some all weather floor mats into the deal. Another dealer offered $25600, but I have a feeling that it doesn't include the destination charges. At the time, did you consider the Tech Package? The same dealer is also offering it at $28600.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,459
    I bought them for my wife's 2010 TSX Tech. There's a fantastic website that used to advertise on here that has amazing prices on all Honda/Acura Genuine Accessories.

    The all weather mats are very durable and high quality.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • needashowerneedashower Posts: 39
    edited November 2010
    Sweet. That is a great deal. What color are you looking at? I have polished gray metalic with the taupe which I think is nice combo. I owned a Saab for the last 8 years and was convinced that my next car would also be European. The TSX has European flair and is a great car for the money. The upgraded stereo that comes with the tech is excellent. I have a portable navi and the base stereo is more than acceptable for my needs. I didn't think it was worth the extra $2500 for the tech. In my opinion, the TSX's value quotient is diminished once you add the tech. At that point, you can spend a little more money and get an A4 for example.
  • There is a dealer in Northern VA that is offering the same price, but their processing fee is too high. I am looking at either the Silver or the one called Palladium Polished. I have to agree with you, I think i'll save the difference and put it towards the down payment of the vehicle. Thanks for helping me decide. Will keep you guys updated.
    I'll try to see if they can get me some freebies, the worst they can say is no.
  • THanks for the link. I'll keep that mind if the dealer does not throw the mats in the deal. Free is always nice :)
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